The Legend of Futian
2028 A Law Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2028 A Law Battle

The Renhuangs underneath were slightly startled. The chief’s gaze fell upon the group below Donghua Palace’s staircase. Then, he said, “I am sure that most of you will be able to recognize them. Ning Hua, the practitioners of Donghua Academy, Goddess Taihua, the Goddess of the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow, as well as the best of the younger generation from various factions such as Desolation, Jiang Yueli, Zong Chan. Not to mention you, even I have heard of them, they are very renowned.”

Many people smiled. The chief was clearly speaking in a joking tone. He seemed very casual and it helped create a favorable impression of him to many.

Indeed, Ning Hua, Jiang Yueli, everyone had heard these names before. In addition, Goddess Taihua, Sword Emperor Liunian, Qin Qing, Ling He, along with many others were names that the Renhuangs of Donghua Heavens had heard of.

“I am sure that many of you are curious about their strengths and would like to have a spar with them. Here, today, I will call the shots for you. Whoever you want to challenge or spar with, choose as you please, they will accept all your requests. Let us old ones see how many genius cultivators in the Donghua Domain are yet to show their talents. The best-case scenario is to defeat them.” Then, the chief continued with a smile, “As long as you defeat them, even if they do not take you in, my domain’s manor will directly take you in. In addition to that, there will be a prize. How does that sound?”

Many people smiled. Most were very expectant and were raring to go.

Just as the chief said, any Renhuang in the world of practitioners would drool at a chance to spar with any of these top geniuses. However, such opportunities were incredibly rare. Now, these geniuses were all gathered in the same place. They were seated right over there, and these practitioners could pick and choose who they wanted to challenge. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they could even challenge Ning Hua.

Many were feeling very excited.

The chief shifted his gaze towards the group seated underneath and asked, “None of you have any objections, right?” They nodded. Then, a person from the Donghua Academy replied, “The Donghua Banquet is such a big event, to be able to see and meet the celebrities of the Donghua Domain. Now that the chief has spoken, we will most definitely do our best.”

The most authoritative person of the Donghua Domain had already spoken, naturally, as juniors, no one declined. Ning Hua sat there like the others.

“By the time they’re done, if you guys want to spar among yourselves, that’s fine too. As long as it is not a high-plane person intentionally challenging a person of a lower plane, you will not be allowed to decline the request,” said the chief with a smile. As he spoke, his gaze scanned across the group of people underneath. Then, he said, “However, I will say this in advance, these spars should be moderate, nothing life-threatening is allowed. However, these are law battles after all. Moreover, at your plane levels, sometimes it is indeed hard to control your strength, especially when the battle gets intense, any oversight could lead to very severe injuries. Furthermore, they have their own tempers, if the strength gap between you is too great, and you made them mad, you cannot blame anyone. You will have to bear the consequences of these law battles yourself.”

Many of them nodded. Naturally, they already knew this.

So many Renhuangs were gathered here today, if everyone had a turn to fight, just how long would it take? Even though it was a grand banquet that was held only once in fifty years, the chief was prepared. While he wanted everyone to express themselves, he did not want any and everyone to actually participate. They should know their own limitations.

If one were too weak, they should not waste everyone’s time.

“Well then, let’s get started.” The chief raised his head and glanced upward. Immediately after, divine light beamed down from the sky. Following that, from the Domain Chief’s Manor, a divine item flew out and beams of divine light spread out and descended from the sky as if it was the milky way. It covered the entire area, connecting the nine heavens together.


A loud rumble was heard. Then, everyone saw the divine item. It was actually a floating law battle platform. It had formed a space of its own. There were four doors and when one walked inside, one would have entered an independent space where one could fully express and utilize one’s full strength.

“Next, it is your turn to express yourselves. We will observe. I will not interfere,” said the chief with a smile. He looked at the others of the Donghua Palace and said, smiling, “It is rare for us to be able to meet and gather like this. What say we old ones stay here, drink liquor, and watch what these young ones can do? How about it?”

“Sounds good,” Emperor Xi answered, laughing. This arrangement was laid back and it was good as he wanted to see the cultivation level of Donghua Domain’s younger generation. He had been cultivating at the Turtle Deity Island for a long time before he finally passed his divine tribulation. Now, his mentality had changed a little. Perhaps he would not be able to pass his second divine tribulation in the future. Perhaps he would die in his divine tribulation. So, why not be a little more laid back?

“Come! Drink!” Chief Ning laughed, raised his cup, and said, “Come, let’s guess. Who do you think will be the first to be challenged?”

“My guess is Ning Hua,” said the Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace. He continued and said, “Ning Hua is very well known throughout the Donghua Domain. Everyone has heard his name. Even if no one would be able to match him, I still think that he will be the first to be challenged.”

“That is possible,” commented the Sword Goddess while nodding.

“I actually think that the Goddess of the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow has a higher probability of being the first. Who wouldn’t want to witness the elegance and talent of the divine palace’s goddess?” Said the Overlord of the Jian Clan Ancient Royal Family.

“Why not Goddess Taihua?” Asked the Sword Goddess. She then continued and said, “She is the daughter of the Skylord. Her beauty is peerless and she is a master of the divine melody. Why wouldn’t anyone want to experience that?”

