The Legend of Futian
1937 Conferred
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1937 Conferred

Chapter 1937: Conferred

Eastern Deity Island. Those who planned to enter the Core Island gradually left. Several others chose to join Eastern Deity Island, preparing to stay there to cultivate.

Ye Futian did not leave, staying on Eastern Deity Island to continue his cultivation.

At Eastern Deity Island, delicacies were provided every day, with Goddess Baimu from Eastern Deity Island personally waiting on him daily. Many cultivators were a little unhappy with the situation, saying that Baimu was almost like Ye Futian’s servant girl.

They thought that Ye Futian must have agreed to join Eastern Deity Island to cultivate. But even if he had outstanding talents, there was no need to degrade Baimu like this.

On Eastern Deity Island, Baimu’s talent was one of the most outstanding. An empress who was so out of this world, now serving Ye Futian every day, made many felt quite odd. If the two were Path Companions, they would understand it.

But Baimu didn’t say anything, nor felt that she was being wronged. The order of the Island Lord must have its own reasons.

As for the matter regarding the “Second Island Lord,” it was not publicized by Eastern Deity Island, and only a few key people knew about it. Even the goddesses of Eastern Deity Island did not know anything. Of course, Ye Futian himself didn’t know it either, but judging from the attitude of everyone, many things were becoming clear to him.

On this day, in a hall on Eastern Deity Island, Baimu and a Goddess Huang stood there, respectfully facing the peerless Empress in front of him, the Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island.

“Baimu, how are you getting along with Pavilion Master Ye these past few days?” the Island Lord asked.

“Very well.” Baimu nodded slightly. “Pavilion Master Ye is easy-going and easy to get along with.”

The Island Lord nodded slightly and glanced at that Goddess Huang. Her name was Huang Yan, a direct disciple of the Island Lord herself. She was extremely talented and was regarded very highly. Seeing that her master now looked at her, Huang Yan said, “Master, there has been some gossip on the island these past few days. It’s true that Pavilion Master Ye is extremely talented; although he has entered the Eastern Deity Island to cultivate, is it necessary to give him such grand treatments?”

The Island Lord glanced at her and said, “Huang Yan, you can leave for the moment now.”

Huang Yan was stunned by this reply. With some puzzlements in her eyes, she nodded and replied, “Yes, Master.”

After that, she left, not knowing what she said that had displeased her Master.

Neither did Baimu. She was the only one left.

“Baimu, what do you think of Pavilion Master Ye?” the Island Lord asked.

“His talent is unparalleled.” Baimu responded, “Even Jiang Jiuming from the ancient royal family is not necessarily more outstanding than him. Whether inside or outside of Eastern Deity Island, he had demonstrated unparalleled talent.”

“Mmm.” The Island Lord nodded. “Do you want to cultivate with him?”

Baimu was stunned. A strange look appeared in her beautiful eyes as she lowered her head slightly. ” Master, Pavilion Master Ye already has a Path Companion.”

“Not as Path Companion, just to follow him in cultivation.” The Island Lord knew that Baimu had misunderstood her meaning, and continued. Baimu looked up at her master in surprise.

Did her master really want her to follow Ye Futian and serve him?

Just how important was Ye Futian?

“Baimu will obey master’s order,” Baimu replied softly.

“It’s not an order. I’m simply asking if you are willing. If you are not, I won’t force you. What I need is someone who truly wanted to follow him in cultivation, and not just because I ordered it. He is here because you recommended him, so you know him the best, that’s why I am asking for your opinion,” the Island Lord continued.

Baimu looked pensive when she heard her master’s words. Judging from what her master said, she held Ye Futian in higher regard than she had previously thought.

Baimu thought of how she had gotten to know Ye Futian. First, it was the battle between him and Jun Qiuyan. Later, in Eastern Deity Island, when he disabled Jun Qiuyan. At the time, she felt that Ye Futian was a little too impulsive and should not made such a move against Jun Qiuyan. Things could be very dangerous to him in the future when he’s in the outside world.

However, now she realized that she might have overthought the matter. In Eastern Deity Island, Ye Futian was able to have an effect on her Master to the point of assigning her to follow him. If the Jun family ever wanted to harm Ye Futian, it would be impossible for Eastern Deity Island not to get involved.

“I am willing.” Baimu nodded and bowed. Perhaps following Ye Futian in cultivation was also a fated encounter; let’s see what it might bring.

“Mmm.” The Island Lord nodded slightly and said, “In that case, I will tell you the truth. I have made Ye Futian the second Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island. The future of Eastern Deity Island may be tied to him; do you understand?”

Baimu’s beautiful eyes showed some surprise as she raised her head to look at her master.

“Elixir was obtained by him, and he had also gotten the inheritance of my father,” the Island Lord continued. Her every word made Baimu’s heart tremble.

Indeed, she had underestimated him…

No wonder the Master wanted her to follow him around.

At this time, the Island Lord took out a sacred ancient decree, which was filled with a powerful aura of the Great Path. The ancient decree flew toward Baimu and hovered in front of her. When Baimu laid eyes on the decree, her eyes betrayed her emotions, clearly recognizing it.

“Seeing it is like seeing me. Take it. Whenever you need it, you may use it. In addition, I will confer you as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island.” The voice of the Island Lord caused an uneasiness inside Baimu. The bestowing of the ancient decree, and conferring her as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island, all these just so that she would follow Ye Futian in cultivation.

