The Legend of Futian
1917 Making a Move
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1917 Making a Move

Jun Qiuyan got up. His sullen gaze was filled with murderous intent as he stared at Ye Futian.

However, right now, Ye Futian seemed to ignore Jun Qiuyan's existence completely. He faced the cliff face, giving off the feeling as though Jun Qiuyan was a jester. Jun Qiuyan had kept provoking him but was injured with just a word from Ye Futian.

Jun Qiuyan felt his face turn red hot. His murderous intent was menacing. Around him, many cultivators looked towards Ye Futian. They had cold and indifferent gazes. They stepped forward, and instantly, a furious pressure of the Great Path enveloped the endless space. It covered the entire area in front of the cliff face.

This caused the cultivators in front of the cliff face to frown. They felt slightly dissatisfied.

Ye Futian was unperturbed. However, Shangguan Qiuye, who had been cultivating, was awakened, being pulled out from her cultivation state. Her gaze shifted as she turned and coldly swept a glance at Jun Qiuyan and his men. In a cold and indifferent tone, she said, "If you want to cultivate, do it quietly. If not, get lost."

She had just said this when a similarly furious aura swept out from her. It became a rhythm of the Great Path that struck against Jun Qiuyan's body.

Jun Qiuyan took a step backward. Aura emanated from his body and circled his figure. The clothes on his body fluttered and danced frenziedly. He stared at Shangguan Qiuye, who had turned around. His gaze was as cold as ice.

Another person was asking him to get lost.

Before this, Ye Futian had humiliated him with these words. Now, he had heard Shangguan Qiuye uttering these very same words. Since when had Jun Qiuyan ever suffered such humiliation?

"If you are not cultivating, then don't disturb others," an eighth-tier cultivator said lazily. He did so without looking at Jun Qiuyan, yet his voice was heard by everyone present. His intentions were the same as Shangguan Qiuye. He did not want to see Jun Qiuyan and his group rampaging around here.

Or it should be said that he did not want them to disturb Ye Futian from cultivating.

Right now, Ye Futian was comprehending the characters on the cliff face and activating them. This caused the others to be able to sense the characters even more clearly than before. Many people could then comprehend the rhythm of the musical notes. This was some help to their cultivation. As long as they could begin comprehending, they could slowly make progress and would at least have a chance at comprehending the technique.

However, Jun Qiuyan was wreaking havoc here. They were naturally dissatisfied with him.

Although many people remained silent, faint pressure of the Great Path similarly emanated from their bodies. The people present here were all powerful Renhuangs from different continents. They were fewer in numbers. Hence, their objection was subtle, and they did not dare to defy Jun Qiuyan outright.

Among the cultivators here, many of them were from powerful forces of various continents. They were all proud people, so they naturally could not stand someone acting high and mighty.

"With just one word, you were forced back and coughed up fresh blood. Jun Qiuyan, if I were you, I would run away as far as I can. How could I possibly show my face here?" Shangguan Qiuye continued to chastise him mercilessly. She was also a member of a top force from the Penglai Continent. Although there was friction between them, she believed that the members of the Jun clan did not dare to lift a finger against her. Moreover, there were several cultivators from the Shangguan clan on Eastern Deity Island.

"Shangguan, you are going overboard," Yun Zhe said as he looked at Shangguan Qiuye. "You are also a cultivator from the Penglai Continent, yet you are siding so much with the other party. Are you trying to flatter the other party because you received an epiphany in your cultivation? Could it be that you hope that he will instruct you in your cultivation?"

"You too. If you want to cultivate, then keep quiet. If you don't want to cultivate, get lost from this region," Shangguan Qiuye similarly scolded Yun Zhe in a cold and indifferent tone as she glared at him.

Her words caused Yun Zhe to fall silent. He stared at her, the corners of his mouth revealing a hint of a cold smile.

"Elder brother Jun, what shall we do?" he asked as he looked at Jun Qiuyan.

Jun Qiuyan swept a glance across the crowd. Although many cultivators had released their auras of the Great Path, he could clearly tell that few truly dared to stand against him. The cultivators still valued their lives.

Jun Qiuyan did not believe that these people were not afraid to die.

Ye Futian was also continuing to comprehend and was relying on the Way of Rhythm of the cliff face. Jun Qiuyan could not wait any longer.

An overbearing and sharp look flashed past Jun Qiuyan's eyes. He looked around at the crowd and loudly proclaimed, "Those who are not involved with the affairs of Jun clan of the Penglai Continent, please vacate this area temporarily. Once we settle our affairs, you may return to cultivating. I apologize for disturbing you all."

As Jun Qiuyan said this, he waved his hand, and immediately, figures stepped out and dispersed to different directions. The hundred over cultivators that he had brought to Eastern Deity Island with many Eastern Deity Tokens dispersed. For a moment, vast pressure enveloped the space before the cliff face, bearing down on the crowd.

"Jun clan of the Penglai Continent wishes to settle some matters. I hope that you may show us some face. Please move," an eighth-tier cultivator loudly proclaimed beside Jun Qiuyan. His voice was loud and could be heard far and wide. His words caused the eardrums of the crowd to tremble.

A suffocating pressure enveloped the space. Many people felt the urge to retreat. Some weaker Renhuangs were already leaving. This matter was originally unrelated to them. They naturally had no reason to get caught up in this mess.

They swept a glance at Jun Qiuyan. They never imagined that while the crowd was against him, Jun Qiuyan could still act so domineering. His way of doing things was extremely decisive, sharp, and overbearing.

As expected, cultivators dashed away one by one. Although the cultivators here were top figures of their respective continents, they were all from different forces and had not coalesced into a single force. They would naturally have their own opinions and would not act united.

