The Legend of Futian
1903 Killing the Demon Snake
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1903 Killing the Demon Snake

Strands of aura of the great path emanated from Ye Futian's body and turned into beams of divine light. Divine lights stemmed out of his body like branches and engulfed the entire area. When the Hell's Lotuses got closer to Ye Futian's body, they started to rapaciously absorb the aura from Ye Futian's body. It was as if they were no longer controlled by the Eighth plane demon snake anymore; instead, they hovered around Ye Futian's body and did not try to devour him.


The eerie scene caused many to fixate their gaze on him. They stared blankly at Ye Futian. The aura emanating from his body made the Hell's Lotuses rapacious?

Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian also seemed surprised. Then, they remembered the peculiar movements of the Flowering Tree from before, and they understood it. After all, Beigong Ao firmly believed that the Flowering Tree changed because of Ye Futian. He was a person who could make the divine tree bloom. Hence, it was normal for the Hell's Lotuses to have an affinity with him.

However, Beigong Ao still wondered in his mind if Ye Futian was the Son of the Great Path.

He wondered if Ye Futian was related to Supreme Deity Donglai. He was even able to manipulate the plants here?

The aura of the great path emanating from Ye Futian's body engulfed the island and turned the area into a great path domain. Suddenly, all the Hell's Lotuses in the area turned towards him and opened up. They swayed about as if they were pleasantly surprised. The odd and eerie scene made the demon snake's vicious pupils shrink as it stared at Ye Futian.

"What is going on?"

"You have borrowed the power of death of this domain. Otherwise, your strength would decrease even more. If you bow down to me right now, you may yet live," said Ye Futian to the demon snake. His voice was cold. The demon snake stared at him. What Ye Futian said was true. It did borrow the power of death of the domain.

If Ye Futian controlled it, the demon snake's strength would decrease further.

The demon snake's eyes were ice cold. Frightening miasma started to spread, filling the sky.

"There are no illusions here," said Ye Futian to the demon snake. Strands of divine light appeared, and the great path domain covered the island. The demon snake's eyes became even colder. A lower Rehuang was actually able to use the great path domain to counter its illusion?

The more frightening thing was that when the Hell's Demonic Lotus sensed the aura from Ye Futian's body, it seemed to have tried to wrestle itself out of the demon snake's control. The lotus petals opened and shut in Ye Futian's direction, absorbing the aura of the great path emanating from Ye Futian's body.

"Senior Beigong," Ye Futian shouted. Ye Futian stood in the air. Then, the Demon Emperor said in a cold tone, "You want me to bow down to you?"

"Go to hell." It was a Demon Emperor on the eighth plane. To have it bow down to a weak human practitioner?

How could that be possible?

It would rather fight and die here than to experience such ridicule.

Boom! A monstrous Thunder Will Might was released from Beigong Ao's body. Bathed in the Divine Light of Thunder, his body transformed into the Thunder Body of the Great Path. He extended his palm. Suddenly, an endless surge of thunder energy converged in front of him, and a purple thunder blade appeared in between both his palms.

Beigong Ao held the thunder blade and fixated on a point beneath him. The Thunder Will in his body poured into the blade while bolts of horrifying lightning rained from above.

"Swing..." A crisp and deafening sound appeared. The blade cut, and the light of thunder pierced the space in half. Beigong Ao's body moved with the blade. The blade style was an extremely powerful Art of Supreme Thunder Attack recorded in the Dongyuan Pavilion. It was extremely potent.

A daunting rumbling sound emerged. Then, the demon snake's body became immeasurably larger. It was huge, even larger than the size of a giant dragon. It looked menacing and formidable. Its body was covered in scales, which made it look like multiple ritual implements were protecting its body. It looked impenetrable.

The giant body twirled upwards. Its humongous tail swung towards the thunder blade, creating crisp and loud clanking sounds. The thunder blade slashed downward and crushed its scales, slicing into its flesh directly. The fearsome power of the Great Path of Thunder gushed into its body, destroying the demon snake's internal powers.

At the same time, the demon snake's giant body twirled around Beigong Ao. Beigong Ao's expression changed slightly. This Demon Emperor was going berserk.

Bang! He pulled the sword out and rushed away. The moment he pulled the blade out, the demon snake's giant head was constantly releasing a gas that instantly filled the area around them and later spread outwards. The power of the Great Path was corroded and destroyed.

The scary miasma filled the space. The remaining cultivators did not sit idly by. They also released attacks of their own at the demon snake at the same time. Formidable attacks came one after another. The demon snake screeched and roared in anguish while blood splattered all over the place.

The fresh blood mixed with the gas in the air, turning the entire area red. More frightening was that the blood seemed to have synthesized with the power within the gas, which increased the potency of the corrosive powers, making it even scarier.

The Hell's Demonic Lotus continued to open and close. Numerous Hell's Lotuses continued to bloom. Fresh blood spilled on them and, as if the blood had become the fertilizer of the Hell's Lotuses, the Hell's Lotuses, including the Hell's Demonic Lotus, on the island suddenly grew crazily before they started targeting and eating the people on the island.

"Careful. The beast uses its blood to grow these Hell's Lotuses." A voice called out. A look of realization appeared briefly on Ye Futian's face. He now understood why the demon snake was able to control all the Hell's Lotuses. In all these years, the demon snake lived alone on the island. It used its blood as fertilizer to grow these Hell's Lotuses, and some sort of relationship was established, and it grew over time.

