The Legend of Futian
1986 Zong Chan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1986 Zong Chan

Chapter 1986: Zong Chan

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A few months later, the ripples from the battle of Wangshen Watchtower gradually passed, and fewer people talked about it. However, the people of Wangdu all learned a new name: Sword Emperor Ye Liunian.

In the various rumors spread around Wangdu, Ye Liunian had become a legendary character. When Yan Dongyang, prince of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, led his army of Renhuangs from the Northern Land and suppressed the virtuosos of Wangdu and various factions in the Dongxiao Continent, the Sword Emperor Ye Liunian defeated the entire army with a single strike of his sword. He managed to force the virtuosos of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family to retreat, and because of this achievement, he managed to impress the Millet Emperor.

Now, Ye Liunian was cultivating at the Wangshen Watchtower under the personal guidance of the Millet Emperor.

With just one battle, the name “Ye Liunian” had made itself known to all of Wangdu.

The Wangshen Watchtower had one more practitioner with unrivaled strength.

There weren’t many people who were granted access to the Wangshen Watchtower, which was the Millet Emperor’s personal cultivation court.

However, at that moment, a practitioner, who looked to be in his thirties, walked over. He had an extraordinary air about him. He seemed rather cultured, and although he did not emit ripples of power, just him standing there alone made people feel like he was one with heaven and earth. It was a very comfortable feeling.

This person was the top prodigy in the Wangshen Watchtower, Zong Chan.

Zong Chan had been cultivating in the Wangshen Watchtower for many years, and he was also the top prodigy of the Wangshen Watchtower, so he certainly had the right to come here. In fact, he could enter the “Spirit Gate” to cultivate anytime he wanted. The last time Yan Dongyang came was because of Zong Chan. It was rumored that the top prodigy of the Wangshen Watchtower, Zong Chan, had broken through to the high-level Renhuang cultivation level. Furthermore, his Great Path was still perfect.

In this aspect, the Millet Emperor had personally admitted his own inferiority and had gotten his subordinate to inform Yan Dongyang.

A high-level Renhuang with seven perfect levels of the Great Path would essentially be someone who stood at the pinnacle of the cultivation world. Even in the endless Divine Prefecture, there weren’t many people who were like that. There were very few people who could even compare to Zong Chan. Any practitioner like this was a practitioner who had great potential and could one day stand above everyone else in the world of cultivation.

The Divine Prefecture’s legendary figures were all like this, and Zong Chan had begun to join their ranks.

Because of this, the Yanyun Continent was shocked, and it was why Yan Dongyang traversed continents to come here.

Zong Chan walked towards the Spirit Gate and raised his head to look at it. Below, an old man walked past. He was the same older adult who led Ye Futian here the other day. Seeing Zong Chan, he let out a smile and said, “Zong Chan, have you ended your cultivation in isolation?”

“Mmm,” Zong Chan nodded. “I heard that while I was isolated, the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family came over to provoke us.”

“They did come, but they left pathetically,” the elderly man said with a smile.

“I heard some other news.” Zong Chan nodded lightly. Then, he looked into the Spirit Gate and said, “To be able to impress teacher, this many must be extraordinary.”

“Mmm, he is especially outstanding; he might rival you one day,” the elderly man said with a smile. Even though the Millet Emperor had never officially accepted disciples, he had taught many people before. Zong Chan had all along stayed here as the Millet Emperor’s disciple and regarded the Millet Emperor as his teacher.

“I’ll go and take a look,” Zong Chan nodded his head lightly. He then walked towards the Spirit Gate. His footsteps were very light; it was like he was taking a casual stroll.

Below the Spirit Gate, Ye Futian was quietly cultivating. He still felt that he was in the isolated space in the Spirit Gate; however, he sensed something different. He opened his eyes and was a little surprised. Someone had actually entered this space, and what’s more, his footsteps seemed to be very light; it was as though he did not feel much pressure from the Spirit Gate at all.

However, Ye Futian had recently also gotten accustomed to the pressure of the Great Path exerted in this space. He no longer felt the heaviness that he once did when he first stepped into the Spirit Gate. He turned around to look at the person approaching him and saw Zong Chan with an extraordinary air about him.

“Ye Liunian,” Zong Chan looked at Ye Futian and said.

“You are?” Ye Futian asked. To be able to come into this space, he certainly was not a simple character. Only the most core figures of the Wangshen Watchtower were allowed to cultivate in the Spirit Gate. The person in front of him had to be one of them.

“Zong Chan,” Zong Chan replied. After entering Wangshen Watchtower, he had immediately started cultivating in the Spirit Gate and did not really try to find out more about Wangshen Watchtower. Thus, he did not know about this person well-known by all of Wangdu.

