The Legend of Futian
1894 The Eastern Deity Island
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1894 The Eastern Deity Island

Jun Qiuyan and the rest turned around and left. As he walked past Bai Mu, he stopped for a short while. "Since Goddess Bai has requested, I am certainly willing to give the Eastern Deity Island some face. However, I cannot guarantee that he can leave the Penglai Continent alive, and I hope you can understand."

As he finished, he continued walking off. The friend beside Jun Qiuyan also paused when he passed Bai Mu, smiled at her, and said, "What's the point in pleading mercy for him? It's not really worth it, is it?"

Bai Mu remained silent. In the past, she also thought that Ye Futian was merely a puppet pavilion master. After all, as a low-level Renhuang, his cultivation level was quite low. Yet around him, several practitioners had a higher cultivation level than him, and some were even high-level Renhuangs. Under such circumstances, anyone would naturally think that Ye Futian had any real authority in Dongyuan Pavilion.

However, what happened previously had changed her mind. She felt an aura emanating from him that was akin to hers. That was the Perfect Grade Divine Wheel. Furthermore, he was immensely powerful in an actual fight too. Disregarding the status differences, she believed that Ye Futian was significantly stronger than Jun Qiuyan.

Ye Futian might be able to gain a lot if he entered the Eastern Deity Island. If possible, the Eastern Deity Island could also accept him into their ranks.

As this thought crossed her mind, Bai Mu glanced at Ye Futian and telepathically spoke to him. "Master Ye, the Jun Family is one of the top-tier factions on this Penglai Continent and commands an immense amount of power. As you can see, he already intends to kill you; it's not safe for you here. However, tomorrow is the opening of the Eastern Deity Island. If master Ye manages to reap some benefits on the Eastern Deity Island, I'll see if I can speak on your behalf on the Eastern Deity Island and have them ensure your safety."

Her tone was very calm, and she didn't speak as though she wanted Ye Futian's gratitude. It seemed like she really wanted to help Ye Futian.

Everyone witnessed Jun Qiuyan's murderous intent, and the Penglai Continent was his territory too. Under such circumstances, Ye Futian needed help from others to protect his life. If the Eastern Deity Island were willing to help him, it would undoubtedly increase his chance of survival.

"Thank you, goddess. I will consider it," Ye Futian replied. He had many methods of ensuring his own survival. What he was worried about was the Helian Family and Beigong Family. After all, they had also gotten themselves involved this time.

He was completely indifferent to Jun Qiuyan's threats. Like what he proclaimed, he was certain that he could kill Jun Qiuyan before Jun Qiuyan even attempted to kill him. He at least had this much confidence.

"Alright," Bai Mu replied. After hearing Ye Futian's reply, she did not have much to say either. She, too, felt that Ye Futian was an extremely cocky person and confident that he could still resolve the issue on his own.

Perhaps Ye Futian would bring some surprises to the Eastern Deity Island.

She could only wait and see for herself.

"Goodbye." Bai Mu nodded slightly to Ye Futian, turned around, and floated into the sky. Looking at all the people gathered around, she announced, "Tomorrow is the opening day of Eastern Deity Island. Everyone, please do not forget that."

As she finished, the column of goddesses flew away into the empty space.

After they left, the pandemonium finally died down with the deaths of some Renhuangs.

Many people sighed. All of this seemed rather surreal to them. Those attackers wanted to kill Ye Futian and his group, yet they were killed in the counterattack, and now, Ye Futian and his group were still unharmed.

However, they could also understand. Once Bai Mu spoke, even if Jun Quiyan didn't want to let Ye Futian off, he still had to give her some face. After all, he was also going to enter the Eastern Deity Island tomorrow.

The Eastern Deity Island was the territory of Bai Mu and the goddesses. Thus, even if Jun Qiuyan weren't too happy about the outcome, he would temporarily let it go. Once he left the Eastern Deity Island, he would continue to try to kill Ye Futian.

All the virtuosos who had gathered did not leave. Instead, they looked at Ye Futian and his group. With practitioners from over a thousand continents gathered at the Penglai Deity Region, it was expected that many things could happen. However, it was still rare for a practitioner to be so headstrong that he dared to kill members of one of the elite factions on the Penglai Continent like Ye Futian did. Many people were quite curious about how Ye Futian would end up.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. Ye Futian and his group left from the crowd of people. It was only after they left that the virtuosos gradually dissipated. Quite a few people had an excited expression on their faces.

It seemed like this trip to the Eastern Deity Island was going to be interesting.

When Ye Futian and his group left the crowd behind them, Beigong Shuang lowered her head slightly, looked at Ye Futian, and whispered softly, "I'm sorry."

Ye Futian was a little taken aback. He looked at her and asked, "Why are you apologizing?

"I implicated you," Beigong Shuang replied quietly. She didn't believe that she committed any mistake. Back on the Rain Deity Terrace, it was Jun Qiuyan who was brash. She only rebutted once and didn't expect that her one rebuttal became a fuse for all the things that happened later, causing such a conflict to occur.

"Everything's fine. You didn't do anything wrong," Ye Futian replied softly. Seeing the two of them in front of him, Beigong Ao sighed silently in his mind. No one understood his daughter more than he. Beigong Shuang put her heart and soul into cultivating and had little experience with things outside the cultivation world. Even though her cultivation level may have reached the Renhuang stage, she was still too innocent.

