The Legend of Futian
1908 Illusory Sky Domain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1908 Illusory Sky Domain

On the main island of Eastern Deity Island, there was a building that towered like an imperial palace.

On Dengxian Tower, a peerless woman with a crown of phoenix feathers and a rainbow-colored gown sat on a throne. She bore an authoritative aura and appeared to be a noble empress. She seemed too high to be approached.

This woman was the current Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island. She rarely appeared in public. Very few people knew that the current Eastern Deity Island Island Lord was an absolute beauty with a stunning appearance. As she sat there, it was as though all the beauty in the world was focused on her. Even though many goddesses were standing below her, and all of them had outstanding appearances, no one could overshadow her radiance.

Her beautiful eyes were piercing as she gazed into the distance. Everything on Eastern Deity Island appeared in her mind like a mirror. Nothing could escape her sight.

A divine light flashed from her glabella and became an illusory silhouette. Surprisingly, it was the silhouette of Ye Futian. The surrounding women looked towards the illusory figure. Eastern Deity Island Island Lord said, "This person's name is Ye Liunian. Where did he come from, and who invited him onto the island?"

To her side, many cultivators began to check their records. In an instant, countless images were presented. With the Eastern Deity Token, everything was recorded and archived. Very quickly, they found what they were looking for. Someone bowed and answered, "Ye Liunian is from Dongyuan Pavilion on a nameless continent. As he is the Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master, Bai Mu extended him an invitation."

The woman nodded her head slightly. She then said, "Inform Bai Mu that she no longer needs to be responsible for others under her. She only needs to keep tabs on this person and must make him stay on Eastern Deity Island. Besides that, immediately send people to Dongyuan Pavilion to investigate everything about Ye Liunian."

"Understood," someone bowed and received the order.

The woman then shifted her gaze in another direction. In a low voice, she said, "Zi Feng has come."

She had barely said this when a brilliant light rained down. The appearance of a beautiful woman followed it. The surrounding people were already used to such a scene. Not many people on Eastern Deity Island dared to appear before the Island Lord in such a manner. Zi Feng was definitely one of the few who dared to do so. Back then, her father was the companion of Supreme Deity Donglai. The members of Eastern Deity Island naturally gave her preferential treatment.

Many people believed that Zi Feng ought to become the demonic beast companion of the Island Lord. However, unbeknownst why, the Island Lord had allowed Zi Feng to cultivate on her own. She showed no intention of making Zi Feng her demonic beast companion, instead allowing Zi Feng to wait for someone she was willing to cultivate with.

Many people did not understand the intentions of the Island Lord. Zi Feng had such outstanding talent. If an outsider were to take her away, wouldn't that be a huge loss for Eastern Deity Island?

"Zi Feng, come and sit here," the Island Lord said to the phoenix with a smile. The air of authority around her immediately disappeared, and she seemed like a noble and gentle senior.

"Elder sister, I have found my companion," the phoenix said. She referred to the Island Lord as "elder sister."

"Hmm, I saw." The Island Lord acknowledged as she nodded her head and smiled. "Have you made your decision?"

"Across so many years, there has not been anyone more suitable than he is," the phoenix continued.

Island Lord nodded her head gently. She then said, "Since you have already decided, I will support your decision. However, I will still need to see how this person's character is like. I have already sent people to investigate him. If there are no problems, you can bring along the Divine Fire of Wutong as you follow him and cultivate together."

"He should also be able to absorb the Divine Fire of Wutong," the phoenix mumbled.

"That won't do. The Divine Fire of Wutong needs to be in your charge," the Island Lord said in a serious tone, becoming sterner as she said this. The phoenix nodded her head as she acknowledged this like an obedient young maiden. She did not appear as proud and majestic as she did when she was under the wutong.

When the Island Lord saw the phoenix's attitude, she revealed a warm and gentle smile again. She said, "Alright, Zi Feng. Normally, I have been too busy cultivating and have had little time to keep you company. Now that you have already determined your own path, you no longer need to remain on this island in the future. Come, let's have a nice, long chat."

The phoenix nodded her head, walked up to the Island Lord's side, and sat down. Towards this elder sister of hers, she showed due respect.


Above the Sea of the Path of Eastern Deity Island, Bai Mu was with a group of Eastern Deity Island cultivators. At that moment, she received the orders from the Island Lord. She was slightly alarmed and somewhat astonished for an instant.

Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master Ye Liunian had already drawn the attention of the Island Lord?

That meant that Bai Mu's previous decision was correct as expected. When Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian were at odds with each other, she had asked Jun Qiuyan to let the matter go and had kept Ye Futian from being harassed by the former. Before this, she believed that with Ye Futian's talent, it might be an opportunity for him if he entered Eastern Deity Island. If he could draw the attention of Eastern Deity Island, he would be protected in the future and would not need to worry about Jun Qiuyan.

However, Bai Mu never imagined that it had happened so soon, and he had immediately caught the eye of the Island Lord.

How many people had been handpicked by the Island Lord? Would Ye Futian be the next?

What had he done now?

