The Legend of Futian
1904 Condor Sama“s Overconfidence
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1904 Condor Sama“s Overconfidence

Ye Futian and his group were straightforward, picking the island clean of all valuable items before leaving.

The deities of Eastern Deity Island invited outsiders to cultivate on the island to provide practitioners to encounter great path opportunities. As such, as the years went by, Eastern Deity Island had been able to gain and maintain a good reputation. Every time Eastern Deity Island sent out invitations, practitioners, and cultivators from thousands of different continents would gather on the island. Even if some would lose their lives in the midst of training, they were not without their reasons. The opportunities were there, and whether or not the practitioners could grasp them was up to the practitioners, as the deities of Eastern Deity Island could not simply hand them the prizes on a silver platter.

The Hell's Demonic Lotus and the other Hell's Lotuses were all given to Xia Qingyuan. By refining all of these, Xia Qingyuan's Power of the Great Path would reach a new height.

"How many islands are there within Eastern Deity Island?" Ye Futian asked.

"Many," Beigong Ao replied. He then continued, "Back then, Supreme Deity Donglai was a top cultivator. He was the uncrowned king of the Penglai Continent. One could even say the continents around this island treated him with respect. Many people came to visit him every year. Many years ago, the position of Supreme Deity Donglai could truly be regarded as one of a kind. His alchemy ability also increased the influence of Eastern Deity Island. One could say that this place is filled with opportunities. Based on what I know, the wealth of Eastern Deity Island back then was something that most could not fathom."

Ye Futian nodded. A top-notch, extraordinary alchemist's influence was something that did not need further explanation.

Alchemy grandmasters were already rare; many people wanted them. So, it was easy to understand Supreme Deity Donglai's position and status.

"Let's go find other opportunities," Ye Futian said. It was a rare opportunity to cultivate.

"Supreme Deity Donglai is an alchemy grandmaster. Apart from the great path opportunities left behind on the island by some other apex existences, there are many locations similar to that of Death Island from earlier. These places have peculiar and interesting plants on them, and hidden within them is the Power of the Great Path, which is beneficial to cultivation," said Beigong Ao. He then continued, "Back in the day, when I went to this Wutong Island, an island that was filled with wutong trees, there was also a Wutong Tree King. This Wutong Tree King was the resting place of Supreme Deity Donglai's demonic beast, Igneous Rock Phoenix. The phoenix cultivated the Divine Fire of Wutong, a frightening Divine Fire of the Great Path that polarizes life and death. It was also the Divine Fire of the Great Path that the phoenix used. According to rumors, the Divine Fire of Wutong is similar to the True Fire of the Sun; moreover, it contains the power to regenerate."

"It was not brought away?" Ye Futian asked.

"Difficult." Beigong Ao shook his head. "Wutong island has a divine beast that guards the island. It is the offspring of the phoenix, and it is mighty. I heard that it was already a Divine Wheel Fourth Plane many years ago. When I came to Eastern Deity Island last time, it was already a big demon beast at the Fifth Plane."

"Divine Wheel Fifth Plane? Big demon beast?" Ye Futian said.

"The Divine Fire of Wutong is regarded as a divine fire. It is a perfect grade divine flame of the great path," Beigong Ao said to Ye Futian while looking at him.

Ye Futian suddenly understood. The divine beast phoenix guarding Wutong Island was the equivalent of a person with a Perfect Grade Divine Wheel at the Fifth Plane.

Just how powerful was a person who was a Perfect Grade Fifth Plane?

Earlier, Ye Futian fought against a practitioner from the Empty Mountain with a similar level in the Original Realm. The practitioner's fists were unparalleled and unshakeable. Ye Futian did not even have the strength to fight back. However, the person's cultivation level was higher. He was a Perfect Grade Sixth Plane.

Based on what he sensed back then, the practitioner could probably defeat an Eight Plane existence who had an Imperfect Divine Wheel.

This meant that the divine beast phoenix was probably at a similar level. At the very least, cultivators at the seventh plane would not be able to do much to it.

"Also, it can borrow the power of the divine fire from the Wutong Tree," Beigong Ao added.


Ye Futian became speechless after hearing that. He still had some thoughts earlier, but now, all his ideas were crushed mercilessly. Even a Divine Wheel Eighth Plane facing the phoenix would be dangerous.

"Yes." Emperor Helian nodded and said, "Based on my knowledge, a normal Ninth Plane existence may be able to suppress the phoenix, but it would still be very difficult to take away the Divine Fire of Wutong. Some top-class apex cultivators who came to the Penglai Continent tried it before. Later, the practitioners fell into despair, and very few even harbor the thought nowadays. Most who come to Wutong Island are here to experience it, in addition to trying to persuade the phoenix. However, they are just dreaming. There is absolutely no practitioner able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the phoenix."

Ye Futian had mastered the Power of Yin. Naturally, he knew just how frightening the Power of Yin was. Then, the True Fire of the Sun was most just as potent, possessing a destructive force that could burn everything to ashes. The Divine Fire of Wutong was not that much weaker than the True Fire of the Sun. This meant that it was definitely an amazingly powerful Divine Fire of the Great Path.

"Let's go check it out," said Ye Futian. Beigong Ao nodded. The group then headed toward another location. On their way, they could see many practitioners searching for their own Great Path Opportunities all around Eastern Deity Island.

Wutong Island was easy to find. From afar, one could easily see an entire island covered in an illusory gold divine flame. The entire island was filled with wutong trees. Golden rays of light that looked like flames illuminated the island, making it absolutely marvelous. Moreover, a powerful Great Path of Fire aura flowed around the island. It felt unreal yet, at the same time, very vivid.

