The Legend of Futian
2003 Go Agains
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2003 Go Agains

Chapter 2003: Go Against

The Millet Emperor was quite calm. His expressions did not change much even after hearing his counterpart’s words. Then, he asked, “Who do you want?”

Emperor Yan answered, “The people from Eastern Deity Island.”

“How do you want them?” asked the Millet Emperor.

“Millet Emperor, you only need to ask them to follow me,” answered Emperor Yan.

“They are right over there. You can go ahead and ask if they want to go with you,” answered the Millet Emperor as he pointed towards Ye Futian’s group.

Emperor Yan glanced at Ye Futian’s group and said, “If they are not willing, then I can only ask them to go.”

“Please, go ahead,” the Millet Emperor said as he gestured with his hand, seemingly indifferent. The conversation between the two had no hostility. It was like a chat between two old friends. However, those looking at the two from afar could sense a confrontational aura around them.

Did it mean that Emperor Yan could take them away just because the Millet Emperor said that he could go ahead?

After hearing the Millet Emperor’s reply, Emperor Yan became even more hesitant. He stood there quietly, looking at his counterpart. The two stood in the air and looked at each other. At that moment, the atmosphere around the entire area became unusually dense and heavy. It was as if a frightening aura had shrouded them. It was as if a battle could break out at any time.

Ye Futian and Goddess Penglai looked at the cultivators from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. They had indifferent and somewhat cold expressions along with sharp gazes. They did not show an ounce of fear.

It was not so easy for the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family to use them.

“Since Senior Millet Emperor has replied, then I have no choice but to invite them to visit our Great Yan.” At that time, a voice emerged. Behind Emperor Yan came the crown prince, Yan Hanxing. He strode forward, carrying a tremendous aura. His Divine Might of the Great Path covered the sky while an intense pressure filled the sky. Faint cries and roarings of dragons could be heard in the distance.

“Careful,” Li Changsheng reminded. He walked forward by himself. Then, at that moment, a thunder-rumbling dragon’s roar completely split the skies.


A giant divine dragon seemed to appear in the sky. Its cries and roars crushed mountains as well as rivers while heaven and earth crumbled. A frightening Great Path Soundwave shot out and transformed into a vast and scary Storm of the Great Path that transformed the clouds and the sky.

Yan Hanxing was a Renhuang at the cultivation level of the ninth plane. He was already a peak existence among Renhuangs. And as to how frightening was the Song of the Yan Dragon? One roar was enough to cause one’s blood pressure to dip. Even Ye Futian could feel his internal organs tremble. His spiritual soul also shook intensely. It was excruciating. Behind him, droplets of blood dripped from the corner of Xia Qingyuan’s lip. Her face turned pale.

Bang. Yan Hanxing leaped into the air with one step, and a low and dull sound rang in the air. As if stepping on people’s hearts, a violent and intense thumping tremor emerged. Everything seemed to have frozen. They looked at the figures striding towards them from the sky. At that moment, the crown prince of the Great Yan Royal Family was like a god of war; he was domineering and unparalleled.

Emperor Yan did not take action personally, so the Millet Emperor would not intervene. Instead, he watched quietly.

Li Changsheng stepped forward and released a powerful aura of the ninth plane. His Divine Wheel of the Great Path also emerged. It was a huge ancient tree. Its branches and leaves fluttered as they covered the sky. In an instant, it had spread all over the sky, enveloping Yan Hanxing’s body within.

Many people looked toward the battlefield. Li Changsheng was an old man who had followed the Millet Emperor for many years. He was very strong. He did not usually display his true strength and kept a very low profile. However, he handled most Wangshen Watchtower affairs, and the Millet Emperor rarely made an appearance. So, in fact, Li Changshen was the equivalent of Wangshen Watchtower’s most senior disciple.

So, it was natural that he would be the one to fight the crown prince of the Great Yan, Yan Hanxing, at this time.

While Zong Chan was a high-level Renhuang with a perfect Great Path, he had only recently broken through, and his cultivation level was only at the seventh plane. There was no guarantee that his combat strength was sufficient for him to defeat Yan Hanxing. After all, Yan Hanxing was not a common high-level Renhuang. Before becoming a high-level Renhuang, his Divine Wheel of the Great Path was also perfect and flawless.

Ye Futian raised his head to look at the battlefield in the sky. Yan Hanxing’s attack was overwhelmingly strong. However, Li Changsheng’s cultivation level was also very powerful. The divine tree seemed to have taken root in the sky. Roots spread out and sealed the area, trapping Yan Hanxing within it.


Then, at that moment, the cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family began to flash as they moved towards them. The Millet Emperor stood high up in the sky as his gaze was fixed upon Emperor Yan. It was as if this battle was not related to them in the slightest.

Last time, the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family led the cultivators of the Yanyun Continent to test the Wangshen Watchtower. This time, it was a real clash between the two sides.

Dragon roars filled the air as the Song of the Yan Dragon continued to burst forth. The Great Yan Ancient Royal Family cultivators wanted to kill and defeat the practitioners of the Wangshen Watchtower.

Goddess Penglai’s body disappeared in a flash. Like a swallow, her body soared through the air, and in an instant, she landed in front of those cultivators. Immediately after she landed, Divine Fire of the Great Path burst from her body, and a large illusion of a divine phoenix appeared. It let out a sharp, piercing shriek.

From the body of the divine phoenix, endless crimson flame radiated from the feathers on the divine phoenix’s body. Like indestructible flaming red swords, the flaming feathers cut down the cultivators.

