The Legend of Futian
1931 Condor Sama’s Position Is Threatened
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1931 Condor Sama’s Position Is Threatened

Chapter 1931: Condor Sama’s Position Is Threatened

In front of the Eastern Deity Gate, a group of people stood. Aside from Ye Futian and the other eight candidates, all the members they brought to Eastern Deity Island were also present.

The cultivators who were qualified to enter the Core Island of Eastern Deity Island could bring along one other person with them. Of course, the others merely accompanied them and would not receive benefits. However, Eastern Deity Island allowed them to tag along so that the candidates would feel comfortable.

“Everyone, please enter. There will be people to welcome you on the island,” a goddess of Eastern Deity Island instructed the crowd. The Eastern Deity Gate before them glowed with ethereal light. The crowd nodded their heads. One by one, they stepped forward and entered the Eastern Deity Gate.

“Let us head in,” Ye Futian said. Their group advanced. They naturally brought along Jun Qiuyan and immediately stepped through the gate.

After stepping through the Eastern Deity Gate, they entered into an ethereal place. When they emerged, they felt a refreshing sensation that made them feel very comfortable. Fragrances swept over them, and beautiful scenery filled their fields of vision.

This place was like Shangri-la. Birds sang, and flowers filled the air with their fragrances. The air of goddesses swept over them. A group of goddesses dressed in white was waiting there. When they saw the cultivators emerging, the goddesses came forward and bowed slightly.

Ye Futian saw a beautiful woman approach him. She gently said, “Congratulations, Pavilion Master Ye.”

It was Bai Mu, the goddess who had invited him to Eastern Deity Island. The members of Eastern Deity Island naturally had their own means to come here. They did not need to pass through the Eastern Deity Gate.

“Goddess, you are too kind.” Ye Futian smiled slightly as he bowed back at her. The other goddesses who came forward were also those who invited the other eight candidates here. However, Jiang Jiuming had not actually been invited. He had come on his own accord.

Right then, an extremely beautiful woman with an otherworldly temperament appeared. Even among the various goddesses, she still stood out from the crowd. She was breathtaking. She walked over to Jiang Jiuming and bowed slightly as she said, “We did not expect that Young Master Jiang would come. Forgive our lapse in hospitality. Island Lord asked me to come and welcome you.”

Her words caused the surrounding people to reveal strange looks. Island Lord had personally sent someone to welcome Jiang Jiuming?

That meant that Jiang Jiuming’s identity was extraordinary.

Ye Futian also revealed a pondering look. Even though Jun Qiuyan was a member of a top force of the Penglai Continent, Eastern Deity Island was not that concerned about whether he was alive or dead. Ye Futian was controlling jun Qiuyan, and the members of Eastern Deity Island did not question it. They seemed to leave Ye Futian to his own devices.

However, their attitude towards Jiang Jiuming was so different. From this, one could tell how huge the difference between the two of them was.

This meant that Jiang Jiuming’s identity was not something that Jun Qiuyan, a young master of a force of the Penglai Continent, could compare with. What did this mean?

It seemed clear that Jiang Jiuming came from a force even more powerful than a top force of the Penglai Continent. Even the Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island had sent her greetings.

“Island Lord is too kind. I came without being invited this time, so I should be asking her forgiveness instead,” Jiang Jiuming replied with a faint smile. He had the air of a handsome young man that made people feel comfortable around him.

“Eastern Deity Island has a rule that whoever has obtained an Eastern Deity Token may enter the island. Young Master Jiang does not need to be so apologetic. Eastern Deity Island is honored to have you here,” the woman continued politely.

When Jun Qiuyan, who was being controlled, overheard the conversation between them, he felt his heart turn cold. This was the place that he had always wanted to enter. It was just that he had never imagined that he would do so in such a fashion.

However, what was even more humiliating was that when he arrived here, the members of Eastern Deity Island did not question the situation he was in. Yet, they were so polite to another cultivator.

“Goddess Bai, for the sake of Jun clan, let me leave Eastern Deity Island,” Jun Qiuyan pleaded. His voice sounded exceptionally frail and weak. He seemed to be begging the members of Eastern Deity Island to let him go.

Jun Qiuyan was also invited here by Bai Mu. He hated Bai Mu. If Bai Mu had not stopped him back then when they were outside Eastern Deity Island, he would have known Ye Futian’s level of ability. In the Penglai Deity Region, no matter what he did, he couldn’t end up in such a predicament. On the continent, Ye Futian would have died miserably.

Yet, because of Bai Mu, he had given Ye Futian some leeway and had not forcefully made a move. Thus, he had ended up in his current miserable state.

However, even though his hatred for her burned intensely inside of him, he still spoke in a pleading tone. He did not dare to reveal any of his hatred. He only wished that Eastern Deity Island would take into consideration that he was from the Jun clan. After all, this was Eastern Deity Island; they had the power to help him.

Bai Mu looked at Jun Qiuyan. She seemed somewhat troubled. She indeed invited jun Qiuyan, and his status was indeed extraordinary. He was a member of a top force of the Penglai Continent. In a different situation, she would have certainly helped him. However, Jun Qiuyan had actively sought out Ye Futian, resulting in the outcome today.

Now, Ye Futian was a person whom the Island Lord had personally mentioned. She could not be concerned about Jun Qiuyan’s fate then.

She looked at the woman who had walked out just now. The other party’s beautiful eyes had landed on Jun Qiuyan.

“Are you Goddess Huang?” Jun Qiuyan asked gently as he looked at the woman. This Goddess Huang was rumored to be a disciple whom the Eastern Deity Island Island Lord especially favored. Her status was above all the others. Even on Eastern Deity Island, her position was extremely high.

