The Legend of Futian
1913 Attention
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1913 Attention

"What's going on?"

The cultivators who were watching were in great shock. The terrifying Might of the Swordsmanship from faraway now descended on them. They continued to retreat steadily, only to see that the sword peak seemed to have truly turned into a punishing sword, and the Sword Will in the sword peak seemed to be urged, erupting in this instant.

The crowd saw the Nine Sword Will surrounding the sword peak, causing the sword peak to release an unparalleled sacred brilliance of Swordsmanship. When it spread toward its surroundings, a light screen of Swordsmanship was generated. It was this brilliant sword screen that had pulverized the cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan.

The two cultivators of the eighth realm also turned their heads to look at what was happening, and their expressions changed into one of shock. The voice was still lingering in the space, echoing in their ears.

Eastern Deity Island contained opportunities of the Great Path. Wouldn't it be much better to stay alive and cultivate there?

Why seek death?

Ye Futian had said that they were seeking their own deaths.

"Get back." The two made a quick decision. The Divine Wheel of Swordsmanship erupted, and there was a massive black iron divine sword swung at them. A loud rumbling sound came out as if the sky and earth were about to break apart. The sight was most terrifying, and their hands grabbed at the young man in black, wanting to take him away. Their bodies turned into a stream of Swordsmanship, evacuating toward the sky above.

Buzz. The sword screen swept across, blocked momentarily by the divine sword that had suppressed the Great Path. When it descended on the stone platform, the men had already withdrawn.

On the other side, Ye Futian was suspended in the air with nine swords surrounding him, and the sword light was most brilliant. Suddenly, the sword peak, likewise, was surrounded by nine swords, and the Sword Will from the center of the sword peak shot straight into the sky.

"Up!" Ye Futian spat. As soon as his voice fell, the sword screen enveloped the boundless space instantly. At this moment, everyone seemed to be inside the sword domain. Even the cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan who had fled into the air were no exception. They felt the sword domain came over them, and their expressions changed into one of shock.

"Since you are seeking death, why bother leaving?" Ye Futian's voice dropped as he pointed his finger toward the sky. Suddenly, above the sword peak, a glow of Swordsmanship flooded the space and swept toward the three of them. It was almost instant, with no elapse of time.


The moment the sword light fell, the three cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan were suspended in the void motionlessly. They watched their own bodies slowly vanishing into nothingness, being pulverized.

"No!" the youth in black yelled, and his arrogant face showed incredible fear now. His body was disintegrating, dissipating bit by bit.

How could he die here, at the hands of a Lower Renhuang?

He didn't even know who had killed him because he didn't ask who Ye Futian was or where he came from before he attacked. He never thought that it would cost him his life.

The cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan perished because of a Lower Renhuang.

The final gaze of the two eighth realm cultivators was directed at the youth in black, with despair and anger. Their lives were ruined by his arrogance; why did he have to provoke Ye Futian?

They were full of remorse, with immense hatred in their hearts. Ye Futian's voice echoed in their heads: Why did they seek death?

The sword light sprinkled down, and the bodies of that three powerful Renhunag immediately dissipated, as if blown away by the wind, turning into dust. They had completely disappeared as if they had never existed.

The cultivators from Black Iron Sword Clan were annihilated.

They didn't know that there was another principality that had a similar experience; the annihilation of the cultivators from the Canghai Continent. If they had known, perhaps they would not have been attacking Ye Futian so heedlessly.

The Sword Will returned to its place, back to the sword peak. The cultivators in the distance stared at the sword peak, and everything that had just happened seemed like a dream.

It was too surreal.

Not only did a Lower Renhuang of Divine Wheel Third Realm had accomplished what they could not, which was the complete comprehension of the Nine Sword Will under his own power, but now, he had killed all the cultivators from the Black Iron Sword Clan, sparing none of them.

If their previous feeling toward Ye Futian was one of envy, surprise, and doubt, then at this moment, there was only one thought in their minds, and that was where did this person come from and who he was.

No one had any doubts or even envy. There was only shock and awe. Many of them were Upper Renhuang of the Divine Wheel Eighth Realm, but they no longer treated Ye Futian as some lower-ranking person. Instead, they now looked at Ye Futian with extreme seriousness.

After all, Ye Futian had just cut down two cultivators of the eighth realm.

This man was far too outstanding.

Previously, many of them had thought of Ye Futian as a young cultivator from some continental major force. However, at this moment, they felt that Ye Futian's origin might just be a little deeper than what they could fathom.

The empress, who had been exhorting Ye Futian before, suddenly felt hot in her face, aside from shock and surprise. She was embarrassed that after she had comprehended just a single Sword Will, and after failing to convince Ye Futian to give up, she absconded her effort and pronounced that Sword Will was far too difficult to comprehend.

