The Legend of Futian
2011 Instruction
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2011 Instruction

Chapter 2011: Instruction

Ye Futian and his party settled down at the Leng family’s compound. After many nearby family members got wind of the news, visitors started trailing in. However, most of them were there, hoping to catch a glimpse of Zong Chan, this upcoming figure in Donghua Domain.

Thus, Zong Chan was quite preoccupied. People from Donghua Heavens came specifically to visit him. Many of them were elders, which made it difficult to refuse their visits, especially when many of them were familial forces that had enjoyed good relationships with the Leng family over the years.

Ye Futian and Li Changsheng were together in a courtyard. As Li Changsheng looked into the distance, he smiled and said, “Brother Zong is very busy now. These people who came to visit were all heads of some of the most influential families.”

“Brother Zong will become one of the future pillars of Donghua Domain. Aside from being valued by these principalities, it doesn’t hurt to forge friendships with some of these families,” Ye Futian said with a smile. This was simple enough to understand. If someone was acquainted with powerful figures such as the Millet Emperor or Emperor Xi, it was an excellent thing.

And now, who wouldn’t be happy to make some connections with Zong Chan before becoming a powerful man of the region?

“That’s true enough. Some of them even brought along their most accomplished young ladies of the clan, every one of them superior in both looks and talent. What kind of suggestion was that, and what does it look like to others? Kind of undignified.” Li Changsheng seemed to find the whole affair rather amusing as he continued with a smile, “But some of them were true beauties. Brother Zong does not have a Path Companion yet; perhaps there is an opportunity here.”

Ye Futian knew that Li Changsheng was joking. With Zong Chan’s strength and status today, the Path Companion worthy of him must also be extremely extraordinary. However, it was also obvious that he had no such thoughts, or he wouldn’t have wait until now unless he had met his perfect match.

However, as they were already in the realm of Renhuang, this kind of pedaling was indeed inappropriate. Though, it did indicate the importance that these great families placed on Zong Chan. They did not hesitate to lower themselves for a chance to recruit him into their own family. If they succeeded, this upcoming star would become part of their family, and the benefits that were associated with this relationship were quite obvious to all.

Of course, from Ye Futian’s perspective, this idea was bound to fail.

At this point, two people were walking this way. They were youngsters from the Leng family. Both of them looked to be no more than 20, with a fairly low level of cultivation. They were a boy and a girl, both good-looking, and they appeared to be well-mannered.

“Leng Yan, Leng Xi, greet the elders.” The two came in front of Li Changsheng and Ye Futian, bowing slightly.

“Mmm.” Li Changsheng nodded slightly. “What is it?”

“We are here to seek advice on cultivation,” Leng Xi said.

Li Changsheng had an amused look on his face. It was normal for the Leng family’s descendants to ask the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower for advice. After all, it was an opportunity. Even if there was no gain, there was no loss either, and if some comprehension could be gained from it, all the better.

“Didn’t all the brothers and sisters of your family go to Zong Chan for advice these days? He is very talented, you know. You should go ask him,” Li Changsheng smiled.

“The elders told us that the elders that came from Wangshen Watchtower are a worthy source of instruction for us. In addition to Elder Zong, Elder Li and Elder Ye are extraordinary figures whose comprehensions in cultivations are comparable to that of Elder Zong. “Leng Xi bowed. He appeared very polite and courteous.

“Little girl knows how to talk,” Li Changsheng said with a smile. Although Leng Xi looked young, she wasn’t actually quite as young as she looked. After all, she had a sage-level cultivation. However, in front of an old guy like Li Changsheng, she was just a little girl. He had been cultivating for many years, and he was a supreme existence in the Ninth Realm of Renhuang.

“Very well. Since you said it so nicely, ask away,” Li Changsheng replied with a smile.

“Elder, what about me?” Leng Yan asked.

“Over there…” Li Changsheng pointed to Ye Futian as Leng Yan’s eyes fell on him, a little unsure. He heard from the elders that Ye Futian was mighty and talented. He did not doubt that. But Ye Futian, after all, was much younger. Whether it was Li Changsheng of the Ninth Realm or the Zong Chan of Upper Renhuang with perfect Great Path, they were both more suitable for teaching others than Ye Futian. This was not about talent, but comprehension in cultivation; he thought that Li Changsheng and Zong Chan were both stronger because of their realms.

“Why, don’t you believe it?” Li Changsheng smiled when he saw the look in Leng Yan’s eyes.

“I dare not.” Leng Yan shook his head and bowed to Ye Futian. “If elder is willing to advise me, I’d be honored.”

“Senior brother was too lazy himself, so he sicced you on me.” Ye Futian smiled at Li Changsheng, then nodded to Leng Yan. “What do you want to ask?”

“Thank you, Elder.” When Leng Yan heard Ye Futian’s words, he knew that the other had acquiesced to instruct him, so he said, “I would like to ask for some pointers on blade techniques.”

People of the Leng family were known for their skills at swords; Leng Kuangsheng himself had the moniker of Sky Sword.

“I am good at swordsmanship, but no knowledge of blade techniques at all,” said Ye Futian.

“The elders said that cultivation is unbounded, especially when it reaches a certain realm. Uncle is good at blade techniques, but he, too, went to Wangshen Watchtower to cultivate. I believe that even if the elder didn’t cultivate in blade techniques, you would still be able to give me some pointers,” replied Leng Yan.

