The Legend of Futian
1895 The Flowering Tree
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1895 The Flowering Tree

At this moment, a row of silhouettes walked out from the ethereal aura within the Eastern Deity Gate. It was as though they appeared out of thin air.

The leader of the group was a middle-aged beauty. She had an elegant air about her, a graceful figure, and carried with her the charisma of maturity. She gave off a chilly arrogant vibe, as though it would be nearly impossible to become friendly with her. Her features set her apart from the crowd. She was at least on par with Bai Mu. Evidently, she was extremely beautiful.

She looked at the crowd around her and announced, "It has been ten years already. The Eastern Deity Island welcomes everyone on the island. On the island, there are many great opportunities to further the cultivation of your Great Paths. If you manage to capitalize on such opportunities, you can keep what you have gained when you leave the island. Those with the Eastern Deity Token may now enter the island."

As she finished speaking, strong spatial ripples appeared in the Eastern Deity Gate. Many virtuosos stepped forward one after another. The goddesses of the Eastern Deity Island were stationed at various positions around the gate and waited for them. So long as they could produce the Eastern Deity Token, they could bring their people onto the island.

"Let's go." In an instant, practitioners moved mightily forward, passed to their Eastern Deity Tokens to the goddesses standing guard, and then stepped right through into the Eastern Deity Gate and disappeared.

Everyone moved very quickly due to the immense size of the Eastern Deity Gate and the presence of numerous goddesses who were standing guard. Thus, at any point in time, a large number of people could enter the gate at the same time. The mighty stream of practitioners decreased drastically in a short span of time as it flowed incessantly into the gate.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. Hearing his words, Ye Futian and his party left their spot and traveled forward. They walked to where Bai Mu was, took out the Eastern Deity Token, and handed it to her.

Bai Mu looked at Ye Futian and his group. "Be careful."

"Thank you, goddess," Ye Futian replied. He brought the ten people into the Eastern Deity Island.

After they went in, they spotted Jun Qiuyan and several people standing nearby. Jun Qiuyan's camp seemed to be extremely strong, with the mighty group of virtuosos seeming like a small army.

He swept his gaze to where Bai Mu was standing, and then also walked in that direction. He and the several people beside him simultaneously retrieved their Eastern Island Token. Instantly, a strong group of over a hundred people could cross into the territory of the Eastern Deity Island.

"Goddess, we shall meet again on the Eastern Deity Island," Jun Qiuyan said to Bai Mu in a low voice.

Bai Mu looked at him and nodded lightly. "I am looking forward to meeting you again on the Eastern Deity Island."

"We definitely will," Jun Qiuyan stated. He then brought his entourage toward the Eastern Deity Gate and stepped in together. The sight of such a large group entering the gate was quite majestic.

After he entered, Bai Mu glanced at the silhouette of his back. She understood that during that conflict between Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian, she had already subtly offended Jun Qiuyan. She requested Jun Qiuyan to let Ye Futian go, and Jun Qiuyan did do that on account of her. However, he was extremely unwilling. Thus, he bore a grudge.

Now, he was very displeased with her.

However, she was not really that concerned about it. After all, she had the Eastern Deity Island backing her. Even though Jun Qiuyan may be a disciple of one of the top-tier factions on the Penglai Continent, he could not do anything untoward to her.

There were still a lot of virtuosos streaming into the island behind Jun Qiuyan. The number of people outside was decreasing continuously. Before long, the people who should enter the island had already stepped into the gate, and the ones who were waiting outside were mostly those who did not possess the Eastern Deity Island and could only stand guard outside.

The goddesses of the Eastern Deity Island also gradually relaxed. Someone softly spoke. "I wonder who will make the Flowering Tree bloom."

Someone looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman and asked, "Master, can we do in to take a look?" The beautiful woman glanced at the situation outside, lightly nodded. "Everyone, leave a few people outside to wait."

"Yes, madam." Everyone smiled and nodded and then also stepped into the Eastern Deity Gate.

After Ye Futian and his group stepped into the Eastern Deity Gate, they immediately felt like they had arrived at a realm of deities in the land of mortals. The aura of deities swirled around, the sky was an azure blue, and the Sea of the Great Path was clear and flawless. On the surface of the sea, one could see many islands.

There was an island right in front of the crowd. However, there was no one on the island; rather, there was only one tree.

One island, one tree. The entirety of the island was this tree, a true Towering Ancient Tree. Just one twig was as wide as a street; a couple of people could fit comfortably under one leaf. One could imagine just how humongous this tree was.

On the Towering Ancient tree, numerous flowers were blooming. The sight was incomparably glamorous.

The Flowering Tree was also called the Flowers of the Great Path by the practitioners on the Eastern Deity Island.

The flowers fought for nourishment from the Great Path, and they bloomed for the Great Path.

At this moment, many people proceeded forward and stepped up to the tree. A few people were even emanating impressive auras of the Great Path in front of the Flowering Tree.

The Flowering Tree lived for the Great Path and thus could sense auras of the Great Path from practitioners.

"So this is the legendary Flowering Tree," Helian You muttered beside Ye Futian. She did not come the last time, so this was her first time entering the Eastern Deity Island, and it was also her first time seeing the Flowering Tree.

"Mmm." Emperor Helian nodded his head.

"In the legend, it is said that the Flowering Tree blooms for the Great Path. On this Flowering Tree, there are 10,8000 flowers, and these flowers can accurately detect a practitioner's potential on the Great Path. Different people will receive different reactions from the flowers," Helian You muttered softly. She wanted to give it a try.

"It is that miraculous?" Ye Futian was quite curious. He looked ahead. There were already flowers blooming in the direction of the practitioners who were walking towards the Flowering Tree. While the number of flowers that bloomed was not large, the flowers nonetheless blossomed beautifully.

"Mmm." Beigong Ao nodded and said, "The Flowering Tree was planted a thousand years ago by the former master of the island, the Supreme Deity Donglai. It started blooming only after a couple of centuries. It is nurtured by the Great Path and sits at the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island. In the legends, the Supreme Deity Donglai used the Flowering Tree to seek disciples. It is said that there was once someone who was an unrivaled genius in terms of cultivating the Great Path. He made all the flowers bloom, and tens of thousands of flowers blossomed. His potential on the Great Path was terrifyingly high, and thereafter, he became an extraordinarily strong figure."

"Then, after the death of the Supreme Deity Donglai, this Flowering Tree still stood at the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island. Anyone who entered the island could measure his potential on the Great Path using the Flowering Tree," Beigong Ao explained to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked ahead; he did not expect the Flowering Tree to have such a history. It was no wonder that those practitioners were fighting to get to the front of the Flowering Tree. They were hoping to make the flowers bloom.

However, most of the people failed. The Flowering Tree seemed to be listless and bored. It was casually swaying its branches and had not truly blossomed.

If anyone wanted to cause some reaction in the Flowering Tree and make the Flowers of the Great Path blossom, he had to be an extraordinary person. Some people, on the other hand, was uninterested in all of these. Rather, they would stay focused on cultivating and would not think that they needed the recognition of a tree.

"Do you want to give it a try?" Helian You spoke to the Ye Futian beside her. He was the person who could cause the statue in front of the Dongyuan Pavilion to reveal its divinity. She wondered how many flowers would bloom for him if he went up to the Flowering Tree.

However, Ye Futian's expression seemed to be very calm. He seemed to have little interest in this!

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    《The Legend of Futian》