The Legend of Futian
1902 Snake Taming
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1902 Snake Taming

"Eighth plane Demon Emperor."

Ye Futian felt a heinous death aura and a powerful Corrosive Will immediately after he reached the place. It was a frightening place. Standing there meant that one was faced with the threat of being killed at any time.

Underneath was an "ocean" of death. An ocean of death made up of Hell's Lotuses. Numerous Hell's Lotus filled the island, devouring all life on this land and engulfing that area with death. There were no other signs of life.

Beside the demon snake was a gigantic black lotus. It had nine petals. The pitch-black petals refracted a dark and gloomy light of death. The petals kept opening and closing, and each petal seemed large enough to hold a hundred people. The lotus seemed like it was a man-eating flower.

The giant demon snake slithered around the plant, protecting it and absorbing its power at the same time.

"King Hell Flower. Hell's Demonic Lotus," Emperor Helian mumbled. "This creature can create a frightening death pill. If a normal person were to eat it, he or she would die instantly. The person's life would be corroded. However, if a practitioner of the Great Path of Death eats it, it is an incredible supplementary item instead. Of course, even if it is not mixed and made into a pill, the Hell's Demonic Lotus itself is also an immensely powerful death plant."

Ye Futian raised his head slightly. Naturally, he also saw the practitioner who refused to trade with him earlier at the Penglai Deity Lake. At that time, that person had a high-grade Hell's Lotus in his possession. However, at the moment, there was an ocean of Hell's Lotus there. It was incredibly frightening.

Moreover, within this ocean of hell flowers, many of those close to the Hell's Demonic Lotus were high-grade lotuses. They were similar to a level seven ritual implement or higher.

One could only imagine just how much value was contained within this ocean of hell flowers. For a practitioner at the high order Renhuang level, it would be considered an immense wealth.

Yan Daoren was the practitioner who refused to trade with Ye Futian earlier. He also noticed Ye Futian's presence. He glanced in Ye Futian's direction, and his eyes lit up. Back then, he disrespected Ye Futian by refusing to trade with him in that situation because he did not dare offend Jun Qiuyan. It was considered a type of ridicule. He was aware that Ye Futian might remember and not forgive him.

It looks like I have to be careful, he thought.

"If you still intend to stay, I will have no choice to start a massacre!" The demon snake spoke in a human's voice. When it spoke, turbid gas exited its mouth when it breathed. The turbid gas filled the entire area and made the environment very uncomfortable. The weaker practitioners had to use the power of the Great Path to cover their bodies in order to defend against that gas.

The demon snake had reached a cultivation level of the eighth plane. By the time it absorbed all the powers on the island, it would have an opportunity to break through and reach the ninth plane. By then, it would have a chance of getting away. It would no longer be shackled on that island.

It had been stuck on that island for thousands of years. It had long grown bored of the place. The guy who caught it and placed it there had already died, but even then, the guy did not let it go.

It used to harbor thoughts of escape; however, whenever it did escape, it would have to go through a thorough beating after being caught and returned. It was pitiful. Later, it ceased all thoughts of escape. Instead, it focused its energy on cultivating. It would try to leave again after it reached the ninth plane. After all, the guy who caught it had already died, the Eastern Deity Island should no longer have any existence that exceeded the ninth plane. So, it would have an opportunity, as long as it could reach the ninth plane.

However, the Eastern Deity Island would open once every decade, and a bunch of foolhardy people would come to seek their death. These people were just nice as they could be used as these Hell's Lotuses fertilizers. They provided them with a lot of Great Path nutrition.

Now, these people had also come to their death.

Ye Futian stared at the Hell's Demonic Lotus... This plant was definitely of a higher grade than the Hell's Lotus in possession of the earlier trader. It should be very beneficial to Xia Qingyuan's cultivation.

"Pavilion Head, I will go and bring it to Miss Xia," said Beigong Ao. He had just broken through to reach the eighth plane. It was a good time to test his strength. Moreover, his opportunity was given by Ye Futian. It was natural for him to do something good for Ye Futian and try to win some favors with the head's partner.

The demon snake glanced at Beigong Ao. A deathly aura emanated from its eyes. It was very scary.

With one step, Beigong Ao moved forward. He stood in an empty space above the demon snake and, in an instant, lightning bolts rained from above and engulfed the entire island. Lightning bolts struck one after another, destroying and dispersing the miasma around.

The power from the Great Path of Thunder was the natural enemy of the miasma.

Beigong Ao extended his arm and slammed his hand downward. In an instant, a gigantic thunderous palm that contained a frightening and destructive force converged and shot towards the demon snake.

The demon snake let out a low growl and spat out a frightening death aura that covered the sky. However, Beigong Ao's body was covered by a light screen of thunder, which evil powers could not easily penetrate.

The pitch-black scary demon snake was covered in a layer of black scales. It swung its gigantic tail into the thunderous palm. When they collided, an explosive bang shook the area, and the destructive thunder coursed through the gigantic tail, crushing the scales in the process. Blood appeared.

Beigong Ao took another step, and numerous thunderbolts pierced through the sky and assimilated into his body. At that moment, Beigong Ao's body had a powerful pull as he devoured thunder. Above him, a humongous illusion of the God of Thunder appeared.

