The Legend of Futian
1893 Living for a Few More Days
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1893 Living for a Few More Days

It was only at this moment that everyone noticed Ye Futian's strength. He was only at the third level of the Divine Wheel, yet he could continuously slay Renhuang practitioners. He had even killed a high-level Renhuang. Although that was only possible because there were two people keeping the high-level Renhuang, the target was ultimately still at the seventh level of the Divine Wheel. It was still very obvious that Ye Futian's sword was extremely powerful.

Furthermore, the sword that Ye Futian unleashed just now was strong enough to shock his opponent, and Jun Qiuyan panicked so much that he retreated in a hurry. This was solid proof that Ye Futian's cultivation level was only a small part of his true strength. It could perhaps even be said that his strength far surpassed his cultivation level.

Otherwise, there was no way he could have managed to do all of this.

"This man is so domineering," many people thought silently to themselves. Ye Futian was way too headstrong. Although many people had already guessed the reason for his behavior, they still thought Ye Futian went a little overboard. After all, Jun Qiuyan was a man of high status; he was the young master of the Jun family, one of the most powerful factions on the entire Penglai Continent.

Jun Qiuyan may have used some underhand methods to deal with Ye Futian, but given how strongly Ye Futian retaliated, there was a high chance he might end up hurting himself.

That sword strike that Ye Futian unleashed just now humiliated Jun Qiuyan.

Indeed, Jun Qiuyan's face had turned very somber. His deep-set eyes exuded malicious and murderous intent. He only had one thought now, and that was for Ye Futian to die.

In fact, he displayed no trace of the indifference he showed just moments ago.

On the Rain Deity Terrace, he was extremely polite and diplomatic; no matter what Ye Futian and his group said, he still only had a smile on his face. All he did was bear the grudges in his heart. It could be seen that he was very shrewd and did not easily reveal his emotions.

Now, however, his strong intent to slay Ye Futian was barely contained within his cold eyes.

He was not worthy enough to have Ye Futian follow him?

Since Ye Futian didn't think he was worthy enough, then he might as well have Ye Futian killed.

No matter how talented or strong Ye Futian or his group was, he would have them all killed. Jun Qiuyan was determined to let Ye Futian know just how "unworthy" he was.

"You killed numerous law enforcers and engaged in mindless slaughter in the Penglai Deity Region. How dare you be audacious and arrogant; no matter which continent you have come from, don't even think about leaving here," Jun Qiuyan spoke in an icy tone, each of his words steeped in murderous intent.

"Take all of them down. You may kill them on the spot," Jun Qiuyan ordered coldly.

At that point, he did not try to conceal his intentions anymore. He did not even bother finding an excuse. Ye Futian's words had already hinted strongly at the cause of the entire fiasco. Under such circumstances, he did not want to explain anything either. He just wanted all of them dead.

The moment he gave his orders, Silhouettes sped forward, and even the people from other continents also shot forwards and surrounded Ye Futian and his group.

In a moment, the atmosphere in the area became extremely heavy. Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao had an extremely gloomy look about them. In the end, they were still met with trouble. Before this happened, Beigong Ao had originally wanted to let his daughter leave.

Back then, he already had a vague premonition.

Yang Dongqing, on the other hand, just stood at the side without acting at all, as though he were an outsider and had nothing to do with Ye Futian and his group. He stayed silently on the side-line and completely did not partake in this mess. If Ye Futian was seeking death, he was not going to accompany him. Yang Dongqing was not foolish enough to offend the people from top-tier factions in the Penglai Continent.

In the end, Ye Futian had to pay for his own actions.

Seeing the scene unfold in front of them, the onlookers also felt that Ye Futian was going to suffer. In a moment of rage, he acted too impulsively. Without sufficient strength, only death awaited him.

Three swords levitated just above Ye Futian's head. His vision focused on Jun Qiuyan's silhouette that was right in front of him. He was certain that before the fight broke out, he could slay Jun Qiuyan. However, if he did that, he would not enter the Eastern Deity Island and would be forced to leave. Furthermore, doing so may endanger Dongyuan Pavilion.

