The Legend of Futian
1905 Caught in His Own Trap
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1905 Caught in His Own Trap

Little Condor made impertinent remarks, so it was normal and made sense that the Phoenix would pick on him.

However, what does this have to do with anyone else?

The Phoenix actually called for Little Condor's death.

"It's wrong to speak disrespectfully, but must he pay for his mistake with his life?" Ye Futian swept his gaze at the person who spoke and spoke. His tone was icy, but his eyes still looked forward.

"Of course," the former Practitioner of the Canghai Continent replied.

"He should be killed," others commented. The Wutong Island was different from other places. They all came here with a request, and the phoenix was already indifferent to them. Now that Ye Futian and the others came, this evil beast actually directly offended the phoenix and badmouthed them. Of course, it should die.

"In that case, you all deserve to die for disrespecting my mount, don't you?" Ye Futian looked at them and said coldly. All the practitioners were stunned. Little Condor was disrespectful to the phoenix and deserved to die, but they were also disrespectful to Little Condor, so should they also deserve to die?

There seemed to be no issue with the logic. However, his Black Wind Condor, was on a par with the Phoenix?

"Even an evil animal is worthy?" Canghai Continent's Renhuang sneered. The white-haired teenager had an extraordinary aura. However, he actually compared his mount with the phoenix and did not know his place. It seemed like he was a descendant of a top faction from some continent, arrogant and supercilious.

As his voice fell, his body actually released a violent will might, covering the direction where Ye Futian and the others were. Although he saw that Ye Futian and the others were from the top faction of a certain continent, he still made his move. Opportunities were scarce nowadays, and he could make use of this to display himself. Maybe they could still have a sliver of opportunity to at least cultivate for a while in front of the Divine Wutong tree.

His palm grabbed towards the direction of Little Condor. Instantly, a terrifying flame deity-like silhouette appeared on the firmament. Divine fire gathered in the vast Great Path of Space and was extremely violent. They became a War god of flame created by the Flame of the Great Path. The silhouette came over, and a giant palm of flame appeared, burying the void. Rumbles sounded as it smacked down. It was extremely oppressive.

He actually attacked directly?

The surrounding powerful cultivators were a little surprised. They all thought that this person was very decisive and attacked without hesitation because he wanted to use this opportunity to display himself. Even if he could not kill the Black Wind Condor, he would have displayed himself already. The ending was not that important.

Of course, if he could kill it, they naturally would not mind and definitely would kill it.

So long as Ye Futian was not from a local faction of the Penglai Continent, they were not scared. Furthermore, Ye Futian and the rest were obviously not from there. Hence, they dared to attack.

The top powerhouse from the Canghai Continent was an existence of eight realms. The giant palm of flame grabbed down directly from the firmament and was extremely domineering. But at that moment, a silhouette blocked him; it was Beigong Ao. Lightning filled the sky and spread towards all directions. Rays of Thunder Punishment swept out as Beigong Ao raised his palm and slashed out. The palm mark that was slashed out split the space and became a divine thunder blade. With a loud rumble, it split the giant palm of flame from the middle and caused the power of thunder and fire to go rampant in the air.

Seeing the two sides fight, the Phoenix quietened down. Her crimson eyes swept into the void, looking at the two sides fighting as if it had nothing to do with her.

"Hand that demon over, and we won't pursue the matter." The powerhouse of eight realms from the Canghai Continent floated in mid-air, and his flame war god-like body was extremely high and mighty as he looked down at Ye Futian and the rest.

Ye Futian raised his eyes to sweep towards the other side. They were using him to make the Phoenix laugh?

Since that was the case, he would play along with them.

"Senior Beigong, if they attack again, kill them," Ye Futian spoke coldly as he retaliated powerfully.

"Yes, Pavilion Master," Beigong Ao replied. Hearing him address Ye Futian in that way, their opponents' expression turned weird. Pavilion Master?

Did he inherit a top faction from some continent?

However, that was irrelevant.


The powerful cultivator's divine consciousness engulfed the sky. Instantly, even more violent flame auras of the great way exploded forth. The vast space turned into a flaming Great Path domain, and like a terrifying great flame matrix, it refined everything in its path.

Within that Great Path domain, countless runes of flames appeared. They were the words, "Fire, Flare, Blaze." Every rune contained an extremely horrifying destructive power. At that moment, Ye Futian and the rest were all engulfed in the great flame matrix. The runes fell towards them as if they were going to burn the space they were in.


Beigong Ao also released a terrifying aura of the great way. A towering War God of Thunder-like figure appeared and fused with his body, which also had Cloud Wood fused into it. In a flash, countless rays of lightning appeared in the vast firmament, casting a light screen of lightning. It held up the great flame matrix and made it so that the Flames of the Way could not reach Ye Futian and the others.

Boom! Divine Thunder descended and shot towards the opposing practitioners. Both sides had an equal number of people enter the Eastern Deity Island. An Eastern Deity Token could only bring ten people in.