“Most people on Eastern Deity Island don’t know what happened today. It is only for your own knowledge, so do not disclose it to the others.”

“Yes, Master.” Baimu nodded. It seemed that Master chose her this time and entrusted her with an important task.

“Go,” said the Island Lord. Baimu bowed slightly, then turned to leave. There was a great disturbance in her heart that was difficult to calm down for a long while.

The Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island watched the other leave and sat there quietly. Ye Futian had inherited everything from her father and obtained the elixir. Apart from not being the actual descendant of her father by blood, he was more of an heir in every way, so she bestowed him the title as the Second Island Lord.

She was not hungry for power. Only strength could bring power. Otherwise, it was as fleeting as the clouds. If one day Ye Futian could reach a certain height, she wouldn’t mind Ye Futian inheriting Eastern Deity Island.

Although Zi Feng was following him, she didn’t think it was enough. Ye Futian was not from Eastern Deity Island and would not have a sense of belonging regarding Eastern Deity Island; she needed to strengthen that feeling for him consistently. Since she had already approved of Ye Futian, she needed to do everything to bind him.

Therefore, she decided to send Baimu to take care of him. She thought of choosing Huang Yan, but Huang Yan was a proud one. She probably would never serve Ye Futian willingly, so she decided to give this task to Baimu.

As for this business about the Goddess, Huang Yan had to stand down. If there was no Ye Futian, the official position for the Goddess should have gone to Huang Yan.

Her eyes focused outside and said clearly, “Today, disciple Baimu is officially designated as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island, ranking first among all the disciples, and her orders are to be obeyed by all.”

This voice came out and spread throughout Eastern Deity Island. In an instant, it resounded above the entire island.

Baimu, who had just left, stopped in her tracks, but she did not look back. At this moment, she felt no joy or excitement. On the contrary, all this meant more responsibilities, and she still had a long way to go. She was not quite deserving of the position of Goddess at present, and now the Master had bestowed such position to her, she had to work on making herself worthy.

Huang Yan was in another place. She looked back at the ancient temple from which she had just came out, her beautiful eyes fixated there, with confusion and doubts in her eyes.

Conferring the title to Baimu, as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island.

But why?

Was it because of what happened in the ancient temple before?

Because of what she said?

She was a little puzzled and couldn’t understand. She was not jealous, only that she could not understand why Master had made such a decision.

In all aspects, she was more outstanding than Baimu.

It was not just her, but everyone on Eastern Deity Island was looking in the direction of the voice, and their hearts were slightly disturbed. Baimu had been conferred as the Goddess.

Then what about Huang Yan?

Why did the Island Lord choose to confer the title to Baimu at this time?

“By order of the Island Lord, congratulations to the Goddess.” At this moment, another voice resounded throughout Eastern Deity Island. It was a powerful figure in Eastern Deity Island.

“By order of the Island Lord, congratulations to the Goddess…”

After that, there were other voices that were heard in response to the Island Lord of Eastern Deity Island. Soon, these voices flooded the island, resonating with the world, as if it was the Will of the Great Path that must be accepted by those who heard it.

In the palace where Ye Futian was, he raised his head slightly as the voices fell, and their sounds still lingered. Did this matter have anything to do with him?

“Emperor Ye.” At this time, Shangguan Qiuye walked over this way and said to him, “Baimu has been conferred as the Goddess. Wasn’t Baimu the one who invited you to Eastern Deity?”

“Mmm,” Ye Futian nodded.

“I didn’t expect Goddess Baimu to have such luck,” Shangguan Qiuye marveled.

Just as she was speaking, a figure in the distance came in this direction. Shangguan Qiuye was taken aback when she saw who it was; just as she was speaking of Baimu, here she came.

Baimu’s appearance surprised her. Baimu had just been conferred as the Goddess. Even though there was no official ceremony, shouldn’t she be with the Island Lord at a time like this?

No matter what, this was the last place she should be at this time.

“Pavilion Master Ye.” Baimu landed and nodded at Ye Futian with a smile.

“Congratulations to the Goddess.” Ye Futian smiled.

“Congratulations to the Goddess.” Shangguan Qiuye did the same.

“Thank you,” Baimu responded with a smile.

“Goddess has just been conferred. How is it that you are already here?” Shangguan Qiuye asked with some doubt, but Ye Futian didn’t. Instinctively, he felt that this matter might have something to do with him.

“On this trip to Eastern Deity Island, Pavilion Master Ye demonstrated unparalleled talent. Master conferred the title of Goddess on me so I could follow Pavilion Master Ye in cultivation. For many years, I have been cultivating in Eastern Deity Island, and it’s time that I cultivate outside of the island; I wonder if I will have the opportunity to cultivate with Pavilion Master Ye in the outside world?” Baimu spoke with a very soft voice, and her tone was very polite. Hearing her words, Ye Futian was assured of his speculation.

It seemed that the Island Lord had made her decision so that a Goddess would follow him in cultivation.

Indeed, Baimu was conferred as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island because of him.

On the side, Shangguan Qiuye looked shocked. In such a circumstance, how could she fail to understand that for Baimu, who had just been named as the Goddess of Eastern Deity Island, to follow Ye Futian out in the world to cultivate, implied that a Goddess was to be Ye Futian’s Path Companion?

Obviously, her understanding was a little off!
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    《The Legend of Futian》