The Legend of Futian
1918 Counterattack
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1918 Counterattack

The people who were attacking suddenly stopped. Currents of the Great Path rampaged around in the air. However, the crowd was silent as they saw the figures plummeting to the ground one by one.

In an instant, all the lower-level Renhuangs who attacked Ye Futian were dead. They had all been killed.

The rhythm of the Great Path circled around them. They could not hear the musical rhythm, but they could sense its presence. It was as though Buddhist chanting surfaced in their minds without any warning. All around them, the golden light of Buddha shone. When they saw the cliff face again, they could all see the Buddha statue. It made them want to bow down and worship it.

The Buddha statue had a very overbearing air to it. It even gave off a fierce vibe. This was a demon-slaying Buddha. The technique it was using was the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm. The golden Buddha had an angry look and imposing manner that caused others to shiver and cower in its presence.

The Renhuangs looked at the Buddha. Many weaker Renhuangs felt the urge to escape. It was very dangerous here. A slight moment of carelessness could cause them to be killed off by the Way of Rhythm.

Shangguan Qiuye looked back at Ye Futian, revealing an astonished look. He was too powerful. Not only did he manage to comprehend the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm, he immediately activated the golden musical notes on the cliff face. He turned them into Way and unleashed its powerful might. He directly relied on the will of the Great Path in the cliff face to unleash his attack.

Such talent was simply extraordinary.

Although Beigong Shuang and the others were also astonished, they were already used to such events. This was not the first time they had witnessed such a scene. This fellow wasn't human. It was as though there was nothing that he could not do. It all began with him making the Dongyuan Pavilion statue manifest.

Only then did they realize that for Ye Futian, making the Dongyuan Pavilion statue manifest was nothing. On Eastern Deity Island, he was utilizing his talents to the fullest.

The rhythm of the Great Path circled around them and was everywhere. It was as though Ye Futian was ready to launch another attack at any moment. Jun Qiuyan's expression turned extremely sullen. He looked in the direction where Ye Futian was and noticed that the latter still had his back facing the rest of them. Ye Futian faced the cliff face; he seemed to be still immersed in comprehending the Great Path on the cliff face.

Jun Qiuyan felt like his existence was but a joke; he served as a foil to Ye Futian's extraordinary talent.

"Attack. Kill him," Jun Qiuyan ordered someone through sound transmission. This time, Jun Qiuyan did not plan to spare Ye Futian's life. He had changed his mind and had decided to eradicate Ye Futian completely. Before they came to the face of the cliff, Jun Qiuyan had still intended to capture Ye Futian alive. However, this now seemed impossible. Hence, he might as well kill off Ye Futian.

No one else heard Jun Qiuyan's voice, and no one knew what he was thinking. Jun Qiuyan used the sound transmission of the Great Path; therefore, only the person that he had targeted received his order. However, the recipient was also puzzled as to why Jun Qiuyan was so confident. At this very moment, Jun Qiuyan was actually still plotting to kill Ye Futian.

The Light of Buddha surrounded Ye Futian while countless musical notes danced around his body. Ye Futian ignored everything happening around him and focused solely on his meditation.

An exceptional cultivator stood not far away from where Ye Futian was. The cultivator was a seventh-tier upper-level Renhuang. He wielded a spear and had domineering, chiseled features. His spear was sharp and was pointed at the people who were rushing towards Ye Futian.

The spear emanated a terrifying destructive power.

The wielder of the spear was none other than Yang Dongqing.


Right at this moment, Yang Dongqing's body shifted. He turned into an alarming bolt of silver lightning. However, he was not dashing towards the enemy. Instead, he headed for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had his back facing them. Moreover, he was activating the Way on the cliff face. He was unaware of the action of those around him.

Black Wind Condor let out a shriek while the facial expressions of Helian You and Beigong Shuang changed drastically. The cultivators around them were still in a daze. What was happening exactly?

Wasn't Yang Dongqing a member of Ye Futian's group?

The crowd was somewhat lost at this turn of events.

A shocking destructive power burst forth from the silver spear. It traversed the space within a split second and left behind a dazzling silver trail.

Everything happened too quickly. Yang Dongqing attacked at such a close range in an instant. Nobody was quick enough to react to his attack.

When Jun Qiuyan saw this scene, a glint of ruthless killing intent flashed past in his eyes. Perhaps even Ye Futian was unaware of this. In reality, everything had always been within Jun Qiuyan's control.

Although Jun Qiuyan had promised Bai Mu to let Ye Futian go prior to this, now that they had entered Eastern Deity Island, Jun Qiuyan was determined to kill Ye Futian. Even if he did not manage to kill Ye Futian on Eastern Deity Island, he would not let Ye Futian leave the Penglai Continent alive.

After entering Eastern Deity Island, he did not send people to follow Ye Futian. Everything was already within his control. Yang Dongqing had already turned traitor and was willing to follow the Jun clan. He also seemed not to be asking for much.

"Yang Dongqing," a cold voice cried out. It was the sound of Emperor Helian. He had not imagined that Yang Dongqing would betray them now and suddenly attack them. This attack would definitely be fatal. Ye Futian was basically defenseless. He had his back towards the others and was relying on the power of the cliff face to deal with the other cultivators. How could he know that Yang Dongqing was trying to backstab him?

If Ye Futian died, everything would be over.

