The Legend of Futian
1900 Plane Breakthrough
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1900 Plane Breakthrough

Ye Futian was still immersed within the Thunder law power, and at the same time, he was also sharing his perception and interpretation with Beigong Ao.

The more he perceived, the more he realized just how powerful the Thunder method was. People who had reached the peak of their cultivation had synthesized their Power of the Great Path and Art of Attack perfectly together and transformed it into the supernatural Art of Supreme Attack. Its power was frightening.

Since this person who had reached the peak could actually reach the Eastern Deity Island seeking a divine pill with just a strand of his will, the law power that he left behind was most certainly abnormal. As such, it was incredibly powerful.

Within his mind, Ye Futian felt as if he saw the mighty person release an attack. The attack was a concentration of incredibly strong Power of the Great Path. The energy concentrated on his arm and created a resonance with the space around it. After that, the bundle of energy was released, instantly creating a devastating wave of thunder as if some Thunder Punishment Power was created. It was an attack skill that could hit a wide area as well as a single target.

Moreover, the attack was in the form of a wave. It looked a little like the True Will of Waves of the war gods Ye Futian experienced before. When the Thunder Punishment Power struck its target, the point of impact would be instantly destroyed. However, the next moment, a thunderous wave would engulf everything and spread, converging at another point. The speed of the Thunder Power was immensely frightening. As such, at the moment of impact, a frighteningly powerful resonance would form around the surrounding area, engulfing and destroying everything within.

The records on the stone wall noted that the Art of Attack hidden within this strand of will was named Thousand Punishment.

Ye Futian quietly perceived the will. His mental will bore a mighty pressure. When he was perceiving and interpreting the will, it felt as if the Power of Thunder was wreaking havoc inside his mind. Apart from that, an endless stream of the Great Path of Thunder energy flowed all over his body.

Beigong Ao walked further inside, step by step. He was also feeling a strong pressure upon him. The Thunder might of his body radiated, creating a subtle and interesting connection with the Thunder zone within this space.

"Such amazing perception and understanding," said Beigong Ao. This was not the first time that he had come here. However, combining his first time here, his perception and understanding of the War God of Thunder's will had not even reached this level before. Ye Futian had only just got here, but his understanding of the will was still gradually getting stronger.

It was no wonder that he was considered a genius Renhuang who made the statue manifest and the Flowering Tree go crazy.

Ye Futian was still sensing the mightiness of the law power. It had even begun to evolve continuously inside his mind. He saw even more scenes, and under the powerful will, the Great Path of Thunder seemed to turn into beams of Light of Thunder Punishment, and those beams of Light of Thunder Punishment would release subsequent power.

It was actually kind of similar to when he mastered the Sword Will. Of course, it was not as strong.

Beams of the Great Path of Thunder, which had condensed into the Light of Thunder Punishment; it gradually became clearer. It was as if the frightening Power of Great Path had condensed into the Power of Thousand Punishment before he released the attack, and then, the energies exploded in an instant later. That was how such an incredible amount of energy was generated.

Thousand Punishment, Ye Futian thought. He vaguely understood. Around his body, rumbling sounds could be heard. Great Path of Thunder energies began to converge before transforming into a ray of Thunder Will. Like the Light of Thunder Punishment, it descended straight from above the sky.

This left a curious expression on Ye Futian's face. To release the Art of Thousand Punishment in an instant, just how much Great Path of Thunder did one have to master to do that?

Moreover, even mastering the Light of Thousand Punishment itself a challenging feat.

However, the moment he sensed that a more frightening Thunder might descended upon the island. A stroke of lightning appeared in the sky as if a doomsday Thunder tribulation had arrived.

From afar, many people looked over towards them. Their hearts trembled as they saw the devastating scene in the sky.

Someone has created resonance with the Will of Thunder on Thousand Punishment Island, thought the deities of the Eastern Deity Island when they saw the scene. Naturally, they were well aware of the reason why the phenomena occurred. In an instant, multiple figures flashed towards the location.

Among those who stepped onto Eastern Deity Island, was there someone so powerful?

To create a resonance with the will of Thousand Punishment Island in such a short time. Moreover, they remembered there was another divine item sealed away within the Thunder domain on Thousand Punishment Island.

Now, would the item also see the light of day?

It looked like they really had some hidden dragons and crouching tigers within their midst this time.

One after another, figures headed towards them. While Ye Futian's perception and interpretation grew clearer and clearer, he did not move and remained standing outside. Instead, he left Beigong Ao by himself. To let him truly feel the will of the Thunder.

Moreover, since Ye Futian helped him, Beigong Ao also created a little bit of resonance with the Thunder's will. Slowly, he had moved deep into the island, and he continued walking towards the Cloud Wood.

Some of the others also walking inside looked toward Beigong Ao. Their brows furrowed together slightly. Based on current developments, it looked like Beigong Ao would emerge from the crowd and obtain the Cloud Wood.

Rumble! Beams of Thunder God's Might descended from above. Walking inside the Thunder Domain, Beigong Ao moved forward toward the center of the island while bathed within the Light of Thunder. He was not far away from the Cloud Wood.

Some of the deities of the Eastern Deity Island had arrived. They looked at Beigong Ao and asked, "Who is this person?"

Many people shook their heads lightly. They did not know him. However, it seemed like he had created resonance with the will of the Great Path of Thunder and was about to obtain the Cloud Wood.

As expected, Beigong Ao reached the center and placed his palm on the Cloud Wood. In an instant, his body radiated with arrays of the Divine Light of Thunder. They engulfed the area, and strokes of lightning shot out of his palm and flew all over the place, leaving bright and beautiful bolts of lightning in the sky above the Eastern Deity Island, which attracted the gaze of many from afar.