Ye Futian smiled. Leng Yan knew how to seize the opportunity. Next to them, Li Changsheng was already instructing Leng Xi, so he said, “Alright, what questions do you have?”

“Among my peers in the family, my talent was so-so, and my combat effectiveness is about mid-range as well. Some brothers of my generation cultivated the same blade techniques, but they are much better than me. Therefore, I would like you, sir, to see where the problems are in my techniques,” Leng Yan said to Ye Futian. He didn’t diagnose his own problem but asked Ye Futian to take a look at it instead.

Ye Futian nodded; this Leng Yan was a smart guy. He said, “Let me see your blade techniques.”

“Very well.” Leng Yan nodded. As his figure flashed, he stepped into the void and suddenly was bursting with an incredibly strong rule power of swordsmanship. Invisible swords condensed and manifested as Leng Yan was gathering momentum. His palms faced up toward the sky as swords suddenly appeared in thin air. The aura from his body continued to rise, as well as getting stronger.

The strong Sword Will made a sharp sound in the void, and an extremely sharp aura enveloped the sky above. When his aura climbed to the highest point, Leng Yan stretched out both hands. Holding a sword, he slashed into the void. In an instant, many blade lights bloomed at the same time, turning into a brilliant blade aurora. They rushed straight into the firmament, intent on splitting the void. And it didn’t dissipate until it was well into the distance.

Ye Futian looked up and watching quietly. This blade technique was very good, and the rule power it exhibited was strong as well, definitely on par with him when he himself was in the Sage Realm back then: fierce, domineering, and indomitable, completely embodied the essence of the blade technique.

Leng Yan landed on the ground after unleashing the sword. As he returned in front of Ye Futian, he said, “Sir.”

“Not bad.” Ye Futian nodded slightly in acknowledgment. “The rule power was unleashed to its fullest; it was fierce and domineering, in line with the Way of the Blade. However, too much force was exerted as well as the effort on pursuing the form.”

Leng Yan was thoughtful. It was as if trying to understand the meaning behind Ye Futian’s words. Finally, he said, “Please expound, sir.”

“A few months ago, I went to the Divine Ocean Continent and encountered the relic left by Thunder Punishing Skylord there. I found that there were carvings of many ax techniques, and some of them were formed naturally and had not been carved with the power of the Great Path. However, their spirits were far stronger than those carved by the power of the Great Path. After many marks were made, Thunder Punishing Skylord was able to break the constraints of the Great Path.

“Although I haven’t reached that state, I did have some insights. Your blade techniques were more insistent on form rather than spirit; it isn’t ideal,” said Ye Futian.

But Leng Yan was still puzzled. There was a huge gap between his and Ye Futian’s realm, and same with perception. Some things far surpassed his ability of understanding.

“Strike me with the sword,” Ye Futian said.

“Very well.”

Leng Yan nodded, once again gathering the momentum of the sword. Ye Futian’s body was covered by a Sword Will, like a storm tearing through the void. In the next moment, Leng Yan unleashed the sword. The sword slashed directly at Ye Futian without reservation because he knew that his sword did not pose any threat to Ye Futian.

When Ye Futian saw the sword coming, he raised his finger and pointed at the sword.

Even Leng Yan felt a little shocked at this moment. From Ye Futian’s finger, he didn’t notice any aura of the Great Path.


The sword broke. And as the finger fell, a light appeared on the ground where the sword had struck. An invisible Sword Will, without form, was able to split his sword in two.

Leng Yan’s arms hung by his sides as he stared in shock. How did this happen?

He seemed stunned, just standing there, with continuous flickering in his eyes. Sometimes his brows were knitted, and sometimes they were unfurled. After a while, he simply closed his eyes, overcome by extreme tranquility. He momentarily forgot his surroundings.

Ye Futian didn’t interrupt him. On the other side, Li Changsheng and Leng Xi were looking at this side. Previously, he was instructing Leng Xi in cultivation. When he saw Leng Yan in a daze, Li Changsheng looked interested. What was going on?

Leng Xi didn’t even know what had happened; he just stared at Leng Yan, puzzled.

After a while, there were invisible fluctuations from Leng Yan’s body, and some changes seemed to have taken place in his entire person. This change was invisible, and he seemed to be sharper than before. His eyes opened, and he looked at Ye Futian. Slightly bowing, he said, “Thank you, Master.”

Suddenly, the confusions and questions he had about his own cultivations for such a long time cleared up at this moment. It was as if he had found a path to cultivation. He had hoped that Li Changsheng would be the one to instruct him, but by chance, Ye Futian took him on. He had gained more than he had expected, and he was grateful.

“This is…” Li Changsheng revealed a smile. “Are you going to be his apprentice?”

Ye Futian shook his head and looked at Leng Yan. “I don’t have any intention of accepting disciples.”

“I understand,” Leng Yan said. “But, receiving instruction from elder today is a memorable event. I shall always remember it in all my days.”

Leng Xi was a little surprised. It seemed that Leng Yan had gained a lot.

Ye Futian didn’t say anything more. “I’m only pointing some things out as I see them. How much you can realize on your own is completely dependent on your own talent. Go back to cultivate and comprehend thoroughly.”

“Yes, sir.” Leng Yan bowed and said, “I will bid my farewell.”

He left immediately after that!
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    《The Legend of Futian》