After all, there were no major benefits involved.

Hence, most people chose to retreat.

"Yun Zhe, when the fight begins, can the cultivators of Yun clan help us hold the line?" Jun Qiuyan asked Yun Zhe, who was standing beside him. In reality, he was hinting to Yun Zhe to block off those who tried to escape after the battle started and kill them all off together. This would continue to exert tremendous pressure on those who did not leave.

"No problem. Leave it to me," Yun Zhe answered immediately, making a prompt decision without any hesitation. Why would he mind when he did not need to get involved while the two forces were fighting?

There was also the Shangguan clan. Yun Zhe wanted to see a huge fight erupt between the Jun clan and the Shangguan clan. That way, both sides would weaken each other.

Yun Zhe waved his hands, and the cultivators of the Yun clan flew up high into the sky. They stood in different positions. Their auras of the Great Path emanated from their bodies and enveloped this space. The two top forces of the Penglai Continent had joined forces.

From the looks of it, Jun Qiuyan was adamant about capturing Ye Futian.

"Please move quickly, everyone. If you have not left when the fight begins, then you do not need to leave at all," Jun Qiuyan cried out again in a cold tone, causing people to constantly leave the place.

Before the cliff face, there were very few people left. There were just a few cultivators, but most importantly, there were three major factions.

They were the cultivators of Dongyuan Pavilion, led by Ye Futian, the Shangguan clan led by Shangguan Qiuye, and Jun Qiuyan's cultivators.

He was still cultivating? Many people looked towards Ye Futian. A fight was about to ensue, and yet, Ye Futian seemed to be completely unaware. He was actually still comprehending the technique on the cliff face without any distractions. He continued to cultivate peacefully. This scene caused many people to lament. This person's cultivation talent was already so miraculously high that his state of mind was also supernatural.

It was just that no one knew how he was going to survive this predicament.

Shangguan Qiuye had a cold and indifferent gaze. She similarly waved her hands, and immediately, cultivators stood before the cliff face, facing off against the cultivators of Jun clan. However, their formation was much weaker than the Jun clan's. Jun Qiuyan had come prepared this time. He had brought many cultivators to Eastern Deity Island. There were the Renhuangs of Jun clan and the cultivators who had no Eastern Deity Tokens and had either relied on them or collaborated with them to enter Eastern Deity Island.

The Shangguan clan's cultivators could not hold off so many opponents. They could only choose to stand before Jun Qiuyan and the group of cultivators beside him. Two terrifying pressures collided in the space between these two forces.

Jun Qiuyan swept a glance at Shangguan Qiuye and said, "Shangguan, do you truly believe that I wouldn't dare lay a finger on you?"

"You can try," Shangguan Qiuye responded. Her gaze was cold and proud.

Jun Qiuyan waved his hand. A few powerful Renhuangs immediately faced off with the Shangguan clan cultivators. In a cold tone, Jun Qiuyan ordered, "If anyone interferes with the affairs of Jun clan, kill them without mercy."

"Understood," the Renhuangs replied as they nodded their heads. Their imposing manners were terrifying.

Both sides were domineering and were unwilling to back down.

On the other side, Yun Zhe led his cultivators and surrounded the region. He looked down at the conflict below with a sinister look in his eyes. From the looks of it, today's incident would be interesting to observe. He could not wait to see how it played out.

Jun Qiuyan did not care about what Shangguan Qiuye thought. If the cultivators of the Shangguan clan got in his way, he would then not need to show mercy.

Jun Qiuyan swept a glance at Ye Futian, who was still cultivating. Jun Qiuyan's gaze was filled with murderous intent. However, he would not kill Ye Futian for now.

"Capture him. I want him alive. You can cripple him," Jun Qiuyan commanded. His voice was as cold as ice. After he finished saying this, a vast pressure of the Great Path immediately swept out towards Ye Futian.

Around Ye Futian, the expressions of Beigong Ao, Emperor Helian, and the others all changed. Although they had released their own power of the Great Path to block the incoming pressure, their opponents had extraordinary abilities. Beigong Ao, Emperor Helian, and the others could not withstand them at all.


In mid-air, attacks of the Great Path immediately came crashing down. There was terrifying lightning, brilliant sword light as well as palm strikes that ripped apart the space. The extremely violent attacks rained down like a frenzied torrent, immediately crashing down towards the space where Ye Futian and his group were.

Rumble. Beigong Ao stood high in the sky. Lightning surrounded him, and he became a war god of thunder. Endless lightning burst forth, and he used the might of lightning to fend off all the attacks.

At the same time, on the cliff face, extremely dazzling light suddenly burst forth. All of the characters of the Great Path lit up with brilliant divine halos of the Great Path simultaneously. Formless storms of musical rhythm swept out.

At that moment, everyone faintly felt a formless rhythm in the space. Buddhist chanting circled them and entered their ears. This rhythm was formless, yet it was everywhere. This was the power of sound.

Blinding light radiated from the cliff face. At that moment, on the cliff face, a towering Buddha statue could faintly be seen. It was as though an ancient Buddha had appeared. His golden body sparkled, and countless characters of the Great Path circled him. This Buddha was chanting Sanskrit, and his voice swept out across the space.

Ptui. In the space before the cliff face, a Renhuang attacking Ye Futian immediately coughed up fresh blood. His spiritual soul was shattered, and his body fell lifelessly to the ground. He had perished instantly.

Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

Next, one by one, figures fell to the ground. When the rhythm swept past the minds of the lower-level Renhuangs, their spiritual souls immediately shattered, and they died. They could not put up any resistance at all, immediately perishing!

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    《The Legend of Futian》