The Legend of Futian
1919 Again
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1919 Again


Jun Qiuyan's expression was one of gloom. As Divine Wheel Seventh Realm, he had released a fatal blow from such a close distance, yet he failed?

Ye Futian was just a Lower Renhuang. Even if his Divine Wheel of the Great Path was perfect, it was still only in the Third Realm. Yang Dongqing was Upper Renhuang of the Seventh Realm. He had unleashed a blow with all his might, so how could it be that he was not dead yet?

Like Yang Dongqing, Jun Qiuyan thought that this blow would, at the very least, severely injure Ye Futian if not destroy him.

But the result was that Yang Dongqing was killed by Ye Futian instead.

Even though he may have used a divine item to protect himself, he shouldn't be able to defend against this blow.

But no matter what, everything was now an incontrovertible reality.

All the cultivators had participated, followed by more assassins, but all were unsuccessful. Previously, he himself was humiliated by Ye Futian, and everything that had happened really brought tremendous shame to the Jun family.

At this moment, the light of the golden runes shone brightly on the cliff, as the Sound of Buddha lingered. The image of Buddha remained elusive as endless divine brilliance showered upon Ye Futian, bathing him within it so that he became sacred and majestic.


A horrible wave of sound rolled out. In an instant, many people in the vicinity lost hearing, and it was difficult for them to hear anything for a while. Simultaneously, their spiritual souls were greatly shaken, and all the cultivators guarded their minds to protect their spiritual souls. All of them had released the Will of the Way to the extreme to resist this sonic attack.

"Kill!" Ye Futian spat, and the aura of horrific slaughter exploded in the sky, accompanied by the rhythm of the Great Path, and his word was the law.

The rhythm fluctuated toward in the distance, attempting to slaughter the cultivators brought here by Jun Qiuyan.

"Back." A cultivator of Upper Renhuang Eighth Realm shouted, and the sound exploded like thunder, shaking in the ears of all the cultivators, awakening them. At the same time, cultivators were guarding in front of Jun Qiuyan, as the light screen of the Great Path shrouded this space, protecting Jun Qiuyan.

An invisible storm of rhythm swept out, and those cultivators who guarded in front of Jun Qiuyan groaned as they felt their spiritual souls trembling. Even some Upper-level Renhuang were bleeding from the corners of their mouths, their faces pale, as the force knocked them backward.

At the same time, the light screen of the Great Path was shattered by the sound waves. Its force blasted upon Jun Qiuyan. Even as Jun Qiuyan released a divine item for protection, the force was enough to knock him into flying out, and he spat out several mouthfuls of blood.

"Retreat..." The group evacuated backward quickly. All the cultivators brought by Jun Qiuyan were attacked indiscriminately by the sound waves, just as the golden Buddha light swept over their bodies.

When the light screen dissipated, again, many cultivators fell. Their bodies fell from the sky, and among them, many were Renhuang killed on the spot. There were even some Middle Renhuang among the dead.

The Will of the rhythm from the cliff was horrific beyond their imagination.

The remaining cultivators had all stepped back to somewhere far away, lengthening their distance from the cliff. Many of them were also injured; their faces were pale, and their spiritual souls were still shaking.

When they looked in front, they saw rolls of light screens sweeping out on top of the cliff, so they continued to retreat, leaving the area that was covered by the power of the Great Path from the cliff.

Traces of divine light of the Great Path poured directly into Ye Futian's body and did not continue to chase them.

The space in front of the cliff was shrouded by the golden Buddha light, which appeared extremely sacred.

"How powerful." Everyone present was greatly impacted; this rhythm had a terrifying effect.

What shocked them the most was that Ye Futian had already had control over the Will of the cliff's rhythm, which could be used by him to launch an offensive attack of the Great Path. Judging from the range of attack that he was able to lock in with his control of the rhythm, they knew that Ye Futian was able to resonate with the cliff.

This meant that he was probably already at the point of complete comprehension.

Jun Qiuyan couldn't help but felt that his life was spared. His face was cold and gloomy as he looked into the distance. He was out of the range of the sonic wave attack at the moment. However, today, Jun Qiuyan had suffered total humiliation. In front of Ye Futian, he was totally vulnerable, with no ability to fight back.

From the beginning, his opponent had never taken him seriously.

Next to him, Upper Renhuang cultivators looked at Jun Qiuyan, and they did not look good. One person crushed such a powerful group while they had suffered many casualties; how humiliating...

Furthermore, now they couldn't do anything to Ye Futian at all; they didn't even dare to approach him.

"Wait until he leaves the cliff," Jun Qiuyan uttered a short sentence. His voice was flat, without joy or sorrow, and no change in emotions could be detected. However, from his eyes, the cultivators around him could see a terrifying determination to kill Ye Futian no matter what.

He did not tell them to leave but ordered everyone to continue waiting here until Ye Futian left the cliff, and then they will kill him for good.

Outside the cliff, Ye Futian would not expect to survive; he would be watching closely here.

"Aye." Those around him nodded. Their eyes were equally indifferent. They turned to cast a glance at where Ye Futian was, standing quietly in the void, waiting.

In front of the cliff, everyone who saw it looked a little weird, but then they immediately understood Jun Qiuyan's intention.

