The Legend of Futian
2037 The Storm Demon
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2037 The Storm Demon

Although everyone had anticipated the outcome of this battle, the process was still shocking. Under the suppression of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path, Desolation was overpowered.

Such was the crushing of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path, and Ning Hua's Divine Wheel of the Great Path was different from that of the others because it also contained the power of the Grand Seal Great Path. Once the opponent's Way was suppressed, it would seal it shut and restrict the opponent's ability so that they would lose the power to strike back.

Therefore, even if the fighting did not continue, both sides already knew the inevitable outcome.

Desolation's Divine Wheel of the Great Path was weaker, after all.

In this generation, who else can best the vice chief? countless people below thought secretly. Ning Hua, with god-given talent, was the epitome of this generation in the Donghua Domain. No one could compare. He had an extraordinary origin and would continue moving forward as the one and only until he reached the top and inherited the position as the Chief of the Donghua Domain.

"Senior brother's estimation was spot on; there was really no doubt," Ye Futian said to Li Changsheng, who was next to him.

"The Divine Mirror of Heavenly Wheels does not lie. What's more, what Desolation had inherited is quite a bit less than that of the vice chief. Even if he could contend with the Great Divine Wheel of the Grand Seal, the outcome would still be the same. Therefore, under the circ.u.mstances that the rank of his Divine Wheel is not on the same level, he has no hope of winning, even though he is an outstanding figure himself. But there are some people who would always stand out no matter where they are. Ning Hua, undoubtedly, belongs in this category." Li Changsheng spoke to Ye Futian via voice transmission and continued, "Of course, you also belong in this category. Those who are in this category are destined to sit up there in the future."

He then looked up at the Donghua Palace above.

"Senior brother has praised me too generously," Ye Futian chuckled. He understood what Li Changsheng meant. There were countless cultivators in the world, and there was no shortage of geniuses. Genius talents who could cast the perfect Divine Wheel of the Great Path, as well as unparalleled characters who were able to break through the realm of Upper Renhuang while remaining flawless.

However, above this, there was another type of people who were above these geniuses. They were not of this world, such as Ning Hua, such as himself.

Obviously, Li Changsheng's had high praises for him, and that itself was the highest of all praises.

Ning Hua and Desolation returned to their respective positions. They didn't speak. It was as if they had already forgotten about the battle. But Desolation's expression was not so good. He looked sullen and said nothing while Ning Hua acted as if nothing had happened.

In the Donghua Palace, Desolation God said nothing. However, the Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace said with a laugh, "Desolation inherited the power of Desolation God and possesses extraordinary strength. The release of the Desolation Wheel was apocalyptical; it was indeed astounding. It is a pity that it was unleashed on Ning Hua and that he was unable to exert his own strength fully. However, Desolation God needn't worry too much because Ning Hua is already the first man under us at the Donghua Heavens. In the future, he might even be more excellent than all of us, so it is completely understandable that Desolation lost."

"Ning Hua has been cultivated carefully by the Chief; his excellence is expected. Desolation's defeat would only encourage him to endeavor in the pursuit of the Great Path," said Desolation God. "I heard that the young Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace has considerable strength and once underestimated Ye Liunian. Although he was later defeated, I'm sure he has learned from it so that he could have a second chance when his realm is stronger."


The people in Donghua Palace revealed a strange look. It seemed that even these major figures were beginning to annoy each other.

The Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace had been on the side of the chief, and Desolation God seemed unhappy about that, so he spoke rather sarcastically regarding Ling He.

"Ye Liunian is also extraordinary. He was no less than anyone else in front of the Divine Mirror of Heavenly Wheels, including Desolation and the others. It is not surprising that Ling He lost to him," the Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace said with a smile. Although he was deeply displeased, he did not reveal it. The conversation between the two was getting a bit sharp.

"Mmm, of course." Desolation God nodded slightly while looking down. He said, "Who among you dares to taste the strength of the Young Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace?"


Everyone's attention was on Desolation God, while the cultivators in the Donghua Palace were smiling without saying anything. They were acting as if they were waiting to watch the show.

Desolation God was still as domineering as always, aggressive and cold. Desolation was defeated, but he was defeated by Ning Hua, not by anyone from Lingxiao Palace. The commentary from the Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace was not taken kindly by Desolation God.

Therefore, this was the first time a leading figure in the Donghua Palace had offered one of his own as a challenger.

The performance of the cultivators above had always been seen in the eyes of the people below. There were many cultivators in the Desolation God Palace, and all of those who came this time were powerful characters, not just Desolation. But because Desolation was the heir of Desolation God, he was the one who got most of the attention. Apart from Desolation, there were other powerful cultivators in Desolation God Palace, from the Badlands Continent, and in the Western Region of the Donghua Domain.

Desolation God himself had spoken. This battle must be won.

Therefore, all eyes from Desolate God Palace fell on the same person. Obviously, the cultivators themselves already had a consensus on who should be the challenger.

"Storm Demon of Desolate God Palace." Li Changsheng looked at him and whispered, "He is very strong, and his status in the Desolate God Palace is second only to Desolation."

"Storm Demon."

