The Legend of Futian
1912 Why Seeking Death?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1912 Why Seeking Death?

Around Ye Futian, Divine Elephants stampeded, rushing toward the giant sword that struck at them. Each divine elephant exerted monstrous power.

The giant black swords blasted above the Divine Elephants, and suddenly cracks appeared on the massive bodies of the Divine Elephants as they were torn to pieces. Those giant swords dropped down continuously to destroy those galloping Divine Elephants, and the terrible sound of collision shook this space without ceasing. With the collapse of many Divine Elephants, the black iron divine sword above Ye Futian's head dropped immediately to attack Ye Futian.

Boom... An extremely terrifying and violent sound came out, and the black iron divine general blasted on the massive bodies of the Divine Elephants, causing them to tremble. However, a mighty golden brilliance was released from the Divine Elephants. Their golden bodies held steady and proved indestructible.

Ye Futian got up and stood inside the shadow of the Divine Elephants. He looked at the youth in black on the stone platform in front of him, and a cold murdering intent flashed across his eyes.


Ye Futian took a step forward, and as his foot landed, in addition to the surging power of the Divine Elephants, there was also an unparalleled aura so sharp that it was enough to tear all things apart.

All three Sword Will flew back to Ye Futian's side, and above the sky, rivers of swords now appeared, converging upon the Sword Will.

Buzz! Infinite Swordsmanship flowed into the Sword Will as if blended into it. In an instant, every one of those three Sword Will seemed to contain the terrifying power of Swordsmanship from Ye Futian. The attack that just took place was not in its complete form.

"Get out of here." Looking up, there was a loud rumbling sound that could be heard. Divine Elephants that were transformed by the Divine Wheel of the Great Path soared into the sky, compelled the black iron divine sword toward the void, which soon pulverized and shattered. Afterward, above the sky, endless rays of golden divine glory bloomed, which actually augmented the Divine Elephants as they rushed forward. The trumpeting from of elephants was enough to shatter the eardrums of those who heard it, as countless phantoms of these Divine Elephants rolling forward at the same time.

Ye Futian looked at the youth in black who was in front and continued to move forward. The massive Divine Elephants stumped down just as the other's black giant sword, which was also made from the Divine Wheel of the Great Path, let out a terrible sharp screech and moving toward the Divine Elephants.

The two collided in the void, causing a terrifying storm to erupt in the surrounding area. It was violent enough to shook the sword peak and the stone platform, but neither collapsed. Many cultivators retreated because they did not expect such terrifying power could result from these two. Typical cultivators of Lower Renhuang Realm would be affected if they stayed around.


At this moment, those three most brilliant Sword Will bloomed once again, blending into Ye Futian's power of the Great Path.

The eyes of the youth in black also seemed slightly unsettled. Ye Futian's strength was a bit beyond his expectation, and he was not able to take him down right away. In his mind, his realm should be enough to obliterate his opponent without a doubt.

Giant pitch-black swords surrounded his body, majestic and cold. He was still standing in the center, just like someone who was sitting on the throne of Swordsmanship.

At this moment, rivers of swords flooded the void. He felt a peculiar breath, which instantly covered the area where he was, causing him to shudder. It was icy, and this coldness was able to impact even his spiritual soul.

The defense power of his Swordsmanship, likewise, was also covered with a layer of frost. It was as if it had been frozen solid by ice.

"Huh?" The two men behind him who were of the eighth realm frowned; they seemed to feel a force capable of destroying the youth in black. One of them made a decisive move and raised his sword.

Almost at the same instant, the Sword Will fell, accompanied by a crystalline sound as the dark iron sword defense protecting the youth in black was directly torn to pieces, turning into fragments. The Sword Will's attack arrived instantly, and the youth in black suddenly felt a strong sense of fear when he saw the imminent arrival of the Sword Will as that Sword Will continued to enlarge in his eyes.

Boom... With a loud bang, an even more terrifying, dark divine sword blocked in front of the youth in black, and the three Sword Will blasted directly on it. Blocked, they were not able to do the damage they intended.

Next to the youth in black, a majestic but overbearing cultivator in the eighth realm now appeared; he was staring at Ye Futian coldly.

Buzz! The Sword Will flew back in front of Ye Futian in an instant, chiming loudly, and let out a roar.

At this moment, the crowd finally understood what had happened; everything was happening so fast that in a mere spark of the exchange, everything was already over.

And their hearts trembled violently. Just now, was the young man in black almost killed?

It turned out that it was the cultivator in the eighth realm who made a move to save him.


They had thought that it might be Ye Futian who would have been killed, and the person who intervened would be the cultivator behind Ye Futian, but what had happened was completely the opposite. The youth in black, who was in the realm of Middle Renhuang, would have been killed by Ye Futian if it wasn't because of the cultivator behind him, who had blocked that murderous Sword Will.

This space suddenly quieted down, and its silence was almost terrifying. From beginning to end, the youth in black and Ye Futian didn't say much. They were both ruthless men who attacked directly, and more importantly, they aimed to kill.

"Is this why you are so brave?" Ye Futian remarked as he looked at the middle-aged man standing in front of the man in black. His tone was plain enough, but his words were full of mockery.