The surrounding powerful cultivators all moved aside. At the same time, they released strong auras of the great way to resist the aftershocks of the battle. If the strong cultivators from the Canghai Continent were just trying to show off just now, the two sides' strength and words made them all get fired up, and a war broke out.

Buzz! Beigong Ao's body directly transformed into a ray of lightning and rushed towards the other side. He was so fast that it was hard to see him with the naked eye. With a loud bang, the ray of lightning soared into the sky. Both of their bodies flew directly into the sky, and even the horrifying Great Path domain flew up into the sky as well.

In an instant, the destructive might disappeared, and the two figures appeared in the sky. The other party did not care. When fighting Beigong Ao, their lineup was slightly stronger than their opponent's.

However, Beigong Ao also thought so, with Ye Futian here, it would bring a surprise to the other side.

The rest of the cultivators stepped out at the same time, coming directly towards Ye Futian. There were two cultivators at the Seventh Order of the Divine Wheel, and Emperor Helian stepped on the void and went up. Ye Futian swept a glance at Yang Dongqing, who was indifferent at the back, and said, "Senior Yang, thank you."

When Yang Dongqing heard Ye Futian's words, he could only grit his teeth and take action. He had been following Ye Futian all this time, and he was now a bit guilty.

He found that Ye Futian was very frightening and increasingly mysterious. Although he had never really fought head-on with his full strength, according to Yang Dongqing's estimations, he might be able to hold his own against a strong cultivator at the Seventh Order of the Divine Wheel.

The others also attacked, and a war erupted at that moment. The young man who wanted to invite the phoenix to cultivate with him previously swept his eyes towards Ye Futian and the others. He had an ethereal aura on his body, and arrogant yet indifferent eyes. It was as if he did not care about the people below.

A terrifying flame breath swept out, and a terrifying Great Path Furnace seemed to appear behind him, from which a steady stream of Divine Flames of the Great Path spilled down, covering the space.

The Great Path Furnace was his Divine Wheel of the Great Path. It was incorporated into the ritual implement and could be refined into Flames of the Way, causing it to get stronger continuously.

The golden flames of the way had a terrifying melting power, and wherever it passed by, the great way was melted into nothingness. In an instant, with his body as the center, the vast area was filled with divine flames, and a terrifying stream of flames of the way directly surged towards Ye Futian's body, instantly engulfing Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor behind him. A touch of coldness flashed in his proud eyes.

However, the Black Wind Condor behind Ye Futian was looking up at him as though he was looking at a pitiful person.

This guy, he dared to attack his master. He was only at the level of a Lower Renhuang. He probably thought he was peerless because he had a perfect Divine Wheel. How miserable, I'm afraid he would not even know how he died.

Ye Futian swept a glance at him and felt a flame current enter his body. However, it did not affect him in the slightest.

Whoosh... Suddenly, an incomparably sharp sword will blossomed from his body and slashed directly across the void straight towards the other party. The teenage Renhuang instantly felt a strong sense of threat.

The sword will slashed through the firmament and headed straight for him. His body was blasted backward as monstrous divine flames spread in front of him. His divine wheel also smashed towards the front to block the sword will.

But as the sword will sliced through, a brilliant sword river seemed to appear, freezing and shattering everything in its path.


The Divine Wheel of the Great Path immediately shattered into pieces. The wisp of sword will pierced through the Divine Wheel as the practitioner's face instantly turned pale. He grunted as blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. A thought appeared in his mind. How was this possible?

His perfect Divine Wheel could only take one sword will?

However, he could only have that thought. In the next moment, the sword will pierced through his body. As his body trembled violently, wisps of sword qi went rampant in his body, and he could feel his body being ripped apart.


A roar was heard, and in the next moment, his body was shattered by the sword qi and disintegrated.

The surrounding people were stunned. Everything happened so fast that many people could not react, and when they looked back, they found that the heir to the top faction of the Canghai Continent was directly obliterated by a sword will.

Was he dead?

Everyone had a strange look on their face and were a little startled. He was killed just like that?

As someone who owned a perfect grade divine wheel, he could be considered a top talent. He thought he could easily suppress Ye Futian, but in a momentary clash, he was killed.

The cultivators of the Canghai Continent were all fighting. They looked in the direction of the young man, and their faces all turned pale. All this happened so fast that they had no time to react.

The people who were thinking of killing the Black Wind Condor were now also looking that way, and some thoughts were arising in their minds. It was true that when outside, it was better to keep a low profile. After all, you never know who you would meet.

No matter how you look at it, someone with a perfect grade divine wheel could always be considered a top demon. Even if they could not be killed, it did not have to come to this point. But reality was that dreamy.

The practitioners of the Canghai Continent must feel regretful now.

Of course, they would also feel anger.

Above the firmament, a terrifying collision sounded. Two top figures were still fighting, and the man of eight realms also knew that his heir had been killed. When the collision occurred, his body's blood force rolled, and he spat out a mouthful of blood!

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    《The Legend of Futian》