The Legend of Futian
2005 Figh
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2005 Figh

Chapter 2005: Fight

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Ye Futian raised his head to look at Ling He. Formless Sword Wills began to form around his body. The Sword Wills became stronger and stronger. With his body as the center, they created a vast sword domain.

Numerous Sword Wills poured into the sky as if they were unlimited. Then, they converged and transformed into a sword river. Multiple immaterial swords appeared around Ye Futian and circled his body, creating sharp whistling noises as they zipped around. These created an illusion for all those watching. It was as if the vast land and sky had been filled with swords.

Path of the Sword current flowed between Ye Futian and Ling He.

“As expected of someone possessing a perfect grade Great Path who defeated Yan Dongyang with just one sword strike. Amazing.” Ling He complimented. However, he also possessed perfect grade Great Path. Who knew who he was actually complimenting?

A powerful aura burst from his body. While Ling He had always looked down on Ye Futian’s existence, he would never underestimate his opponent in a real fight. With such powerful Sword Wills, an attack would only last a single moment. Even though he had promised to let Ye Futian strike first, he would not simply sit idly by. He was going to at least make preparations to respond accordingly.

Around his body, an extremely beautiful golden pagoda appeared. Strands of golden aura flowed out from within the pagoda. At that moment, Ling He was donned in golden armor. The auras flowing from the golden fantasy-like pagoda were sharp and domineering, then they converged and transformed into an extremely sharp golden spear.

“Ling Xiao Pagoda.” Everyone looked toward Ling He. It was a Divine Wheel of the Great Path crafted by the souls of the powerful cultivators of the Ling Xiao Palace. Moreover, it was not just one Divine Wheel of the Great Path. The Ling Xiao Pagoda was one of the Divine Wheels of the Great Path. Inside the Ling Xiao Pagoda was a spear. It was another of his Divine Wheel of the Great Path. They had melded together, and the might exuding from it was frightening.

Many people had shifted their gaze toward the battlefield of Ling He and Ye Futian. With regard to these two names… There was naturally no need to mention Ling He, the young palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace. He had made his name from a long time ago. He was strong and exceptionally talented. Meanwhile, Ye Futian became famous in Wangshen Watchtower. He defeated the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family prince—Yan Dongyang—with just one sword strike.

Among the mid-level Renhuangs in the Donghua Domain, these two were most likely considered best of the best. They possessed extraordinary strength.

Vuong! Ye Futian’s body seemed to have transformed into a Great Path Furnace. Refining the sword of heaven and earth, an indomitable will surged from his body. It was as if his body had turned into a divine sword. Multiple swords surrounded him. Around nine swords seemed to have resonated and were circling him.

At that moment, countless Sword Wills in the sky resonated, and the surrounding area transformed into a sword domain. Countless Path of the Sword aura currents resonated with each other and flew towards Ling He at the same time. Meanwhile, a sword river appeared between Ye Futian and Ling He.

Within the sword river was a sword silhouette. It reached an area in front of Ling He from Ye Futian instantaneously. It was as if there was no distance between them. With one thought, the Ling Xiao Pagoda suddenly released a large number of golden currents. The endless spear shot into the air and zoomed into the sword river. At the same time, the area between him and Ye Futian seemed to have been shrouded by the will of the Ling Xiao Pagoda. Multiple pagoda illusions dropped consecutively, blocking Ye Futian’s deadly attacks.

“Go!” The Ling Xiao Pagoda in front of Ling Xiao flew forward. A gigantic pagoda loomed over the sword river. A frightening sword will charged into the pagoda and vanished completely. Only ringing sounds of the pagoda remained.

Then, a light could be seen. A blade of light of a sword directly charged into the pagoda.

Ring… An intense sound filled the air. The pagoda seemed to have suffered a heavy hit and was blown backward. Ling He stretched out his hands to catch it and was forced to retreat. Golden divine light burst from his eyes. He was careless. To have actually been thrown back by Ye Futian’s strike.

His palms slammed outward violently. In an instant, the Ling Xiao Pagoda spun forward violently, growing bigger at the same time. It transformed into a humongous golden divine pagoda. From this divine pagoda, numerous pagoda silhouettes appeared and flew towards Ye Futian.

At the same time, a golden spear flew out of the Ling Xiao Pagoda. The spear arrived in Ling He’s hands instantly. He grabbed the spear. Donning his golden armor, with a golden spear in his hand and the Ling Xiao Pagoda floating above his head, he looked like a war god at that moment. Peerless and elegant.

Thunder Punishing Skylord looked at this battlefield. His words led to Ye Futian’s decision to fight, so it was natural that he would pay more attention to this battle.

Ling He misbehaved and treated others terribly. However, he was genuinely strong. Among the next generation leaders of the top factions of the Donghua Domain, none were weak. Ling He was the heir to the Ling Xiao Palace. If one only looked at his strength, he was indeed one of the greats.

However, from his past actions, it was easy to tell that Ling He was prideful and self-absorbed. He did not care about the lives of others and did not care about the consequences of his actions. He only did what he wanted to do.

