The Legend of Futian
1907 Call of the Phoenix
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1907 Call of the Phoenix

The ancient wutong's golden leaves swayed. The circling phoenix illusions played and chased around. The sound of the guqin was as crisp as the call of the phoenix.

The youth with white hair dressed in white robes was absorbed in playing his tune. This all seemed like a scene from a flawless painting. It was mesmerizing. Even powerful Renhuangs were still amazed at the beauty of this scene. It was a sight to behold.

Ye Futian's temperament was originally handsome and refined. His young self had now matured, adding on some charm. He seemed like a sage playing the guqin.

What was even more astonishing was that the ancient wutong seemed to comprehend the sounds of the guqin. It let out a rustling sound as its leaves kept swaying and approaching Ye Futian. It seemed as though the wutong wanted to get close to Ye Futian. It gave off the feeling as though it understood the sounds of the guqin. It resonated with it and wanted to dance.

From the ancient wutong, currents of the Great Path flowed towards Ye Futian's figure. Gradually, Ye Futian's figure was enveloped by the brilliant light of a divine flame. The light of this flame was very faint and ethereal. It was not real fire. Yet, it seemed as though Ye Futian was draped in a robe of flame. He appeared even more extraordinary. Right now, Ye Futian was like a Proud Son of Flame.

"Huh?" The phoenix, who had been quietly listening to the tune all this while, was stunned when she saw this bizarre scene. Only then did she realize that the Divine Fire of Wutong actually had an affinity with Ye Futian. The wutong itself was also approaching him.

This made her reveal a strange expression. She had initially been relaxed, but now she was wary again. It was said that many of the human cultivators were cunning. Could it be that this person was purposely using a song to make her let her guard down so that he could use a special technique to snatch her Divine Fire?

A terrifying light of the Divine Fire of the Way shone in her eyes. She shot a beam towards Ye Futian. She had strong cultivation. Even though there were many cultivators around now, she doubted anyone here could defeat her. As for Ye Futian, his aura of the Great Path was perfect, but she was still confident that if she attacked first, she could seize the initiative and even kill Ye Futian.

She would attack as soon as Ye Futian dared to make any strange moves.

However, she discovered that Ye Futian kept playing his tune on the guqin quietly. As he played, he seemed completely immersed in it, entering a state of ecstasy. He even closed his eyes. The wutong swayed, and the Divine Fire of the Great Path danced. All this seemed to be their natural response. Something about this youth attracted them. The youth himself was an extraordinary figure.

The phoenix noticed that Ye Futian did not react to her threat and still continued to play the guqin quietly. The melody was so mellifluous; she felt like dancing along with the music.

The Flight of the Phoenix Pair was originally a song about phoenixes. It could resonate with phoenixes. As she listened to the song, she naturally reacted to it. Yet, due to her powerful cultivation, she could still restrain herself. The effects of the song were not very strong on her. She merely felt that the sounds of the guqin were very beautiful.

The sounds of the guqin gradually lowered to a bass tone. The illusion of the phoenixes still danced, but their movements became slower. All good things came to an end. In this scene from a painting, the phoenixes returned to their nest and rested below the wutong. All was peaceful and good.

When the sounds of the guqin stopped, this scene did not disappear. This scene seemed to be imprinted in the minds of the various cultivators here. It was unforgettable.

The look that the phoenix gave Ye Futian revealed a remorseful look of self-blame. She had actually believed that Ye Futian was planning to steal her Divine Fire. From the looks of it, she had misjudged him.

"I hope Miss Phoenix was entertained," Ye Futian said as he smiled gently. The phoenix nodded her head slightly as she asked, "The artistic conception is beautiful. What song is this?"

"The Flight of the Phoenix Pair," Ye Futian replied.

"The Flight of the Phoenix Pair," the phoenix mumbled to herself. As expected, it was a song about phoenixes. No wonder her emotions resonated with the tune.

"How did you make the ancient wutong and the Divine Fire also respond?" the phoenix asked.

"It could be related to my special cultivation," Ye Futian answered with a smile. "I have cultivated the Way of Flame. I have also cultivated the wood attribute as well as the power of life and death."

When the phoenix heard him say this, she revealed a strange look. The cultivators in the sky similarly had strange expressions. It naturally did not need to be mentioned that this person had extraordinary talent. He had forged a flawless Divine Wheel and had extremely powerful combat ability. It was apparent when he instantly killed a possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel at the same plane as he was, as well as when he aided in killing the seventh-tier cultivator.

Yet, from what he had said, this was only the tip of the iceberg of his abilities. He was proficient in multiple powers. His accomplishments in playing the guqin were also profound.

What was even more frightening was that, unbeknownst when, he had actually caused the proud phoenix, who had ignored the others, to view him as an equal. They were casually chatting with each other. This meant that he had already succeeded in making the phoenix lower her guard. The phoenix was willing to communicate with him. This was what the others had been trying to do before this. Yet, no one knew how to do so, and the phoenix was completely ignoring them.

When the phoenix heard what Ye Futian said, she gently nodded her head. No wonder the wutong and the Divine Fire were attracted to him. That meant that Ye Futian's cultivation attributes were similar to that of the wutong and the Divine Fire. However, she knew that it might not be as simple as Ye Futian had made it sound. Aside from her father, no one could understand the wutong and the Divine Fire as well as she could. For them to have reacted to Ye Futian, they must have encountered an extremely high power.

