The Legend of Futian
1891 Aggressive Killing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1891 Aggressive Killing

Streak after streak of attacks continuously erupted. They had no hesitation, and each strike was executed with a full intent to kill.

Furthermore, among these people, there were quite a number of middle-level Renhuang. Their simultaneous attacks had enough destructive power to annihilate everything in that space and slay Helian You and Beigong Shuang.

Helian You and Beigong Shuang let out a panicked expression. They emanated Will of the Great Path to the maximum and used that will to shield themselves from the relentless attacks. At that moment, the thought of counterattacking did not even occur to them. Even if it did, there was no way they could pull it off anyway.

The practitioners traveling in the space up above the skies stopped and looked downward, while the people in the surrounding area on the ground tilted their heads and looked upward. Under their observant gazes, the devastating attacks rained upon the two beautiful Renhuang women. The two of them were likely to be slain right there and then. Nobody knew one could be so ruthless as to be willing to unleash such violence on these two beautiful women.

Furthermore, everything happened way too quickly. It was so fast that many people did not know how to react. They could not even process what had happened.

Just as the ruinous attacks were about to hit the two, a terrifying Sword Will befell the entire area in an instant. A few rays of light broke through the sealed space. A soft "sploosh" echoed out, and the rays of light pierced through the heads of some of the attackers, leaving behind a trail of blood. Then, three swords flew in, their trajectory drawing out gorgeous arcs, eventually coming to a stop beside Helian You and Beigong Shuang.

Zoom, zoom. The three swords orbited around the two people at incredible speeds, forming a scary screen of swords. The ones who attempted to get close to the two women to harm them were instantly pulverized into nothingness. All ranged attacks that were infused with spiritual power were instantly shattered by the swords, and no attack was even able to make a dent in the sword screen. This left the two women standing there unharmed.

This scene that unfolded before the onlookers shocked them so much that even the virtuosos let their surprise show on their faces. It was indeed a terrifying Sword Will.

In the skies above, many virtuosos who had surrounded Helian You and Beigong Shuang and intended to attack them tumbled down, their fresh blood spraying about in the skies after being slain by the Sword Will.


This plot twist that occurred in an instant left many people in shock. It was way too fast. Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

In fact, even Helian You and Beigong Shuang could not process what had just happened, let alone the onlookers. Staring at the three swords surrounding and protecting them, Helian You could not help but feel that a few moments ago, she was just a hair's breadth away from death and heaved a sigh of relief. Apart from feeling that she had gotten extremely lucky, she also felt a chill run down her spine.

The other party actually just attempted to murder them. From the start of the trade, they were already after their lives.

Of course, a typical trade would never be as violent as this. Of course, she could guess who was behind this. Ever since they arrived at the Penglai Deity Region, they had offended only one person.

Floating in the skies above, the dignified middle-aged leader saw the bodies falling through the air, and his eyes turned cold. Turning his gaze around, he saw a column of figures approaching him from afar in the skies. In an instant, they passed the crowd of onlookers and stopped in front of Helian You and Beigong Shuang.

After offending someone, there was no way Ye Futian and the rest would leave Beigong Shuang behind. Although he was away for a while, they were still within the effective area of the Divine Consciousness Shroud. They could see each other, and with just a thought, they could instantly come to each other's aid. At the moment the conflict broke out, to guard against any possible mishaps, Ye Futian's Sword Will was already unleashed, and that was how he was able to block all of the attacks at the last second.

Ye Futian walked to Helian You and Beigong Shuang's sides and looked at them as he asked, "You aren't hurt, are you?"

"I'm fine." Helian You shook her head. However, her eyes let out a slightly cold expression.

Beigong Shuang also shook her head. She was, in fact, a little more composed than Helian You. However, she raised her head and looked at the people who were hunting her and softly spoke, "We gave them the implement."

"I know." Ye Futian nodded his head. He turned around and looked toward the dignified middle-aged man. Emanating a powerful and intimidating aura, he spoke, "Are you going to defend them?"

Ye Futian coldly regarded him and kept silent.

With a sweep of his palm, the three streaks of Sword Will instantly emerged and flew towards a certain location at a terrifying speed. In the direction of the flight of the swords, the practitioner who was trading with Beigong Shuang retreated hastily.

However, the streaks of Sword Will traveled far more quickly and arrived in an instant. The spatial powers of the practitioner formed multiple Doors of Space, sealing his body in an isolated space.


The streaks of Sword Will pierced straight through, and the destructive storm of Sword Aura tore the Doors of Space apart. The Space Will of the Way surrounding the practitioner was instantly destroyed. Sensing this, he could not help but panic. The three swords sliced across. Two of the swords pierced through each of his arms, while the last sword floated right in front of his head.

He let out a cry of pain as fresh blood flowed down his arms. Feeling that both his arms had become crippled, he turned his infuriated gaze toward Ye Futian, but the sword levitating in front of his eyes continuously emanated a frightening intent to kill, and he could not help but fear death at that point.

"You only have three breaths' time. Return the implement that she gave you, and I can spare your life. Or else, I'll kill you," Ye Futian spoke. As he finished, his Sword Will let out a frightening intent to kill.

At the same time, Ye Futian shouted, "One!"

That Renhuang's face instantly turned as pale as a sheet. His heart froze in fear.

The virtuosos around them were still in a state of confusion. This had all happened too quickly. First, there were some issues with the trade, and the other party decided to aggressively kill the two women.

Yet, at that point, the tables turned instantly. Ye Futian acted, utterly dominating the trader, and took him down in a breath.