This conflict that happened would probably teach her a lesson that she won't forget and let her truly comprehend the rules of survival in the world of cultivation.

However, whether they could all harmlessly get out of this conflict was still difficult to tell.

Hearing Ye Futian's reply, Beigong Shuang remained silent. While she didn't do anything wrong, it was still true that they had been endangered. She wasn't that concerned about herself, but just now, even Helian You was about to be killed. There was also Ye Futian and the rest. They were all embroiled in this conflict, and Jun Qiuyan didn't even bother trying to conceal his intention to have them all killed.

"Don't worry. With me around, nothing will happen," Ye Futian spoke. His tone still reflected utter confidence. Even if Jun Qiuyan really decided to use his family's influence and power, he would at most have to capture Jun Qiuyan as a hostage. However, if things were to proceed to that stage, he would cause a great inconvenience to both the Helian Family and Beigong Family because they would have no choice but to move their families to a different location.

Ye Futian looked ahead as he spoke. Beigong Shuang looked at the side of his face, and she sensed an extraordinary power from his calm voice. This type of power was not born of strength, but she wasn't sure what its source was either.

No wonder her father told her that Ye Futian was the most outstanding individual he had seen in his life and that she should learn as much as she could from him.

Similarly, Beigong Ao sensed an impressive confidence from Ye Futian's tone. Perhaps Ye Futian could really create miracles. After all, he was the prodigy Renhuang who could cause the statue to reveal its divine presence.

On this trip to the Eastern Deity Island, he might be able to do things that others couldn't.

Furthermore, Bai Mu from the Eastern Deity Island had held out an olive branch to him.

"Someone is watching us," Emperor Helian spoke. His brows were tightly furrowed, and he had a slightly worried look. Their stalker wasn't even trying to hide that he was observing them. Furthermore, his cultivation level was very high. His divine consciousness was constantly sweeping over them as he began monitoring their every move.

A flicker of understanding flashed across Ye Futian's eyes. Jun Qiuyan did not want them to leave the Penglai Continent alive, so of course, he would dispatch someone to monitor them. There was no way he would give them a chance to escape.

He closed his eyes, and wisps of terrifyingly strong Sword Qi trailed around his body. Up in the skies, the Will of the Great Path became unimaginably fearsome, and in an instant, morphed into a streak of Sword Will. This streak of Sword Will sounded out like a bell and emanated a deity-like halo.

The surrounding people let out a shocked expression and looked in his direction.

In the next instant, they saw the streak of Sword Will fly out at an incredible speed across space. With slaying as its only objective, it flew towards the source of the unwelcome divine consciousness, disregarding the distance to its target.

Initially, that strand of divine consciousness was fearlessly sweeping across Ye Futian and his group. In the next instant, however, it sensed the terrifyingly sharp Sword Will. The wisp of divine consciousness morphed into a roaring beast and pounced on the Sword Will but shattered with a "splash" under the might of the Sword Will.

A great distance away, an elderly man furrowed his eyebrows, his face ashen. Wisps of divine consciousness emanated from him, yet that streak of Sword Will just pierced through all of them like it was merely passing through empty space, utterly shattering all of them in the process. It was as though the Sword Will was the bane of the divine consciousness.

Boom! An extremely strong Will of the Great Path erupted from his body, morphed into a terrifying Great Path aura, and unfurled outwards. Only then was that streak of Sword Will stopped. In his mind's eye, it was as though he could see the sword, shrouded in an intense, threatening aura, pointing at him from afar.

Then, the Sword Will flew back to where it came from.

The old man opened his eyes, his face somber. He was actually threatened by a low-level Renhuang junior. That low-level Renhuang erased his divine consciousness, forbidding his divine consciousness from peeping at them.

Ye Futian did not care about what the old man thought. After unleashing that streak of Sword Will, the wisps of divine consciousness became a lot more well-behaved and were far less fearless. They would only occasionally peek at their location to make sure that they didn't escape.

A night passed by peacefully.

The next morning was clear. The Eastern Deity Gate of the Penglai Deity Region was the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island. At this place, the aura of deities swirled around. Above the Eastern Deity Gate, an abundant amount of Deity Mist shrouded a large space. Many goddesses from the Eastern Deity Island were standing in front. The entire scene was like a beautiful painting.

It was a lot more bustling in front of the Eastern Deity Gate. Numerous virtuosos were gathered there. With a glance, one could see practitioners everywhere, from the heavens to the ground and the vast, endless land.

The virtuosos from over a thousand continents were gathered, and most were practitioners at the Renhuang stage. One could imagine how grand the scene was.

Ye Futian and the rest also arrived at the crowd. They completely did not stand out in the sea of humans and were, in fact, swallowed up. Even Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao's hearts fluttered when they saw the impressive scene in front of them. It was still as spectacular as it was ten years ago.

There were way too many practitioners in the world, and the Divine Prefecture was way too vast. It was so big that even high-level Renhuangs like them were like a grain of millet in an endless ocean.

"Every ten years when the Eastern Deity Island opens, exceptionally outstanding people will always emerge. This time, pavilion master might be one of them," Beigong Ao spoke. Among the practitioners from the various continents, many prodigies were filled with confidence. However, on the Eastern Deity Island, there were only a few who managed to emerge victorious and rise above the rest.

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    《The Legend of Futian》