The Legend of Futian
1979 What Identity?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1979 What Identity?

Chapter 1979: What Identity?

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The Soul Calming Bell flew back, faint cracks appearing on it. Blood flowed from the corner of the Renhuang’s mouth. The Renhuang, who was a vast distance away from Ye Futian, glanced into the distance as he retracted his Divine Wheel of the Great Path. He sighed inside. It seemed that this person was undefeatable. He could not handle Ye Futian.

The Renhuang stepped back, not continuing to battle. Instead, the Renhuang did not say anything and retreated behind Yan Dongyang, the prince of Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. There was also a person to Yan Dongyang’s left. The person’s aura was rich and powerful, at the peak of the middle-level Renhuang Plane. A mighty aura of the Great Path surged from his body.

“Your Highness, Renhuang Teng will most likely need to attack,” said the person. Renhuang Teng was called Yan Teng. He, too, was a member of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. He was not from the main family line, but his ability was terrifying, and his combat ability was extraordinary.

Yan Dongyang did not respond. He swept a glance at Ye Futian from afar. There had not been a truly incredible figure from Wangshen Watchtower until now, at least not one that Yan Dongyang recognized as truly incredible. Could it be that the Watchtower wanted Ye Futian to be his opponent?

Yan Dongyang knew the ability of Yan Teng clearly. Yan Teng had a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path at the lower-level Renhuang Plane but could not maintain it after breaking through to the next Plane. However, this did not hinder his powerful combat ability. Together with his sixth-tier cultivation being higher than that of Ye Futian, if Yan Teng were to attack, he indeed had a chance of defeating Ye Futian.

Right then, more people came charging over towards Yan Dongyang. This time, Yan Dongyang did not move at all. With a flash from Yan Teng’s figure, a pure-blooded dragon appeared in the sky. The gigantic dragon that stretched for miles pierced through the clouds. It let out a dragon cry that shook the sky. Yan Teng grabbed out at the air with his hand. The pure-blooded dragon roared angrily. Its roars caused the souls of those present to tremble. At the same time, an overbearing attack immediately ripped apart the Great Path as it charged towards the other party, followed by a loud rumble. It sent the attacking cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower flying from the shockwaves.

“Song of the Yan Dragon,” exclaimed the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower as they glanced over where the other party was. Song of the Yan Dragon could also attack one’s spiritual soul, besides already possessing extremely frightening attack power. Rumor had it that, with this technique, the ancestor of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family had emerged from Swallow Mountain and established his name, becoming a giant figure.

Of course, this was only one of the techniques of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. As a superpower that conquered countless lands in the Yanyun Continent, Great Yan Ancient Royal Family was undoubtedly the most powerful force in the Northern Land.

“He has the aura of the Dragon Emperor. This fellow is also a member of Great Yan Ancient Royal Family,” commented Lin Qiu as he glanced over at the other party. When Yan Teng attacked, a golden current of Qi appeared all around them, becoming the shadow of an enormous pure-blooded dragon. It enveloped the space, and the aura of the royal family emanated from it, as though it belonged to the royal family of Divine Dragons. This made Lin Qiu realize that the other party was also a part of the royal family.

On the other hand, Ye Futian did not think much about it. He would be facing the cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family sooner or later. This time, Goddess Donglai had sent him here to train in preparation for the future. He had never imagined that he would encounter the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family so soon.

As for Yan Teng, the cultivator from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, Ye Futian paid even less attention. A cultivator with a flawed Divine Wheel of the Great Path and with cultivation below the upper-level Renhuang Plane was no threat to him. He would ignore people with such conditions.

Although Yan Teng’s attack was domineering and enough to deal with other Renhuangs, it would not be so easy if he was against Zi Feng.

At the same cultivation Plane, Zi Feng had a flawless Great Path. If they were to exchange blows, she was more than capable of handling Yan Teng.

However, these cultivators from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family were indeed very powerful. They cleared their way through the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower casually. They appeared as invincible as Ye Futian.

At this moment, no one else attacked Ye Futian anymore. They must have known that it was almost impossible for those below the upper-level Renhuang Plane to defeat Ye Futian.

Right then, Ye Futian saw an overbearing figure advancing towards him in the distance. The divine dragon possessed the figure as it charged forwards. Many cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower wanted to hold this person off, but they were all sent flying by this person.

Here he comes, many people around Ye Futian thought to themselves when they witnessed this scene. This person was Yan Teng, and he was heading straight towards Ye Futian.

From the looks of it, there was going to be an extraordinary battle, many observers outside of Wangshen Watchtower thought to themselves. They were waiting in anticipation. They did not know what the outcome would be when the domineering Yan Teng exchanged blows with Ye Futian.

This Law Battle was sure to be extremely exciting.

Under these gazes filled with anticipation, Yan Teng charged towards Ye Futian. No other Renhuangs were blocking his way. A gigantic divine dragon circled Yan Teng as he stood in mid-air. This golden dragon spiraled upwards. Its head was high up in the sky. A pair of large dragon eyes looked down on Ye Futian, emanating an overbearing aura.

Roar. A dragon cry caused the space to tremble violently. Terrifying sound waves shocked the spiritual souls of those around. Shadows of divine dragons dove downwards and attacked Ye Futian. At the center of these shadows, a gigantic dragon claw appeared. The claw came crashing down from the sky, immediately covering part of the sky.

Ye Futian’s figure did not stir. Behind him, a brilliant fiery-red silhouette immediately dashed up into the clouds, arriving above Ye Futian. Her divine wings spread out and blocked out the sun and the sky. Countless shadows of phoenixes flew out. Her spiritual soul was like a divine fire that was inextinguishable. The sky above was set ablaze by the divine fire of the Great Path. The flames consumed the sky.