He was going to kill the trader in three breaths' time.

"Two!" Ye Futian continued. As he spoke, the Renhuang trader could not help but lightly tremble. He could clearly sense the intent to kill in the Sword Will increase.

At this point, the dignified Renhuang leader turned his gaze to the Renhuang trader. A powerful aura seemed to press on that person. He still had one breath's time, no matter what he might have to face afterward, and if he did not make a decision within this breath, he could die.


The moment Ye Futian said the word "three," a treasure floated out from the trader. It was a Qiankun bag from which an implement levitated outward. It was indeed the implement that Beigong Shuang gave him.

"This is the implement that she traded," he spoke. His features were twisted in pain. If he had known earlier that this was going to happen, he would not have gotten himself involved in this messy business.

This caused an uproar among the crowd of onlookers who whispered among themselves. It was actually the stall owner who hid the implement, and yet he slandered the other party.

If this were only his plan, it would be very difficult to explain the strange behavior of the people who intended to kill the two women. Why would they decide to murder Helian You and Beigong Shuang straight away without even investigating?

The truth behind all these seemed to be quite intriguing.

Sploosh! The sword sliced across, and a blood-curdling shriek echoed out. Wisps of Sword Will were running amok in the body of the trader. A short while later, the man lifelessly flopped down to the ground, his hair turning white in an instant and his features aging decades in a matter of seconds. He had become a cripple after his cultivation has utterly been destroyed.

Seeing this scene unfold before their very eyes, several people felt a jolt in their hearts. Such decisiveness, such callousness, he did not kill the trader but ruined his cultivation.

Just now, Ye Futian's Sword Will had swiftly descended on the trader, giving him only three breaths' time to consider his choices. Under those circumstances, there was no time for the trader to consider any other choices, and thus his fate was already determined then.

However, from this, anyone could tell Ye Futian's intense anger. While this white-haired youth might appear to be very calm, his methods were ruthless, and he could kill without hesitation.

That trader was also quite unlucky. He tried to set up a trap to frame the two women, yet in the end, he got his cultivation completely ruined.

Ye Futian did not ask the trader who had given him instructions. After all, he knew the answer even without asking, and so it was pointless to pose the question.

The person in question was already present. What need was there to ask?

His eyes swept across the scene, looking at the Renhuang practitioners who had attempted to take the lives of the two women. His Sword Will shrouded the boundless space. At the same time, a violent, murderous aura emanated from Beigong Ao. If it weren't for Ye Futian's timely response, his daughter might have already been killed. The opponent was too fast and too cruel.

In a split second, the atmosphere in the area became extremely heavy.

"It seems like it is a misunderstanding," the dignified Renhuang said as he looked at Ye Futian. He turned his sight to the crippled trader below him and, with an icy gaze, continued, "How dare you act like that in the Penglai Divine Region? You deserve death."

As he finished speaking, a devastating strike descended upon the trader. He was already a crippled Renhuang. How could he even defend himself? He could only look at the attack as it descended on him. Just as he was about to make a sound, he was swallowed up by the destructive attack. Not even his corpse was left behind.

Seeing this, everyone shuddered internally. This was way too cruel and callous.

A middle-level Renhuang first got his cultivation fully ruined and was then killed. It was too tragic.

"This person is already killed and punished for his crimes. It seems like it was just a misunderstanding," the other party said as he looked at Ye Futian again. He spoke calmly, as though he intended to resolve the entire conflict with a sentence.

These people were the law enforcers on the Penglai Divine Region. This law enforcement group was formed by the virtuosos from the select few top-tier factions in the Penglai Divine Continent, and they were in charge of the order of the Penglai Divine Region.

"Just this?" Ye Futian asked.

Upon hearing Ye Futian's words, the other party creased his eyebrows, frowned, and asked, "Then what else do you expect?"

"If I came just a step later, would the two of them have been slain by you instead?" Ye Futian asked as he pointed at Helian You and Beigong Shuang.

The other party gazed at him coldly and said, "You have also killed some of my men. Since it was my misunderstanding at first, I will not hold you accountable for this. This matter ends here."

"This matter ends here?" Ye Futian spoke coldly. As he finished, a particularly strong Sword Will shrouded the boundless space above. It was as though the vast space above had evolved into a Sword Realm.

An incomparably frightening Sword Will shrouded the three swords, and this caused the swords to become increasingly strong and emanate an unimaginably terrifying destructive aura.

"What are you doing?" the dignified middle-aged man called out coldly. Ye Futian swung his arms forward and icily said, "Go! Kill them!"

Just as he finished speaking, the swords flew out.

"Back off," the middle-aged man said loudly. A sword pierced through a Renhuang's body, and the Renhuang was sent flying backward while still stuck to the sword. After a short while, his body was pulverized to nothingness by the Sword Will.

However, the sword did not stop but continued forward.

The sound of sword piercing bodies did not cease. In this destructive Sword Realm, Renhuangs were slaughtered one after another. No matter what they did to try to retaliate, their endings were all the same—instant death.

The dignified Renhuang let out a rather frightening aura. However, in front of him, a thunderous storm gathered. The space in front of him has evolved into a cataclysmic Thunder Realm. Beigong Ao's eyes shot out frightening powers of thunder. These powers swept toward the dignified Renhuang, forcing him to defend himself and thus rendering him unable to do anything to Ye Futian.

After the swords had swept through the group, there were only a few opponents left standing in the space. The others had already disappeared. This scene caused turbulence in many people, passersby, and onlooking virtuosos alike. What a domineering practitioner!

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    《The Legend of Futian》