The Legend of Futian
2007 Memory Loss
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2007 Memory Loss

Chapter 2007: Memory Loss

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“Didn’t Ling He of Ling Xiao Palace want to ask for advice? What’s the meaning of your involvement?” At this time, some cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower asked those who stepped in to stop Ye Futian.

“Enough is enough,” responded the cultivators from Ling Xiao Palace.

“Does Ling He concede then?” Cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower asked again. The cultivators from Ling Xiao Palace frowned and cast a look at the Renhuang who spoke.

“If Ling He can still fight, why did you interfere?” The cultivator from Wangshen Watchtower sneered. “You were the ones who started the war, and you were the ones who forced its end. Does Ling Xiao Palace really want to ask Wangshen Watchtower for advice or are you just taking the opportunity to kick us? If it’s the latter, you can just get on with it without pretense.”

“Furthermore, the heir of Ling Xiao Palace, while his realm is higher than that of Ye Liunian, required interference from the people of Ling Xiao Palace; Aren’t you guys ashamed?” The cultivator from Wangshen Watchtower unleashed his sarcasm without reservation. “If I am a cultivator from Ling Xiao Palace, I would have no face to continue staying here.”

Ling He’s eyes were extremely cold. Defeat, in itself, was something extremely shameful, and now he had been ridiculed so openly and without mercy. When his realm was higher than Ye Futian, he still needed the others from Ling Xiao Palace to intervene and help him avoid Ye Futian’s continued attack.

This battle was indeed disgraceful.

“Elders need to say no more; there are many such as this, and we are used to it.” Ye Futian turned to the cultivator who had spoken, and the other nodded in acknowledgment but continued, “Bravado is easily exposed in the end. If one is a sore loser, one should not challenge and start things. That arrogant and condescending attitude was a bit ironic when you think about it now.”

Every sound was like a thorn that burnt Ling He’s cheeks. It appeared that the others would not easily let him off the hook.

Ling Xiao Palace was good at exploiting those who were weaker; the insults from the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower were intentional, deliberately making fun of him to reveal his hypocrisy, and aimed to shame him.

“It seems that today we would have a chance to see for ourselves if all the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower were this outstanding,” An old man spoke as the aura of the Great Path released from the cultivators of Ling Xiao Palace, suppressing this corner of the sky with extreme terror.

At this moment, the Millet Emperor’s eyes swept over the crowd, and the power of the Great Path permeated from him. Everyone from Ling Xiao Palace felt an overpowering force that made them difficult to move.

They looked at Millet Emperor, and the Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace took a step forward toward him and said, “What does the Emperor mean by this?”

“Ling Xiao Palace wanted to exchange with Wangshen Watchtower, and we welcomed the opportunity. However, now, whether it was an exchange or something else, I am sure it is clear to everyone who’s here. If you want to overpower anyone with numbers, I will have no choice but to handle this personally, “said the Millet Emperor.

The Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace looked at Millet Emperor. If Renhuang on both sides were to interact at the same time, it would put the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower in great danger, so the Millet Emperor had no choice but to intervene.

The Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace smiled as a violent and wild aura released from his body, and the same pressure of the Great Path snaked out. Both of them were supreme existence beyond their ranks, with great power. When the pressure from both of them bloomed, the sky seemed heavier, as if everything was about to stand still. The battle between the Renhuang below gradually subsided, as many cultivators stepped back to looked up at the two men who faced each other in the void.

The Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace and the Millet Emperor, two powerful men in their own rights, both of them were filled with the invisible currents of the Great Path, which contained extremely terrible pressure. They did not take action yet, but the cultivators around them already felt the invisible collision.

Would they actually collide?

The people of those top forces from different regions in the distance were all looking at this side. On this day, Emperor Xi was to cross the divine tribulation, and cultivators from all sides were here. Could they actually see other major figures exchange with one another?

Above the sky, there was a dull sound as a suffocating aura appeared in this corner of the sky. Those Renhuang retreated far from this area. Some of them felt their breaths quickened, their internal organs were churning.

“Back up,” Li Changsheng said. Immediately, the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower retreated, and the cultivators from the ancient royal family of Yan as well as those from Ling Xiao Palace did the same. Only Emperor Yan was still standing there, his majestic golden robe moved with the wind, standing with his hands behind his back, watching the two in silence.

At this moment, people in the distance felt that the sky was about to collapse, and there seemed to be infinite elusive shadows between heaven and earth. They raised their heads and stared at the sky. In the vast world, there were many illusory phantoms of the towers, and countless divine monuments flowed down from the sky, suppressing this space.

Both of them were experts at the Great Path suppressions.

Moreover, their realms had far transcended the ordinary. It was as if they were in control of the power from the source of heaven and earth itself. When they released the coercion of might, those Renhuang retreated, as if they were not fit to be in the same battlefield.