Goddess Huang glanced at Jun Qiuyan and said, “Young Master Jun should also know the rules of Eastern Deity Island. Since you entered Eastern Deity Island, you agreed that your life and death are up to fate. Our Eastern Deity Island will not get involved. I apologize for being unable to do anything.”

Jun Qiuyan’s face was as pale as ash. He felt a sense of despair. Even here, the members of Eastern Deity Island would not interfere.

These b*tches.

Would they offend the Jun clan just because Ye Futian was more outstanding than he was?

Regardless, the Jun clan was still a huge entity on the Penglai Continent.

Ye Futian had not said anything all this while. Even if Jun Qiuyan begged, Ye Futian would let him do as he pleased. At the same time, Ye Futian was also observing the cultivators of Eastern Deity Island. When he saw the reaction of Goddess Huang, Ye Futian speculated that with Eastern Deity Island’s current ability, they might not need to be concerned about the Jun clan.

Maybe the declining Eastern Deity Island was far more powerful than what people imagined?

“Everyone, please enter the island,” Goddess Huang said as she led the crowd forward. She accompanied Jiang Jiuming and chatted casually with him. The others had their own goddesses who invited them here. Bai Mu stood beside Ye Futian and gently said, “Pavilion Master Ye, your achievements on Eastern Deity Island have been amazing.”

“Goddess, you speak too highly of me,” Ye Futian replied with a smile. Everything that occurred on Eastern Deity Island probably could not escape their sight. After all, this was originally the other party’s territory.

At that moment, a silhouette flew over to where they were from afar. This silhouette was wearing a fiery-red robe that was exceptionally eye-catching. Her temperament was also outstanding. The formless flames that emanated from her body were especially powerful.

“Zi Feng,” Goddess Huang exclaimed with a smile as she saw the person who was approaching. The silhouette, who was approaching them, was actually the phoenix whom Ye Futian had encountered under the wutong.

Zi Feng’s gaze was instead focused on Ye Futian. She stepped forward and actually stood next to Ye Futian. This caused him to reveal a strange look.

“Is she the progeny of Lord Phoenix?” Jiang Jiuming asked. Goddess Huang nodded slightly and answered, “Zi Feng is the daughter of Lord Phoenix.”

Jiang Jiuming glanced over at Zi Feng with a serious look in his eyes. When Zi Feng noticed his gaze, she similarly swept a glance at him. Her eyes seemed to contain a frightening divine fire. It actually caused Jiang Jiuming to feel a sharp pain in his eyes. He secretly felt that it was incredible.

Back when Lord Phoenix was cultivating the Divine Fire of Wutong, it was a flame of the Great Path of the two extremes of life and death. Its might was terrifying. This Zi Feng had continued inheriting this divine fire of the Great Path. Her cultivation was absolutely terrifying, and her potential was extremely high.

“The seniors of my clan have great admiration for Lord Phoenix,” Jiang Jiuming said softly. He then looked at Zi Feng, “If the opportunity arises in the future, Goddess Zi Feng can come visit my Jiang clan.”

Zi Feng looked at Jiang Jiuming but did not respond. She did not know who Jiang Jiuming was.

“Zi Feng, Young Master Jiang is from the ancient royal family Jiang clan. If you have the chance in the future, you can visit their clan,” Goddess Huang explained. This astonished the surrounding people. The surname Jiang was actually from that ancient royal family that had existed for countless eons.

He was from there. Shangguan Qiuye was slightly surprised. She had previously speculated Jiang Jiuming’s identity. Now that she had confirmation, her heart wavered. The ancient royal family Jiang clan’s ability was no weaker than that of Eastern Deity Island back in the day. They had giant level existences. In the present day, the ancient royal family Jiang clan would be more powerful than Eastern Deity Island.

Cultivators from thousands of continents had come here to train from experience. They wanted to obtain fateful encounters of the Great Path. Yet, for the ancient royal family, they did not need to do so. They lacked nothing. Even extremely precious pills and elixirs would not be so precious to the ancient royal family.

Ye Futian naturally understood when he saw the slight changes in the look in Shangguan Qiuye’s eyes. So Jiang Jiuming was from the ancient royal family.

The situation should be the same as that of the forces with giant figures Ye Futian had encountered previously in the Original Realm. Jiang Jiuming might be the first cultivator from such a force that he had encountered ever since he arrived in the Divine Prefecture.

“Island Lord has already agreed to let me follow you to train after you leave Eastern Deity Island,” Zi Feng explained to Ye Futian softly as she stood next to him. This caused Shangguan Qiuye to stop in her tracks for a moment. Her gaze was frozen.

Coming to Eastern Deity Island to train this time was truly exciting.

First, Jun Qiuyan’s cultivation had been crippled. Later, Shangguan Qiuye encountered a cultivator of the ancient royal family Jiang clan. Now, the daughter of Lord Phoenix, the Sacred Phoenix of Wutong Island, wanted to follow Ye Futian out to train!

What was going on?

She was the divine bird of Wutong Island, an existence that even an eighth-tier cultivator could not handle. For countless years, numerous cultivators had sought her out or coveted the Divine Fire of Wutong, but no one had ever succeeded.

Yet, now, the divine bird had proactively claimed that the Island Lord had given her agreement. Zi Feng would follow Ye Futian to train in the outside world. This was practically unbelievable.

Shangguan Qiuye’s beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian. No one could tell what emotion was in that gaze.

However, at that moment, behind them, Condor Sama’s feathers were all standing straight up. Condor Sama’s position was threatened!
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    《The Legend of Futian》