“Perhaps,” answered the Jiang Clan Overlord.

“This old one recently heard that the young man from Wangshen Watchtower called Ye Liunian has quite a reputation within the Donghua heavens. I am randomly guessing here, but I think it will be him,” said Emperor Xi.

“I did not expect Emperor Xi to also know what had happened in Donghua Heavens,” Chief Ning chuckled and said, “Indeed, I also heard Sword Emperor Liunian’s name recently at the Domain Chief’s Manor. I heard that his Divine Wheel of the Great Path might not inferior to Ning Hua.”

“Donghua Academy is the holy land of cultivation in the Donghua Heavens. Ye Liunian also made a name for himself at Donghua Academy. That is why I think that there is a chance that the first person to be challenged will be a disciple of Donghua Academy,” said Nanhua Clan’s clan leader, laughing.

At that moment, these top-notch figures did not seem dignified at all. They were guessing playfully in a relaxed manner. They did not seem like prominent figures who stood at the peak of the Donghua Domain at all.

Underneath, multiple practitioners raised their heads to look at the Donghua Palace high up above. It was a rare sight to behold for them too. This was the closest they ever got to these heavyweights, and perhaps they would never have a chance like this again, to witness these people talking and laughing so casually.

At that time, the first Renhuang had already walked on top of the law battle platform. It was a mid-level Renhuang.

“It is a practitioner from the Yan Family of the Donghua Heavens, Yan Qingfeng.” Someone recognized this person. It was a local practitioner, a family of the Donghua Heavens.

“A branch family of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. The teleportation grand matrix of the Wangshen Watchtower that connects to the Donghua Heavens is with the Leng Family. The Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, on the other hand, uses the Yan Family.” Beside Ye Futian, Sky Sword Leng Kuangsheng transmitted his voice to Ye Futian, which prompted Ye Futian to look towards the person. Did the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family have a branch?

Regardless, it would not be weird for a top ancient royal family to have a family member start a branch family on the outside.

Yan Qingfeng floated above the law battle platform. He gazed above him, towards the area right below the staircase outside the Donghua Palace. His gaze finally fell upon a group of Donghua Academy practitioners. He said, “Donghua Heavens Yan Family’s Yan Qingfeng, I wish to spar with Donghua Academy’s disciple, Leng Qinghan, pleased to meet our acquaintance.”

Someone guessed right, in that the first one to be challenged would be a disciple of the Donghua Academy. However, no one would have ever been able to guess that Leng Qinghan would be the one. After all, Leng Qinghan’s name was not all that well-known in Donghua Academy. She was most definitely not the most famous celebrity around.

Of course, anyone who could enter the Donghua Academy to cultivate had already proven themselves to be talented. Naturally, their strength could not be questioned.

Many from the Leng Family had odd expressions on their faces. None of them would have even imagined Leng Qinghan would be challenged first. It was clear that this Yan Qingfeng was intentionally targeting her.

Many people in the Donghua Palace also lowered their heads to glance below. Those who understood the situation shifted their gaze toward Emperor Yan.

Could it be an extension of the grudge between the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and the Wangshen Watchtower?

The grudge began with the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and the Eastern Deity Island. The Great Yan family and the Wangshen Watchtower could never get along. Yan Dongyang even brought someone over to provoke the watchtower in the past but was humiliated at the hands of Ye Futian. Now, a Renhuang of a branch of the Great Yan Ancient Family, the Yan Family, was challenging a practitioner from the Leng Family. It was inevitable that people would wonder if there was more than meets the eye.

However, Leng Qinghan was a practitioner of the Donghua Academy, it would not be easy for Yan Qingfeng to defeat her.

Leng Qinghan got up, leaped into the air, and entered the law battle platform.

“Who do you think will win this battle?” Chief Ning asked inside the Donghua Palace.

“Leng Qinghan is a disciple of Donghua Academy, so her chances of winning are naturally higher,” said the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow’s Sword Goddess. Many somewhat agreed with her, but Ling Xiao Palace’s palace lord said, “Yan Qingfeng is also quite famous around Donghua Heavens. He is not weak. Moreover, he is from a branch of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. From what I know, his combat strength is quite high. Even though Leng Qinghan trained in the Donghua Academy, she is now very well-known. It is hard to say who will win.”

Chief Ning smiled. This was the first battle and the practitioners engaged in the law battle were not famous individuals. As such, the debates were also not intense.

Underneath, Ye Futian’s gaze also shifted towards the battlefield. The Great Yan Ancient Royal Family sent a member of their branch family in the first battle, were they trying to say something?

On the law battle platform, the two fighters stood facing each other. Then, a cold aura emanated from Leng Qinghan’s body as she said, “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Likewise,” Yan Qingfeng replied. Then, a vague but domineering golden divine light radiated from his body. The Power of the Great Path oozed out of his body as a gigantic divine golden dragon appeared. His body was covered in golden dragon armor while his arms were covered in extremely sharp dragon scales as if his body had transformed into a dragon, and it looked immensely dangerous!

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    《The Legend of Futian》