Apart from Thunder Punishing Skylord, the heiress of the Ice Temple—Qin Qing—was also interested and was paying attention to this battle.

She was a mid-level Renhuang who had cultivated for many years. So naturally, she did not only look at the surface when it came to most issues. She knew that while Ling He was showering Ye Futian with praises and compliments, the truth was that he wanted to kill him. If he did not compliment his would-be opponent, how would he get him to fight?

In her experience dealing with Lin He, she knew that he was self-absorbed and egoistic. While he had always been polite with her, he had always found it hard to hide his arrogance. However, she could understand this and did not think too much of it. After all, for a person as talented as Ling He, who also held an esteemed position and had cultivated to his plane level, how could he not be proud?

She was also proud. Anyone at this level would be the same.

As such, when the incident at the cliff occurred, even though it seemed like Ling He did not mind, he was most likely still brooding about it. That was why he provoked Ye Futian at this time, to start this battle with Ye Futian so that he could crush him in front of an audience.

Moreover, Ling He’s plane was higher than Ye Futian. He was a very well-known character in the Donghua Heavens. He should be a lot stronger than Yan Dongyang. If he were to make a move, his chances of winning were actually quite high. Ye Futian would be at a disadvantage.

With his white hair and white outfit, Ye Futian stood amidst the battlefield. Above him, the giant Ling Xiao Pagoda released a frightening golden current that transformed into countless pagodas that flew towards him, creating Ling He’s Great Path Domain, sealing him within.

At another location, Ling He held the golden divine spear. He could release it at any time. It was a great threat to Ye Futian. It was, unfortunately, very difficult for his swords to deal with Ling He.

Under the overwhelmingly powerful Ling Xiao Pagoda, Ye Futian seemed rather small. However, stands of formless current exuded from his body. The current seemed to freeze everything around it. With his body as the center, the temperature within the Great Path Domain began to drop.

Strands of current surged forward like the branches and leaves of an immaterial tree. With his body as the center, the current quickly covered the entire Great Path Domain. Rustling sounds could be heard. When the Great Path current solidified, a huge towering divine tree appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Ye Futian served as the divine tree’s roots. Its numerous branches spread all around. Strands of dark and cold aura radiated from the divine tree.

“So cold.” Many people looked toward Ye Futian. Even a few top cultivators looked toward him. Was that the Great Path of Frost?

The Sword Goddess and many practitioners from the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow also shifted their gaze on Ye Futian. Apart from mastering the longsword, they were also adept at the Great Path of Frost. However, the aura seemed to be a little different. The aura radiating from Ye Futian’s body seemed even colder.

However, every practitioner possessed different levels of strength. Flames of the path of flame also had different strengths; it was the same for the power of frost.

The lord of the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow, however, felt something odd. Something was not right. It was not the power of the Great Path of Frost.

In the battle, the two each released their Great Path domain. It was as if the battle had turned into a battle between Great Path domains. The Ling Xiao Pagoda released a frightening golden current while shooting several pagodas to pummel Ye Futian.

However, within the chilly Great Path domain, all attacks seemed to be obstructed and limited. Their speed reduced, and the branches in the sky quickly extended toward and wrapped around those pagodas, absorbing them within before sealing them in ice, ultimately turning them into dust.

Ling He frowned as he witnessed this scene. He stretched out his palm, and the Ling Xiao Pagoda instantly floated into the sky. His Great Path domain sealed the sky, and a frightening current burst from within, annihilating all things in its range. The branches and leaves were crushed under the golden Great Path current. However, branches and leaves kept spreading from Ye Futian’s body. There was no end to them. This ancient and divine tree was an eternal being, and it had an incredibly exuberant lifeforce.

“The divine tree of the Eastern Deity Island.”

A cultivator from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family stared at the tree growing from Ye Futian’s body and said, “Who’d have thought that the Eastern Deity Island’s divine tree was passed onto him. It looks like they plan on making him the heir of the Eastern Deity Island.”

Many seemed shocked after hearing this. To make Ye Futian the heir to the Eastern Deity Island?

Did this mean that the Eastern Deity Island chose ye Futian before he was sent to Wangshen Watchtower? If that were the case, the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family would want to kill him even more.

Ling He suddenly directed his palm towards Ye Futian. In that instant, the giant Ling Xiao Pagoda floating in the air slammed downward. Blades of divine light annihilated anything they touched. Instead of releasing the Great Path current to attack, the Divine Wheel of the Great Path attacked directly. Ling He had clearly realized that the Great Path current could not do anything to Ye Futian. It was just a waste of time.

As the divine and holy Ling Xiao Pagoda descended from the sky, destructive currents that accompanied its descent completely destroyed the leaves and branches from the ancient tree that got close. None of the branches could get close to the pagoda, and the Great Path completely suppressed the entire area. The Ling Xiao Palace continued its descent towards Ye Futian’s body. At the same time, Ling He clenched the divine spear in his hands tightly. He took a step forward, and his body under the magnificent golden armor released an indomitable aura. Step by step, he walked toward Ye Futian. His aura strengthened after every step, and strands of surreal currents appeared from his body. They looked like they were the condensation of his fighting spirit!
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    《The Legend of Futian》