The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2072 Speaking Ou

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Zong Chan’s death shocked the cultivators on the battlefield. After all, Zong Chan was a genius who was expected to become the best of the Donghua Domain. Nevertheless, Ning Hua slaughtered him before he could reach the top of the world.

Jiang Yueli, who was on a par with Zong Chan as one of the four prominent cultivators in the Donghua Domain, was especially discomposed. She gazed in Zong Chan’s direction, waves of emotion surging in her heart. It felt surreal that Zong Chan had just lost his life like this.

Ning Hua was so domineering and didn’t show any mercy. He killed Zong Chan at once without giving him any chance to fight back.

Jiang Yueli started to believe the Millet Emperor’s words now. The chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor might already be a player in the game and had been targeting Wangshen Watchtower since the beginning. Considering everything that had happened so far, Jiang Yueli had more confidence in this speculation now.

If that was the case, the Lingxiao Palace might have an ulterior motive behind their constant attempts to approach them. Ling He even showed romantic interest in Qin Qing.

Their chief was quite an ambitious and pushy man. It seemed that he intended to grip all the forces in the entire Donghua Domain in his hand.

Ning Hua appeared to have inherited the same ambition and behaved in an even more forceful way. After all, he had gained fame as the best cultivator in the Donghua Domain a long time ago. Jiang Yueli had an ominous feeling. A person like Ning Hua naturally would make her feel suspicious and alarmed.

Since Zong Chan had died, there was one less extraordinary cultivator in the Donghua Domain now.

It looked like Wangshen Watchtower was destined to have a tragic ending.

The cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower scattered around the battlefield were inundated by a fury of indignation and grief. But it was useless. Several Renhuangs died in the battle, and they had fewer people now. It seemed that they had no way out at this point.

Ye Futian’s bloodshot eyes gazed at Zong Chan’s dead body. He felt a spasm of pain in his heart. Although he wasn’t particularly close to Zong Chan, he was always impressed by Zong Chan’s honest character and great magnanimity. On top of that, Zong Chan had remarkable talents and would have had a boundless future if he didn’t lose his life here.

Moreover, the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower might all be killed here. None of them could contend with Ning Hua. As strong as Ye Futian was, he only had the ability to kill Renhuangs below the eighth order. He couldn’t win against the peak-level Renhuangs for the enormous gap between their cultivation levels.

At this point, Ning Hua started to attack Chen Yi. The divine light penetrated the void with all speed. Thankfully, Chen Yi also moved like a whirlwind. A flash of light illuminated the sky. Ning Hua’s attack didn’t catch up to Chen Yi.

“You need to leave.” At this moment, Ye Futian heard a voice coming through the void. It was Chen Yi. Ye Futian raised his head and looked in the direction of the voice. Chen Yi was standing in midair and staring at him.

Ning Hua was watching them from the other side. His eyes were filled with murderous intent and sheer malice.

Since both Chen Yi and Ye Futian wanted to die, he would certainly grant their wish.

“Other people from Wangshen Watchtower might still have a chance if you leave with me. Ning Hua will definitely chase after you. Everyone would die if you stayed here,” Chen Yi added. Ye Futian knew that he was telling the truth. No one could contend with Ning Hua’s unstoppable force. The Wangshen Watchtower could only have a slim chance of survival if he took to his heels and lured Ning Hua away.

Besides, it was meaningless for him to stay here. His inferior cultivation level determined that he could not defeat Ning Hua at this point and would die sooner or later.

“Okay.” Ye Futian understood that he didn’t have to hesitate at this moment. He nodded decisively in agreement and was ready to leave.

Chen Yi released a beam of extremely dazzling divine light upon hearing Ye Futian’s answer. The light temporarily blinded everyone’s eyes. Even Ning Hua had to use his hands to shield his eyes for a moment.

“Em?” Ning Hua seemed to have realized that something was wrong. The blinding divine light disappeared the next moment. So did Ye Futian, who streaked away at breakneck speed like a bolt of lightning.

“Humph,” Ning Hua snorted. Ye Futian wanted to escape?

Ning Hua let Ye Futian get away in the secret zones because of the mountains standing in the way. Did Ye Futian think that he could make off again this time?

Ning Hua took a step forward and locked on Ye Futian with his divine consciousness. His body turned into a shadow as he chased after Ye Futian like blazes.