The bright call of the phoenix sounded, clashing against the sound of the dragon cry. Countless feathers seemed to shoot out from the divine wings of the phoenix. Each of these feathers was sharper than a sword. They became an indestructible attack of the Great Path, slashing towards the sharp dragon claw that came crashing down.

A divine light appeared in the heavens above. The sharp dragon claw that botched out the sun in the sky was sliced apart and severed. A gigantic shadow of the phoenix appeared behind Zi Feng. It spread its wings and instantly shot up into the sky. In the blink of an eye, the sky above became her domain of the Great Path. The Divine Fire of Wutong enveloped this part of the sky, engulfing it in flames.

Yan Teng was surrounded by this domain of the Great Path of the divine fire. The look in his eyes suddenly changed. These flames were…

It was not just him who sensed the might of this divine fire of the Great Path. Many people seemed to realize something as they glanced at Zi Feng in astonishment.

It was the Divine Fire of Wutong. From afar, Yan Dongyang looked towards Zi Feng. The brilliant shadow of the phoenix appeared, and the bright call of the phoenix shook the space.

The Divine Fire of Wutong were the flames of the powerful demonic beast of Supreme Deity Donglai, Lord Phoenix.

If that was the case, Zi Feng’s identity was apparent.

“I never imagined that the descendant of Lord Phoenix would appear here,” Yan Dongyang commented. Once the other Renhuangs heard him say this, only then did they realize Zi Feng’s identity. She was the descendant of Lord Phoenix.

Why had the descendant of Lord Phoenix followed Ye Futian to the Wangshen Watchtower?

Lord Phoenix was the demonic beast companion of Supreme Deity Donglai. His descendants would naturally cultivate on Eastern Deity Island. This meant that Ye Futian had not come with Alchemy Emperor from the Taiyuan Continent. He had come from Eastern Deity Island.

Many members of the forces of Wangdu were also stunned. The female Renhuang beside Ye Futian actually had such an astonishing origin.

Yang Qian, who was battling to the side, also glanced over at Zi Feng. His gaze then swept over towards Ye Futian. At that moment, he finally understood why Alchemy Divine Palace had lost so miserably, be it in terms of alchemy techniques or combat ability.

It turned out that Ye Futian was a cultivator trained by Eastern Deity Island. Now, they had sent him to train in the Wangshen Watchtower.

However, in reality, with the relations between Eastern Deity Island and the Wangshen Watchtower, Ye Futian could enter the Wangshen Watchtower and did not need to go through such a hassle. Eastern Deity Island must have wanted him to do so to allow him to display his talents.

It was no wonder that, back during the Alchemy Conference, when the members of Alchemy Divine Palace had bragged about themselves, Ye Futian and the others had opinions about such statements. It turned out that Ye Futian was from the previous, undisputed top alchemy holy land in the Donghua Domain.

Ye Futian might also be an inheritor of Eastern Deity Island, inheriting their alchemy techniques.

Thinking about this made Yang Qian feel somewhat amused. Did it matter whether Ye Futian was from Wangdu?

Ye Futian was from Eastern Deity Island. In addition, he had such talent and ability. Did he need the status of being a cultivator from the Dongxiao Continent?

Hence, it would have been a waste of Ye Futian’s time for him to join Alchemy Divine Palace. Before this, Yang Qian and the others had been the ones who were arrogant.

The sound of violent collisions came from the sky above. A fierce battle had erupted between Zi Feng and Yan Teng. Although Yan Teng’s combat ability was powerful, he was facing absolute suppression. He was constantly being pushed back by Zi Feng. The elegant phoenix was suppressing the divine dragon. The frightening Divine Fire of Wutong made Yan Teng only think about escaping the battlefield as soon as possible.

Another call of the phoenix filled the skies. The crowd saw the pure-blooded dragon being consumed by the divine fire of the phoenix. With a dull groan, Yan Teng’s figure flew outwards, retreating towards a very far place. His figure, which was protected by the Great Path, was dyed red. Blood could be faintly seen seeping out from underneath his robes. His entire person appeared extremely pathetic. Fresh blood still flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Yan Teng—a cultivator from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family—had been defeated.

“Flawless divine fire of the Great Path,” exclaimed many people in astonishment. Zi Feng’s ability was powerful. Before this battle, many people had not realized this.

Outside of the Wangshen Watchtower’s matrix, a cultivator from Alchemy Divine Palace looked towards Alchemy Emperor and then Goddess Donglai, who was behind him. He said, “We never imagined that the successor of Supreme Deity Donglai had come. Forgive our rudeness.”

Clearly, they had figured out Goddess Donglai’s identity. These past years, Goddess Donglai had rarely appeared in public. Not many people had seen her before. Hence, no one had recognized her before this.

However, the descendant of Lord Phoenix had arrived. Connecting the dots between her and Ye Futian, Goddess Donglai’s identity became apparent. She was the heir of Supreme Deity Donglai.

Goddess Donglai glanced at the other party and did not respond. These people were still pretending to be polite and sincere.

“Is Ye Liunian your disciple, Goddess?” the cultivator from Alchemy Divine Palace asked.

“No,” denied Goddess Donglai immediately. This caused the other party to be stunned. He was not her disciple?

They thought that they had already surmised Ye Futian’s identity. However, Goddess Donglai had actually denied it so decisively. With her status, she did not need to lie about this.

Then, what identity had Ye Futian come to Wangshen Watchtower with?
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    《The Legend of Futian》