Then, a blinding divine light appeared and pierced through the skies and headed straight towards Goddess Penglai. It was a dragonlance. It transformed into a beam of bright golden light that broke through space, leaving a golden arc between heaven and death. The dragonlance arrived instantly. Accompanied by a domineering dragon roar, the lance thrust forward towards its target as if wanting to crush the sky.

Goddess Penglai’s body disappeared in a flash and transformed into a bolt of flaming red lightning. The two clashed together instantly, and their exchanges were so fast that one could not follow them with their naked eyes.

In another location, an elder clad in a magnificent golden robe walked toward Zong Chan. His aura was stunning. He was also a being of the ninth plane, someone from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, a direct descendent of Yan royalty.

His aura was frightening. Multiple pure-blooded dragons appeared in the sky. Each one of these dragons roared.

He stretched his hand out and made a grabbing motion despite the gap between him and Zong Chan. However, as he did so, an immensely strong Power of the Great Path appeared. Zong Chan felt his body in the sky being bound.

Rumble… In the next moment, the elder’s body transformed into a bolt of lightning and charged forward at a ridiculous speed, as if a divine dragon was charging forward. The entire area seemed as if it was going to be crushed into pieces. Before the person arrived, the will of the punch had already arrived. A frightening explosion sound came from the sky, and the area Zong Chan was in looked like it was going to crumble.

At that moment, Zong Chan released his perfect grade aura of the Great Path. Seals converged around both his hands. In an instant, countless steles that looked like doors appeared in the sky, surrounding the entire area before slowly closing in as an attempt to seal this Great Path space.

Zong Chan raised his fist and charged forward. At that moment, a bright Divine Light of the Great Path burst forth from this body. Multiple Doors of the Great Path appeared. Then, as if all 10,000 of these Doors of the Great Path overlapped with each other, they merged into this punch. The two clashed together. Rocks were crushed, and the heavens were shocked.

A violent bang rang in the air. Countless Doors of the Great Path were punctured and crushed. Zong Chan’s body appeared in the sky. More Doors of the Great Path appeared around him. Every door contained an immense the Great Path’s Power of Suppression that suppressed the space around him and transformed the area into a Great Path domain.

The Great Path’s Power of Suppression enveloped his opponent’s body, the cultivator on the ninth plane. Even he was feeling immense pressure.

Zong Chan also felt great pressure. After all, the one he was facing was a being on the ninth plane.

Then, seals continued to converge around both his hands. In the sky, countless Divine Monuments of the Great Path appeared and surrounded them. Then, the space around them was sealed and transformed into a Great Path domain.

Then, an ancient aura began to spread. At that moment, Zong Chan was like a divine being. He waved his hands, and instantly countless Divine Monuments of the Great Path flew down from the sky. Rumbling noises filled the air as the pure-blooded dragons clashed with the divine monuments. Then, they exploded.

However, the divine monuments were so numerous that it seemed like they would never run out. Zong Chan’s body emitted rays of light. As if summoning an ancient gate, the light became larger, and his Power of Suppression also became stronger. The divine dragons wailed. They were subdued.

Rumble, rumble, rumble… Numerous divine monuments of different sizes pummeled downward, with his opponent’s body as the target. An illusion of a divine dragon appeared above the ninth plane Renhuang of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. The dragon let out a howl, and he stretched out his hands. The howl of the divine dragon shot out but was completely suppressed. It could not get out of this space. Meanwhile, Zong Chan’s attack seemed like it would never end.

Many cultivators looked toward Zong Chan’s battlefield. It was the Gate to World Suppression!

The ultimate skill of the Millet Emperor’s cultivation path. When the Millet Emperor released this skill, he could suppress an entire world and destroy all his enemies.

Zong Chan’s Great Path was perfect, so as expected, he was already capable of dealing with a being on the ninth plane.

Outside the battlefield, the cultivators of all sides had initially planned to leave. However, they stayed behind because of this battle. They watched the battle at different locations.

At one location were the cultivators of the Ling Xiao Palace.

The palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace watched the battlefield and said, “The Gate to World Suppression of the Millet Emperor is, as expected, very powerful. Moreover, Zong Chan has already cultivated and learned its essence. To possess such combat strength while still on the seventh plane, he will certainly become a great person in the future.”

His voice traveled across the sky, and all the practitioners in that area could hear him. Beside him, a powerful Renhuang said, “Palace Lord, I have not fought against a person who possesses a perfect grade Great Path before. Now that a chance has presented itself, I would like to experience it.”

“Okay.” The palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace nodded and said, “The Great Yan and the Wangshen Watchtower hold no great grudge against each other. You do not have to be too serious. A light and friendly spar will do. Many factions have gathered here today. Just treat it as a trial.”

Just as he finished speaking, the earlier Renhuang stepped forward and left. He was also on the ninth plane. He headed straight towards Zong Chan. Just as Zong Chan was suppressing the Renhuang of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, his body appeared in the sky above Zong Chan. He released an immensely powerful aura of the Great Path and said, “It is a rare chance for me to come today, to ask for your guidance. Please do not be offended.”

After he spoke, he immediately started his attack.

This scene had many people looking confused. What did the Ling Xiao Palace want to achieve?

Anyone who paid attention would be able to tell that this was due to a grudge between the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and Wangshen Watchtower. Was the Ling Xiao Palaces’ intervention their way of going against the Wangshen Watchtower?
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    《The Legend of Futian》