The Legend of Futian
1901 Death Island
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1901 Death Island

"Congratulations," Emperor Helian congratulated Beigong Ao. He was conflicted about Beigong Ao breaking through. Even though they both followed Ye Futian, they were factions from the same continent with similar strength, and even though they were friendly to each other, there was still hidden competition.

Now, Beigong Ao was going to become the strongest person on their continent. How could he not feel conflicted about it?

"Haha, a bit contrary to your belief, isn't it?" Beigong Ao said to Emperor Helian with a laugh. Emperor Helian shook his head and smiled bitterly. Seeing his expression, Beigong Ao said, "Relax, we're old friends. Whether I break through my plane or not, I will continue to follow the pavilion head in the future."

This old fox... Emperor Helian thought in his mind.

Just like he had guessed earlier, Beigong Ao had also detected a lot of things in advance, so he kept cozying up to Ye Futian. Even after breaking through and reaching the eighth plane level, he was not arrogant at all. He remained sufficiently humble and continued to butter up to Ye Futian. His old skin was truly very thick.

He was going all out to ride Ye Futian's coattails.

Even though Ye Futian's cultivation level was far lower than him...

Eighth plane. It was not considered the pinnacle in the Divine Prefecture; after all, there were too many powerful cultivators around. However, in terms of gradation, there were a lot of weaker people. It really depended on one's point of view. Looking at it through the lenses of the Divine Prefecture, the eighth plane was already regarded as a person with high stature; and if it were a continent, the person would typically be the strongest.

"Senior, please do not say that. The role of the pavilion head is not something I might not retain for a long time," Ye Futian said. The seat of the Dongyuan Pavilion head was something that he had to let go of sooner or later. Now that Beigong Ao had broken through to the next plane, he was suited to take his place.

"Naturally, the Dongyuan Pavilion cannot keep Pavilion Head Ye for a long time. However, even if you were to go all around the Divine Prefecture, you could still concurrently hold the Dongyuan Pavilion head position. There is no conflict there. Moreover, we can also follow you around to explore different places," said Beigong Ao.

His success in breaking through this time made him believe in Ye Futian even more. Only by following Ye Futian would he be able to encounter opportunities that could make him stronger. Otherwise, if he were to rely on his own strength, he never would have been able to perceive and understand the Will of the Thunder, enter the core domain, and obtain the Cloud Wood and refine it, breaking through his plane level as a result.

"Beigong is right. Being the Dongyuan Pavilion Head will not impact Pavilion Head Ye's plans to cultivate and train in other places," said Emperor Helian. Beigong Ao had broken through, but what about his Great Path Opportunity?

How could he let Ye Futian run away?

"Let's put it aside for now and discuss it at another time," said Ye Futian. He looked around him and saw that many people were heading towards them. Many released their Aura of the Great Path and fixed their gaze on Beigong Ao.

If it weren't for the fact that Beigong Ao had broken through his plane, they might have already made their move. However, at that moment, most people did not dare to act hastily. After all, high order Renhuangs over the seventh plane were incredibly rare, and among those, not many entered the Eastern Deity Island.

"My friend, the Cloud Wood is a divine thunder item. We all train in the Power of The Great Path of Thunder. Could you also let us have a taste of it?" At that time, an elder came forward and spoke. The elder seemed very dominant and serious. His long hair fluttered in the air, and he looked very lively. His aura was incredibly powerful. When he spoke, his voice was as loud as a great bell, and it made the space around him tremble.

Upon hearing him, many people stared at Beigong Ao. Now that someone had spoken out, the rest were happy to follow along. The legendary Cloud Wood... Who among those who trained in the law power of thunder would not want to experience it?

"The Cloud Wood has already been refined by this one. I would have to apologize for not being able to do as you suggested," Beigong Ao said.

"Even if it has been refined, you can still get it out, right?" The elder continued to speak. His voice rumbled, and it made the ears of many tremble and their blood boil.

"It has been completely refined and has assimilated into my flesh and bones," Beigong Ao continued. "If the elder wants to see it, it is fine. Please observe."

After that, Beigong Ao took one step forward, and in an instant, thunder flowed and surrounded the area around his body.

Rumble rumble rumble... His body transformed into a body of the Great Path of Thunder. Bright and blinding thunder light coursed through his body. The sky started to move again and the boundless space, in that instant, transformed into a Thunder Domain as if everything had become the power of the Great Path of Thunder.


Lightning struck from the sky above, covering and engulfing the sky. Numerous beams of thunder and lightning landed directly on Beigong Ao's body. However, they did not strike him; instead, they made contact and were absorbed into his body. At that moment, his body had become a Great Path of Thunder Body. The divine Cloud Wood had synthesized with his body, and his body had now become like a divine item itself.

"Such a strong aura." The expression on many faces changed. Even the elder also frowned. He felt the power emanating from Beigong Ao's body. The majestic power arising from the Great Path of Thunder was unparalleled. Not only did Beigong Ao break through his plane level, but he had also refined and absorbed the Cloud Wood into his body, making himself stronger as a result. Now that he had mastered the power of the Great Path of Thunder, he was no longer someone who could be compared to a cultivator who had just broken through to reach the eighth plane.

Crackle, crackle...

