The Legend of Futian
2006 Ensnared
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2006 Ensnared

Chapter 2006: Ensnared

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Above Ye Futian, the celestial splendor of Ling Xiao Pagoda swept down, and the void roared, oppressing the space where Ye Futian was. Phantoms of the divine pagoda slammed down continuously, covered Ye Futian within it. Those branches, leaves, and vines that were twirling toward Ling Xiao Pagoda were pulverized immediately.

As divine splendor spread out, Ling Xiao Pagoda was getting closer, falling from above Ye Futian like a towering temple. Ye Futian morphed into a divine tree, its branches and leaves twirling madly. A supreme Sword Will was gathering at the same time. Infinite divine swords converged until a massive divine sword appeared in front of him.

The infinite Sword Will was still integrating into the divine sword; its sword light was radiant, bright, and flawless.

Ye Futian pointed his finger toward the sky. Suddenly, the divine sword pierced upward, colliding with Ling Xiao Pagoda. A sword river appeared between Ye Futian and the pagoda. There was an infinite Sword Will In this sword river that blended into the divine sword. A splendid sword screen was created where the collision occurred, radiating toward the surrounding areas.

Ling He, who was walking in the void, cast a glance. With a turning of his mind, he took control of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path as Ling Xiao Pagoda continued to spin, and the pagoda’s divine brilliance sprinkled from above. A dull sound was heard, and even the void gave a violent tremble. Phantoms of the pagoda appeared all around them as they suppressed down at the same time. The vast world was now seemed to be in the realm of the divine pagoda.

Ye Futian’s body seemed to tremble as well. The divine sword shuddered, and the sword screen rippled but did not tear. The crowd found that Ling Xiao Pagoda was vibrating and spinning on its own, causing a wondrous rhythm between heaven and earth, suppressing and shattering this side of the void. For those whose cultivation was not strong enough, this atmosphere alone could kill them immediately; the Divine Wheel would have shattered their organs.

The branches and leaves of the divine tree surged with insane speed. Those extremely thick branches and leaves were like vines of 10,000 years, winding around the sword screen. The area it invaded was getting larger, covering all the space in the surrounding area. At the same time, they constantly swept toward the pagodas that were between heaven and earth.

At this moment, Ye Futian was like the tree god of hundred centuries, who had nurtured lives into being.

“Whose Great Path is the stronger?” More and more people noticed the battlefield of the two of them. Both of them were very strong and far surpassed those of the same realm. Ye Futian, especially, surprised many people.

After all, Ling He—the young palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace—had achieved his fame for a long time. Although he had battled brilliantly, no one had actually witnessed his fight with Yan Dongyang. Therefore, most of the observers were there to see for themselves. Now, it seemed that he had not earned his name in vain, and he was powerful.

However, if Ye Futian’s divine tree and Divine Wheel of Swordsmanship were used to resist the suppression of Ling Xiao Pagoda, how was he going to deal with the attack from Ling He himself?

Perhaps Ye Futian would still be at a disadvantage, and he would still be in danger.

The fighting spirit on Ling He, who walked steadily toward Ye Futian, became stronger as he got closer, and an astonishing turbulence of the Great path had formed around him. He stared at Ye Futian with those golden eyes, and at this moment, there was an iciness in the depth of his eyes.

Ye Futian was an expert at swords. If the sword was used to block the pagoda, how would he deal with the spear?

The golden divine spear held in Ling He’s hand let out a horrific spear aurora. As he approached Ye Futian, his arm cocked back. Suddenly, his body was the center, from which numerous spear shadows appeared everywhere.

An astonishing Spear Will erupted before the spear was released, turning into a golden beam and shooting straight at Ye Futian. Clearly, Ling He understood that it was impossible to hurt Ye Futian with Spear Will alone, but It would not be so easy to block his shot either.

“Brother Ye, be careful.” Ling He stopped at this point. Though he had stopped, his momentum had climbed to the limit as golden divine brilliance diffused from him. At this moment, he, who was wearing the golden armor, was like a god of war.

“That’s Ling Xiao Palace’s Lingxi Spear! Watch out!” a voice reminded Ye Futian. The voice belonged to Thunder Punishing Skylord. Ye Futian was in a somewhat unfavorable situation, and Lingxi Spear Techniques was well-known throughout the Donghua Domain. The Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace, with Ling Xiao Pagoda and Lingxi Spear at his disposal, had few rivals within the Donghua Domain. He had tremendous strength, and if Ye Futian was careless, a strike could be the end of him.

“Thank you for reminding me, elder.” Ye Futian’s response baffled Thunder Punishing Skylord. He looked at Ye Futian, who was trapped in the distance. Yet, he still had the time to respond to him. It seemed that he still had strength and mind to spare?

Maybe everyone had underestimated him?

They could only wait and see.

Everyone stared at Ling He. The Lingxi Spear was swift and invincible, and battles usually ended in an instant. The Ling Xiao Pagoda would suppress while the Lingxi Spear Techniques finished the job. The dual powers complemented each other, making them victorious wherever they went.

This time, dealing with this well-known heir of Eastern Deity Island, there shouldn’t be any doubts.

At this moment, countless phantoms appeared between heaven and earth, as well as infinite shadows of spears. Ling He made his move.

The crowd only saw a spear aurora, as a golden spear shadow appeared between Ling He and Ye Futian. There was only an afterimage left where he was.

