The Legend of Futian
2062 The Chief’s Decision
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2062 The Chief’s Decision

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Various cultivators emerged one after another. Their figures floated in the sky as they looked towards Donghua Palace.

The cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower were also here. Li Changsheng also appeared. He took a step forward and bowed towards where Chief Ning was. He said, “Reporting to the Chief. After all of us entered the secret zone, we reached the mountain range of demonic beasts and were attacked by Demon Emperors. Yet, during this incident, not only did the members of the Yan Kingdom and Lingxiao Palace not join forces with us to defeat the demon clan cultivators, they instead tried to kill us. At that time, dozens of Renhuangs pursued Ye Liunian. Among them were Yan Dongyang from Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. as well as Ling He from Lingxiao Palace. Might I ask this: Were the Yan Kingdom and Lingxiao Palace members trying to kill Ye Liunian? Or was Ye Liunian trying to kill them? May Chief judge fairly.”

Although Li Changsheng was already aware that Chief Ning was behind all this, they could not mention this now. Even if they knew about this, they had to feign ignorance. That way, Chief Ning could at least fake his stance on the matter. Otherwise, if they were to tear off his mask, there would be no escape for them.

“Utter nonsense,” someone yelled out in a cold tone. His voice shook the sky, causing Li Changsheng’s blood to churn. Emperor Yan stood at the edge of the cliff. He looked at Li Changsheng intently. The pressure that acted on Li Changsheng was insufferable. Emperor Yan said in a cold tone, “According to what you claim, Ye Liunian should not have survived.”

“Vice Chief should have also seen this,” said Li Changsheng as he looked at Ning Hua.

“I arrived later and saw that several people had fallen to Ye Futian. I am not clear as to what happened before I arrived,” Ning Hua replied.

“I saw what happened. We were passing by at that moment. The members of the two forces were pursuing Ye Liunian and the cultivators of the Wangshen Watchtower,” a calm voice said. The person who had spoken was Jiang Yueli from Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow. After she said this, she did not reveal any more. This matter was too complicated to get involved in. It was not appropriate for them to interfere. However, there would not be an issue if she just mentioned what she saw.

It would be best if a figure like Ye Futian could live. Although the hopes of him surviving were slim, she still helped out by mentioning this. At the very least, it could prove that these two major forces had attacked Ye Futian first.

“When we were outside, we also mentioned that we would face each other if we had the chance. Ye Liunian also mentioned a group battle during the Donghua Banquet,” Yan Hanxing said in a cold tone. “Hence, after we entered the secret zone, we naturally wanted to experience the cultivation of the Renhuangs from Wangshen Watchtower. We were sparring and exchanging pointers. How can that be considered attacking them? Has Wangshen Watchtower lost even a single member? However, Ye Futian defied the rule established by the Chief and directly went for the kill. Even after Vice Chief forbade him from doing so, he continued to kill the Renhuangs of the Yan Kingdom as well as Lingxiao Palace in front of everyone.”

“Hey…” a voice cried out. Chen Yi stood in mid-air as he looked at Yan Hanxing and said, “Crown prince of Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, even though you are a ninth-tier Renhuang, you speak so shamelessly? Their abilities were inferior, and they ended up being killed in Ye Liunian’s counterattack. Why do you make it seem as though they just stood there and waited for Ye Liunian to kill them? In front of the Demon God Temple in the secret zone, how many Renhuangs from your two forces faced Ye Liunian alone? When they were killed instead, you claim that Ye Liunian killed them in front of everyone. According to you, should Ye Liunian have just stood there and be killed?”

As Chen Yi said this, everyone’s gazes gradually fell on him. Frightening pressure enveloped his body, but Chen Yi had no fear. He bowed slightly at Chief Ning and said, “Chief, I witnessed the entire thing. The two major forces were pursuing Ye Liunian all the way. He was merely forced to defend himself.”

“Where is Ye Liunian?” Chief Ning asked. His voice reverberated in the space and spread far and wide. Down below, a silhouette dashed out and became a beam of light that descended upon the peak. It was Ye Futian. He bowed slightly at Chief Ning, just like Li Changsheng had done. He also understood the predicament he was in. Even though he knew what kind of person Chief Ning was, he still had to strive to stay alive.

