The Legend of Futian
1916 Carried out Once Decreed
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1916 Carried out Once Decreed

Shangguan Qiuye saw that Ye Futian was not distracted and was extremely engaged in his cultivation. A strange look flashed past in her eyes.

Before this, in the Penglai Deity Region, Ye Futian had killed the cultivators of the Jun clan with his Sword Will. His ability was extraordinary. In her opinion, Jun Qiuyan was far inferior to Ye Futian. Now, Ye Futian was comprehending here. He must also be proficient in the Way of Rhythm.

Therefore, the possibility of Ye Futian activating the golden runes was very high. It was because Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan were the only few new visitors here. The rest of the cultivators had long been here. Before Ye Futian arrived, she was the one who had the deepest understanding of the cliff face.

Shangguan Qiuye turned around and cast a glance at Jun Qiuyan. Her indifferent gaze communicated a slight hint of disdain; she seemed to be mocking him. Jun Qiuyan had been despising Ye Futian, but in reality, if Jun Qiuyan weren't the descendant of the Jun clan of the Penglai Continent, he would pale into insignificance when compared with Ye Futian.

Jun Qiuyan frowned and narrowed his eyes. His gaze was dead set on Ye Futian. The doubt in his mind surfaced once again: whom did the Flowering Tree blossom for?

His gaze turned icy sharp in an instant. An aura of the Great Path touched Ye Futian. Ye Futian, who had been comprehending the golden runes, was disturbed by this aura of the Great Path. His meditation was brought to a halt. A cold look flashed past in his eyes.

The musical notes in this Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm were ethereal and hard to comprehend. Ye Futian needed to devote all his attention to his meditation and could not be distracted. Its level of difficulty was much higher than that of when he was comprehending the Sword Wills. Therefore, when Jun Qiuyan interfered with an aura of the Great Path, Ye Futian was alarmed and withdrew from his meditation right away.

Ye Futian's gaze shifted. He looked at Jun Qiuyan. The latter was similarly staring at him. When Yun Zhe, who was standing beside Jun Qiuyan, noticed the abnormality between them, he revealed a strange expression. He pondered out loud while staring at Ye Futian, "Did he cause this to happen?"

He scrutinized Ye Futian. The glow of the golden runes on the cliff face dimmed, as though they had lost their color. The aura of the golden runes also ceased fluctuating. When Yun Zhe saw this, his expression turned even more uneasy.

So it was really this fellow?

"Jun Qiuyan, it seems like you have keen eyes. You wanted to recruit him into your team and cultivate in Eastern Deity Island. Unfortunately, he didn't appreciate your offer," Yun Zhe commented with a smile. "However, his rejection was no surprise. With his talent to comprehend the fateful encounters of the Great Path, there's no reason for him to be the cat's paw."

"He is just lucky," Jun Qiuyan retorted. "You should continue to comprehend."

Right now, Jun Qiuyan would not attack Ye Futian. He would let him continue his meditation.

Ye Futian glared at Jun Qiuyan. Right now, another voice was transmitted into Ye Futian's mind, saying, "I am Shangguan Qiuye, from Shangguan clan of the Penglai Continent. May I know how I should address you?"

"Ye Liunian." Ye Futian glanced at Shangguan Qiuye, who was to the side. She was the one who was talking to him via sound transmission.

"Renhuang Ye." Shangguan Qiuye said, "The musical technique that is carved on this cliff face is the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm. Each and every golden rune is a musical note. Just now, Renhuang Ye managed to activate a musical note. Are you able to comprehend all the musical notes here?"

"I am not sure," Ye Futian replied. What was the intention of this Shangguan Qiuye?

"Jun Qiuyan allowed you to continue comprehending the technique. If you actually manage to comprehend it, he will certainly capture you and force you to reveal the method to do so. Why don't you work with me? If you can comprehend the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm, my Shangguan clan is willing to ensure your safety," Shangguan Qiuye offered. As for the conditions, she did not need to explain. She naturally was after the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm that he managed to comprehend.

This technique was priceless. For Shangguan clan to protect Ye Futian, he had to first comprehend the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm on the cliff face.

"It still depends on whether I can comprehend it in the first place," Ye Futian replied. He neither agreed to nor refused her offer.

Since both Jun Qiuyan and Shangguan Qiuye wanted to see him comprehend it, he naturally would not disappoint them.

Ye Futian ignored them and continued facing the cliff face to comprehend and cultivate. However, Beigong Ao, Emperor Helian, and the others were cautiously guarding beside Ye Futian. They naturally could tell that Ye Futian needed to delve into his task. They could not comprehend this Way of Rhythm themselves. Hence, they might as well not try and instead protect Ye Futian, preventing the other parties from attacking him.

After all, on Eastern Deity Island, anything could happen.

Ye Futian started again, comprehending the first set of golden runes. When he looked at the cliff face, he entered a miraculous realm. It was as though there were only him and the musical notes. The rhythm of musical notes swept out, and the golden musical notes leaped up. From them, Ye Futian could sense the aura of the Great Path.

Sensing this rhythm, Ye Futian seemed to hear a very faint sound.