This meant that aside from the power of Yin, Ye Futian still mastered other powers that could cause the Divine Fire of Wutong to merge within and resonate with.

This person's cultivation talent might be far more terrifying than what he had displayed.

The phoenix also had extraordinary talent. Although she had always remained on Eastern Deity Island and relied on her talents and the Divine Fire to cultivate to this day, she was not a fool. She understood many things and could make some speculations.

"I came to Eastern Deity Island to gain experience. I still wish to seek out other fateful encounters, so I will not continue disturbing Miss Phoenix," Ye Futian said. He actually bid farewell immediately. This bewildered the surrounding cultivators. They looked at Ye Futian with looks of surprise.

They initially believed that Ye Futian would use this opportunity to continue getting familiar with the phoenix and then invite her to leave the island.

After all, the phoenix guarded Wutong Island, but she would not stay here forever. They all still had a chance to invite her to leave the island with them.

The phoenix was also stunned as she looked at Ye Futian. She then nodded her head slightly and replied, "Alright."

"Farewell," Ye Futian greeted as he saluted with his fists. He then flew up into the air in a flash and landed on the back of Black Wind Condor. He glanced down at the phoenix. He saw that she was looking at him. He smiled and nodded his head. Then, Black Wind Condor spread his wings and flew out, leaving this place. Beigong Ao gave Ye Futian a deep gaze and then followed behind him and also left.

Very quickly, Ye Futian's group left Wutong Island, their figures disappearing into the distance.

After the phoenix saw him leave, she suddenly felt down. She stared off into the distant sky.

"Miss Phoenix," someone cried out. Only then did the phoenix regain her senses. She glanced over at the crowd. Her gaze became stern once again. However, she seemed to have lost interest once more. She returned to the wutong and transformed back into her original form. She rested there and planned to ignore the crowd.

Her eyes closed slightly. She seemed to dwell into deep thought.

All these years, she had remained guarding here. In reality, she was very lonely. She had no friends and no one to keep her company. Although there were people from Eastern Deity Island who would come to visit her, they either came for her father's sake or because they had their own intentions.

Every ten years, Eastern Deity Island would become livelier. She was proud, cold, unapproachable, and ignored the masses, but she felt empty inside.

Ye Futian's appearance made her feel a sense of warmth. This interaction was like the interaction between friends and companions.

His talents were also extraordinary, and he had no ulterior motives against her. This moved her.

For so many years, she had guarded this place with another goal in mind. She was seeking a cultivator who could keep her company and become her human companion. The Island Lord told her that if the day came when she found such a person, she could leave the island to cultivate. However, that person had to be sufficiently outstanding.

Ye Futian seemed qualified.

Hence, she was contemplating leaving the island with him.

"Miss Phoenix, although my place is no match for Eastern Deity Island, it is still in the outside world. Miss Phoenix has always been cultivating here. Surely you must have gotten weary of this place? If Miss Phoenix is willing to leave the island, my forces are willing to serve Miss Phoenix," an upper-level Renhuang proclaimed. He already claimed to want to serve the phoenix. It was apparent how much he wanted to obtain her and make her leave the island.

A flawless fifth-tier demon was already very frightening. If she broke through another two Planes, she would definitely become a peak existence. Adding on the Divine Fire of Wutong, she would be absolutely terrifying.

Who didn't want her to follow them and leave the island?

Even if they had to serve her as though she was an ancestor of theirs, they would allow her to do what she wanted without hindrance.

The phoenix opened her eyes and swept a glance at them. She then slowly got up and said, "You are right."

As she said this, the phoenix lifted her head and called out into the sky. In an instant, an extremely loud call of the phoenix swept over Eastern Deity Island.

For a moment, countless wutongs on Wutong Island swayed and shook. Rustling sounds could be heard constantly, coming from all directions. People rose into the air consecutively, heading towards Wutong Island.

The hearts of many goddesses on Eastern Deity Island shuddered when they heard this sound. Their beautiful gazes turned towards the direction of Wutong Island.

This was the call of the phoenix!

The phoenix was about to leave the island.

After so many years, had she finally made her decision?

Who was it?

What sort of monstrous existence made the phoenix decide to leave the island?

The cultivators of Eastern Deity Island were most familiar with the abilities of the phoenix. One had to make her submit in order for her to want to leave the island!

In the distance, Ye Futian's group, who were traversing the sky, also heard the call of the phoenix. They turned around and looked in the direction of the call.

"Why is the phoenix calling out?" Emperor Helian mumbled to himself. "Should we go back and take a look?"

"There is no need," Ye Futian replied. Beigong Ao looked at the white-haired silhouette in front of him and asked, "Pavilion Master, you did not say anything and chose to leave. Was it so that you can apprehend her later?"

Ye Futian shook his head. It seemed that he and Beigong Ao were on the same page.

However, what was there to apprehend? If the phoenix did not want to leave the island, she would not do so no matter how hard he tried. His abilities were insufficient to coerce her.

On the other hand, if she herself intended to leave the island, it did not need to be mentioned at all. Many things were better left unsaid.

The Flight of the Phoenix Pair could express so many things in just one song!

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    《The Legend of Futian》