The Legend of Futian
1933 Invitation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1933 Invitation

Chapter 1933: Invitation

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The female Island Lord looked at the crowd in the banquet below and ordered the goddesses, “Introduce these pills to our guests.”

“Understood,” the nine goddesses answered as they nodded their heads. The first person looked at the pill she held in her hands and explained, “This is the Refined Thunder Mastering Pellet. After refining it into one’s body, it can immediately improve one’s physical constitution, even if they are at the Renhuang Plane. It can improve one’s sensory control over the Great Path of Thunder. It can also refine one’s body into a body of thunder. The pellet is refined from Cloud Wood.”

“Cloud Wood,” Ye Futian stated as he looked at the purple pill. It was extremely eye-catching. There was frightening energy contained within it that could be felt even though it was sealed away within the pill. Before this, Beigong Ao had broken through to the next Plane after obtaining Cloud Wood. His abilities had greatly improved, and he had defeated many eighth-tier existences.

Now, this pill was refined from Cloud Wood. It was a superb grade lightning attribute pill.

“I will take it,” Ye Futian exclaimed. This caused the crowd to be stunned. The female Island Lord looked at Ye Futian and asked, “Have you decided so quickly? Don’t you want to take a look at the other pills first?”

“There is no need to do so. Since I have decided, may I make my pick first?” Ye Futian replied with a smile. The female Island Lord nodded her head and answered, “Of course you can. Since Renhuang Ye has laid claim to this pill first, it will go to Renhuang Ye.”

“Many thanks, Island Lord,” Ye Futian thanked her as he nodded his head. The goddess immediately handed over the pill to Ye Futian.

After receiving the pill, Ye Futian turned around and passed it to Beigong Shuang. He said, “This pill is more suitable for your use. After we are done here, refine it and cultivate.”

The people at the banquet were stunned when they saw this. Some looked at Ye Futian with strange looks.

Ye Futian had given a top grade pill to someone else just like that?

Pills were very precious. The higher the grade of a pill was, the rarer they would be. Very few people could refine them in the first place. Many cultivators were absorbed in their cultivation. Few people would spend large amounts of time on other matters. After all, the priority in the world of cultivation was one’s cultivation. The strength of one’s ability was more important than anything else.

However, Ye Futian had given a top grade pill to someone else immediately after receiving it.

From the looks of it, he had rushed to choose to give it to her. He didn’t even bother to listen to the introduction of the other pills.

This could only mean that Ye Futian was not concerned about this pill at all.

The female Island Lord also glanced at Ye Futian with a smile. Before this, she had seen Ye Futian’s performance. He was indeed perfect and extremely outstanding. It was normal for such an extraordinary person not to consider such a pill precious. This fellow was somewhat interesting.

Beigong Ao and Beigong Shuang were also stunned. Beigong Shuang looked at Ye Futian with a strange look. Before this, this fellow had not allowed her to approach him. Now, he had given her such a precious pill. She truly could not understand him.

“Pavilion Master, we cannot accept any more gifts from you,” Beigong Ao said. Ye Futian had already allowed Beigong Ao a fateful encounter. Now, he had given his daughter a precious pill. His debt of gratitude towards Ye Futian was growing larger and larger.

“Take it. Didn’t you mention before that you initially wanted her to inherit the Cloud Wood? You broke through to the next Plane after obtaining the Cloud Wood. It was a great achievement. Now that this pill is suitable for her, why do you refuse?” Ye Futian asked casually. He did not seem to mind at all.

Beigong Ao had no counter to him. He then nodded his head seriously and said, “Many thanks, Pavilion Master.”

Beigong Ao was intelligent and good at making decisions. He prioritized benefits. However, right now, he was moved. The demeanor of some people could make one change. Now he knew what others meant when they said a man would die for his friends.

Previously, he was just a seventh-tier upper-level Renhuang. Be it the Cloud Wood or the pill; both were beyond his level. If it weren’t for Ye Futian, these objects would be unattainable.

On the other side, Emperor Helian revealed a faint look of disappointment. However, he quickly covered it up.

He had known Ye Futian first. At that time, Beigong Ao was still against them. Although they would later come together, Emperor Helian was still closer to Ye Futian. Yet, after entering Eastern Deity Island, they coincidentally came across the Cloud Wood and Beigong Ao received a fateful encounter with the Great Path. He was more of a help to Ye Futian than Emperor Helian was.

Emperor Helian knew that Ye Futian was not playing favorites and that these events had all been coincidences. If they encountered an item that could aid Emperor Helian’s cultivation, Ye Futian would also help him obtain it.

However, Emperor Helian could not help but admire Beigong Ao as he became better.

Ye Futian also did not say anything. He was indeed not picking favorites. Everything was just luck. They just had to bow to fate.

If Ye Futian had the chance, he would naturally also help Emperor Helian.

Once one reached their Plane, some things did not need to be further explained.

After that, the goddesses continued introducing the other pills one by one. They were all very precious pills of the Great Path. Ye Futian listened attentively. Among them, a few pills made his heart itch slightly. However, it was just an urge. The pills could not result in any material changes to his cultivation.

With the Life Spirit of the World Tree, his sensory ability of the Great Path was already extremely powerful. The effects of the pills would most likely be limited. It was just as Ye Futian had raved about before. He had a Divine Body of the Heavenly Path. Even though it was an arrogant form of speech, in reality, this could be considered his talent in cultivation.