Rumble! Beams of Light of Thunder Punishment emerged one after another. They hovered around Beigong Ao's body, making him seem like the War God of Thunder.

After witnessing the scene in front of him, Ye Futian knew that, after breaking through, Beigong Ao's grasp and understanding of the will of the great path was also quite profound. He was already able to use the art of Thousand Punishment. While he had not yet achieved the true Power of Thousand Punishment, he was able to unleash a good portion of its power.

Sharp and crisp crackling sounds could be heard as the Power of Thunder Punishment shot downwards, tearing and crushing everything into pieces. Beigong Ao's body also suddenly vanished in thin air as he transformed into a bolt of lightning. The next moment, the others present saw Beigong Ao appear in front of the demon snake. He raised his hand to deal a blow downward.

In an instant, the demon snake was engulfed within the Light of Thunder Punishment. The others could only see bolts of lightning striking the body of the giant snake one after another, tearing through its scales and slicing through its flesh. Blood spilled, and the demonic beast let out a roar of anguish. Its large body writhed around, and at that moment, the entire space shook violently. Death aura swept through the area.

"Do it." The other people began to move at the same time. They released their will might and began initiating attacks targeting the demon snake. However, their eyes were fixated on the Hell's Demonic Lotus that the demon snake was protecting. That was their true objective.

The demon snake was pushed back by many great path attacks. Then, multiple figures, at a ridiculous speed, shot straight towards the Hell's Demonic Lotus. They were all as fast as lightning.

Ye Futian remained standing in midair. When he saw many cultivators charge downward at the same time, he raised his brow slightly. He glanced at the demon snake and saw that its eyes were filled with a chilling aura. It was as if it was mocking these greedy humans.

"Careful," Ye Futian reminded Beigong Ao through voice transmission. Beigong Ao's movement stopped for a split second, and in the next moment, the others had gone past him. Each of them extended their hands in an attempt to grab the Hell's Demonic Lotus.

The moment their palms reached the Hell's Demonic Lotus, the "Ocean of flowers" in the area began to move at the same time. Like the Jiuyou hell, all the Hell's Lotus blossomed in a frenzy, devouring the entire area. Heck, there were even Hell's Lotuses in the sky.

In the area of the "flower ocean," giant petals began to grow one after another. After that, they shot straight towards the sky. Nine petals opened up at the same time before snapping shut, trapping everyone within it.


Ye Futian looked at the demon snake underneath him. No wonder he felt odd earlier. It was an illusion. This Demon Emperor was actually very cunning and deceitful. In addition, it was also adept in the illusory arts. It used an illusion to deceive everyone's eyes, and the plant that had trapped them all within this space was the true Hell's Demonic Lotus.

The practitioners, who had rushed to grab the fake Hell's Demonic Lotus, were bitten by the illusory demonic lotus. After that, a large quantity of Power of the Great Path inside their bodies was devoured while death auras flowed into their bodies. Many people instantly turned black as their life-force went out.

"This is the true Hell's Lotus. Enjoy this banquet of death," said the demon snake as it looked at the crowd of practitioners. Its eyes were filled with a murderous aura. The expressions on many of their faces changed. This bastard had deliberately shown weakness. It was extremely cunning.

Rustle, rustle, rustle... Amidst the flower ocean, the Hell's Lotus blossomed and charged towards people in an attempt to devour them. The entire space was engulfed in the Great Path of Death's aura. Endless waves of Death Aura flowed around and in all directions as they targeted the humans. Many wailing sounds could be heard as practitioners got hit one after another before being devoured by the Hell's Lotus.

Beigong Ao returned to Ye Futian's side and used the Thunder light screen to protect Ye Futian and their group. He stared at the demonic snake underneath them and said, "This beast is very cunning."

Seeing the people around them die one by one, Ye Futian also realized that the Demon Emperor was actually very strong. It faked being weak when it fought Beigong Ao earlier.

"Are you lending power from the Hell's Demonic Lotus?" Ye Futian asked the demon snake.

The demon snake glanced at him. Its eyes were full of contempt. A young and puny human actually dared to look at him that way?

"You can follow me. Become my mount, and I will let you live," Ye Futian said to the demon snake.

The demon snake was stunned after hearing Ye Futian's proposal. Its giant eyes stared at him. It was caught by surprise.

Follow him?

A young Renhuang actually proposed that it followed him?

Another heir of some family. Proud and arrogant. The demon snake's eyes were filled with contempt and ridicule. It seemed like it was not impressed by Ye Futian's words at all.

It swung its tail. Then, in an instant, multiple Hell's Lotus flew towards Ye Futian's direction and tried to devour him. At the same time, the demon snake said, "You are the most arrogant person I've ever met."

It was a Demon Emperor at the eighth plane, and a youngster actually asked it to follow him?

"It is your honor." The Black Wind Condor glanced at the demon snake.

Ye Futian did not say anything. Seeing the Hell's Lotuses flying at him, he took a step forward. Not only did he not try to resist or dodge, but he walked towards the Hell's Lotus. Beigong Ao also did not try to stop him!

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    《The Legend of Futian》