The Legend of Futian
1940 Departure from the Island
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1940 Departure from the Island

Chapter 1940: Departure from the Island

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Many virtuosos hailing from various continents gathered after the Eastern Deity Island trial ended in the Penglai Deity Region. Many virtuosos did not leave straight away.

All the practitioners gained something from this journey, and several people obtained huge benefits. Of course, none of them could compare to Ye Futian; after all, Ye Futian obtained the source of a relic of the Great Path.

Furthermore, this was only one of the few relics of the Great Path that Ye Futian had taken for himself. He did not even touch the vast majority of relics.

Nonetheless, everyone had their own chance meetings and benefits gained.

After they departed from the Eastern Deity Island, the Penglai Deity Region became even busier, and trades became even more common. Apart from this, many people were exchanging stories and discussing the Eastern Deity Island’s gossip and what happened there.

For example, some rumors said that among the people who entered the Eastern Deity Island, one of them was a mysterious virtuoso from the ancient royal family, the Jiang Clan.

To most of the practitioners who went to the Eastern Deity Island, the ancient royal family was an unrelatable entity. Thus, many people were quite surprised that the Eastern Deity Island had actually managed to attract the ancient royal family’s virtuosos.

However, the person that attracted the most attention this time was not the virtuosos from the ancient Royal family, the Jiang Clan. Rather, that person was a Renhuang who was apparently the pavilion master of the Dongyuan Pavilion, Ye Liunian.

This person performed outstandingly well in the Eastern Deity Island; he managed to obtain relics of the Great Path consecutively and killed many Renhuangs, and his methods were callous and cold. What really made people afraid of him was that he had slain nearly all the virtuosos from the Jun Family, one of the top-tier factions in the Penglai Continent.

Moreover, he completely crippled Jun Qiuyan’s cultivation.

This event had already made its way around the Penglai Deity Region, and the practitioners of the Penglai Continent had also dispatched virtuosos to this place. In this Penglai Deity Region, virtuosos of the Jun Family could be found everywhere. As long as the Dongyuan Pavilion Master came out, the only fate that awaited him was death.

However, it was said that the Dongyuan Pavilion Master had been regarded as an important figure by the Eastern Deity Island and had entered the island to cultivate.

At the same time, there was another rumor that was spreading through the Penglai Deity Region. The rumor said that when the Eastern Deity Island initially opened, a mysterious virtuoso caused the Flowering Tree to blossom to its full glory. However, no one knew who this person was. Some people thought it was a phenomenon caused by the tree itself, while others believed that someone was intentionally hiding his identity.

Many people guessed that the practitioner who caused such an extraordinary reaction in the tree was none other than the Dongyuan Pavilion Master Ye Liunian.

This person’s performance in the Eastern Deity Island was far too outstanding. He managed to obtain opportunities of the Great Path, and he entered the Eastern Deity Island with a record low loss of zero helpers. No one could compare to him. It was also said that after that, he returned to Wutong Island and took away the Divine Fire of Wutong. However, this was merely a rumor, and many people did not know how true it was.

No matter the factual accuracies of these rumors, it was undisputed that the person who caught the most attention during this journey in the Eastern Deity Island was the Dongyuan Pavilion Master, the one who could escape the incessant murderous pursuit of Jun Qiuyan only due to Bai Mu’s assistance.

In the Penglai Deity Region, many silhouettes flashed by. Some were walking on the ground, while in the skies above, others were walking in midair.

At that moment, another overpowering aura washed over from the space above. All the virtuosos raised their heads and saw a group of darkly clothed virtuosos traversing in the air above them. This caused quite a flurry among the crowd; that group was an entire army of Renhuangs.

“Are they Jun Family virtuosos?” someone asked.

“Nope.” In the crowd, someone had a quizzical expression in their eyes. He continued in a low voice, “They are Yun Family virtuosos.”