This sound could not be heard with his ears. Instead, he used his mind and will to sense it. Through the rhythm of the musical notes, he could sense the sound of the musical rhythm. If his attainments in musical rhythm were high enough, he might be able to hear it clearly. Alas, the current him could yet do so.

A formless wind swept over the area. The cultivators who stood before the cliff face were quietly sensing it. They could also sense the will of the rhythm. It had an indescribable sensation to it. It seemed like the rhythm of sound, but they could not hear it.

How bizarre. Many people thought to themselves. Some more senior figures revealed strange looks. The upper-level Renhuang from Shangguan clan stared at the cliff face and said, "Rumor has it that some top tier musical techniques can kill without any form or trace. This Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm is one such top tier musical technique. Its formless rhythm sweeps out and shatters the spiritual souls of its opponents."

"That means to say, we have already felt the rhythm of the music, but we just can't hear it," someone said to the side.

The crowd nodded their heads slightly as they continued to quietly sense this rhythm. As time passed, another set of runes lit up with golden divine halos. From them, another intense rhythm emanated, causing many people to reveal surprised looks.

Jun Qiuyan had a very cold look in his eyes. He swept a glance at Ye Futian. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

However, he did not stop Ye Futian from cultivating. Instead, he allowed Ye Futian to proceed. When Ye Futian finished cultivating, if he could comprehend the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm, it would not be too late to capture him then. That way, Ye Futian could at least be of use to them. They would reap the benefits of his hard work.

Right now, Jun Qiuyan was feeling conflicted. He hoped Ye Futian would be able to comprehend the technique and hoped that he would not be able to.

Deep within, he did not want to see Ye Futian's talent actually be so outstanding. He would appear very ordinary next to Ye Futian.

Nevertheless, regardless of what he was thinking, on the cliff face, more and more golden characters appeared. They shone brightly, and gradually, the space before the cliff face seemed to be lit with frightening divine light. From this divine light, many golden characters appeared. Formless waves radiated outwards like waves on the sea, sweeping out into the space in front of the cliff face.

Ye Futian was completely absorbed in his task. He was in his own world. It was as though he was in an independent space. Countless musical notes floated around his figure. Miraculous Buddhist chanting circled him. He did not fully understand what was happening. The frightening rhythm spread out in all directions. The countless characters seemed to weave into a pattern. The image of a golden Buddha statue could faintly be seen.

The Buddhist chanting of the Great Path seemed to be coming from the Buddha statue.

The cliff face slowly lit up with brilliant divine halos. It lit up the entire space. The cultivators standing before the cliff face were filled with awe and wonder. Ye Futian had actually managed to activate the runes on the cliff face.

They looked around them and felt a sensation. It was as though they were all enveloped by a formless rhythm. The golden halos were everywhere, like silky threads. The threads enveloped the vast space like a domain of the Great Path.

Beigong Shuang looked around her. She then looked towards Ye Futian. As expected, there was nothing that he could not do.

Shangguan Qiuye was also absorbed in cultivating. Such an opportunity was even more suitable for comprehending the technique. She could rely on Ye Futian's comprehension to sense the cliff face even more clearly. She also managed to comprehend a few sets of runes. A formless rhythm circled her figure.

Jun Qiuyan sensed everything that was occurring before him. He revealed a sullen look. Nearby, Yun Zhe looked at him and said, "Such comprehension is most likely rare even in the Penglai Continent. Such a shame."

Jun Qiuyan became even more sullen when he heard Yun Zhe's words. He naturally could tell that Ye Futian managed to do something that even Shangguan Qiuye had not been able to.

A powerful aura radiated outwards. It emanated from where Ye Futian was. However, at that moment, Beigong Ao, who had always been on guard, took a step forward and came to Ye Futian's side. His aura of the Great Path emanated outwards and enveloped the space, not allowing others to disturb Ye Futian.

"That should be enough," Jun Qiuyan roared. His voice was like thunder. The space trembled violently. It seemed to scatter the formless rhythm. Ye Futian was absorbed in cultivating the Way of Rhythm. Suddenly, a loud roar swept over him and caused his focus to waver slightly.

Ye Futian was indifferent to Jun Qiuyan's disturbance. A formless rhythm swept out and pushed back the loud roar. Ye Futian's lips moved slightly as he said in a cold tone, "Get lost."

When he said this, it was like a divine voice of the Great Path. Everything he said had to be carried out. A terrifying rhythm swept out and instantly flooded Jun Qiuyan's body. His expression changed drastically. The terrifying rhythm immediately attacked his spiritual soul. Buddhist chanting circled him, attempting to directly shatter his spiritual soul.


There was a loud rumble, and Jun Qiuyan's figure was immediately sent flying backward from the shockwave. He coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. The expressions of the surrounding people changed drastically. Their figures dashed forward, but Jun Qiuyan still fell to the ground. His face was pale.

Jiu Qiuyan's gaze turned extremely sullen. He swept a glance at Ye Futian. He was still cultivating there. He had injured Jiu Qiuyan without even moving at all.

This scene could only be appropriately described as Jiu Qiuyan humiliating himself.

He was pathetic. Many people thought to themselves as they looked pitifully at Jun Qiuyan. The heir of the Jun clan of the Penglai Continent was humiliated in such a fashion. This incident would surely be known throughout the Penglai Continent!

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    《The Legend of Futian》