The Legend of Futian
2060 The Sealed Item
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2060 The Sealed Item

At this point, Ye Futian finally stood in front of the Demon God Temple. Although the Demon God Temple was towering over everyone, it still seemed unreal and elusive.

Terrifying thunder roared. The Great Path in Ye Futian’s body was vibrating. His heart kept pounding violently, and his blood was rolling and surging in the veins.

Much to everyone’s surprise, he managed to stand in front of the Demon God Temple in one piece.

“Back off,” a cold voice rang out. It was the Demon Emperor who fought against Ye Futian and the others before. He emanated a frighting amount of the Demonic Qi from his body. The Demon God Temple was their holy land where no outsider could approach for years. They were trapped there to look after the divine temple. All they had wished for was that one of them could enter the temple someday, obtain the heritage from the Demon God, and break free from the sealing power.

Yet now, a human cultivator reached the Demon God Temple.

“He can’t get in,” Ning Hua gazed at Ye Futian and declared. He was the son of the Chief and certainly knew what kind of a place this was. He was well aware of the sealing power the divine temple was subject to. It was the ultimate divine sealing technique that made the temple visible to the eyes but not tangible.

Even though Ye Futian was standing in front of the Demon God Temple, it was utterly meaningless. Ning Hua never attempted to enter the Demon God Temple because he knew that no one could get in.

The divine sealing techniques were accomplished with the Divine Book’s help, which was a priceless treasure and a divine item that was created before the collapse of the Heavenly Path.

Each Domain Chief’s Manor of the eighteen domains in the Divine Prefecture possessed a precious treasure. Many master cultivators of the Divine Prefecture’s top forces also owned ancient divine items, which was why they had the opportunities to cultivate to the highest level. The Millet Emperor, for instance, received a divine stela.

The Domain Chief’s Manor had a divine item in their possession as well. Therefore, There was no point for Ye Futian to stand there since he couldn’t get in the Demon God Temple anyway.

According to Ning Hua’s father, the divine sealing technique created the Delusive Divine Seal that was invisible and intangible. It kept the Demon God Temple in the Land of the Void.

Ye Futian obviously realized it as well. Staring straight ahead, his eyes glowed with strange divine light. He sensed the horrifying divine sealing technique. The Demon God Temple radiated infinite Divine Light of the Seals yet had no shadow or real shape. The Will of the Great Path emanated from Ye Futian’s body. The energy currents of the Great Path circulated. In an instant, beams of the Divine Light of the Seals flowed toward Ye Futian and were absorbed by his Life Spirit and Life Palace.

Wrapped around with Divine Light of the Seals, he started to have a clearer view of the Demon God Temple. It seemed as if he was about to integrate with the Divine Light of the Seals.

However, Ye Futian’s figure became blurrier in other people’s eyes. He seemed farther away. At that moment, many people had an illusion that Ye Futian was getting closer to the unreal divine temple, notwithstanding that neither the divine temple nor Ye Futian had moved at all. They still felt this way.

“What is going on?” An astonishing look showed on people’s faces. Did Ye Futian really have a way to get inside?

Ning Hua also knitted his brows in confusion.

At this point, Ye Futian really felt like he was standing in front of the Demon God Temple. The energy of the Great Path inside his body was roaring even more wildly. His heart was pounding loudly, and he could feel the strong vibration.

Staring at the door in front of him, Ye Futian reached out both hands and pushed forward. A ray of blinding light shone out of the Demon God Temple at once. Everyone closed their eyes right away.


One after another, cultivators were flung away. Even Ning Hua felt a terrifying quiver that made him step back. He put down his hands that had been shielding his eyes and looked at the glaring light. The silver-haired man pushed open the door of the Demon God Temple with both hands. Bathing in the dazzling light, Ye Futian looked like God.

“How could it be possible!” Ning Hua was astonished and confounded. He tried it before and knew it was impossible. But Ye Futian somehow pushed the door open.

Could it be that the abnormal movement in the Demon God Temple happened because the seals were loose? Perhaps Ye Futian only had such an opportunity because the Demon God Temple itself had changed?

At this moment, the condition in that area changed abruptly. Brilliant divine light shone from the Demon God Temple directly to the sky. The divine light illuminated the entire secret zone.

Someone uttered a yelp and exploded for not being able to bear the pressure. Other people ran off in a frenzy. Even powerful cultivators like Ning Hua beat a hasty retreat. They stared at the radiating divine temple and saw rays of divine light casting from the sky above the secret zone. Ning Hua raised his head and watched the divine light that seemed to contain limitless sealing power coming from above.

At that point, the entire secret zone was shaking. The divine light of the Great Path shining from all directions looked like countless flashes of lightning. Everyone had an illusion that they had become infinitely small at this moment. It was rare for domineering Renhuangs to feel helpless and humbled.

The power generated at this time seemed to be coming from the authority of heaven.

“What happened just now?” All the cultivators raised their heads to look at the sky. The world was on a rampage at this moment. Many people only realized now that the secret zone was a sealed Space World. The Divine Light of the Seals shone upon the Demon God Temple from above while more divine light was being cast from all directions. They vaguely saw a book that looked like the God Seal Book high up in the sky.

But there seemed to be a breach on the seal. The breach was enlarged when Ye Futian pushed the door open. The energy inside the Demon God Temple was getting worse. The unparalleled divine light of the Great Path blazed down. Many demonic beasts were prostrating themselves on the ground, worshiping the Demon God Temple.

It was the energy of the Demon God.

“Is the seal broken for real?” Ning Hua muttered to himself upon seeing the horrifying scene. As powerful as he was, he didn’t feel confident at all at this moment. He was puny in the face of this kind of power.

“Get out of here now,” Ning Hua ordered without hesitation. Everyone pulled back immediately at full speed. But a large number of demonic beasts couldn’t bear to leave. They stayed in the area and worshipped the Demon God Temple.


The divine light shone from the Demon God Temple and collided with the Divine Light of the Seals coming from above. In the blink of an eye, everything was demolished.

The mountains were crumbling and collapsing, the ground cracking. The secret zone was being destroyed as the space was torn open.

In the midst of that, Ye Futian walked into the Demon God Temple. He broke the seal and triggered everything simply by pushing the door open.

He stood in place and raised his head to watch everything that was happening around him. His heart was beating so wildly that he was on the verge of kneeling over. At this moment, the Divine Tree appeared in his body. The divine light of the ancient tree protected him from being annihilated.

“Is this the Demon God?” Ye Futian could feel his heart pounding while staring at the gigantic thing in front of him. He entered the Burial Ground of the Gods. Legend had it that there were plenty of Gods in the distant past.

Nobody had stepped foot in the mysterious site located in the secret zone of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain. Other than the chief, probably no one in the entire Donghua Domain knew that a divine item was sealed here!
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    《The Legend of Futian》