A single strike from Lingxi Spear was enough to conquer gods and demons.


A loud noise came out as the Lingxi Spear encountered something tough. The terrifying golden divine glory bloomed in front of Ye Futian, who, at this moment, was wrapped by a boundless gigantic divine elephant. Violent elephant trumpeting sounded, and two hands reached out to hold the spear coming for him.

“Divine Wheel!”

Everyone was slightly surprised when they saw the sight in front of them. Another one of Ye Futian’s Divine Wheel of the Great Path—a towering, majestic divine elephant.

Ling He glanced at Ye Futian indifferently as shrill sounds could be heard. Overwhelming golden divine glory erupted from him as the spear continued to move forward, piercing into the body of the divine elephant. The sound was particularly harsh, as it was aimed to break open Ye Futian’s Divine Wheel of Great Path.

However, at the same time, Ling He saw a pair of extremely horrifying eyes. An extreme chill rushed into his pupils, wanting to freeze his spiritual soul. At the same time, his body also felt the chill—so very cold—seeping deep into his bones.

Everyone discovered to their shock that the domain of the divine tree had already enveloped this entire part of the world. An extreme frosty current envelope and circulated this domain. An extreme coldness threatened to freeze everything, turning the temperature into absolute zero.

Ling He felt that his spear, his body, and even blood were about to be frozen. Everything seemed to become slower, even his heartbeat; how could it be?

What kind of ability was this?

Had Ye Futian been waiting for him here all this time?

Using the Divine Sword to block Ling Xiao Pagoda with everything he’s got just to wait for him to get close?

At this moment, Ye Futian’s eyes were icy. There was a hint of icy murderous intent within. He stared at Ling He and let out a roar, accompanied by the Buddha Sound of the Great Path. This space was covered by a soundwave of Buddhism, the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm, in such a short distance, attacking his spiritual soul.

Ling He felt his spiritual soul trembled as he was enduring the invasion of the power of Yin and the attack of the Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm. His spiritual soul was about to collapse and shatter. He felt that unconsciousness was imminent.

These layers of attacks were set up like traps, waiting for him to break in and ensnare himself.

Everyone outside was bewildered by this sudden sight as well. The continuous burst of multiple abilities in a short time caught everyone by surprise. Everyone had thought that it would be Ling He suppressing Ye Futian, but they did not expect that the situation would be turned on its head in a split second. After an astonishing reversal, it seemed that Ye Futian had been lying in wait for Ling He.

“His ability is so strong, so many Great Path…” Some were amazed and quite shaken inside. It was rumored that Ye Futian had defeated Yan Dongyang with the sword. The world thought that Ye Futian was an expert at swordsmanship, but they never expected that he was good at so many other abilities.

Ye Futian stared at Ling He and did not bother to disguise the murderous intent in his eyes.

At this moment, Ye Futian raised his palm and slammed forward, the sounds of elephants rocked the sky. As the gigantic palm slapped down, Ling He sensed a strong sense of danger. Massive golden glory burst from his body, and countless phantoms appeared around him.

Buzz… An astonishing brilliance burst from the long spear in his hands. It was as if countless phantoms struck at the same time, continuing to fight.

With a violent crashing sound, Ling He moved. The overwhelming intent of battle helped him break free of the chill. It seemed that endless phantoms of spears erupted from him just as the Ling Xiao Pagoda also released its strongest pressure of Might.

When the phantoms of the spears passed through, he moved, wanting to retreat from this space. But the chill affected his speed. Countless branches and leaves twirled toward him as the Great Path sealed off the space. Ye Futian pointed his finger forward, and the Sword Will of the Great Path unleashed to annihilate the space.

“Open!” Ling He let out a great shout. The Lingxi Spear was fast as lightning, breaking through this domain of the Great Path as it rushed out. In the next moment, his body flew backward, covered in blood. There seemed to be several sword marks on his body as blood came out from the corners of his mouth.


Ye Futian came for him in attack. Ling He saw him moving like lightning as a terrifying light appeared in the sky. The Lingxi Spear was as fast as lightning, colliding with the sword that Ye Futian had unleashed. Once again, his body was knocked back. As he stretched out his hand, the spear flew back into his hand.

“Enough.” Ye Futian still wanted to move forward, but suddenly, a few people appeared in front of him. As their voice fell, they raised their hands and attacked. A horrific phantom of the pagoda appeared, suppressing a corner of the sky.

With a loud bang, Ye Futian’s body was knocked backward. Those who struck him were two Upper Renhuang cultivators.

Ye Futian stopped himself and didn’t continue forward. Although Ling He was a despicable person, his strength was undeniably strong. Furthermore, there were people from Ling Xiao Palace in attendance to kill Ling He. But it was was wishful thinking. However, the anger in his heart was still burning, unable to be extinguished.

“You guys are awesome,” Ye Futian glanced at the cultivators from Ling Xiao Palace as he spoke with a touch of cold sarcasm. The people from Ling Xiao Palace felt terribly embarrassed, and Ling He was even gloomier.

In this battle, he was unexpectedly defeated. For all the fancy moves, that astonishing blow, everything was so perfect. Without a doubt, he had thought that it would be a one-sided fight, but the ending seemed quite the contrary. That white-haired Renhuang counterstruck with absolutely dominant power, catching him by surprise.

He—Ling He—was defeated by a cultivator whose realm was lower than him. This was a huge blow to him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》