“The Yun Family of the Penglai Continent?” The people surrounding were silently shocked. In the Penglai Continent, the Yun Clan and the Jun Family were factions of the same level. What were they going to do, bringing in such a large army?

Before everyone recovered from their shock, another strong aura descended upon them. Raising their heads, they saw, once again, a large army rush past them. This caused many people to be stunned. What was going on?

“Are they also Yun Clan virtuosos?”

“I’ve seen one of them in the Eastern Deity Island. At that time, that person was with Shangguan Clan’s Shangguan Qiuye, guarding her,” someone said. This caused another shock among the crowd. The virtuosos of the Shangguan Clan had also arrived.

In the Eastern Deity Island, even though the Jun Family and the Shangguan Clan did not clash face to face, there were certainly conflicts between them, and in particular, that happened when Jun Qiuyan’s cultivation was crippled.

Everyone could vaguely feel that a huge storm was brewing.

It seemed that three of the top-tier factions in the Penglai Continent had already gathered in the Penglai Deity Region.

At the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island, a column of silhouettes walked out. The person taking the lead was a lady who had an extraordinary air about her and stunning features.

When she stepped out, she looked at the crowd surrounding her and sent out her divine consciousness. Right after that, a row of virtuosos appeared and flashed toward her. Very quickly, they stopped next to Shangguan Qiuye. One of them said, “My lady.”

“Mmm.” Shangguan Qiuye nodded her head slightly and said, “Have you all arrived?”

“Yes, all of us have arrived,” the other person replied. Shangguan Qiuye took a step out and said, “Let’s go.”

As she finished, the row of people strode away from where they were. Before she came out of the island, she had already notified her clan and had her clan’s virtuosos come over as reinforcements.

Due to what happened on the Eastern Deity Island, she was worried that something might happen, so she had already started making arrangements some time ago.

A short while later, they arrived at a tavern in the Penglai Deity Region. It was rather quiet around here, and the atmosphere had a refined feel to it. There were no unwanted noises around; the entire tavern had been rented by someone. A middle-aged man sat there quietly, drinking alcohol. It was when Shangguan Qiuye arrived that he put down his cup of wine and shouted, “Qiuye.”

“Father,” Shangguan Qiuye replied. The middle-aged man turned out to be Shangguan Qiuye’s father. This meant that he was the Shangguan Clan’s current leader, Shangguan Hong.

“How did your cultivation at the Eastern Deity Island go?” Shangguan Hong asked Shangguan Qiuye as he looked at her. He felt that his daughter’s aura had a slight change and thought she probably achieved significant progress.

“Mmm, I obtained quite several opportunities.” Shangguan Qiuye nodded. “Of course, in this journey, the most important thing was that I made an acquaintance with someone.”

“The Dongyuan Pavilion Master?” Shangguan Hong asked.

“Yes, the Dongyuan Pavilion Master Ye Liunian.” Shangguan Qiuye nodded. “Previously, I’ve sent Father some news. This Ye Liunian has astounding potential. We might even not be able to find someone who can rival him in the entire Penglai Continent.”

Shangguan Hong nodded his head slightly. “I have also heard quite a few rumors about him. On the Eastern Deity Island, did you observe their attitude?”

“Mmm,” Shangguan Qiuye replied, “the Eastern Deity Island will definitely support him.”

“Are you certain?” Shangguan Hong asked. “To what extent are they willing to do it?”

“I’m certain,” Shangguan Qiuye replied very seriously. “If I guessed correctly, the Eastern Deity Island will definitely guarantee his safety even at the cost of declaring war.”

Before she exited the island, Ye Futian had spoken a little to her. Even if they didn’t talk, in the Eastern Deity Island, she could observe the situation and clearly tell how the people of the Eastern Deity Island treated Ye Futian.

This Ye Futian was enjoying an emperor’s treatment on the Eastern Deity Island.

The feeling that it gave people was that Ye Futian was the Eastern Deity Island’s young lord.

