The Legend of Futian
1959 Level Too Low
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1959 Level Too Low

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Liu Chuan’s words made everyone in the area around them temporarily go silent. The Alchemy Divine Palace was holding an Alchemy Conference on that day and had enlisted the help of Grandmaster Zi He, so the area was quite busy. Everything was relaxed and pleasant, and thus some flattery would only be natural.

No one could have possibly imagined that someone would stand out from the ground and make things so awkward.

After all, even the people of the Alchemy Divine Palace would not seriously say their alchemical creations were more powerful than those of Supreme Deity Donglai. That would only be deceiving themselves as well as others.

“Even all those years ago, Supreme Deity Donglai had already ascended. His alchemical skill was unparalleled. He certainly would have the advantage in terms of the plane he was on. But in terms of level, even when Supreme Deity Donglai was there, Eastern Deity Island would not necessarily have been stronger than the Alchemy Divine Palace.”

At that moment, a group of people was standing in the sky above the mountain. Among them was a middle-aged man with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked down on everyone, then looked towards Liu Chuan and the others and said, “Moreover, Eastern Deity Island is no longer here. They are in the past. Nowadays, if one wishes to find alchemy in the Donghua Domain, one only has to look to the Alchemy Divine Palace. All the outstanding alchemy masters of the Dongxiao Continent are there. It would not even be a stretch to say that all the best alchemists in the world are there.”

This figure’s aura was exceedingly strong. Although his manner was calm, he carried a sense of solemnity about him. All those around him had fierce auras as well. They were guests who had been invited by the Alchemy Divine Palace. They were cultivators from Qin He Palace, another force on the Dongxiao Continent.

Qin He Palace was one of the forces that Lin Qiu had spoken of. They had received invitations and come as guests since they had always maintained good relations with the Alchemy Divine Palace. It was only normal for them to say a few words in praise of the Alchemy Divine Palace at a time like this. Even top forces were willing to ally themselves to a powerful holy land for alchemy.

“Of course, it would be a stretch to say that,” said Liu Chuan, looking him, his gaze clashing with that of the middle-aged man’s in mid-air. The force of their gazes was as powerful as a storm. “The Alchemy Divine Palace is a holy land for alchemy, and I will not deny their alchemy skill. However, the Dongxiao Domain is vast, and there are many capable people there. Supreme Deity Donglai is gone, but Eastern Deity Island is still here. How do you know that there are no powerful alchemy masters there? There are many alchemical masters in the Tower of the Alchemy Emperor on the Taiyuan Continent, and they are not necessarily inferior to those of the Alchemy Divine Palace.”

Many of the cultivators of the Alchemy Divine Palace were looking at Liu Chuan. Although the names of Supreme Deity Donglai and Eastern Deity Island were still prestigious, they did not carry very much threat with them. Moreover, they were in Wangdu.

One of the elders looked at Liu Chuan and said, “So, are you from the Tower of the Alchemy Emperor?”

Upon hearing the old man’s words, everyone gasped, and there was a slight commotion.

The Tower of the Alchemy Emperor was one of the top alchemy forces of the Taiyuan Continent. Its master was said to have extraordinary attainments in alchemy and was thus called the Alchemy Emperor. Now he had opened up a top alchemy force on the Taiyuan Continent. It was said that the Alchemy Emperor was Supreme Deity Donglai’s heir.

Many people knew that the Alchemy Emperor often came to the Dongxiao Continent.

Was this person who was the speaking one of the Alchemy Emperor’s people?

This was very interesting. What would happen if the people of the Alchemy Emperor and the Alchemy Palace met in the same place?

Now it seemed that they would find out.

“Yes,” said Liu Chuan to the other man.

The elder up in the sky smiled and said, “I have heard that the Alchemy Emperor was taught by Supreme Deity Donglai. The Alchemy Emperor is indeed powerful, but no one in the Tower of the Alchemy Emperor can take up his mantle. Other than him, the power of the other alchemists there is in doubt. As for Eastern Deity Island, I don’t know much about them. Since you are a student of the Alchemy Emperor and have come here to this alchemy conference, why don’t we test you? You and Zhong Fan create alchemy together, and we will see just how high level the alchemists of the Tower of the Alchemy Emperor are.” He would not use his own alchemical power to bully Liu Chuan. After all, they were all people of status, and it would not be proper to use his power to bully someone weaker than him.

