The Legend of Futian
1977 Decimated
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1977 Decimated

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Was a seventh-tier cultivator very powerful?

Even when an upper-level Renhuang attacked, he still lost to Ye Futian without any suspense. Ye Futian’s combat ability was absolutely terrifying.

Both inside and outside of the matrix, many cultivators were speechless. Only now did they understand why Ye Futian was so proud.

Recalling the day when Heavenly Battle Palace invited Ye Futian over, they actually wanted to challenge him to a Law Battle. Maybe in Ye Futian’s eyes, all of them were laughing stocks.

With Ye Futian’s combat ability, their Law Battles were not worth his time.

Looking back now, it was indeed a mockery to Ye Futian.

Even many Renhuangs from the Northern Land looked over to where Ye Futian stood. This person’s ability was very powerful. There was a serious look in their gazes.

However, right now, Ye Futian ignored what the crowd was thinking of him. He glanced around at the crowd. With a stomp, his figure shot up into the sky. He stood in the space high above the matrix, the Light of Buddha circling him. In the sky above, a gigantic Buddha appeared. Buddhist Voices circled the Buddha and could be heard by everyone present.

What was he doing? Many people only saw a Buddha when they looked over. Right then, Ye Futian had become a Buddha.

Aside from that, tens of thousands of swords hummed around Ye Futian’s figure. Endless Sword Will flowed out, enveloping the endless space. It became a powerful Sword Will of the Great Path. On this battlefield, many people could clearly sense the power of the Sword Will.

In a corner, Qi Mu raised his head and looked at the currents of swordsmanship flowing in the sky. His clothes fluttered in the wind. If this Sword Will was aimed at him, how would he block it?

The powerful Sword Will flowed over his head and flooded this part of the sky. It enveloped an even larger region. Not just him, but many cultivators of Alchemy Divine Palace were all enveloped within.

Many people frowned. There were even many people who stopped fighting and watched Ye Futian. This fellow had released such a powerful aura. What was he planning to do?

When they looked towards Ye Futian, his figure was floating up into the sky. Buddhist Voices of the Great Path circled him and the surrounding space. The Buddhist Voices seemed to form countless Buddhist runes that shot out in different directions.

“Since all of you want a Law Battle so badly, I will grant you your wish,” Ye Futian said. As he said this, the Buddha let out an angry shout. Terrifying sound waves of the Great Path swept out, generating formless Way of Sonic Wave. It swept across the endless space. The vast space within the matrix was completely enveloped by the sound wave attack.


A few cultivators from Qin He Palace nearest to Ye Futian were immediately sent flying backward. They let out dull groans, and their faces were pale. Their spiritual souls were shaken, and some of them immediately fell over and fainted. Some coughed up mouthfuls of fresh blood. They seemed malaised, and their figures trembled uncontrollably.

Was Ye Futian attacking everyone? The people outside were astonished as they watched this scene. Ye Futian naturally would not attack everyone, only targeting the cultivators from the forces of Wangdu who wanted to attack him before and those who had already attacked him.

Before this, he had ignored the other party and went on the defensive. However, the other party was persistent and challenged him again and again. Since they loved Law Battles so much, Ye Futian would grant their wish.

Splattering sounds of cultivators coughing up blood could be heard continuously. Those below the upper-level Renhuang Plane could not withstand the power of the sound wave of the Great Path. All of them were severely injured.

Even a monstrous Renhuang from Alchemy Divine Palace like Qi Mu remained standing on his spot, unable to move as he withstood the attack of the frightening sound wave of the Great Path. His clothes fluttered in the wind. A divine Buddha seemed to appear in his mind, angrily roaring at him. The Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm was repressing him and forcing him to submit.

His entire person was stiff. When he looked at Ye Futian, Qi Mu had a deep sense of fear in his eyes. Only now did he understand that, besides pill-concocting ability, even in combat, he was no match for Ye Futian at all.

At that moment, currents of swordsmanship flowed in the heavens above. They tore apart the space, attacking once again after the sound wave attack.

“Please, have mercy,” someone shouted. It was a cultivator from Wangdu. He could not take it anymore. Sword Will of the Great Path descended instantly and pierced through his figure. They left behind streaks of blood. He let out a dull groan. His body was covered in blood as his figure fell to the ground. The Sword Will seriously injured him, immediately causing him to lose the ability to fight.

The Sword Will kept flowing, frenziedly rampaging all over the battlefield. Very soon, silhouettes fell from the sky one by one. They were all heavily injured by the Sword Will.

Divine fire of the Great Path surrounded Qi Mu, yet the dazzling currents of swordsmanship immediately penetrated the divine fire. It was as though the Sword Will could not be extinguished. Qi Mu’s body released frightening currents of the Great Path to block the swords, but as a cold Sword Will descended, he let out a dull groan as his defenses were shattered.

Bang! With a loud bang, Qi Mu’s figure was sent flying out. Swords descended upon him again. The sound of blood gushing out filled the air. Very soon, this inheritor of Alchemy Divine Palace also could not withstand the attack anymore. He was severely injured, and his clothes were dyed red with blood. His limp body fell to the ground.

Only seventh-tier Renhuangs could withstand the power of Ye Futian’s dual attack.

