The Legend of Futian
2046 Throbbing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2046 Throbbing

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“Let’s go!”

The various cultivators gradually entered into the black mountains. No one directly made their way in from above like Ning Hua. After all, they were not Ning Hua. They did not have his abilities and were not as familiar as he was with the Fuyao Secret Zone.

For Ning Hua, this secret zone was merely his training ground.

“Let us also enter,” Li Changsheng said. The group immediately nodded their heads and headed deep into the ancient mountains.

Ye Futian’s group entered the mountain range. The precipitous peaks pierced straight through the clouds. Far away, the valleys were so deep that they could not see the bottom. They could faintly hear a droning sound. There was also a powerful Demonic Qi around them. They expanded their wills but soon discovered that their wills were blocked off in many places. It was as though there was a natural shroud that blocked off their wills.

Up ahead, in all directions, there were people also moving forward along the mountainside. From time to time, the shadow of a demonic beast would pass by. Yet, so as not to disturb the more powerful demonic beasts within the mountain, the crowd left these demonic beasts alone. After all, this was unknown territory for them. No one knew what sort of dangers they would encounter.

As time passed, the Renhuangs ventured deeper into the range. However, they still had not reached the end. They appeared to have reached the inner parts of the black mountain range. The space above them was completely blocked off. It was filled with a mysterious aura. It seemed as though they would never be able to get out.

Of course, they were not moving very fast. This area was too mysterious. In the secret zone, they also did not dare to be careless.

“Hmm?” At that moment, silhouettes flashed ahead. Many people looked over in that direction. A group of figures appeared in different positions. Each of these figures had a terrifying aura. Demonic Qi circled around them. They were all Demon Emperors.

They quietly stood there, not saying a word. They merely watched the various cultivators.

At that moment, another silhouette descended from the sky. It was a youth dressed in a fur coat. His skin was smooth and fair, and he appeared very handsome. He had a deep gaze that seemed to contain a bizarre light as he swept a glance across the crowd.

There are so many Demon Emperors in the secret zone? Ye Futian wondered. This might only be a portion of their numbers. There might be even more demons hidden away in this endless black mountain range.

Had they been sealed away in this secret zone?

“Leave now,” a demonic beast ordered. He was actually chasing the crowd away. This caused many cultivators to reveal strange looks. However, although the Renhuangs were not happy about this, they still dashed forward on their own. They did not want to cause trouble.

The secret zone was becoming more and more mysterious. It seemed to contain some secrets.

Ye Futian glanced over at these demonic beasts. He wanted to capture one of them to interrogate them about the situation in this place. However, it was not convenient to do so. If he angered the other party, it would bring him no benefit in this mountain range.

They continued along the path carved out of the mountainside. Their steps were light, and they progressed at a rapid pace. Not long after they left, the demonic beasts left in another direction.

“Did they appear just to hasten us on our way?” a Renhuang asked in a low voice, unable to make head or tail about the situation. As they advanced, they saw the figures of demonic beast flash past again, leaving behind afterimages. They kept passing by the cultivators. Aside from Demon Emperors, there were also many Demon Saints with less powerful cultivation.

This caused many people to reveal bizarre expressions. This seemed to be a mountain range of demonic beasts.

As more and more demonic beasts passed by the cultivators, many people realized that something was off.

“What is going on?” someone turned around and asked the person beside them.

“They seem to be hurrying towards the same place,” someone replied.

Many Renhuangs glanced over at the demonic beasts passing by. Cold looks flashed past in their eyes. They intended to attack, wanting to capture a demonic beast for interrogation.

“For now, these demonic beasts seem to be completely ignoring us and allowing us to pass unobstructed. It might be that they have no time to care about us. Something might have happened,” Li Changsheng deduced softly.

Many people nodded in agreement. Ye Futian turned around and looked behind him. He saw that Little Condor had quietly left the area where the group was and had headed into the mountain range. Not long after, he saw Little Condor’s silhouette appear in another area. He had mingled into a group of demonic beasts and was moving with them.

His figure flashed forwards as he sought out his prey. Very soon, he saw a female demon with long horns on her head. He ordered, “Stop right there.”

The female demon was pretty good-looking. She was a Bai Ze and was a Demon Saint. She turned around and asked Black Wind Condor, “Senior, how may I help you?”

“I have just emerged from cultivating in seclusion. Where are all of you headed?” Black Wind Condor asked. Demonic Qi circled around his body.

“There is a disturbance in Demon God Temple,” the female demon explained. “I need to make haste. Senior, do you want to head over together?”

She was not afraid of Black Wind Condor’s demonic might. In this zone, the Bai Ze demon clan was also very powerful. She did not mind his presence.

“You may go on ahead,” Black Wind Condor said expressionlessly. However, his eyes revealed a strange light as he transmitted this information to Ye Futian.

Where Ye Futian was, he looked at the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower after he received this information. He then said to Li Changsheng and Zong Chan over transmitted thoughts, “Elder brothers, my demonic beast companion has just gotten information on the situation. There is actually a Demon God Temple in this mountain range of demonic beasts. The demonic beasts are on the move because there is a disturbance in Demon God Temple.”

This caused Li Changsheng and Zong Chan to reveal strange looks. There was actually a Demon God Temple in the secret zone?

Could it be that the Demon God Temple was the ruins of a Demon God?

If that was so, this secret zone was indeed frightening. Within this mountain range, there was more than one clan of demonic beasts. They were all sealed within this space.

Buzz. At that moment, a silhouette flashed and appeared among the crowd. The figure said, “I have just caught a demonic beast. There is a Demon God Temple in the mountain range. Shall we go over and take a look?”

As he said this, all the Renhuangs in the area looked over at the figure who had spoken.

Ye Futian also looked over in that direction. He recognized this person. This person had challenged him on the Law Battle Platform. He was very powerful and was proficient in the Sword of Light. It was Chen Yi.

“Is this true?” someone asked.

“Of course, why would I lie? My cultivation is not high enough to handle the situation. Otherwise, I would not have shared this information with everyone,” Chen Yi said with a smile. The crowd immediately believed what he had said. Although Chen Yi was powerful, after seeing the Demon Emperors in the mountain range, he would have surely perished if he had gone off alone. There was no chance of him making it out alive. He could only tell the others of this news.

“Are we going?” someone asked. This might be a matter of life or death. After all, the demonic beasts moved in groups, and there were many powerful demons. Once the battle began, there might be casualties.

Dong! Suddenly, the crowd felt their hearts throb. Everyone’s gazes turned sharp as they looked far off into the distance, in the direction where the demonic beasts were headed.

Dong! Dong! The sensation grew more and more intense. The crowd felt their hearts beating even faster. They were about to face trouble!
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    《The Legend of Futian》