Now, the demon snake's blood was spilled on the Hell's Lotuses, and it made the lotuses turn crazy.

A giant Hell's Lotus directly devoured a Renhuang. It slowly devoured the Renhuang's body. The Will of Death infiltrated the person, and before long, the body of the Renhuang had disappeared. He had become fertilizer for the Hell's Lotus.

These Hell's Lotuses also possessed some of the evilness of the demon snake.

Strands of divine light continued to emanate from Ye Futian's body. A chilly aura also accompanied it as the divine light of Yin was unleashed. The Hell's Lotuses froze, but they continued to lean closer to Ye Futian. This created an independent safe space around Ye Futian's body.

"Can we hide here for the moment?" a Renhuang practitioner asked Ye Futian's group.

"Yes, you may enter," Ye Futian nodded. He did not refuse them.

"Thank you very much." The Renhuang entered this area, and as expected, he instantly became a lot safer. Many others also came towards Ye Futian's location subsequently. The demon snake was busy as it was engaged in a heated battle with Beigong Ao. However, many of these practitioners were unable to stop the attack of the Hell's Demonic Lotus.

Not long after, many cultivators had run to Ye Futian's side in search of shelter. While many had previously tried to snatch away the Hell's Demonic Lotus, Ye Futian did not fuss over it. His aura of the great path surrounded this place and protected them from being attacked by the Hell's Lotuses.

Then, a figure rushed over. It was Yan Daoren, the practitioner they met at the Penglai Deity Lake. He quietly moved forward but was still noticed by Emperor Helian. Seeing him approach, Emperor Helian waved his arm and said, "Get lost. There's no place for you here."

He went back against his words just because he was afraid of offending Jun Qiuyan, refusing to trade with Ye Futian in public, and now, he wanted to seek protection?

While they were generous, it did not mean that they would treat such insult with kindness.

Practitioners were very clear with their grievances. They bore grudges.

Yan Daoren's expression turned ugly. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "My offense earlier to you was because I had no choice. I hope you can forgive me."

When he spoke, a Hell's Lotus was moving towards his direction.

Ye Futian glanced at and then ignored him. He was not so generous.

Vuong! Yan Daoren wanted to rush forward. Ye Futian frowned, and Sword Will suddenly flew towards him. Yan Daoren's expression changed as he quickly retreated. The Sword Will flew across the sky and returned to Ye Futian's side. It was extremely daunting.

"You have no place here." Ye Futian replied and stopped looking at him. He shifted his focus back to the battlefield. Yan Daoren turned around in an attempt to escape. However, the Hell's Demonic Lotus had already sealed this space. There was no way out. Seeing the Hell's Lotus large enough to cover the sky come at him, Yan Daoren became desperate and tried to charge outside regardless. However, before long, he was devoured by the blood-red Hell's Lotuses, and his body slowly disintegrated as the flowers devoured him.

He shrieked in despair. He did not want to die in such a miserable way; however, he was powerless to change anything.

Ye Futian did not look at him. He continued to look at the battlefield. Beigong Ao, who had broken through to another plane and assimilated the divine thunder item, the Cloud Wood, was clearly stronger than the demon snake. Under the illumination of his thunder blade, one could see that the number of wounds on the demon snake's body was only increasing.

Moreover, the thunder blade style became even more potent as the battle progressed. Formidable thunder streaks continued to wreak havoc on the demon snake's giant body, causing the demon snake's body to tear and break. The large body was already covered in fresh blood. Who knew how many wounds were on its body.

"I am willing to bow down to you," the demon snake roared. It finally gave in. It seemed like it had understood that there was no way it could turn things around. As its life gradually slipped away, its attachment to life finally trumped its dignity.

"Kill," Ye Futian said.

"Alright." Beigong Ao nodded. Another thunder slash flew out. It actually cut through and left a frightening rip in the demon snake's giant body. Beigong Ao roared, and the Thunder Punishment swept towards the demon snake, entering its body. Then, in an instant, the giant demon snake body was consumed by the light of thunder. Its body spasmed and shook uncontrollably.

Beigong Ao was naturally not going to let the opportunity slip. He extended his left hand, and the light of Thunder Punishment surged into the demon snake's body. Under the destructive force of the Great Path of Thunder, the demon snake's giant body was thoroughly destroyed. Before long, it was dead and fell on the ground with a loud thud.

A Demon Emperor of the eighth plane. Killed.

The people around Ye Futian glanced at him. In their minds, many wondered, "Who was this guy? To be this ruthless. To have refused an eighth plane Demon Emperor becoming his follower instantly before killing it..."

"The demon snake's body is a treasure in itself. Senior Beigong, take it," said Ye Futian.

"That's true." Beigong Ao nodded. A demon snake of the eighth plane was covered in treasure. Its scales were comparable to ritual implements. Attacks could hardly penetrate them.

As for the fact that Ye Futian refused to forgive the demon snake, he was already used to it. In his mind, perhaps an eighth plane Demon Emperor was nothing much in Ye Futian's eyes.

This meant that while Beigong Ao had broken through to reach the eighth plane, Ye Futian would not and probably did not give it much thought. After all, his vision far exceeded Beigong Ao's imaginations.

However, this also made Beigong Ao look forward to following Ye Futian. He wanted to continue following him and see how far this youngster could go.

"I assume none of you will fight me for the Hell's Demonic Lotus?" Ye Futian asked the people around him. They nodded, clasped their hands together, retreated, and then left!

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    《The Legend of Futian》