Ye Futian's group accelerated and moved forward. They headed towards the inside of Wutong Island. A heatwave engulfed the entire island, the ethereal Great Path of Fire aura filled the air, making things slightly uncomfortable for some. However, to practitioners who cultivated in the Great Path of Fire, this could be considered a holy land.

They looked forward and could vaguely see a crowd forming. They continued and accelerated even further. The flame aura grew stronger and stronger. Even when they were high up above in the air, they could still feel that scorching air.

In the middle of Wutong Island was an independent space. In that space, there was a flame pavilion. On its side was an immeasurably large Wutong Tree. Every single leaf of the tree was golden and amber, much like igneous rocks, and the area was flowing with scorching hot air.

From afar, Ye Futian could sense a frightening aura coming from the Wutong Tree. His divine consciousness wanted to infiltrate it, but he was not yet close, so it was directly destroyed. His divine consciousness could not even get close.

On the side of the Wutong Tree, a fiery gold-feathered phoenix rested there. It seemed a little lazy. Even though many practitioners were in the sky above it, it was so lazy that it did not even glance at them. It looked like it simply did not care.

Every ten years, humans would come. It had already got used to it. Of course, if someone wanted to die, it would not mind as well.

Ye Futian looked at the practitioners above the Wutong Tree. There were a lot of practitioners. Moreover, compared to the practitioners on Death Island, the people here were much stronger. Among them, several people domineering auras, and they might have been of the Eight Plane.

If they did not have a little bit of strength, they probably would not have dared to come to this place.

When Ye Futian and his group arrived, many glanced at them. However, it was only briefly as they quickly shifted their gaze and ignored the lot.

"Phoenix, I come from Canghai Continent, and I am a practitioner from a top faction on our continent. My Divine Wheel is also the Perfect Grade. While not necessarily comparable to Eastern Deity Island, why don't you come with us together outside to train and explore for a while? You must have become bored after cultivating here for so long. Let's go to the outer realms and enjoy the view." At that time, a rather young practitioner said to the phoenix.

Named continents were considered decent. At least they were a lot stronger than the continent where the Dongyuan Pavilion was situated. This person possessed a Perfect Grade Divine Wheel. He was probably an heir of the strongest faction in Canghai Continent, which would explain his confidence and intent to extend an invitation to the phoenix to leave the island.

The phoenix glanced at him with a bit of contempt. What kind of cultivation environment could be used to compare with the Eastern Deity Island?

Divine Wheel Third Plane. Even if it was a Perfect Grade Divine Wheel, when he broke through the next stage to become a mid-level Renhuang, there was no guarantee that it would stay the same. In fact, there was a high percentage for the Divine Wheel's grade to drop. Was a person like this worthy enough to invite it to leave the island?

"Miss Phoenix has exceptional talent. Naturally, you won't be interested in a practitioner who came to train on the island. We do not seek the divine fire; we are simply looking for fate. If Miss Phoenix has anything that she wants, I will definitely do my best to fulfill it," said a practitioner of the Eighth Plane who stood beside the youngster just now. While he was at the Eighth Plane, he spoke courteously, hoping to help his junior find his opportunity.

While there was little hope, it would become a huge opportunity for his junior if they were successful.


Then, a voice emerged. It stunned every cultivator in the sky. Everyone looked toward the source of the voice. Then, they saw that the one who spoke was a demonic beast: Ye Futian's mount, a Black Wind Condor.

Many people seemed dumbfounded. They looked at the Black Wind Condor with a perplexed expression. The phoenix was incredibly prideful. Its parent was the cultivation partner of Supreme Deity Donglai back in the day. It was ridiculously powerful, and it had been sensing and cultivating the divine fire on Wutong Island over the years. It was very famous.

Now, a Black Wind Condor actually called it... A female...

When Ye Futian heard what his Black Wind Condor said, three black lines appeared on the side of his face. It was a headache. It seemed like this b*stard had been treated too nicely recently; it had become overconfident!

The feathers on the resting phoenix stood up. It raised its head to glance at the Black Wind Condor. Divine flames could be seen coming out of its pupils, and it also slowly got up. A very fierce look on its face.

Little Condor became extremely uncomfortable under the phoenix's stare. Its body retreated until it was behind Ye Futian and shrank. "This female phoenix sure is fierce. Condor Sama admits he is a loser."

As such, Ye Futian appeared within the sights of the phoenix.

Ye Futian suddenly had the impulse to smack that bastard dead. A mount caused trouble, and he was the one who would clear things up?

"This beast is terrible and naughty. It's lacking a little bit of discipline lately. I will most certainly teach it a lesson later. Miss Phoenix, please do not take it to mind," Ye Futian clasped his hands together and bowed slightly to the phoenix. Little Condor caused the issue, so he had no choice but to apologize. After all, that remark was quite disrespectful towards the phoenix.

"Let it come over," said the phoenix in a human's voice. The sound was crisp but somewhat cold. Scorching air flowed around and engulfed the area, to the point where even the temperature increased.

Condor Sama trembled behind Ye Futian. "This female phoenix is strong. Condor Sama has no way of beating her. That aura is too vicious. We are in different leagues."

Ye Futian felt dismal. He had not yet done anything since getting here, but they had already offended the phoenix. It was a disaster. He initially planned to chat casually with the phoenix and talk about its life, but now, that seemed like a pipedream.

"Hand over that vile beast so that we can kill it," said a person on the side. It was the practitioner from the Canghai Continent. There was a chance for them to become friendly with the phoenix. They took it and hoped that it would help leave a good impression for the phoenix.

"Disrespectful words, it certainly deserves death," said another person. This made Ye Futian frown!

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    《The Legend of Futian》