The Legend of Futian
2053 Domineering Ning Hua
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2053 Domineering Ning Hua

After the Millet Emperor left, it fell quiet inside the Donghua Palace. The various giant level figures had different expressions, but they did not say anything.

Ling Yunzi and Emperor Yan still had sullen expressions. A cold aura emanated from their bodies. Although they had many descendants, be it Ling He or Yan Dongyang, they were both the most outstanding among their heirs. It was especially so for Ling He. He was the successor chosen by Ling Yunzi and was to be the future master of Lingxiao Palace.

Yet, he had perished within the secret zone.

However, no matter how Ling Yunzi tried, he could not fathom how Ling He had died.

Just as the Millet Emperor had said, the two top forces held an absolute advantage against Wangshen Watchtower no matter how they looked at it. How is it that two of their core members ended up being killed?

This meant that many other Renhuangs had also perished.

Ling Yunzi said, “Chief, our Lingxiao Palace, and Great Yan Ancient Royal Family could not see eye-to-eye with Wangshen Watchtower. They might have come into conflict in the secret zone. However, the Chief has already established the rule that the cultivators of the Donghua Domain have come here to train and should not kill each other. After they emerge, if it is found that Ling He and Yan Dongyang have been assassinated by others, I hope that the Chief can hand the culprits over to us so that we can deal with them.” He suppressed the murderous intent and rage in his heart. He tried to keep his voice calm.

As giant level figures, very few things could cause their hearts to be stirred. However, it was not the case this time. Their descendants had perished.

“Alright,” Chief Ning answered as he nodded his head. “During the Donghua Banquet, before everyone entered the secret zone, I established the rule that there should be no manslaughter. If Ling He and Yan Dongyang indeed perished in the secret zone—not because of their adventures inside but by the hands of Renhuangs of the Donghua Domain—I will certainly make sure justice is upheld.”

“Many thanks, Chief,” said Ling Yunzi as he nodded his head. They clearly knew what had happened. This was merely them laying the foundations for later. If their heirs had truly been killed by the disciples of Wangshen Watchtower, then the members of Wangshen Watchtower would soon join the deceased.

As for the Millet Emperor, since the disciples of Wangshen Watchtower were all here, he could not walk away on his own. They did not believe that the Millet Emperor would just desert them.

“If someone else made a move first, but instead,” the Thunder Punishing Skylord uttered in a low voice. Two sharp glares instantly turned towards him. They were the gazes of Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi. This scene caused the Thunder Punishing Skylord to pause. He then shook his head, smiled bitterly and said, “I am not implying anything else. It is just that the Renhuangs all entered the secret zone. It is inevitable for them to encounter extenuating circumstances. Once conflict arises and they begin to exchange blows, they won’t keep everything under control. If someone else attacks them first, should or shouldn’t the other party counterattack? How can you control that? If someone else tries to kill the other party, how should the situation be handled?”

Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi both released cold auras. Although the Thunder Punishing Skylord claimed that he was not implying anything, he was clearly directing his speculation at them.

However, the Thunder Punishing Skylord was also not that concerned about their gazes. Once one reached their level of cultivation, they would do as they pleased. He had a good impression of Ye Futian. Before this, on Turtle Deity Island, the two forces had previously joined forces to go against the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower. If Ling He and Yan Dongyang had truly been killed by the members of Wangshen Watchtower, it might be that Ling He’s side had instigated the fight. If they were to still condemn the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower then, that would not be just.

The other party wanted to lay the foundations for their argument later, so he also spoke up to see how Chief Ning would handle the situation.

Chief Ning also hesitated for a moment when he heard what the Thunder Punishing Skylord said. He revealed a pensive look. Such a question was not so easy to answer.

“Speculating now is meaningless,” Chief Ning declared. “Ning Hua is also in the secret zone. We still do not know what exactly happened. Once everything is over and they have emerged from the secret zone, everything will be clear. We can decide how to handle this then.”

Since the Chief said so, Thunder Punishing Skylord did not go on. He smiled and did not say anything. He was also curious as to what had happened in the secret zone.

Although the other giant-level figures also had their own thoughts about the matter, they did not reveal them. It was better to see how things played out later.

At that moment, in the secret zone, two groups of cultivators stood facing each other. Aside from the cultivators of Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and Lingxiao Palace, the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower, as well as the Domain Chief’s Manor, were also present.

Ning Hua swept an extremely sharp gaze towards Ye Futian.

Standing not far behind Ning Hua, Yan Hanxing had an even colder look. His murderous intent was frightening.

“Vice Chief, the members of the Yan Kingdom and Lingxiao Palace attacked us first. Young Brother Ye was forced to defend himself,” Li Changsheng said to Ning Hua. He had already secretly informed the Millet Emperor. However, he had come into dispute with Ning Hua over this matter. Hence, he controlled his emotions as he tried to talk it out with Ning Hua.

Right now, no matter how enraged he was, he had to hold it in. He had first to settle the issue with Ning Hua.

At the very least, the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower had to make it out of there alive for there to be any hope of survival for them.

“Vice Chief, Ye Liunian defied the rule set by Chief and killed the members of our Yan Kingdom. He should be sentenced to death,” accused Yan Hanxing in a cold tone as he took a step out. Dragon cries shook the space. The divine dragons roared and churned as they charged ahead.

Li Changsheng also took a step out. The powerful aura of the Great Path emanated from his body and blocked off Yan Hanxing’s path.

The cultivators of Lingxiao Palace also stepped forward to attack. However, they were held off by Goddess Donglai.

“Ye Liunian killed those who entered the secret zone for training. Regardless of why he did so, we will take him into custody first. No one shall get in our way,” Ning Hua said. His tone was overbearing. Immediately, the Domain Chief’s Manor cultivators to his left and right stepped out. Terrifying currents of the Great Path swept over the space with frightening pressure. The pressure immediately pressed down on Ye Futian.

However, at that moment, a heavenly might of the Great Path appeared in the vast space. Countless stone tablets appeared around them, enveloping the space. It completely covered Ye Futian, shielding him. The divine tablets circled around and released enormous pressure. They burst forth like the heavenly might of the Great Path. There was a loud rumbling, and the Great Path shattered. Zong Chan’s figure stood there, holding off the cultivators of Domain Chief’s Manor.

“Vice Chief, shouldn’t you investigate the truth of the matter before drawing conclusions?” Zong Chan asked. Although everyone here already knew who the mastermind was, it had not been publicly revealed yet. As the Vice Chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor, Ning Hua still had his reservations.

However, the deaths of Ling He and the others coincidentally gave Ning Hua an excuse to act.

“After we take him into custody, we will naturally get to the bottom of this issue,” Ning Hua said as he swept a glance at Zong Chan. “I said, no one shall get in our way.”

Ning Hua looked at the countless divine tablets that Zong Chan released as he took a step forward. Zong Chan was one of the four most prominent figures in the Donghua Domain. He was an upper-level Renhuang with a flawless Great Path. Ning Hua wanted to see how long Zong Chan could last against him.

Ning Hua personally stepped out. Divine light of the Great Path circled him. He was insufferably arrogant. In an instant, countless ancient characters of the Great Path roared out and covered the sky. These characters were all characters for ‘seal.’ In an instant, they were everywhere in the vast space, suddenly turning it into his absolute domain. He sealed off the space. Even the power of the divine tablets was similarly sealed away!
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    《The Legend of Futian》