There was a violent bursting sound. Both men made no move, but there was a terrible sonic boom that resounded between the two. The dull rumbling sounds made everyone’s heart beat wildly as astonishing currents continued to collide between them, causing a terrifying storm in that space.

At this moment, the crowd saw the phantom figure of the two of them that seemed to have moved, and yet they were still where they were. Everyone saw two vague figures touched briefly in the middle then separated. In the next moment, a shocking storm swept out again.


“Watch out.” Many Renhuang were knocked out by the sweep of that storm, and Ye Futian was the same. The power of the Great Path surged upon his body, but he was still repelled by the storm. He steadied his body in the savage storm, his steps were incredibly heavy. He moved his arms that were covering his eyes and looked forward.

In the center of the storm, the two men were still right where they were, as if they had never moved. The terrifying storm did not seem to be caused by them. Emperor Yan was also standing there, his robe flapped wildly in the wind as he quietly looked upon the two men in front of him.

He could see clearly that the two had made an exchange in that instant just now.

At their level of cultivation, there were not many opportunities to fight against each other. After all, there were very few of them that were at the same level, and they all had various concerns that the impact would be too great to bear.

Therefore, the Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace and the Millet Emperor just collided for a brief instant which was more than enough.

“You were here today to observe the ceremony; what exactly are you two doing?” At this moment, a voice came from a distance. In the distant void, the chief of Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor stood there and asked.

“I couldn’t help myself wanting to experience Millet Emperor’s Gate to World Suppression; I ask your forgiveness, chief,” said the Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace.

Millet Emperor said nothing, merely looking at the other quietly.

“This is Turtle Deity Island, and everyone here is our guest; let’s not disturb Emperor Xi. If everyone still desire a time to interact, find another time. If you re free next year, everyone is invited for a visit at Donghua Heavens.” The chief continued, “Cease the competing today; Emperor Yan too, will let it go.”

Emperor Yan nodded slightly and said, “Since the chief has spoken, let’s stop there. However, regarding Eastern Deity Island, it was because the chief had mediated in the past that I didn’t touch Eastern Deity Island all these years when Millet Emperor made his promises. But now, something seemed to have changed; Millet Emperor will have to answer for it in the future.”

This was just an excuse. If it weren’t for Ye Futian’s extraordinary display of talent, no one from the ancient royal family of Yan would bother to look at Ye Futian at all, much less remembering anything about Eastern Deity Island.

Millet Emperor looked at them, still silent. The chief continued, “Well, let us be gone now, and not disturb Emperor Xi’s cultivation.”

“Very good.” The Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace nodded, then turned around to command, “Time to go.”

After that, the group left. Ling He glanced at Ye Futian as he left, with murderous intent in his eyes.

Ye Futian detected the other’s gaze, but his eyes were equally cold; this debt of Lin Yuan’s was impossible to collect at the moment.

However, he would remember Ling He.

“Millet Emperor, we will meet again,” said Emperor Yan as he left with his people also. Seeing that there was no more excitement to be had, the cultivators from all sides left one after another.

“We should go too,” said Millet Emperor, and immediately levitated into the air and was gone.

After everyone left, above the Turtle Peak, Emperor Xi and Thunder Punishing Skylord looked at those who had scattered in the distance. Emperor Xi sighed in a low voice, “The Divine Prefecture, after being peaceful for so many years, will face imminent disturbance again.”

“With Donghuang the Great ruling the world, the Divine Prefecture won’t be in chaos,” said Thunder Punishing Skylord.

“What if someone from outside of Divine Prefecture were here?” Emperor Xi said. Thunder Punishing Skylord was silent for a moment, and said, “Having travelled outside these years, I have heard a few things. There were some events that had occurred in the Original Realm, and some principalities have come to pass, but It had not affected Divine Prefecture for the time being.”

“The Original Realm.” Emperor Xi stretched out his hand, as if wanting to catch something, but didn’t.

After Ye Futian and the others had departed, in the void, the Millet Emperor stood next to Ye Futian and heard Ye Futian asked him, “Is there also a grudge between Ling Xiao Palace and Wangshen Watchtower?”

Millet Emperor shook his head, “We didn’t have too much contact, there is no grudge to speak of.”

Ye Futian looked pensive. Then, was it because of the incident on the cliff that incensed Ling Xiao Palace against Wangshen Watchtower?

But, it seemed a bit too extreme.

“Have you inherited Donglai’s memory?” Millet Emperor asked suddenly.

Ye Futian nodded, “But not all of it, and they were quite disorganized.”

“Do you any memory of his last battle?” Millet Emperor asked.

Ye Futian shook his head, looked up at Millet Emperor, and seemed to sense something; how come he was missing such memory!
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    《The Legend of Futian》