The Legend of Futian
2025 The Arrival
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2025 The Arrival

The Domain Chief’s Manor ordered Donghua Heavens to host the Donghua banquet. Although everyone had known that this day would be here sooner rather than later, it still caused quite a sensation in the Donghua Heavens when the news came out.

This time, they would have the opportunity to see the top figures from every corner of the Donghua Domain. These days, any one of these men was a figure of high caliber and was difficult to catch a glimpse of. However, at the Donghua banquet, there may be a chance to see all of them at such a grand occasion.

Last time at Turtle Deity Island in Divine Ocean Continent, many top figures were also gathered there, but not everyone could traverse across many continents to get there. This time, the Donghua banquet was to be held in the Donghua Heavens, which only magnified its importance. The last time such a grand occasion took place was 50 years ago, and people were more than just a little excited by it.

In addition to being able to meet those major figures, they would have the opportunity to meet many famous peak-level Renhuang, as well as the four most outstanding characters. The enchanting existence of those younger genius talents who possessed the perfect Great Path. They were descendants of clans, the princes and princesses of the ancient royal families, and goddesses of the Snow Capital.

Although they hadn’t seen those characters, many rumors about them had already circulated in the Donghua Heavens.

Such as the rumored Ning Hua, the number one figure in Donghua Domain, and the four leading figures: Desolation, Jiang Yueli, Zong Chan, as well as the Sword Emperor Liunian, who had risen to fame recently, and Goddess Taihua, who had just entered Donghua Heavens.

After the news came out, the people of the Donghua Heavens departed to gather around the central region, prepared to go to the Domain Chief’s Manor to observe the ceremony. This time, it was a feast for the entire Donghua Domain.

Three days went by quickly in a blink of an eye.

The day of the banquet had finally arrived.

In the early morning hours, the Leng family was extremely busy. The clan chief of the Leng family got up early, preparing to take a group of people to observe the ceremony.

In the courtyard, Ye Futian and the others were together.

“Didn’t the Millet Emperor come?” Ye Futian asked Li Changsheng.

“The master should be going there directly,” Li Changsheng responded with a smile. “The master’s whereabouts are unpredictable, and he does not necessarily use the grand teleportation matrix. Perhaps he wanted to take a walk on the road, and even that won’t take him too long.”

Ye Futian nodded. These major figures were different from them, so it wouldn’t take much to cross the continent.

“The Domain Chief’s Manor itself announced the Donghua banquet. It seems that they will be selecting qualified candidates at the banquet to cultivate at the Domain Chief’s Manor. However, with your reputation and strength, there should be no question about your qualifications. Just that fight at Donghua Academy alone qualifies you to join them, even if you don’t participate in the selection process,” Li Changsheng said with a smile.

The selection by the Domain Chief’s Manor was also a process to choose powerful cultivators. Ye Futian was so outstanding that there was no way that the Domain Chief’s Manor would refuse his entry.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. If there were a selection, he would abide by the rules and compete with other potential candidates.

“Is everyone ready?” At this moment, the head of the Leng Family walked toward this side. He was also taking the cultivators from the main branch of the Leng Family to observe the ceremony.

“Yes, we can go now,” Li Changsheng responded.

“Good, then we are leaving. Now, there are probably countless people who have already gathered at the Domain Chief’s manor.” The head of the Leng family remarked with a smile, and everyone nodded. The group then stepped into the void and headed directly in the direction of their destination.

At the moment, above Donghua Heavens, millions of cultivators were in the air, all heading in the same direction. The sight was magnificent, and such a grand occasion made Ye Futian realize that there were too many cultivators on the main continent of the 18 regions in the Divine Prefecture.

At the higher level of the cultivation world, the sight to be seen was also grander.

The Domain Chief’s Manor in Divine Prefecture was already the closest to the peak. Except for the imperial palace, it could probably be regarded as the top location in Divine Prefecture.

The Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor was also the earliest place to be referred to as the “Donghua Heavens.” It wasn’t until later that the entire Donghua Continent was named “Donghua Heavens.”

But long before that, the Domain Chief’s Manor itself was Donghua Heavens.

The Domain Chief’s Manor was called Donghua Heavens because, originally, it had been a heavenly palace.

The Domain Chief’s Manor was different from a familial principality, and it was also a most excellent holy land for cultivation. It was vast and endless, its heavenly palace surrounded by a divine aura, like a mythological land.

At this time, the land under the Domain Chief’s Manor was filled with many cultivators standing outside. Above the firmament, a bright glow fell from the Nine Heavens, and the clouds suddenly parted. The mist above the manor dissipated, and the view above the Nine Heavens could be seen vaguely.

Yonder, everyone saw an extremely magnificent Divine Temple of the Nine Heavens, as if it was moved here, to sit on top of the Nine Heavens.