Yan Hanxing and many other cultivators originally wanted to pursue Ye Futian. But they remained on the battlefield when they saw Ning Hua ran after him. They were absolutely confident about Ning Hua’s ability.

There was no point for them to chase after Ye Futian if Ning Hua couldn’t catch him.

Ye Futian would die without a doubt. Ning Hua would not let him get off alive.

Yan Hanxing looked at Li Changsheng and said, “Since Wangshen Watchtower is eager to be destroyed, we will wipe you out today.”

“Folks,” a woman’s voice rang out at this moment. Yan Hanxing and the others looked in the direction of the voice. It was Jiang Yueli, the legendary cultivator from the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow. She stood in the sky far away and watched the battlefield intently with her beautiful eyes, said, “Zong Chan was the best disciple of Wangshen Watchtower. Since he is dead and Ning Hua has already gone to chase after Ye Liunian, why do you have to kill everyone here?”

The crowd focused their eyes on Jiang Yueli. As the first disciple of the Sword Goddess and possibly the most powerful one of the four prominent cultivators of the Donghua Domain, Jiang Yueli’s words carried a lot of weight. She was an eighth-order Renhuang with a perfect Great Path. Even Ning Hua might not be able to win against her.

To some extent, Jiang Yueli was in the same league as Ning Hua, second only to the master cultivators in the Donghua Domain. She was one step away from reaching the pinnacle.

Now, she pleaded on behalf of the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower herself.

“The Chief is kind and generous and didn’t want to quibble with the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower before. Since Ye Futian is the one who violated the chief’s order, it would be enough if Ning Hua could capture him. Moreover, Zong Chan passed away, and Wangshen Watchtower has lost more than half of their men. As the chief who presides over the entire Donghua Domain, he probably doesn’t want you to start a massacre right here. I’m afraid that the chief might have a hard time explaining the mass execution if the Great Emperor heard about it and sent people here to inquire,” Jiang Yueli continued.

Jiang Yueli had a point. The Renhuangs from the Domain Chief’s Manor pondered over the issue. An elder took a glance at the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower, who either died or severely injured. Zong Chan was dead, and Ning Hua was already hunting down Chen Yi and Ye Futian. It was indeed meaningless for them to keep slaughtering the rest of the cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower, who probably couldn’t hold any sway anyway.

“Stop,” a high-level elder ordered. The cultivators from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and the Lingxiao Palace all packed in. Wangshen Watchtower was in a disadvantageous position and certainly wouldn’t pick a fight on their own initiative. As furious as they were, they had no choice but to suppress their emotion.

At this point, they could only hope for the Millet Emperor to be safe.

“Since the Goddess has spoken, we will let you live as you are not the culprits. You sabotaged the Donghua Banquet held by the chief. I hope you can conduct yourselves well in the future. Otherwise, even if the chief is generous enough to spare you, other people in the Domain Chief’s Manor will not let you off lightly,” a ninth-order Renhuang from the Domain Chief’s Manor announced loudly. They decided to stop.

It wasn’t absolutely necessary to kill these people. Moreover, the Great Emperor indeed might send people over to inquire into this matter. It would be easier for the chief to explain if they didn’t wipe out Wangshen Watchtower right now.

The cultivators from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family and the Lingxiao Palace stopped unwillingly. Everything would be over as long as the Millet Emperor was killed. Wangshen Watchtower would be eliminated from the Donghua Domain, and it didn’t matter if they killed his disciples or not.

“Lucky you,” Yan Hanxing said and darted a glance at Li Changsheng. Li Changsheng sighed to himself and slightly nodded at Jiang Yueli to show his gratitude. It grieved him to think about their loss, but he recognized that they were indebted to Jiang Yueli since she stopped the massacre.

Then, Li Changsheng descended slowly through the air. Drowning in great sorrow, he came to Zong Chan’s dead body and held him in his arms. Brother Zong was supposed to be the future of Wangshen Watchtower and the master in the coming times. Yet he lost his life here.

Wangshen Watchtower would be eliminated.

And he had no ability to exact revenge.

Li Changsheng raised his head and gazed into the distance where the Domain Chief’s Manor was. The only wish he had at this moment was for the Millet Emperor to be alive!
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    《The Legend of Futian》