The man in black attacked Ye Futian most aggressively, but he was almost killed. If it were not for the person behind him, he probably would have been a dead man already.

In this confrontation, the youth in black had lost face completely. If he had killed Ye Futian directly, everyone would have just thought of him as an indifferent and cruel killer, who would commit murder for a small matter, and Ye Futian would only appear a pitiful loser.

However, the young man in black had almost gotten killed himself, so the whole affair was now somewhat ironic.

Another man of the eighth realm cultivation stepped forward and announced loudly, "Those who are not involved, please get back for now."

Everyone trembled in their hearts. It seemed that the cultivators of the Black Iron Sword Clan were keen to kill Ye Futian. Now that they had already made an exchange, they did not want to let Ye Futian live.

The youth in black had extraordinary status; he was the young master of the Black Iron Sword Clan and the son of the current Black Iron Sword Emperor.

As for the two cultivators in the eighth realm next to him, one was the eldest disciple of the Black Iron Sword Emperor, and the other one who took action to protect the youth in black was the younger brother of the Black Iron Sword Emperor and the youth's uncle.

"It was just a small misunderstanding. Why resort to violence? It is not like it's some life or death grievance, to begin with. Since no one was hurt, let's just stop here," said the empress who had exhorted Ye Futian before, intending to persuade both sides to stop. Ye Futian's talent was superb. If they went to war, the possibility of him being killed was great. After all, the power of the Black Iron Sword Clan was quite a bit stronger.

This whole incident was caused by the Black Iron Sword Clan, whose rudeness was the cause of the conflict. However, she also understood that there was no absolute right or wrong in the world of cultivation.

"No." The eyes of the youth in black was cold, and his murderous intent was stronger than before. If previously, he wanted to kill Ye Futian on a whim, now he really wanted to kill him.

"Thank you for your kindness." Ye Futian looked at the empress and nodded slightly. "However, some people just want to die, so I have to oblige them."

"..." The woman stared blankly at both of them. The youth in black and Ye Futian had both rejected her proposal. It seemed that they both thought they could kill the other.

"You want to die?" The youth in black cast a glance at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at the other. He said to Beigong Ao, who was next to him, "You hold them back for a while."

"No problem." Beigong Ao nodded. He had become more confident in his own strength.

When his voice fell, a monstrous thunder field appeared, and with it, a terrifying phantom of the thunder god, covering this space. Above the sky, the endless thunder wandered, hanging down from the sky and descended on him. He transformed into a body of thunder, which attracted the divine thunder of the Great Path. All the divine thunder light surrounded him, shaped like countless chains of thunder.

The disciple of the Black Iron Sword Emperor took a step forward, and a mighty Sword Might appeared above the sky. A terrifying sharpness spread, repelling the surrounding cultivators, forcing them to step back, pulling away. A great battle was about to erupt here.

But many people were accustomed to it. In Eastern Deity Island, battles of this kind had erupted more often than not. However, this was the first time that battle at this level had occurred here.

The Eighth Realm Renhuang stretched his hand toward the divine sword in the sky, and it was a terrifying black iron divine sword that was branded with terrible sword patterns, which now turned into terrifying black lightning that struck down.

Bang bang, bang! The light of divine sword fell from the sky, blasting around the area where Ye Futian and the others were, turning it into a black iron prison, sealing this space with its swordsmanship, so that Ye Futian and the others had no way to escape.

Afterward, he pointed his finger downward, accompanied by a terrible loud booming sound as the black iron divine sword smashed down.

The thunder god of war that was transformed by Beigong Ao now hovered in the air, as endless thunder and lightning wandered, turning into a thunder chain that landed on the black iron divine sword and entangling it. However, it did not block the horrific momentum of the falling divine sword. Dark divine light huffed and puffed, slaying everything in its path.

But there was a net of thunder that appeared in the sky beneath, which was destroying all the divine light. Traces of the power of Thunder Punishment wandered as the Method of Thousand Punishment reached toward the divine sword.

Boom... A terrifying loud noise was heard as the divine sword was locked in place in the void, and baptized by the light of a thousand tribulations, breaking it apart little by little.

Seeing this, the cultivators of the eighth realm next to the youth in black also walked forward. More terrifying aura now bloomed and oppressed this space with its might.

Ye Futian did not look at the battlefield, but his power from the Great Path spread out as all nine stone platforms lit up at the same time, bursting with brilliant rays of Swordsmanship. At the same time, the sword peak also lit up, puffing out massive Sword Will.

"What's going on?" Those Renhuang who had left the battlefield now trembled when they saw the changes taking place at the sword peak. They looked at Ye Futian just as the cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan also turned to look at the sword peak and suddenly flooded with an ominous premonition.

"There are great opportunities of the Great Path in Eastern Deity Island. Why seek death when you can live and cultivate?" said Ye Futian coldly. His voice became particularly grating as it fell in the ears of the youth in black, whose face changed as he turned his head to look at the sword peak.


From the sword peak, a sword light that pierced through the sky was blooming, rushing straight into the firmament, as its Sword Will swept out. In an instant, several people from the Black Iron Sword Clan who were closest to the sword peak were pulverized directly under the Sword Will and vanished into nothingness!

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    《The Legend of Futian》