“I understand now.” Shangguan Hong nodded his head, his eyes glinting sharply. He had already more or less decided in his heart. This was a huge opportunity for him.

At that moment, an overpowering aura washed over the tavern from the outside. The Shangguan Clan virtuosos immediately went out to stop the hostile guests. From afar, a row of silhouettes descended majestically. They levitated in midair, staring at the tavern.

“Shangguan Hong,” a cold voice sounded. Shangguan Hong stood up and took a few steps forward. He looked up at the silhouette in the sky.

“Jun Xiaoyao.” Shangguan Hong looked toward the person who arrived. The leader of the Jun Family had also arrived. Jun Qiuyan was this Jun Xiaoyao’s son. Behind him, the Renhuangs were exuding a terrifying aura.

Jun Xiaoyao’s sights settled on Shangguan Qiuye. His eyes carried a murderous intent. He said, “I heard that on the Eastern Deity Island, Shangguan Qiuye was going to lead the people of the Shangguan Clan to deal with my Jun Family, causing the countless deaths and severe injuries suffered by Jun Family’s virtuosos. Shangguan Hong, is the Shangguan Clan going to give me an explanation?”

“Brother Xiaoyao, I’m afraid you are mistaken,” Shangguan Hong calmly replied. “I’ve just asked my lass Qiuye just now. She said that she had not even acted once since the beginning, and the people of my Shangguan Clan also did not partake in it. I believe they would not lie to me.”

“Shangguan Hong, I do not wish to debate with you over this matter any longer,” Jun Xiaoyao coldly replied. “Answer my question directly. How are you going to settle this?”

“I don’t understand what you mean,” Shangguan Hong replied blandly, as though he was completely indifferent to Jun Xiaoyao.

Just as he finished speaking, Jun Xiaoyao’s body exuded an incomparably intimidating might of the Great Path. In their surroundings, it seemed like storms of the Great Path were brewing. Many people felt it pierce into their bones, and in the distance, many felt waves of coldness wash over them.

As they were speaking, practitioners were continuously walking out of Eastern Deity Island.

Finally, at the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island, a white-haired silhouette walked out. The moment he appeared, countless people set their sights on him, as though everyone was staring at him.

The silhouette that walked out of the Eastern Deity Island was Ye Futian.

He stood there quietly and felt countless gazes. He was a little surprised. He did not expect himself to be this popular.

There were also many divine consciousnesses sweeping toward him from afar.

Ye Futian turned his head behind and looked at the crippled Jun Qiuyan and said, “Your family has come to welcome you back.”

Jun Qiuyan’s aura had already deteriorated to an extremely weak state. He was almost half-dead. His eyes carried a poisonous hatred, but there was also a glint of hope in them.

Now that Ye Futian had finally left the Eastern Deity Island, he was going to witness, for himself, how Ye Futian died.

From a great distance away came strong auras. Ye Futian looked in that direction, and in a moment, he saw that Renhuangs appeared everywhere. They were standing in different places. The area had already completely been sealed by them.

It was obvious that they had waited for a long time.

Ye Futian naturally knew who they were. He could sense the level of cultivation from the divine consciousness that swept over him. Among them were several high-level Renhuang virtuosos.

Furthermore, there were still virtuosos coming over swiftly from a great distance away. While they were physically still a long way from here, their divine consciousness had already descended. Their strong auras of the Great Path shrouded the entire sky, pressurizing the area around the Eastern Deity Island entrance to the maximum.

Ye Futian looked into a great distance into the skies and saw silhouettes walking over. Only he was standing there alone. He too felt a faint pressure, but he was not bothered by it. He still stood there quietly, his white robes fluttering in the air.

If the top-tier faction of the Penglai Continent—the Jun Family—was willing to let it go, he too could let things be. After all, it was only Jun Qiuyan who enraged him. However, this was not likely to happen!
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    《The Legend of Futian》