“Reporting to the Chief. The members of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and Lingxiao Palace pursued me all the way in the secret zone. I was forced to counterattack,” Ye Futian slowly said. “Chief wanted us to train in the secret zone. By some fated coincidence, I accidentally opened the Demon God Temple, causing this series of events. I hope Chief can forgive this misstep.”

Ye Futian clearly knew what he was facing, but he still acted calmly, as though it was not a problem. Panic and fear were meaningless right now.

Chief Ning looked at Ye Futian. Setting aside the matter with the Yan Kingdom and Lingxiao Palace, Ye Futian breaking the seal and causing the divine item to be destroyed was unforgivable. However, Chief Ning was the one who allowed the cultivators to enter the secret zone to train. He had no excuse for blaming Ye Futian; he had not mentioned that they could not enter.

At that moment, the space suddenly fell silent for a short while.

“I believed that what they say is mostly the truth. Ye Liunian naturally wouldn’t just sit there and await death given the conflict between these forces. As for being able to break the seal, as expected, this fellow is a genius,” Emperor Xi said with a smile. He appeared very casual about it, seemingly wanting to resolve the issue effortlessly.

“Emperor Xi, this person killed a prince of the Yan Kingdom and the Lingxiao Palace Young Palace Lord in the secret zone, as well as many Renhuangs,” Emperor Yan stated. Emperor Xi actually admired Ye Futian and was speaking up for him.

Emperor Xi smiled and did not say anymore. Such were cultivators. The situation faced by Ye Futian today was indeed very disadvantageous to him. These people would not question right and wrong. They only wanted results. They wanted Ye Futian’s life.

Now, it depended on how Chief Ning viewed this situation.

Ye Futian voiced out, “Before this, Chief claimed that the members who passed through to the training in the secret zone could enter the Domain Chief’s Manor to cultivate. I discussed this with the Millet Emperor before coming here. I came precisely to join Domain Chief’s Manor. That is why I followed the Millet Emperor and participated in the Donghua Banquet. Now that the secret zone has shattered, I wonder whether or not I still have the chance to join the Domain Chief’s Manor to cultivate?”

Ye Futian’s expression was calm as he bowed towards Chief Ning. This immediately caused everyone to look at him in astonishment. Ye Futian actually brought up joining Domain Chief’s Manor to cultivate now. This surprised everyone.

Those who entered the secret zone were especially surprised. They had witnessed firsthand Ning Hua nearly killing Ye Futian. Under such circumstances, Ye Futian should have become sworn enemies with Ning Hua. Yet, he swallowed his pride here and asked to join the Domain Chief’s Manor to cultivate. He was bold.

Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi both looked at him with strange expressions. This white-haired youth was indeed a genius. He actually brought up wanting to join the Domain Chief’s Manor in such a situation. Under normal circumstances, if they had no affiliations with the Domain Chief’s Manor, the Chief might actually agree to accept him and protect him. Domain Chief’s Manor would then have another outstanding monstrous figure.

However, Ye Futian must not have known who was the mastermind behind Supreme Deity Donglai’s death.

Hence, it was impossible for Ye Futian to join Domain Chief’s Manor. Chief Ning would not harbor something that would later do him harm.

Chief Ning looked at Ye Futian and said, “I understand what all of you have said. Each side has its own story. It seems that the conflict between the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, Lingxiao Palace, and Wangshen Watchtower cannot be reconciled. Regardless of whatever reason you had, you defying my rules and killing the cultivators of the two major forces is still the truth. Some say that it was with reason, but I cannot defend you. Hence, Ye Liunian, you can forget about cultivating in the Domain Chief’s Manor.”

When they heard the Chief’s words, many people were stunned. It appeared that Chief Ning was giving up on this prominent figure. Such a monstrous existence was rejected by the Domain Chief’s Manor even though Ye Futian had actively stated that he wanted to join them.

He has been rejected, thought the Renhuangs to themselves. A monstrous figure like Ye Futian had actually been rejected.

“Aside from that, the grudge between your three forces cannot be reconciled by others. As such, settle it among yourselves,” Chief Ning continued. The various cultivators looked at the Chief. He was giving up on Ye Futian.

Settle it among yourselves. How could Ye Futian stand against two giant level figures?

It was certain death!
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    《The Legend of Futian》