How could he possibly block this killing blow?

As Emperor Helian cried out, a swooshing sound could be heard. The long spear stabbed directly into Ye Futian's back. It was too fast. Ye Futian had no time to react at all.

Right then, Yang Dongqing had a cold look in his eyes. He had been merciless and swift. This attack was executed decisively without a trace of hesitation.

This spear would determine the fate of him and Yang clan.

Back at the Penglai Deity Lake, conflict had erupted between Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan, a member of one of the top forces of the Penglai Continent. Yang Dongqing believed that Ye Futian was highly unreasonable. Although Ye Futian had great talent, he was too proud and looked down on everyone else. If this continued, those around him would eventually be dragged into his mess. If the conflict intensified, the cultivators of Jun clan of the Penglai Continent would descend upon their continent. His Yang clan would face terrible consequences then.

Hence, back then, Yang Dongqing had communicated with Jun Qiuyan through thought transmission.

Compared to Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao, Yang Dongqing was the person that Ye Futian trusted the least. Yang Dongqin naturally could tell. After they entered Eastern Deity Island, Beigong Ao had received benefit after benefit, and he had even broken through to the next Plane.

All of this served to solidify Yang Dongqing's resolve. If Ye Futian did not die, he might get them involved in his mess. If Ye Futian died and Yang Dongqing stood on Jun clan's side, Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian would all be buried here.

When that happened, not only would Yang Dongqing control the Dongyuan Pavilion, he could also immediately become the most powerful person on the continent. He could directly control the entire continent, controlling Helian Royal Family as well as Beigong Family.

Aside from that, Yang Dongqing would also become friends with Jun Qiuyan and form an alliance with the Jun Clan of the Penglai Continent. His position would be extremely stable, and no one could usurp him.

No matter how he considered the issue, killing Ye Futian was the way to go.

Hence, he had acted so decisively. His eyes showed no hint of hesitation.

After this attack, the battle was decided.

He had not even considered that he would fail. At such a close distance, with his seventh-tier all-out attack, how could he possibly fail?

There was no chance of him failing. Ye Futian was sure to die.

As Yang Dongqing's spear landed, he looked up, preparing to witness the death of Ye Futian personally.

However, the spear had yet to pierce through Ye Futian's figure when it seemed to have hit an indestructible wall. This caused Yang Dongqing to frown. It was a ritual implement.

Ye Futian actually had a ritual implement on him that was protecting his body.

Even so, a ritual implement could only weaken his attack power. It was impossible for it to ignore his attack completely. This attack could still kill Ye Futian.


As expected, Ye Futian's figure was sent flying forwards from the impact. Yang Dongqing's spear also moved forwards with Ye Futian's body. It continued forwards, frenziedly unleashing a furious, destructive aura that attempted to destroy Ye Futian completely.

Yet, at that moment, a layer of frost instantly covered the spear and even spread out towards Yang Dongqing's figure. It immediately seeped into his body and even his spiritual soul.

Ye Futian still had the strength to resist?

Yang Dongqing's expression changed slightly. At that moment, countless golden musical notes from all around him flashed with blinding light. The musical notes of the Great Path swept straight out towards him.


When this word was uttered, the terrifying musical notes of the Great Path immediately invaded Yang Dongqing's mind. His expression changed drastically as his spiritual soul tried to withstand this power. Almost at the exact same instant, countless leaves circled around his body. The power of Yin seeped into his body and froze him stiff. His entire body was shivering, and even his thoughts seemed to gradually slow down.

How could this happen?

How did Ye Futian not die even after all this?

Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao initially wanted to make a move. However, when they saw this scene, they were also stunned, stopping in their tracks.

Above Ye Futian's figure, endless Sword Will infused with the Yin Divine Light shot forwards and directly penetrated Yang Dongqing's body without any resistance.

Yang Dongqing's mind seemed to stop. He felt that all this was somewhat preposterous. Even with such a sneak attack, he had actually been unable to kill a lower-level Renhuang. Instead, he had been killed off by a counterattack. How inconceivable was this?

Had Ye Futian been hiding his true ability all this while?

This was his final thought. The next moment, Yang Dongqing's figure immediately turned to dust. It was as though he had never existed.

Yang Dongqing died.

From the very beginning, Ye Futian had been observing Yang Dongqing ever since he allowed him to bring one person into Eastern Deity Island. Ye Futian wanted to see whether or not he would make a move on Eastern Deity Island. How could Ye Futian have possibly been unprepared? He had always been wary of Yang Dongqing.

The person who Yang Dongqing brought to Eastern Deity Island was also his disciple and not his heir. Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao had both brought their heirs.

At this crucial moment, as expected, Yang Dongqing had tried to kill Ye Futian. It was a prime opportunity to eliminate Yang Dongqing to prevent future danger.

The expression of Yang Dongqing's disciple changed drastically. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "This matter has nothing to do with me."

The musical notes of the Great Path swept out, and Ye Futian immediately killed him.

When Emperor Helian saw this scene, his heart shuddered. Fortunately, they had decided to become friends with Ye Futian back then and not to become his enemies.

This mysterious fellow with extraordinary talent caused others to be in awe of his talent as well as make others cautious of him.

"The image of Jun clan from Penglai Deity Island has been completely ruined by you," Ye Futian said nonchalantly then. His tone was full of mockery!

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    《The Legend of Futian》