They were lying in wait for Ye Futian there until he finished cultivating.

Unless Ye Futian never left the cliff.

As soon as he left, he would no longer be able to take advantage of its power. How would he face the cultivators that came with Jun Qiuyan?

It seemed that Jun Qiuyan's disgrace, coupled with heavy casualties, had contributed to his determination that Ye Futian must die before he could feel vindicated. Even if he were not seeking the Great Path's opportunities, he would cut Ye Futian down.

Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao both frowned. If so, it was indeed somewhat concerning.

Ye Futian didn't seem to mind. He glanced at the crowd, and his gaze paused momentarily on Yun Zhe, causing Yun Zhe to heighten his awareness. He had come with Jun Qiuyan originally, but he did not attack Ye Futian.

Everything that happened afterward had also shocked him to the core. Ye Futian had comprehended the rhythm of the cliff and slaughtered many cultivators. Then he cut down Yang Dongqing, which forced other cultivators, such as Jun Qiuyan, to evacuate. They could ill afford Ye Futian's attack now.

However, Ye Futian merely glanced at him, then turned his head back to look at the cliff, continuing to cultivate.

As if everything that had just happened was a dream.

Everyone watched with a sense of disbelief; Ye Futian was surprisingly casual about all this.

Beigong Ao wore a puzzled look. He had sensed that Ye Futian had never considered the other person a serious opponent, just as when he was at Dongyuan Pavilion, he had not really worried about Liu Han and Yang Dongqing.

Could it be that he was equally unconcerned with the top forces from Penglai Continent?

His instinct was that he was correct in his estimation, but no matter how talented Ye Futian was, where did he get his confidence from?

Next to Ye Futian, Shangguan Qiuye glanced at Yun Zhe and said, "Are you going to continue to cultivate here or go by yourself?"

Yun Zhe looked at her and said with a smile, "Shangguan, what's it to you?"

"I don't think you would dare to cause any trouble now," Shangguan Qiuye sneered. She then looked at Ye Futian and transmitted her voice, "If there is any trouble from the Jun family, I can help. Even if you leave the cliff, it isn't impossible to fight."

"Thank you, but no need," Ye Futian replied, causing a curious look on Shangguan Qiuye's face.

"Those men around Jun Qiuyan are mighty. Once you leave the cliff, it will not be easy to deal with them, and he meant to kill you. Moreover, Yun Zhe is another person to watch out for; can you handle it by yourself?" Shangguan Qiuye continued. She wasn't questioning him but just wanted to remind him, and at the same time, maybe get on his good side.

This would be more or less beneficial for her cultivation and in comprehending the cliff.

"Thank you for the reminder." Still, Ye Futian replied rather flatly, then continued to look at the cliff to comprehend and cultivate, making Shangguan Qiuye feel a little speechless. No one had ever ignored her like this, ever.

She realized that Ye Futian was rather unwilling to respond to her.

She was a little depressed by this realization, but in this instant, the cliff lit up with a brilliant divine light. The sight of it melted away Shangguan Qiuye's dissatisfaction again. This guy had such unparalleled comprehension. It would be to her interest if she followed along with him in cultivation.

This confrontation seemed to have calmed down for the moment, as Jun Qiuyan and the others were waiting in the distance, dared not to come any closer.

Ye Futian was cultivating quietly, without being distracted, and cared not for any outside matters, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

The notes of the Great Path on the cliff were getting stronger. As divine glory bloomed, and the Sound of Buddha lingered. Over time, the notes on the cliff seemed to have become one, and the Vajra Buddha that appeared on the cliff was becoming clearer.

What was more striking was that the golden notes of the Great Path were also surrounding Ye Futian, resonating with the notes on the cliff. It was as if they had integrated into one.

There was even the shadow of a golden Buddha that seemed to appear, rather elusively, above Ye Futian's body. The elusive image of the Buddha superimposed on his body. It was as if Ye Futian was transformed into a holy and solemn Buddha.


Endless brilliant glory bloomed from the top of the mountain cliff, extremely radiant. Everyone looked up in the direction of the cliff and saw a dazzling golden Buddha light, as the sound of Buddha lingered between the heaven and the earth. In the void, it seemed that a giant Buddha appeared.

At the same time, there was a rumbling sound as the cliff trembled violently.

"What's going on?" Everyone was confused. Golden runes on the cliff continue to fly toward Ye Futian and even fly directly into his body.

Rays of golden glory were shining. All those characters of the Great Path flew out of the cliff. All of them merged inside of Ye Futian.

"This..." Everyone had a questioning look on their faces. The cliff was trembling more and more violently, and when all the characters had flown into Ye Futian's body, a loud cracking sound was heard, as cracks now appeared on the cliff, which continued to shatter and eventually collapsed.

The cliff was destroyed.

This opportunity of the Great Path disappeared.

Many watched this sight, dumbfounded. Some cultivators who had been here several times were stunned, watching all this happening without a word.


Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao watched with some puzzlement. Previously at Sword Mountain, Ye Futian had already done something like this before. Was he about to repeat it?

He was cultivating while leaving no room for the others to do the same?

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    《The Legend of Futian》