Was it really that hard?

He had comprehended all Nine Swords and urged the power of the sword peak to sweep over these cultivators; it made her feel quite ashamed. How embarrassing. And what right did she have to lecture Ye Futian?

Those elders who were laughing and chatting before were speechless now. They could only lament in their hearts that the younger generation would always replace the older ones. In this era of genius talents, there were always some amazing characters who would appear out of nowhere. They had no idea which continent had produced such an extraordinary character.

In the future, the continent he came from would probably become famous because of him.

At the moment, many already believed that Ye Futian would be famous someday, and the continent he was from would be proud of him.

Ye Futian surveyed the crowd and said with a smile, "I have disturbed your cultivation, and I apologize. The conflict is over, so please continue as you were."

The pointed indifference he had before had disappeared, and that extreme arrogance he displayed before was gone as well. At the moment, there was only a touch of gentle elegance from him, and his demeanor was quite pleasant. Many looked at Ye Futian and found him even more dashing...

Perhaps this was the additional effect brought on by the display of his power.

Seeing that Ye Futian behaved so casually, everyone nodded and prepared to return. However, someone also remarked, "Seeing our friend so easily comprehended the Nine Swords, how dare I continue to stay here to cultivate? I better go to other places and try my luck elsewhere for other opportunities. I wish my friend to gain full control of the Sword Will within the sword peak."

"Thank you." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. He was very polite and pleasant. Many felt that Ye Futian, when not in battle, was a completely different person.

"I don't know your name, and where you come from?" an old man asked with curiosity.

"My name is Ye Liunian. I am from a continent with no name," Ye Futian responded.

"Ye Liunian." Everyone secretly took note of the name. The man who asked the question nodded and said, "This continent with no name would perhaps be famous one day because of you."

This was a very high praise.

If a continent was to be named after someone, then one could only imagine how great of an achievement that must be. Obviously, he favored Ye Futian in particular. This battle had proven Ye Futian's extraordinary talent.

Ye Futian smiled without saying anything. It was yet unknown how long he would cultivate in that continent. If nothing happened, it is possible that he would not return there. After all, the goal for this trip to the Divine Prefecture was purely for cultivation only, so that he could step onto the peak of Renhuang Realm as soon as possible.

"Let's not disturb our friend's cultivation." Everyone started to bid their goodbyes and left, and they were all quite courteous. Previous to Ye Futian's exhibition of extraordinary talents, their attitude was one of ridicule, and some were displeased. After all, a Lower Renhuang had made a fool of every one of them.

But at this moment, such thoughts had vanished as there were only admiration and willing submission. How could they compete with him? They were not at the same level at all.

Other Renhuang were coming from afar, rushing over here, attracted by the sword that was unleashed. After all, that sword light was so radiant that many inside Illusory Sky Domain had felt it.

After arriving, they had not caught on to the situation, but from the chatters of those around them, they could guess a thing or two, and their attention now focused on Ye Futian.

Many extraordinary figures had appeared in other locations, and it seemed that some would also appear here.

No one knew who would be the most outstanding figure in this trip to Eastern Deity Island. Would be some cultivator from the older generation? Or would some Rehuang from the younger generation prevail?

Presently, somewhere else in the Illusory Sky Domain, many were standing on top of the statues, looking into the distance. Above the tallest statue in the middle, a majestic empress was standing there. Her divine consciousness enshrouded the endless space, including the area where Ye Futian was. She saw everything that happened.

"This man is very powerful," the empress said.

"Although powerful, but the most outstanding person on this trip to the Eastern Deity Island has to be you, Princess," the person next to her remarked. The woman didn't say anything more except, "Don't forget the Flowering Tree incident before; there were two of them, and both were unfathomable."

Those next to her were silent; they remembered, of course.

In another direction, also in front of an opportunity of the Great Path, a young man stood with his hand folded behind his back. His eyes were looking forward, while the person behind him turned his head, looking into the distance, saying, "Over there at the sword peak, a mighty swordsman had appeared. His comprehension is extraordinary, and he slayed the cultivators from Black Iron Sword Clan."

"How lethal was he?" asked the young man standing in front.

"In the realm of Lower Renhuang, he had comprehended the Nine Swords one after the other, thus drew on the Sword Will of the sword peak, and cut down cultivators in the eighth realm," the man responded. The young man nodded slightly, "It seems that this trip to Eastern Deity Island will not be uneventful."

Aside from them, many had now noticed the existence of Ye Futian. That battle not only shocked the people around sword peak, but it also attracted the attention of many cultivators in Illusory Sky Domain, and now they were made aware of the presence of a genius swordsman.

But Ye Futian did not care much about any of this. He still concentrated on cultivating with peace in his mind to comprehend the Sword Will on that sword peak!

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    《The Legend of Futian》