"He got it." Even Emperor Helian was a little excited. Beigong Ao actually managed to get the Cloud Wood.

He looked at Ye Futian and saw that Ye Futian was still surrounded by thunder and lightning. Even his eyes were filled with flashes of purple lightning, which made him look monster-like but also divinely handsome. Emperor Helian knew full well the real strength of Beigong Ao. The reason he could reach this stage was naturally due to Ye Futian's help.

After obtaining the Cloud Wood, Beigong Ao did not immediately leave. Instead, he sat there and began to cultivate, allowing the Light of the Great Path of Thunder to shower over him. However, many people had already fixed their eyes on him and were waiting for him outside.

The Cloud Wood was a pinnacle thunder treasure. Even high order Renhuangs would find something like that extremely attractive, particularly those who were adept at and cultivated in the Power of Thunder.

As for these people who had come from many different continents, many of them were mid or high order Renhuangs. So, it was easy to know just how much they desired the Cloud Wood.

"I am afraid we might have some trouble," Emperor Helian said quietly to Ye Futian after seeing all the powerful cultivators around them. There were many opportunities once they stepped foot onto the Eastern Deity Island; however, the people of Eastern Deity Island would not intervene in any affairs or matters that happened on the island. They would observe but were not allowed to intervene.

Now, having so many powerful cultivators coveting the Cloud Wood was definitely not a good thing. Once Beigong Ao left, he would become the target of many powerful cultivators.

Unfortunately, they might ask him to hand over the Cloud Wood.

By then, whether or not they could defend and hold on to the item was a problem in itself.

The rumbling of thunder continued. Then, Beigong Ao actually began to refine the Cloud Wood. The Cloud Wood began to assimilate with him. Then, suddenly a frightening thunderstorm appeared in the sky above, and with Beigong Ao's body as its center, the Great Path of Thunder began to grow stronger. Lightning filled the heavens and covered the entire sky.

"This..." Emperor Helian had a strange expression on his face. Could it be that Beigong Ao was going to break through his shackles right then and there?

The Cloud Wood gradually assimilated into Beigong Ao's body, merging into his flesh and bones. This made Beigong Ao's body respond to the great path even more, which triggered an extremely frightening Great Path Phenomenon. Was this... a Great Path Opportunity?

Ye Futian was also a little surprised. While still busy focused on perceiving and understanding the will, he glanced at Beigong Ao. It looked like he no longer needed Ye Futian's help.

Beigong Ao's resonance with the will also grew stronger and stronger. Mastering the Great Path of Thunder, Thunder's might rumbled, and divine thunder descended from the heavens.

From afar, many cultivators looked toward them. How long had it been since they stepped foot onto the Eastern Deity Island?

Someone had actually broken through the Great Path Opportunity and was going to experience a breakthrough?

Moreover, from the intensity, it did not look like the breakthrough of a Lower Renhuang. It was highly likely that it was a high order Renhuang.

Upon reaching this plane, breaking through was incredibly difficult. Some people would fail to break through this plane throughout their lives. It was definitely a Great Path opportunity for them to encounter something like this shortly after entering the Eastern Deity Island.

This made many people envious. The Eastern Deity Island was truly a land for cultivation.

"He's going to breakthrough," Emperor Helian said after seeing the Great Path of Thunder aura still converging and growing stronger. He looked at the figure within the Thunder Domain admirably, tinged with a bit of jealousy. Why couldn't it have been him?

They both came with Ye Futian, but Beigong Ao was the one who encountered an opportunity. His heart was unbalanced.

Nonetheless, this was a good thing for them. The Eastern Deity Island was already filled with hidden dangers, now that Beigong Ao had broken through, he would become stronger, and thus, their self-preservation ability had also increased by a few notches.

However, behind him, Yang Dongqing's expression wasn't so good.

Previously, he tried to instigate the relationship between Ye Futian and the Beigong Family. Now, to see Beigong Ao breakthrough his plane level, how could he be feeling good?

Moreover, Beigong Ao breaking through meant that he had surpassed them by a mile. In their continent, Beigong Ao would become the strongest person. By the time they returned, the balance would be broken, and his influence would also plummet.

Even if Ye Futian were out of the picture, the Dongyuan Pavilion would never be his. It would most certainly fall in the hands of Beigong Ao.

How lucky, thought many of those who also coveted the Cloud Wood. Now, the difficulty of snatching the Cloud Wood away had undoubtedly grown. Unless they were a cultivator who possessed a Divine Wheel of the Eighth order, they'd have no chance.

Ye Futian smiled and continued with his perception and interpretation. Beigong Ao breaking through was naturally a good thing. They had become stronger, and he no longer needed to do many things personally.

The Great Path of Thunder descended from the heavens. The sky above the entire Eastern Deity Island was covered in flashes of lightning. The frightening powers of the Great Path of Thunder shot towards Beigong Ao's body, baptizing his body and tempering his spiritual soul.

Beigong Ao got out after some time, and the lightning and thunder in the sky above also dissipated. Beigong Ao strode out of the Thunder Domain. He looked at Ye Futian. A smile could be seen from his expression.

He was naturally well aware that everything that happened was thanks to Ye Futian. Otherwise, he would never have had the chance to encounter this opportunity.

In truth, he never would have imagined that he would break through his plane level. The perception and understanding of the Great Path of Thunder's will helped him achieve this, but more importantly, it was the Cloud Wood.

"Congratulations, elder," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Apart from luck, it is all thanks to you," replied Beigong Ao, laughing. "I was even thinking about leaving the Cloud Wood to Shuang'er, who'd have thought I would use them all up! I am ashamed!"

Ye Futian laughed after hearing his words. Naturally, Beigong Shuang would never think much of it. She would only be happy if she saw her father experience a breakthrough.

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    《The Legend of Futian》