The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2047 Marked

Should they go?

In different locations, many cultivators glanced at each other. Many of them were conversing via transmitted thoughts.

"You are all among the upper echelons of the Donghua Domain. What is there to hesitate about?" asked Chen Yi as he looked at the crowd. His tone seemed to carry a different kind of aura. Many top figures nodded their heads slightly. It was not that they did not have such boldness but that they were concerned about the junior Renhuangs beside them who had weaker cultivation.

"Let's go take a look," someone said.

"Alright. Everyone, let's head over together. We can also look out for each other. If we encounter enemies that we cannot defeat, proceed with caution," someone responded. In different areas, the various cultivators came to a consensus. They then set off in the same direction the demonic beasts were headed.

As they followed the demonic beasts deeper into the mountain range, the violent throbbing sound could still be heard. It caused their hearts to beat uncontrollably. Even if they did not follow the demonic beasts, they could still locate the Demon God Temple based on this beat.

When they noticed the movements of the cultivators, the demonic beasts who passed by swept cold glances at them. They seemed to look at the cultivators with disdain.

Were these human cultivators also heading to the Demon God Temple?

As they advanced, the various cultivators gradually sensed a huge pressure acting on them. They could faintly sense that a terrifying demonic might was descending upon them. Their hearts throbbed non-stop. Even their blood vessels were pulsating. This caused them to slow down in their tracks. They were worried that accidents would happen.

They could slowly see frightening currents flowing around their bodies, being drawn into the distance. It was like a dragon gulping down a river. The currents of the Great Path were being sucked up into the distance.

"Over there." As they looked in the direction where the currents flowed towards, the crowd saw an illusory black temple. This black temple was frenziedly consuming the currents of the Great Path. Demonic Qi circled around it, and it was filled with a mysterious aura.

The throbbing beat came from inside the temple. It caused the hearts of the people to beat uncontrollably.

At the foot of the black temple, across different areas, there were many Demon Emperors gathered. They were all looking at the huge Demon God Temple with stern expressions.

Behind Ye Futian, some Renhuangs had come to a stop. It was difficult for them to continue. The terrifying throbbing could kill them silently. If the cultivators continued advancing even when they had reached their limits, they would most likely die from the shock.

Among the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower, Beigong Shuang's footsteps were heavy. She said, "I cannot go on much further."

It was not just her. A few Renhuangs from the Wangshen Watchtower also felt the same.

"The Demon Emperors are in different locations. The demonic beasts have more vigor, so they can withstand this power better than we can," Ye Futian said in a low voice.

The group nodded in agreement. Demonic beasts indeed have extremely vigorous life force.

Of course, many Renhuangs with powerful cultivation could still push on. They were not as severely affected. Li Changsheng and Zong Chan did not have any serious reactions to the power acting on them. Although their hearts throbbed and Demonic Qi also churned non-stop, their gazes were calm and unperturbed.

Up ahead, a powerful demon swept a glance at the approaching crowd of humans. One of the Demon Emperors glanced over at other locations. In a cold tone, he said, "These humans have come to check on the commotion. What should we do about them?"

The other powerful demons looked in different directions. These demonic beasts seemed to be divided into different camps. There was a clear distinction between the groups. They clearly belonged to different clans.

"Let's settle them off first," a powerful demon said. His tone was cold and indifferent and contained murderous intent.

"We are merely here to take a look around. Why do we need to..." a Renhuang tried to reason with the demons. As he said this, he felt Demonic Qi surging towards him. It did not allow him to finish speaking. A Demon Emperor directly descended upon him like a shadow.


There was a loud collision when their two figures came in contact. Before this, the Renhuang who had spoken had extended his hand. Bloodstains could be seen; his palm had been ripped apart.

These demonic beasts were actually attacking them straight up, many people thought to themselves. Although there were many demonic beasts in the dark mountain range, there were also a large number of Renhuangs who had entered here. Many of them were from top forces. It was not easy for the demonic beasts to deal with them.

"I will deal with them. Settle those people first," said the handsome youth in the fur coat that Ye Futian's group encountered before this. He said this as he pointed in the direction of the members of Wangshen Watchtower.

A powerful demon floated towards Ye Futian's group. The strangely handsome youth swept a glance towards them. He said, "Before this, I recall warning all of you."

"This place is so big. Surely we are not disturbing anyone by coming here to take a look around?" Li Changsheng replied as he smiled back at the other party. He could sense that this handsome youth was a threat. This Demon Emperor seemed to appear younger and more handsome the older he got. He was certainly a super-powerful demon that had cultivated for eons. He changed his form to appear youthful, but in reality, he was an old monster.

The Demonic Qi around them was frightening. Formless currents tore apart the space. The handsome youth swept towards the cultivators of the Wangshen Watchtower. He stepped out, and his figure disappeared without a trace the next moment.

Buzz. His figure left behind afterimages. Li Changsheng sensed the danger and sent a palm strike flying out immediately. His palm strike seemed soft and gentle, yet even the space was twisted and vibrated under its force.

Their two palms collided in an instant. The currents of the Great Path around them contorted frenziedly. What was even more terrifying was that an astonishing, consuming power suddenly burst forth in the vast space. It seemed to consume everything around them.

A terrifying shadow appeared behind the handsome youth. Darkness descended, and rumbling sounds could be heard. Li Changsheng felt the aura of the Great Path in his body flow towards his opponent's palm uncontrollably. It was not just him. The auras of the Great Path of various cultivators behind him seemed to be sucked in by the consuming current.

For a moment, there was an intense rumbling noise throughout the mountain range. The peaks trembled, and it seemed as though the heavens and earth were falling apart.

"Stand down," said a silhouette as he walked forward. It was Zong Chan. Divine tablets appeared around his body. They blocked in front of him, lessening the effects of the intense, consuming power on the cultivators behind him.

Rumble! The handsome Demon Emperor stepped onto the ground. The vast space seemed to be immediately consumed by him. Ye Futian and the others retreated backward. At the same time, Demon Emperors attacked from other directions. In an instant, a large-scale battle erupted in the space.

Ye Futian and the group retreated. They saw gales ravaging their surroundings. Terrifying, powerful demons blocked out the sun in the sky. They charged towards the cultivators, intending to consume them.

Zong Chan's figure shot up into the sky. Many powerful Renhuangs began to attack. They never imagined that the Demon Emperors in the mountain range would attack so decisively.

Ye Futian's group retreated into the mountain range.

"Let's go after him." Far off in other directions, the cultivators of two forces began to move. They were the cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and the Renhuangs of Lingxiao Palace. They had long marked Ye Futian!
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    《The Legend of Futian》