Sword Will filled the sky and rampaged around the space. Countless currents of swordsmanship danced and howled. Buddhists Voice of the Great Path also circled Ye Futian as he stood alone high in the sky like a Buddha. When Empress Yi from Goddess Peak saw his silhouette, she was at a loss for words.

Ye Futian was attacking all the cultivators at the same time. These people must have finally angered him.

Ye Futian had not attacked before this, not because he did not have the ability to do so. It was not worth his time. However, the other cultivators had provoked him repeatedly, finally angering him. He immediately lashed out towards the cultivators.

As she watched the silhouettes fall to the ground non-stop, Empress Yi felt emotional. Before this, the Renhuangs from the Dongxiao Continent forces were decimated by the forces from the Northern Land. They had suffered severe losses, yet they still did not forget to deal with Ye Futian. In the end, Ye Futian also attacked them, and they once again faced a bloodbath.

The journey to the Wangshen Watchtower was originally a joyous occasion for the various forces of the Dongxiao Continent. However, this time, they were completely sidelined.

“Incredible,” exclaimed Lin Qiu, who was behind Ye Futian. Ye Futian had hinted before that he was mighty, but Lin Qiu had never imagined that he would be this powerful. He had swept over the battlefield single-handedly. No one could stand against him.

These people actually wanted to stop Ye Futian from entering the Wangshen Watchtower. With such a pitiful show of force from these cultivators, who could stop Ye Futian from doing so?

Ye Futian entering the Wangshen Watchtower was set in stone.

All the rumors and slander before this now made the members of Alchemy Divine Palace seem despicable. It would have been a waste of Ye Futian’s time to join them.

The various cultivators observing the battle from the outside were naturally aware of this point. The cultivators of Alchemy Divine Palace, Qin He Palace, and the other forces with them were watching this dazzling scene speechlessly. The monstrous Renhuangs they sent into the battlefield had been sidelined, becoming stepping stones for Ye Futian to enter the Wangshen Watchtower.

“Who is this person?” an elder from Alchemy Divine Palace asked. He was asking this while looking at Ye Futian’s silhouette. He himself did not believe that Alchemy Emperor managed to bring up such a monstrous cultivator. This person definitely had some special identity.

No one answered the elder. They all knew who this person was, but it could also be said that they knew nothing about him. No one knew Ye Futian’s true origins. Maybe only the Alchemy Emperor knew.

Many people glanced over at the Alchemy Emperor. The elder of Alchemy Divine Palace asked, “Alchemy Emperor, this person is not a cultivator from your Tower of the Alchemy Emperor, right?”

“He is not,” the Alchemy Emperor replied calmly.

“Then, where is he from?” asked the other party.

The Alchemy Emperor glanced at him. His gaze suddenly became extremely sharp. Was an elder of Alchemy Divine Palace in the position to act so presumptuous towards him?

“Are you questioning me?” asked the Alchemy Emperor as a powerful pressure emanated from his body. His long robes actually fluttered even though there was no wind. This made the other party realize their place.

“I was merely curious. May Alchemy Emperor clear things up for us,” the other party continued saying.

However, Alchemy Emperor ignored the other party. He swept an indifferent glance at the other party before shifting his gaze away. He continued looking at the matrix. Even he was not clear as to the extent of Ye Futian’s abilities. Only Goddess Donglai, who was standing behind him, knew.

Ye Futian’s power was beyond his expectations. He decimated the various cultivators single-handedly.

“Alchemy Emperor, you still have connections to the Dongxiao Continent. The person whom you have brought here is acting in such a manner. Don’t you think it is inappropriate?” questioned an elder from Qin He Palace, an ugly expression on his face. They had suffered heavy losses and were almost completely wiped out.

“Should I instruct him to stand there and allow the members of Qin He Palace to beat him up without retaliating?” retorted Alchemy Emperor as he swept a cold look at the other party. He replied, “You have cultivated for so many years and are of a ripe old age. Yet, such words can be uttered from that mouth of yours?”

The other party had a displeased look on their face, but they could not retort. After all, their members had attacked Ye Futian first but instead faced a bloodbath now.

“If this continues, the Renhuang of the Northern Land will act even more unscrupulously,” commented a cultivator from Heavenly Battle Palace as he looked at the battlefield. If they did not have this conflict before and Ye Futian was on their side, he would have been a great asset.

Such a shame.

Now, their Dongxiao Continent forces were facing a bloodbath, making things even easier for the Renhuangs of the Northern Land.

No matter how powerful Ye Futian was, he was still only one man. Among the cultivators from the Northern Land, there were also the forces of the royal family of the Yanyun Continent. The cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family had personally arrived.

“Those who have been eliminated would have been useless even if they remained. Now, on the battlefield, there are still cultivators from the Wangshen Watchtower. In addition to Ye Futian, their lineup will not be weaker than that of the Renhuangs from the Northern Land. They just happened to eliminate the useless folk,” the Alchemy Emperor commented. His monotonous voice contained a hint of mockery.

Many cultivators from Qin He Palace, as well as Alchemy Divine Palace, looked towards Alchemy Emperor. Their expressions were hideous. They were useless folk?

Nevertheless, legitimacy belonged to the victor. They could not retort Alchemy Emperor. The various cultivators were quelled by Ye Futian!
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    《The Legend of Futian》