The Legend of Futian
2067 Desperation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2067 Desperation

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The strength of the Yan family from Donghua Heavens was much inferior to those cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower. After a brief collision, many Renhuang were killed. After all, the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower were striking back with their full power, without mercy.

However, the cultivators of the Yan family managed to delay the escape for the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower. In just a few short moments, the terrifying pressure of the Great Path had descended from the distance.

A figure turned into lightning, shuttled through the void with divine light lingered upon his body; it was Ning Hua. He was rushing toward Ye Futian with greatest speed. The main goal of this mission was to take down Ye Futian, followed by the total destruction of all the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower.

Not only because of the strength that Ye Futian had exhibited, but there was also another important reason: he had opened up the Demon God Temple, and may have obtained the things left behind by the Demon God.

Therefore, no matter what, Ye Futian must be captured. It wouldn’t matter as much if the others escaped, but Ye Futian must not.


With a loud bang, a sky tablet directly blocking in front of the divine light that was transformed by Ning Hua. A figure appeared in front of Ye Futian, and it was Zong Chan. Although he could not compete with Ning Hua either, but given this situation, only he and Li Changsheng could somewhat counter Ning Hua’s attack.

If Ning Hua was to get to Ye Futian, there would be no doubt what would happen.


Without the slightest hesitation, the sky tablet was pierced and shattered. Zong Chan’s body continued moving forward, blocking the way. He raised his arm and struck out. Suddenly, tablets appeared behind him surrounded by divine light, and a monstrous force burst out from his palms. The great palm prints were like the prints transformed by the sky tablet, shattering the void.

Another violent sound of collision came out, shook the space they were in with great violence. With them as the center, a terrible storm radiated out, sweeping toward the surrounding areas. Those Renhuang whose cultivation were not strong enough were knocked out immediately.

Zong Chan was also knocked out and went flying. He made a muffled groan, and the blood inside his body tossed and churned. Not only that, his arms were surrounded by an aura of the Grand Seal, and that terrible Grand Seal Great Path rushed into his body, trying to seal up his path.

Moreover, Zong Chan cultivated the Gate to World Suppression that could suppress the Great Path with incomparably tyrannical strength, with extremely overbearing power for direct attack. But even so, he was knocked out by Ning Hua in their direct exchange. Ning Hua, however, was standing there steadily, demonstrating his powerful strike.

“Shredding Power!”

He had long heard that Ning Hua was an expert in assorted powers of the Great Path and had cultivated many extremely powerful magical powers. The art of seal was one of his most expert abilities. But, at the same time, he had also mastered other abilities, which now work in sync with the power of the Grand Seal Great Path. He was indeed the premier genius talent of Donghua Heavens, one and only among his peers.

When the two made exchanged and collided, the cultivators that had chased them came forward and surrounded the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower in a circle, standing at different positions in the void. Everyone was far apart, because after all, these were the existence in the Renhuang Realm.

A lot of cultivators gathered in the distance, looking up at this space. Their hearts trembled violently; what a terrifying group of Renhuang.

That person was the Vice Chief Ning Hua. What was happening?

All the Renhuang stood in the sky, as the pressure of the Great Path suppressed this part of the space. Even standing far away, one could feel that suffocating power. They were all surrounded by the divine light of the Great Path, and many cultivators were releasing their own powerful Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

“I gave you a chance, but you insist on seeking your own death,” Ning Hua said, looking at Zong Chan. As his voice fell, his body floated above the sky as he released his Divine Wheel of Great Path. An extremely shocking Grand Seal Divine Wheel suspended in the sky in an instant, and continued to elevate.

At this moment, infinite characters of the Seal Spell appeared in the vast space, rained down from the sky and were everywhere. For a moment, as if this space had now turned into his unique domain of the Great Path, all other powers of the Great Path were bound to be shutdown.

Buzz! Infinite Grand Seal divine light shoot toward every cultivator from Wangshen Watchtower. Giant characters fell as everyone madly releasing their own power of the Great Path. However, as soon as that divine light touched it, their power instantly lost its edge.

“How powerful!”

Those who were watching the battle from afar felt nothing but fright. Was this the power of Ning Hua? A magnificent character of Donghua Domain; he was invincible and incomparable.

Confronted with this, Li Changsheng, Zong Chan and the others were looking grave. Li Changsheng was moving forward, and a Divine Wheel of the ancient tree appeared upon him, with countless branches and leaves reaching toward the divine light of seal. At the same time, Zong Chan was standing high above the sky, facing Ning Hua. Numerous stone tablets appeared above the sky and falling down, completely blocking this corner of the sky. Somewhere high above, an ancient door appeared. There was divine light falling on him, so that Zong Chan’s body was also bathing in radiant divine glory.

If no one stopped Ning Hua, cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower would be slaughtered, with their power sealed shut, and no way to resist the attacks from other Renhuang.

In the vast void, the divine tablet and the divine light of seal collided. Zong Chan stared at Ning Hua across the air, a brilliant divine light erupted from him, and an ancient door seemed to have opened above the sky. As he stepped out, countless divine gates slammed down instantly, blocking the area where Ning Hua was.

The Gate to World Suppression slammed down, turning into a white light, and shot straight toward Ning Hua.

“You ask for it.”

Ning Hua spat out in an icy voice. When his voice fell, countless divine light and the characters of the Seal Spell went straight forward, turning into a massive seal pattern, traversing the sky like a divine matrix.


The white light slammed down, and the Gate to World Suppression blasted upon the Grand Seal Divine Matrix, causing it to tremble violently. Furthermore, Zong Chan’s body was connected to the divine gate above the sky. Countless divine light shot out, and those endless divine gates overlapped again and again with the attacking gates. The repeated slamming down was causing cracks to appear in the Grand Seal Divine Matrix.

When Ning Hua saw this, he was rather surprised. As someone who was his equal in Donghua Heavens, Zong Chan indeed had considerable strength. If it wasn’t him, Zong Chan would be an unparalleled figure.

Unfortunately, there would only be dead ends for him today.

The infinite Great Path of divine light flowed inside Ning Hua’s body, as if he was now a Grand Seal divine body. Even more radiant divine light of seal fell on the seal pattern, repaired and reinforced the Grand Seal Divine Matrix that was broken up. His figure floated forward and he put his hand on the Grand Seal Divine Matrix. Suddenly, the divine light of the matrix became brightened in an instant, engulfing the void. All the Gates to World Suppression

that were attacking were surrounded and bound by that Grand Seal Divine Light.

The Divine Light of the Grand Seal Great Path engulfed the void and swallowed toward Zong Chan, causing the power of the Gate to World Suppression to be weakened continuously.

But Ning Hua did not stop his movements. Another palm print fell and a divine light split the Gate to World Suppression from the middle, and multiple divine gates were shattered into nothingness, exploding frantically.

He continued to step forward, and his eyes stared into Zong Chan’s eyes. Suddenly, the divine light of the Grand Seal invaded him, and Zong Chan immediately felt that his spiritual will and spiritual soul were about to be sealed shut, and that his whole world was now turned into a sealed world. Its power of the Great Path was everywhere, like a prison that intend to imprison his spiritual will, imprison his soul, and his body, with nowhere to run!
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    《The Legend of Futian》