“Do you belong to the Millet Emperor’s faction?” Ye Futian smiled and asked.

“Well, I guess you could say that. I have always been following teacher in my cultivation,” Zong Chan replied. “The last time I was not around, and it was only when I came out of isolation that I found out about what happened months ago, I heard that you wielded exceptional power and forced the people from the Northern Land to retreat. It seems like this Wangshen Watchtower has one more famous person.”

He was a little surprised that Ye Futian had never heard of his name…

In all of Wangdu, there hasn’t been a single person who did not know the two words “Zong Chan.” However, he was from the Eastern Deity Island, so it should not be a surprise that he had not heard of his name before.

“How did you feel these few days, cultivating in the Spirit Gate?” Zong Chan asked.

Ye Futian looked at Zong Chan and said, “This place contains the most primeval form of power of the Great Path of Suppression, so it’s a place that is especially suitable for people who are cultivating similarly. I think this place is especially suitable for practitioners who are cultivating a similar power. However, I wonder just how strong the pure power of the Great Path of Suppression will be. Would it be as powerful as this Spirit Gate that is like the will of the Heavens?”

“If you would like to feel it, I can help you,” Zong Chan said with a smile. Ye Futian hesitated for a moment and looked at Zong Chan. He said, “Please teach me.”

“Prepare yourself,” Zong Chan said. He stood there silently, and the power of the Great Path in the surrounding space started flowing, and in the space above them, the wisps of power gathered to form a stone stele. A low rumble reverberated throughout the space.

Ye Futian looked up at the stone stele and sensed the flow of the Great Path cascading down. In the next moment, the stone stele pressed down towards him. In his eyes, the stone stele seemed to be enlarging rapidly, becoming a heavenly stele.

Above Ye Futian, a golden light glimmered, and a divine halo appeared above. Its arms shot upwards and crashed onto the stone stele. A loud rumble echoed out. Even though the stone stele was knocked backward, there was no sign of damage.

“High-level Renhuang,” Ye Futian muttered softly.

Zong Chan waved his palm, and instantly, in the skies above, multiple stone steles appeared simultaneously, levitating in various locations. The Great Path of Suppression that they emitted caused Ye Futian to feel breathless.

Oin! A divine light radiated out, and the stone steles that revolved around this space immediately sealed the space, causing it to become an insolated stone stele domain. On every stone stele, there were terrifying runes. An incomparably strong ripple of the Great Path cascaded on Ye Futian, causing him to feel suffocated. He felt like he could not even move a single finger.

“A perfect Great Path.” Ye Futian looked at the countless stone steles sealing the space morphing into the Great Path’s absolute domain. Furthermore, it was a domain of the Great Path that he could not hope to escape.

He did not expect that in Wangshen Watchtower, he could get to meet such a powerful practitioner, a high-level Renhuang with a perfect Great Path.

“How do you feel about it?” Zong Chan ceased his attacks and asked Ye Futian with a smile.

“It’s really powerful,” Ye Futian replied in awe. “Under an attack like this, there’s nowhere for me to hide. If the attack really struck me, even if I didn’t die, I would be severely injured.”

Zong Chan waved his hand, and the stone steles disappeared instantly. “It’s naturally like this, given that there is a difference in cultivation level between us. However, if you and I were on the same cultivation level, how it would end would be a question.”

Ye Futian agreed with him. Among all the opponents he had encountered in the past, none of them was a high-level Renhuang with a perfect Great Path. Zong Chan’s cultivation level was truly higher than his by three full levels. Moreover, this included the chasm in power between a middle-level Renhuang and a high-level Renhuang.

With that kind of cultivation level, even if Ye Futian fought to his death and used every ounce of strength he had, there was likely still no chance of victory.

“Your attack techniques are quite similar to this Spirit Gate,” Ye Futian turned around to look at the Spirit Gate.

“When teacher guided me in my cultivation, my cultivation attributes were another factor apart from talent. Due to my natural attributes, I naturally synergize to a certain extent with the Spirit Gate. It’s only after years of cultivation in the Spirit Gate that I have managed to arrive at where I am now,” Zong Chan replied calmly. He was very humble. Ye Futian could not detect a tinge of arrogance from his voice.

Perhaps when someone had cultivated to this level, his internal self would also become extremely calm.

A perfect Great Path at all seven levels; this person before him seemed destined to become the most powerful person in the entire Divine Prefecture.

“You can come over to chat,” a voice sounded out. The two of them turned to look into the distance. Zong Chan smiled and nodded. “Yes, teacher!”
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    《The Legend of Futian》