Regardless, Ye Futian had not disappointed her. He had even surprised her. The intention of the Island Lord was also that Bai Mu only needed to keep an eye out solely for Ye Futian in the future. She did not need to look out for other potential candidates.

Bai Mu stepped forward and flew across the sky, heading out to find Ye Futian.

After some time, she saw Ye Futian's silhouette. It was not just Ye Futian. In front of them, there were many people. It was rather lively. Many cultivators who had entered Eastern Deity Island had gathered together.

Ye Futian's group had also stopped here, not advancing further. Before them was a white mist that blocked off their wills. Based on what Emperor Helian shared with them, the outskirts of the Core Island of Eastern Deity Island was in front of them. There would be more fateful encounters of the Great Path, and they would all be concentrated in one domain. By passing through this domain, they could reach the Core Island of Eastern Deity Island.

This domain had another name. It was called the Illusory Sky Domain.

Everything was surreal. The various cultivators who entered Eastern Deity Island were gathered here. There were usually outbreaks of fighting between the various forces due to disputes over treasure, and there would always be severe casualties. People with ordinary levels of cultivation would not dare to enter this domain. Even though they would not be able to enter Core Island, they were fine with it. Discovering fateful encounters of the Great Path in the outskirts was not a bad alternative.

After all, Eastern Deity Island invited the cultivators from thousands of continents. Although they were all top figures of their respective continents, there was still a disparity between the strong and the weak. Not everyone had such huge ambition as to step onto the Core Island of Eastern Deity Island.

For many Renhuangs, the fateful encounters in the outskirts were enough. Before this, Ye Futian had already reaped many benefits in the outskirts. Of course, many people could not achieve what he did outside.

"The Illusory Sky Domain is the true trial left by Eastern Deity Island for the cultivators. There are many fateful encounters of the Great Path within. I entered it before and barely made it out alive," Beigong Ao warned Ye Futian. His expression was stern. Even though his cultivation had undergone a metamorphosis, had proven his Way up to the eighth tier, and had the Cloud Wood, he was still serious and stern about this.

After entering into the Illusory Sky Domain, it would no longer be like the outskirts where the various cultivators were dispersed. Instead, the top cultivators of various islands would appear in the same domain to compete.

"Do you want to go in?" Beigong Ao asked Ye Futian. They had already been to many islands. From Beigong Ao's point of view, the benefits that they had reaped were definitely not insignificant. They could still visit other islands. However, Ye Futian seemed to not be interested in them.

Ye Futian wanted to go to Core Island.

Hence, Beigong Ao had brought him here. Past the Illusory Sky Domain was Core Island. However, the cultivators of Eastern Deity Island had special means to directly pass through this domain. This Illusory Sky Domain was intentionally set up for outsiders like them.

"Hmm," Ye Futian replied as he nodded his head. He also wanted to see how many fateful encounters he would come across in there.

"Pavilion Master Ye," a voice called out to him right then. Ye Futian turned towards the person who had arrived. He smiled and asked, "Goddess, why have you come?"

The beautiful figure who had arrived was Bai Mu.

"We were originally unoccupied. We primarily came to see the performance of the people who entered the island. We just happened to meet Pavilion Master Ye here, so we came over," Bai Mu answered softly. "Pavilion Master Ye, are you preparing to enter the Illusory Sky Domain?"

"Hmm," Ye Futian replied as he nodded his head. "Since I have come here, I will naturally want to venture into it."

"Based on what I know, among the cultivators who came to Eastern Deity Island, almost one-fourth of them have already entered the Illusory Sky Domain. This is especially so for the members of the major forces who came here before. Their immediate goal was the Illusory Sky Domain. It can be said that all the powerful cultivators are in there," Bai Mu told Ye Futian. "The top forces of the Penglai Continent are naturally also there. Pavilion Master Ye, after you enter the domain, you must be careful."

Ye Futian naturally understood who the other party was referring to.

Jun Qiuyan had also entered the Illusory Sky Domain.

"I will be cautious," Ye Futian replied as he nodded his head. "Thank you, Goddess, for the reminder."

"No worries. With Pavilion Master Ye's talents and abilities, you will certainly be able to stand out on Eastern Deity Island and draw the attention of those on the island. If Pavilion Master Ye is willing, we might have the opportunity to cultivate together in the future," Bai Mu hinted.

Ye Futian understood what she meant. Bai Mu said that if he was willing, he might be able to stay and cultivate on Eastern Deity Island.

Every ten years, Eastern Deity Island would invite prominent figures to enter the island to cultivate. This was not out of the ordinary. They would naturally also invite him.

However, Ye Futian did not answer. After all, he had no plans to do so. Yet, immediately rejecting their offer would be somewhat rude. After all, he was still on Eastern Deity Island.

"If Goddess has no other instructions, I will head in first," Ye Futian said.

"Alright," Bai Mu answered as she nodded her head. "Pavilion Master Ye, please feel free to do so."

Ye Futian saluted with his fists. His group then advanced into the mist.

Outside, many people were still hesitating. They seemed to be considering whether they wanted to risk going in. Some of them had decided to go in, but many people had yet to take this step.

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    《The Legend of Futian》