The Legend of Futian
2036 Invincible
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2036 Invincible

Desolation did not speak but turned around and walked toward the battle platform. Everyone knew who he was going to challenge.

In all of the Donghua Domain, besides the truly powerful, there were only four people with a perfect Great Path. With Desolation being one of them, who else besides the other three was worthy for him to challenge?

But Jiang Yueli was in the Eighth Realm and a woman, and Zong Chan had achieved his name much later than him. Desolation's nature was not prone to frivolous challenges, so only Ning Hua, known as the number one genius talent in Donghua Domain, was qualified to be challenged.

Desolation would only challenge Ning Hua—the head of the four most influential figures. Previously, when he went to Donghua Academy, he had sent out an invitation for a challenge.

"I never thought that we would be able to experience a duel between two excellent figures in the first battle," the clan leader of the Nanhua Clan said with a smile. Even these leading figures seemed to be quite interested. Both Desolation and Ning Hua would be future leading figures, destined to be on the same level as their elders in a matter of time. Therefore, such a fight was not something they could afford to ignore.

In the future, these two people may be stronger than all those sitting here. This was not surprising at all; the older generations were there waiting to be surpassed.

"I thought it would take some time and didn't expect that the next heir of the Desolate Palace would be so direct. It seems that he is eager to prove himself as the most dazzling existence in the Donghua Domain." The Palace Lord of Ling Xiao Palace smiled and said, "Only, it's no easy task to defeat Ning Hua. In my opinion, Desolation is about to lose."

Chief Ning did not speak. The person who was being challenged this time was his son, Ning Hua—the most enchanting figure in Donghua Domain. But no matter how outstanding his son was, it would be inappropriate for him to praise his own son under the circ.u.mstances.

"It's fascinating. Who do you think will win?" the Thunder Punishing Skylord asked with a smile.

"Ning Hua," the Sword Goddess of Fluttering Snow Palace said.

"Ning Hua," the College Chief of Donghua Academy said as well. "At Donghua Academy, Desolation engaged in fights before, but he didn't have the power to take everyone down. Although he is mighty, he is not invincible."

No one had a better understanding of Ning Hua's strength than him. After all, Ning Hua was cultivating in Donghua Academy.

Desolation once had a battle with the Xuanwu Sword Emperor, a Renhuang of the Ninth Realm in Donghua Academy. He had been defeated by the Xuanhuan Sword Emperor, proving that he was not invincible.

But if Ning Hua were to engage Xuanwu Sword Emperor, not even Xuanwu himself would be certain that he could defeat Ning Hua.

That was a peerless genius talent who could really make others feel that he was invincible. When Ning Hua fought, he gave everyone the same feeling each time, and that was no matter who his opponent was or how strong they were. They were all the same in front of him.

Precisely because of this, he was named the number one genius talent in the Donghua Domain.

His Grand Seal Great Path overpowered every opponent he had ever encountered.

"Ning Hua," Emperor Yan also said. In Donghua Palace, it seemed that everyone's opinions were the same. They all thought that even though Desolation was outstanding and one of the four great figures, he would still be unable to shake that number one genius talent.

After all, though many people called them the Great Four, Ning Hua was on his own level while the other three were on the same level.

"We will only know until after the battle." At this moment, a voice sounded in the ears of everyone present with cold indifference. All the cultivators turned their eyes and saw that the speaker was the master of Desolate God Palace, a terrible existence known as Desolate God.

Everyone thought without that his heir, Desolation, would be defeated.

Everyone looked at Desolation God and smiled, and no one refuted him. They just kept looking at the battle platform.

In the area below, Ye Futian and the others were very concerned about this battle. For example, Jiang Yueli and Zong Chan gave great importance to this battle. These two were listed along with them, and in a sense, they were already at the top of the Donghua Domain.

"Who do you think will win?" Li Changsheng looked at Ye Futian and asked in a low voice.

"I don't know Ning Hua's strength very well." Ye Futian responded, "Desolation's actions at Donghua Academy were very domineering. The 'Desolation' Wheel was frightening; those in the same realm as him had difficulty defeating him. However, his opponent is praised as the number one genius talent in the Donghua Domain, so I can't really say who will win."

"Ning Hua will win," Li Changsheng said. Although he was laughing casually, he was very certain, and his tone was definite. It was as if he already knew the outcome of the battle.

"You are so sure of it?" asked Ye Futian.

"Watch. There shouldn't be any doubts about it." Li Changsheng smiled as he looked at the Battle platform. At the same time, Ning Hua stepped onto the battle platform.