The other cultivators chose their pills one after another. Very quickly, the pills were chosen until only one was left. Only one person had yet to choose.

This person was surprisingly Jiang Jiuming.

As a descendant of the ancient royal family, these pills did not tempt him. He did not mind; hence, he did not contend with the others.

“Young Master Jiang,” Goddess Huang said. “There is only one pill left.”

“No problem. I will take this pill then. It is quite alright,” Jiang Jiuming replied with a smile as he received the pill. He appeared very casual about it. The members of Eastern Deity Island could tell that Jiang Jiuming was not too concerned about it. These pills did not draw his attention.

However, the members of Eastern Deity Island naturally knew his identity, so they would not think much of it.

The nine goddesses stepped down. The Island Lord looked at the crowd and said, “Please enjoy the banquet. Make yourselves comfortable.”

“Many thanks, Island Lord,” the crowd thanked her as they nodded their heads. They began to enjoy the banquet. Once wine was down their throats, some people began to reveal drunken looks. They had strange expressions as they continued to enjoy their food. They discovered that the power of the Great Path in their bodies was fluctuating.


They were all surprised. They looked at each other. They wanted to say something, yet no one did so first.

“Haha,” an elder, who cultivated on Eastern Deity Island, laughed in another corner. He said, “You should be feeling it now. This banquet is prepared using the ingredients harvested off Eastern Deity Island. All of the dishes are beneficial for cultivation. Although the effects are not as strong as the pills, if taken over long periods of time, they are still very beneficial. Do you want to enjoy such delicacies every day in the future?”

The crowd looked at each other. They were all moved. No wonder so many powerful cultivators were willing to stay on Eastern Deity Island to cultivate. The temptation was indeed strong.

“If you do not have a Spiritual Partner, you will also have the chance to train with the goddesses of Eastern Deity Island. It all depends on your level,” another cultivator jokingly said. He pointed towards a couple across from him and said, “Look at these two. They are a model couple.”

The crowd looked over at the couple. They were sitting together. The man was handsome and looked extraordinary, while the woman had beauty beyond comparison. They both had an otherworldly air to them. They were both Renhuangs who had become Spiritual Partners, training together.

“The goddesses of Eastern Deity Island are not so easy to curry favor from. Whether or not these cultivators have the ability to do so has yet to be determined,” another person said with a laugh.

The Island Lord had yet to speak, and these fellows had praised Eastern Deity Island so highly.

However, the draw of Eastern Deity Island for cultivators was indeed powerful.

“Young Master Ye, do you have a Spiritual Partner?” Bai Mu asked softly beside Ye Futian. She looked at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. Her voice was gentle.

“I have,” Ye Futian replied as he smiled and nodded his head. Bai Mu glanced at Xia Qingyuan, who was beside him. She seemed to be sitting the closest to Ye Futian. There was more to their relationship than met the eye. She might be his Spiritual Partner.

“For someone to be Young Master Ye’s Spiritual Partner, the person must certainly be extremely outstanding,” Bai Mu said as she looked at Xia Qingyuan and smiled. However, Xia Qingyuan sat quietly there and did not respond. She did not even look at Bai Mu.

“Has Goddess always trained on Eastern Deity Island?” Ye Futian asked, not continuing to discuss the topic of Spiritual Partners.

“Yes,” Bai Mu answered, nodding her head. “Many years ago, I was found by my master and brought to Eastern Deity Island to train. If it weren’t for my master, I would probably have a different life now.”

Training on Eastern Deity Island could transform one’s cultivation physique and talents, forming them into a powerful cultivator. In reality, most of the goddesses of Eastern Deity Island came from non-prominent families. Otherwise, they would not have been brought to Eastern Deity Island.

After coming here, their cultivation could be said to have skyrocketed.

Hence, they were all grateful towards Eastern Deity Island.

Eastern Deity Island also did not force them to do anything. Even on the matter of their Spiritual Partners, they could choose of their own free will.

Ye Futian nodded his head. Eastern Deity Island had innate conditions, which indeed were very attractive to cultivators. From the looks of it now, the ability that Eastern Deity Island accumulated over these past few years was far more powerful than what the outside world imagined it to be.

“Are you all interested in joining Eastern Deity Island to cultivate? If you are willing to join us, you can freely comprehend any of the Great Path’s fateful encounters on the island in the future. We will also provide sufficient pills to aid you all in cultivating higher Planes.” At that moment, the master of the banquet—the Island Lord finally—spoke. She extended her invitation to the cultivators here.

The crowd was somewhat quiet. Such a matter was not easily decided in a short amount of time.

If they were to receive these benefits and train on Eastern Deity Island, they would be considered members of the island.

Eastern Deity Island must be planning for something in the future for them to do so.

“I will not be joining Eastern Deity Island to train,” Jiang Jiuming said with a smile. “That is not the reason why I came here.”

“Young Master Jiang, why have you come to Eastern Deity Island?” the Island Lord inquired.

Jiang Jiuming looked at the Island Lord. He smiled and replied, “I am here for the item that Senior Supreme Deity Donglai was seeking back in the day!”
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    《The Legend of Futian》