Many people recognized him. The cultivators from the top forces had some understanding of these powerful players. Many people from Lingxiao Palace changed their expression when they saw the man. They hadn't seen Storm Demon in action before, but they had heard how strong he was.

Ling He really might not be able to beat this opponent.

Storm Demon was a massive, domineering figure. In the black robe he wore, he appeared even more majestic up close. He looked to be about 40 years in age, and his eyes were sharp and aggressive with a strong sense of oppression.

Standing up, his size was even taller than Desolation. He glanced at Ling He, then walked toward the battle platform and said, "Come over here."

His tone was full of domineering contempt. It was as if he didn't care to speak to him.

Clearly, this was aimed toward Ling He.

This slight did not go unnoticed by Ling He. Even though this Storm Demon was a well-known existence in Desolate God Palace, but Ling He himself was a man of the Donghua Heavens and was the Young Palace Lord of Lingxiao Palace. How could he allow others to act so insolent toward him?

Ling He stood up and followed Storm Demon. The two stepped into the arena of the battle platform, one after the other.

As they enter the battle platform, Storm Demon was in front with his back facing Ling He, then he stopped. The moment when he turned around, a storm of destruction appeared around him, and this storm rushed into the sky, as a terrible dark thundercloud appeared. Countless black lightning struck down like a catastrophe of the Great Path.

The light of darkness enveloped the firmament, and the storm of destruction was becoming more terrifying. Every gust of the wind was like a knife that cut through everything as they rolled toward Ling He. This storm that gathered together was capable of tearing the space apart.

In the dark thunderstorm of destruction, a massive black thunder battle ax appeared. Storm Demon hovered in the air and rushed into that devastating storm, holding the battle-ax in his hand. Like a demon god of destruction, he looked down at Ling He below.

Above Ling He's head, Lingxiao Pagoda appeared, suspended in the sky. Endless shadows of the pagoda filled and suppressed the space, with strands of golden light permeating from them. At the same time, a golden spear appeared in his hand with a radiant divine light flowing forth.

Infinite shadows of the pagoda appeared, trying to suppress this corner of the sky. However, the sky on that side was full of destructive thunderstorms. The Great Path withered, and all signs of vitality were wiped out. The golden streamer rushed into the storm and was shattered by the devastating storm. Terrifying dark streamer blasted on Lingxiao Pagoda, causing the Divine Wheel of the Great Path to make a violent, harsh sound like there was a sword slashing on the pagoda.

Lingxiao Pagoda was getting larger, covering the sky and the sun, directly suppressing Storm Demon.

But Storm Demon stood proudly in the air, with extremely violent power sweeping toward the surrounding area. His massive and dominant form was akin to an invincible war god of storm, holding a battle-ax. That terrifying storm of destruction directly swept into Lingxiao Pagoda and was affecting its repressive force. Though the pagoda was fighting the storm, it was still suppressing downward nonetheless.

At the same time, Ling He also made his move. Lingxi Spear bloomed as the golden streamer directly penetrated the void. The radiant golden divine spear slashed through the air in a direct attack on Storm Demon.

But just then, Storm Demon's battle-ax had already come down, carrying with it billions of destructive streamers, slashing at the opponent's spear as if it was the end of days.

The two attacked and collided, but Ling He disappeared. With such a violent attack, he was able to separate himself with the slightest contact. As if the spear was able to move according to his will, appearing directly in another location, and continued its attack. It was like a golden afterimage, but its power was extremely frightening as it continued to pierce through the space.

Buzz… Gusty wind swept past, but the Storm Demon's reaction was even faster. The battle-ax in his hand turned into wind and merged with the storm. As it drew an incomparably radiant arc, it slashed toward Lingxi Spear once more.

"The attack speed of these two is so fast..." The spectators only saw a blur in front of them. In the dark storm of destruction, countless afterimages of Ling He appeared, spreading in different directions. Every appearance was accompanied by the shadow of a golden spear. As if several spears were launched all within a very short moment.

But every strike was countered.

"Lingxi Spear emphasizes the perfect blending between man, spear, and the Way, thus making possible the movement at will. Even when it was blocked, it could still break away and attack from another location instantaneously. However, Storm Demon's ax is the same, as if he is a gust of wind, dancing and moving with its momentum. The scary thing was that, in line with the Way of this wind, the attack power of his battle-ax will become ever stronger, as if he was continuously gaining momentum."

Jiang Yueli of Fluttering Snow Palace spoke, partially meant to explain to her junior sisters around her so that they could better understand the battle.

In a brief moment, the two of them had already exchanged numerous times. Just then, a figure swooped down from the void, and the Lingxi Spear was still as fast as ever, like golden lightning. At the same time, the storm seemed to pause for an instant, not quite as free-flowing as it was before.

Just when the Lingxi Spear was about to hit, a monstrous storm blew up against it, tearing the space apart. Everyone saw the Storm Demon moved so fast that it was hard to see with the n.a.k.e.d eye. But, in the next moment, black ax light appeared from the firmament and slamming downward, splitting this part of the sky.

The next moment, the golden streamers were knocked out, with speed so fast that it was almost inconceivable. This time, Ling He finally stopped the attack, staring at the Storm Demon across the sky. There was a cough accompanied by a spit of blood, and his face was a little pale!
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    《The Legend of Futian》