A sharp and deafening sound emerged. Strokes of Thunder Punishment Light descended from above. Beigong Ao extended his hand and, as if his arm had turned into the had of the Thunder God, he controlled the Thunder Domain. An endless stream of thunder flowed and surrounded his palm. He looked at the elder and said, "The Cloud Wood has been refined into the great path. Does the elder wish to experience it?"

The elder squinted his eyes. Then, he laughed and said, "It is no wonder it is regarded as the Thunder Divine Wood. My eyes have been opened."

After that, he gave up directly. He turned around and continued to perceive and understand the will of the Great Path of Thunder. He no longer harbored any thought of getting the Cloud Wood.

Beigong Ao's strength increased significantly after he refined the Cloud Wood. From the Thunder Will Might he displayed, if they had tried to snatch it away, it would have been difficult for them to make a profit. Their losses would definitely overshadow any profit made. After all, there were still many Great Path Opportunities available on the Eastern Deity Island.

The others also left one after another. None retained any intention of stealing or robbing Beigong Ao. Ye Futian looked around and said, "Let's go somewhere else."

The others nodded and began to leave the area.

"The Eastern Deity Island has many islands. Do you guys know of any good place?" Ye Futian asked. He wanted to get to a useful location directly.

"The Eastern Deity Island has a group of islands. Many places have Great Path Opportunities. If we are talking about good places... Apart from Great Path Opportunities left behind by practitioners who came in search of medicinal pills and the Eastern Deity Island itself, when Supreme Deity Donglai refined pills back in the day, he planted many unique plants on many islands. There are deity plants and poisonous plants. Moreover, they exist not only on a single island... many islands were Supreme Deity Donglai's medicine gardens," Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian nodded. An alchemy master who was as strong and powerful as Supreme Deity Donglai was incredibly rare, even in the Divine Prefecture. Naturally, his actions could not be easily deduced using normal reasoning skills. Back then, Saint Jiang planted many medicinal herbs in the lower worlds. Hence, Supreme Deity Donglai's act of using islands to plant medicinal herbs was also considered normal.

"I remember Pavilion Head Ye wanted to trade for a Hell's Lotus last time. From what I know, there is a place within the Eastern Deity Island where Hell's Lotuses grow. There is even the legend of a Hell's King Flower. Inside this king flower are many plants that contain the Great Path of Death," said Beigong Ao. When he spoke, he also glanced at Xia Qingyuan.

Ye Futian suffered a loss in the previous incident. It could be said that he was "ridiculed" by Jun Qiuyan. The conflict between them also stemmed from there.

Moreover, the owner of the Hell's Lotus from last time refused to trade with Ye Futian because he was afraid of offending Jun Qiuyan. This incident was really disrespectful towards Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan.

This incident remained engraved on Beigong Ao's mind. Furthermore, considering Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan's relationship, Beigong Ao mentioning this was, naturally, because he wanted to let Ye Futian win the heart of the beautiful lady.

Wily old b*stard, Emperor Helian cursed in his mind. Why didn't he think of that?

As expected, Ye Futian nodded immediately after hearing his. Then, he said, "Let's go check it out."

It was something that could help Xia Qingyuan's cultivation. Naturally, they had to check it out. Moreover, since it was a medicinal herb that Supreme Deity Penglai planted, it was most likely something noteworthy.

"Okay." Beigong Ao nodded and led the way. They flashed across the sky at a ridiculous speed. Around them were many cultivators also flashing across the sky in search of their own opportunities.

Within the Eastern Deity Island, there was an island filled with an incredibly powerful aura of death. One could say that an aura of the Great Path of Death engulfed the entire island. It was dark, gloomy, and extremely scary. Not many people went there.

The island gave off a cold and eerie feeling.

Moreover, the island was protected by very powerful demonic beasts.

At that moment, many cultivators were already present on the Eastern Deity Island. People from different continents had arrived; many practitioners of the Great Path of Death were also present. For these people, this island, in particular, was a must-visit place.

For example, the practitioner who refused to trade with Ye Futian because of Jun Qiuyan was also there.

At that time, he was already on the island. His gaze was fixed on a plant that grew on the island. Many practitioners like him were also present around him. However, none of them acted rashly or hastily. In front of the plant stood a frighteningly large beast that seemed to be protecting the area. A pair of cold and ghastly eyes scanned the sky. It was horrifying.

The beast was a giant snake, a humongous giant snake over a hundred meters long. It was pitch black. Only its tongue, when extended, was red. A black mist emitted from its mouth, a black mist that was surrounded by a frightening death aura that made one feel as if they would die and corrode away the moment they touched it. The plants around the giant snake were plants that contained the Great Path of Death. No other plants were able to grow in that area.

As a Demon Emperor level existence, the giant snake's intelligence was no different from a human practitioner. It had been guarding the area for many years. It relied on the island to survive, and it grew stronger and stronger. Everything on the island belonged to it. If these human beings wanted its things, it would devour and kill them.

"How about we team up and kill this giant snake? What say you?" someone asked. The others immediately agreed. Each of them had the same intention.

The giant snake was at the Demon Emperor level. Many people had already been killed by it.

By the time Ye Futian arrived close to the island, he had already seen the frightening giant snake from afar, as well as a plant that it was protecting.

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    《The Legend of Futian》