Although Zhong Fan had previously lost to Zi He, he was still of a very high level of alchemy. Within the Alchemy Palace, there was no one other than Qi Mu who could overcome him.

“I’ll do it,” said Zi He. “Since I entered the Alchemy Palace, that makes me a member of the palace. I have long heard the name of the Alchemy Emperor and have always wanted to have a chance to find out how powerful he is. Now that I have come across one of his disciples, why don’t we find out who’s alchemy is stronger?”

“If Grandmaster Zi He is willing, then I have no objections,” said the elder from the Alchemy Palace with a smile. Zi He was the foremost person at the Alchemy Conference, even stronger than Zhong Fan.

Liu Chuan was silent. He knew his own alchemy level very well, and he was probably quite a bit weaker than Zi He. It would likely not be possible for him to defeat him.

But now, his opponent was taking the initiative, so he would have to go and test his alchemy. If he refused to rise to the challenge, what would that make him?

Moreover, a confrontation between alchemists would naturally be settled with alchemy.

“I have cultivated under the Alchemy Emperor, but I am unskilled in alchemy. However, if you would like to test me, then, by all means, let us continue.” Liu Chuan was trapped between a rock and a hard place. If he refused, it would not only be his own face that he was losing.

His figure flashed as he stepped forward quickly. Zi He looked at him and said, “Please sit.”

“Thank you,” responded Liu Chuan. He sat cross-legged in mid-air. An alchemy cauldron appeared before him, and flames of the Way filled it in a flash. At the same time, alchemical herbs flew into the cauldron.

Grandmaster Zi He did the same, unveiling his alchemy cauldron and controlling the sacred flames of the Great Path until they burned brightly with perfection.

Under the might of the Thunder God, no one could see what Liu Chuan was doing. What was even more amazing was that as Zi He performed alchemy, the light of the Great Path of Thunder covered the area, even the area where Liu Chuan’s alchemy cauldron was. He seemed to be getting slower, and every action was slower than the one before it.

Boom! The power of the Great Path of Thunder fell from the sky, directly into his alchemy cauldron. Soon, a bright pill appeared, floating in the air and emanating the power of the earthly Great Path. It was similar to the previous pills, but it showed Grandmaster Zi He’s skill and care.

However, on the other side, Liu Chuan was looking very worried. His alchemy cauldron was shaking incessantly.

Bang! A sharp noise rang out. Then a burning smell permeated the area. Liu Chuan’s face was ashen, and he felt extremely embarrassed. He had lost this contest of alchemy. His opponent may have disrupted him, but a loss was a loss. He could not even control his alchemy.

“You could not even refine and complete your pill. I respect the Alchemy Emperor greatly, but are all those who study under him as weak as you?” Zi He’s voice had grown cold, and he spoke with great sarcasm. He seemed to have instantly become stern and overbearing as he lashed out at Liu Chuan.

Liu Chuan did not know whether to retreat or move forward, and he felt very embarrassed. He sat stiffly in mid-air.

“When you return, make sure you spend a few more years studying under the Alchemy Emperor before you come back here and be so arrogant again,” said Zi He coldly in his powerful voice. He seemed completely different than before.

Liu Chuan had not produced an alchemical pill and thus had no response for his opponent. His heart was filled with sorrow and a hint of bitterness. Grand Master Zi He has used him as a stepping stone to trample upon the Alchemy Divine Palace.

“Go away.” Zi He flicked his sleeves. Liu Chuan returned to his people, his head lowered slightly. He did not look at anyone.

Everyone around them began discussing what had just happened. Their words were a little harsh.

“It looks like all the heroic alchemy masters of the Donghua Domain are here in the Alchemy Divine Palace. There is no question of that,” someone said. The fact that a cultivator, who had studied under the Alchemy Emperor, had given such a poor showing disappointed many people.

But Lin Qiu was looking at Ye Futian. His expression had remained casual this whole time. If this man was truly an alchemy master, was he thinking about getting involved right now?

“Are the alchemy masters of the Donghua Domain really this weak?” came another soft voice. The voice was very quiet, but everyone still heard it. Looks of astonishment came over their faces, and they looked at the woman who was speaking. It was Beigong Shuang, who was seated beside Ye Futian.

With a single sentence, she had insulted all the alchemists of the Donghua Domain!
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    《The Legend of Futian》