The terrible aura of the Great Path burst out above Desolation's body, and the terrifying Great Path currents swept out and flooded the sky. In the space within the battle platform, a desolate palace appeared above the sky, spinning in the air. As the endless power gathered and poured into the palace of the Desolate Wheel, an incomparable light of destruction burst out from the palace and fell. The vast space of the Great Path turned into a world of doomsday.

No matter how strong and proud Desolation was, this time, he was facing Ning Hua, who was ranked above him. He dared not underestimate him and had immediately turned into his strongest form, ready to fight.

His eyes were pitch black, and black lightning of desolation seemed to flash out from them, capable of destroying everything.

At this time, Ning Hua came above him and stepped forward with assurance. A dazzling divine light was released from his body as if it was a dominant divine body.

He looked down at Desolation. His eyes were terrifying to behold. Their eyes met in mid-air, and an incomparable power of Grand Seal Great Path was released. In an instant, infinite divine light shot out and turned into characters of the Great Path. Each character contained terrifying power of the seal, sweeping toward Desolation's body, even invading Desolation's eyes.

Bang. The Great Path's power on Desolation's body was extremely violent, and the eyes of destruction shot out to destroy the invading will of the Grand Seal Great Path. But the characters seemed inexhaustible. They continued to invade madly. Beyond that, the surrounding space was also covered by it.

It's the divine method of Grand Seal Great Path, The God Seal Spell.

"Destroy," Desolation spat out a command, and from the sky above, countless rays of divine light descended from the Desolation Wheel. These lights, like black lightning, blasted on the characters, madly destroying them. Some even rushed toward Ning Hua's body like an invasion of thousands of destructive divine tribulations.

But just at that moment, an extremely horrifying light screen appeared behind Ning Hua as an immense pattern appeared. The pattern was cast from the characters, a spinning sign of yin and yang, which bored some similarities to Ye Futian's abilities. But inside this pattern, there was a giant character that said "Seal."

Not only that, but the immense pattern itself was completely composed of this one character, and each character released an extremely brilliant divine light. With a turn of Ning Hua's mind, the pattern began to expand, and the circular pattern enlarged with a rhythm as it continued to grow. With every expansion, the Divine Wheel's light became ever more brilliant and bright, and more characters of the seal were being released from it.

"Ning Hua's Divine Wheel." Many trembled in their hearts. This was the Divine Wheel of Great Path that had revealed six wheels of divine lights in the Divine Mirror of Heavenly Wheels.

In just a few short moments, the Divine Wheel of the Great Path had expanded to cover the sky and the sun, sheltering this corner of the sky. The divine light released by the Great Path covered this part of the world, which was full of the power that sealed the Great Path, as endless characters were floating.

Although these characters continue to be destroyed under the Desolation Wheel, they did not appear to be exhausted as they still covered this corner of the sky. Everyone could clearly feel that the power released by the Desolation Wheel was beginning to wane as if it was affected by the Grand Seal Great Path.

Desolation stood there and suddenly felt powerless. At this time, whether it was the sky or his divine consciousness, they were filled with endless characters of the seal and were transformed by the indestructible divine light of the Great Path. He felt that the Grand Seal Great Path was eroding the space he was in.

It was eroding his Divine Wheel of Great Path.

"Your Divine Wheel is lesser than mine. How do you propose to fight me?" Ning Hua lowered his head to look at Desolation. His tone was extremely domineering. He projected a power as if no one could compare to him in this entire world.

Desolation had no words to refute him. His Divine Wheel of the Great Path was not as good as Ning Hua's, which meant that he would lose the claim regarding the realm of the Great Path. His defeat would mean that the other party would have absolute control over the realm of the Great Path, and it was the power to seal the Great Path. Thus, all his methods would be unquestionably sealed and weakened. The Divine Wheel aside, how could he not be defeated in this situation?

"You are the heir to the Desolate God. You have extraordinary combat power. You are already someone at the peak level. In the Donghua Domain, apart from the truly powerful, not many people can defeat you. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean you can challenge me. One day, when you are confident enough that you can counter my Divine Wheel of the Great Path, come challenge me."

Ning Hua put away his power of the Great Path. When everyone heard his words, they fell silent, but their hearts were greatly disturbed.

The cultivators of the Donghua Domain had separated Ning Hua into his own level. Even though the other three were equally famous, they could not truly go toe-to-toe with him.

Today, Ning Hua's words seem to reinforce this point. Although not many people in Donghua Domain could defeat Desolation, it did not mean that he was able to challenge Ning Hua. Ning Hua was invincible.

Countless eyes followed Ning Hua as he walked back. No one had thought that this battle would end this way. There were no fanciful collisions nor any great battle. Ning Hua sent out his Divine Wheel of the Great Path, and no one could compete with it, not even Desolation.

Ning Hua was invincible!
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    《The Legend of Futian》