Hypothetically, he could leave just like that, but Emperor Helian, the Beigong Family, and the rest might be implicated.

Thus, until necessary, Ye Futian would not take the risk to kill Jun Qiuyan publicly.

"I promise you that before they can even act, you will die first," Ye Futian stated as he looked at Jun Qiuyan. His tone made Jun Qiuyan feel an intense level of confidence. It was as though Ye Futian was certain he could make good on his word.

Such an arrogant tone caused Jun Qiuyan to frown even deeper. That one sword strike earlier had already caused him to lose face, yet Ye Futian had once again publicly humiliated him. Jun Qiuyan was also an exceptionally powerful Renhuang.

Nonetheless, he still received such humiliating treatment.

With so many virtuosos around, Ye Futian still boasted that as long as his people acted, the person who will die first will be him, Jun Qiuyan.

Ye Futian obviously did not think highly of his abilities. It seemed that to Ye Futian, Jun Qiuyan was someone he could easily stamp out like an ant. In fact, it seemed like it was below him to get into a fight with Jun Qiuyan.

"Such arrogance." At the side of Jun Qiuyan, two high-level Renhuang virtuosos locked their gaze on Ye Futian and scowled coldly. How dare Ye Futian ignore them. Did he treat them like they were just air?

Ye Futian could kill Jun Qiuyan before they acted?

"Why don't you try?" Jun Qiuyan replied in a similarly sarcastic tone. He did not believe that was possible.

"Go, kill them," Jun Qiuyan icily ordered.

In an instant, a terrifying storm of the Great Path exploded out and swallowed the entire space. At the same time, the three streaks of Sword Will floating above Ye Futian's head emanated a sword aurora that pierced the clouds.

"Everyone, please stop." At this moment, a voice echoed throughout the space. The voice had an ethereal character. It sounded out within the storm of the Great Path, and even so, everyone could hear it clearly. Many people were a little shocked that even at this point of the conflict, someone was trying to convince them to stop.

Everyone shifted their gaze and saw a column of silhouettes cloaked in white approaching on air. Their white clothes fluttered in the wind. It was as though they were not of this world. They were all extraordinarily beautiful like deities. Indeed, they were the virtuosos of the Eastern Deity Island.

The leader of the group of women was Bai Mu from the Eastern Deity Island.

On the battlefield, the fearsome storm of the Great Path halted for a moment as Ye Futian, and the rest turned to look at Bai Mu.

"Is anything the matter, goddess?" asked Jun Qiuyan as he lifted his head to look at Bai Mu.

"Could both of you, master Jun and master Ye, perhaps on account of the authority of the Eastern Deity Island, end things right here? Let us stop pursuing who is in the right or wrong, or this matter anymore?" Bai Mu said as she looked at Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian. "Both of you are guests invited by the Eastern Deity Island. Furthermore, I was the one who personally delivered the invitation to both of you. Thus, Bai Mu does not wish to see both of you like this. The Eastern Deity Island has already opened. If any of you incur any losses, I will be at fault."

Jun Qiuyan looked at Bai Mu. He thought that there was no need for Ye Futian to agree. From his point of view, Ye Futian was already a dead person. He believed that what Bai Mu wanted was for him to end things as they were and spare Ye Futian his life.

"The Jun family has been maintaining law and order in the Penglai Deity Region for many years. I am sure you do not want to create so much unhappiness in this place. Tomorrow will be the opening of the Eastern Deity Island. Bai Mu wishes to see all her invitees enter the island," Bai Mu continued when she saw Jun Qiuyan hesitating. Naturally, she could tell the difference in abilities between the two parties. However, Ye Futian displayed a shocking amount of potential in this fight.

She also did not wish for Ye Futian to die before even stepping into the Eastern Deity Island, and so she came. She hoped that Ye Futian could have a chance to enter the Eastern Deity Island.

Seeing the determination in Bai Mu's eyes, Jun Qiuyan let his gaze sweep towards Ye Futian, and coldly said, "Whatever happened today, I will definitely settle with you later. I'll let you live a few more days."

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    《The Legend of Futian》