“Donghua Palace!” everyone exclaimed. The Donghua Palace at the Domain Chief’s manor was the place where the chief conducted his business. Now, it appeared just like that in their view. The divine temple hidden in the clouds and mist was a divine palace, but it had revealed itself to the world at this moment.

In Donghua Palace, stone pillars reached into the sky, carved with dragons and phoenixes, and thrones in different positions. They, obviously, were reserved for the most important figures of the Donghua Domain.

Behind Donghua Palace, there seemed to be a divine waterfall hanging down from Nine Heavens. Such a magnificent sight could only exist in the imagination, but right now, it was a reality witnessed by all.

Behind the Nine Heavens’ divine waterfall, the divine mountain could be seen vaguely, but the view was a little blurry. It should be the landscape that was part of the Domain Chief’s Manor, but unfortunately, they could not see it. Only those who entered the Domain Chief’s Manor to cultivate could see the view inside.

At this moment, from Donghua Palace above the Nine Heavens, there was a massive staircase spreading down, which was spectacular.

The lower part of the Donghua Palace was divided into layers of heaven, and each layer had prepared many seats. The higher up, the fewer seats. Obviously, there were not many people who could get to the top.

At this time, from above the stairs, countless goddess-like figures walked down. Their clothes fluttered as they drifted down and stood on both sides of the stairs. Someone drifted down the layers of heaven to the sky below the Domain Chief’s Manor to welcome the cultivators who came to participate in the banquet.

In front of Donghua Palace, several guardians appeared with apparent powerful cultivation. Their eyes penetrated the boundless void, looking directly at the space below the Domain Chief’s Manor, and said loudly, “Today, the chief is hosting Donghua banquet, and everyone is allowed to watch the ceremony from below. The chief will invite the top figures of Donghua Domain inside the palace, while the Nine Heavens below will receive Renhuang from all over the world. The areas are divided by realms of cultivation. Although there are many seats in the Nine Heavens, there are too many cultivators here at this time, from all parts of the Donghua Domain; please forgive us in advance for any mishaps.”

Countless cultivators below nodded their heads. They could understand the fact that there were a lot of Renhuang who came this time. At the very least, many Renhuang of Donghua Heavens would be here to observe the ceremony. For those layers of heavens to accommodate these Renhuang was not an easy task, let alone other cultivators present.

“People in the Renhuang realm, from this moment on, may come up the stairs on their own and go to the area where they are to observe the ceremony.” Suddenly, many began moving forward. All were of the Renhuang realm. They followed the stairs up towards different areas.

Renhuang in the Ninth Realm, in the area of the Nine Heavens, which was closest to Donghua Palace, could see those upcoming influential figures more clearly.

At this moment, in the distance, a group of cultivators came by air, in a mighty formation. Their temperaments were extraordinary, and all of them clad in gorgeous robes. When they appeared, someone immediately stepped forward to greet them.

“The people from Lingxiao Palace are here,” many made the observation. The top figures who arrived here first were from Lingxiao Palace—a principality of the Donghua Heavens.

“The cultivators from Lingxiao Palace came to attend the banquet and to observe the ceremony,” an elder said to the man who came to meet them in the air.

“Everyone, please.” The person who greeted them said politely and took them to a platform just below the Donghua Palace. This area was divided into different sections, and the banquet was set up. The palace above the Nine Heavens area was reserved for cultivators from major forces. Even the likes of them could not follow overlords and palace lords into Donghua Palace; they could only stay in the area below the hall.

At this time, another group of cultivators was visible in the distance. It was a group of goddesses.

“The Goddesses from the Snow Capital of Northern White Continent are here.”

“The goddesses of the Fluttering Snow Palace are as rumored; their temperament is cold as snow. Perhaps it is due to their cultivation, but they were all so outstandingly beautiful.” The crowd talked amongst themselves, and their eyes showed great appreciation.

“Fluttering Snow Palace is here to attend the banquet,” said Jiang Yueli. They were welcomed and seated in the same area as the cultivators from Lingxiao Palace, who then got up and bowed to them as a polite greeting.

After the two parties exchanged formalities, they took their seats once again.

After that, the cultivators of Donghua Academy arrived, causing a sensation in an instant.

Donghua Academy was the holy land of cultivation for Donghua Heavens. Many of the powerful cultivators within the academy were admired by everyone in the Donghua Heavens. Donghua Academy had given birth to many extraordinary individuals.

“Ning Hua did not come with Donghua Academy.” Someone noticed that the vice chief of the Donghua Domain was not there.

“The vice chief should already be at the Domain Chief’s Manor. He will probably appear in Donghua Palace with the chief,” someone whispered, and many around him nodded in agreement. With Ning Hua’s status and reputation, it was completely understandable for him to appear at Donghua Palace.

After that, various forces from the Nanhua Clan, the ancient royal family of Yan, and the ancient royal family of Jiang arrived in succession. Their appearances were noticed by everyone there.

Finally, Ye Futian and the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower were here too!
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    《The Legend of Futian》