The Legend of Futian
2074 Came to a Close
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2074 Came to a Close

Chapter 2074: Came to a Close

Ning Hua looked at the person in front of him and started to take him seriously. He stepped forward while still emitting the brilliant divine light of the Great Path from his body.

He was curious to see who on earth this person was.

The mysterious man remained self-possessed when seeing Ning Hua was charging at him. He formed a seal with his hands. In an instant, the Great Path resonated in the space, and the divine light shone brightly. A divine wall towering into the sky took shape with him at the center and blocked Ning Hua’s path forward.

The divine wall slanted and pressed down from above with unstoppable momentum and the authority of heaven. Exquisite and intricate patterns were engraved on the divine wall and outlined several formations of the Great Path. The formations glowed with the divine light and seemed invincible. The mysterious person looked like the God of Earth at this moment.

Upon seeing the divine wall that obstructed his way, Ning Hua released the divine halo that swept across thousands of miles of land. He outstretched a hand and pushed forward. The Divine Light of the Seals climbed up on the divine wall, trying to seal it off. Nevertheless, the divine wall kept extending into the distance as if it could reach as far as the person’s divine consciousness could cover. It was impregnable and indestructible.

“What kind of defense is this?” Chen Yi and Ye Futian behind him were also astonished by the power. The mysterious person stood on top of the ancient peak, and even the mountain was rooted out and became a part of the Great Path. The divine wall he summoned divided the area into two by chopping up in the middle. Ye Futian and Chen Yi couldn’t see what was going on outside, but they felt that the wall was like an unshakable barrier made by God.


With a loud thump, the divine wall vibrated violently as though it was attacked by a fierce force at multiple places. Under the sustained and relentless attack, the divine wall shone even more brightly and refused to yield.

The mysterious cultivator gazed at Ning Hua while giving off unparalleled divine light from his body. A separate divine wall appeared in the sky and began to fall upon Ning Hua. In the meantime, the divine wall in all directions started to move toward Ning Hua and if it was trying to close him in.

Buzz! Ning Hua was aware of the danger and drew back immediately. He stopped his attack and pulled out through the energy field that hadn’t been consolidated yet. He was afraid of not being able to get out if he was confined within the divine walls.

“Who on earth are you?” Ning Hua stared at the mysterious person who seemed to have integrated himself with the Great Path and blended into the world. His body was embedded in the divine wall as though he was part of it.

Based on his observation, Ning Hua vaguely felt that the person was not only at a higher cultivation level but also had a deeper comprehension of the Great Path. By integrating himself with the Great Path, he truly reached the perfect state and created a resonance and unleash the incomparable power of the Great Path that even Ning Hua’s attack couldn’t penetrate.

“Please go back, Vice Chief,” the person spoke calmly and didn’t answer Ning Hua’s question. Ning Hua was still radiating dazzling divine light and wouldn’t let it go. He came to hunt down Ye Futian and Chen Yi. With his prestige and reputation, how could he explain himself if he went back empty-handed?

The mysterious cultivator noticed Ning Hua’s hesitation and formed a seal with both hands. Tremendous force fell from the sky at once, coupled with strong resonance. An enormous hand appeared and pressed down upon Ning Hua with all speed.

It looked like the God Hand.


With a deafening sound, Ning Hua was nailed to the ground. A giant indentation in the shape of a hand became visible on the ground. Ning Hua slowly surfaced with an embarrassed look. His frosty eyes glared at his opponent.

He didn’t expect to be overpowered by anyone in the Donghua Domain, except for the master cultivators. In his mind, even Jiang Yueli, who was at the eighth order, probably couldn’t defeat him either.

Who was this person?

An eighth-order Renhuang with a perfect Great Path. Which top force in the Donghua Domain could have someone like this?

Jiang Yueli of the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow was the only one known to the public.

“We’ll see each other again soon,” said Ning Hua. He turned around and left with resolution. He seemed to understand that he would not be able to breach the person’s defense to capture Ye Futian and Chen Yi. He wasn’t even a match for him in a face-to-face clash.

The mysterious person gazed at Ning Hua’s receding figure for a while. Moments after Ning Hua was out of their sight, he asked, “Vice Chief, what else can I help you with?”

“I know who you are,” a voice came from afar. Ning Hua left for real after that. The mysterious person withdrew his power, turned around, and looked at Chen Yi and Ye Futian.

“Thank you very much, senior,” Chen Yi and Ye Futian expressed their gratitude.

“The Donghua Heavens are not safe. Come with me,” the mysterious person said. Then, he led Chen Yi and Ye Futian away. A lot of people came to the site after they were gone. Their hearts trembled when they saw the deep indentation on the ground, which was still emitting frightening Will of the Great Path. Some people even stepped in and sat down to cultivate themselves.

For cultivators of the younger generation, this was a mark of the Great Path left by a true legend.

“It was the vice chief who was defeated here?” someone asked.

“Yes, I think it’s him.”

“Who on earth has such terrifying power that can beat the vice chief?” The crowd was confounded and amazed. Wasn’t Ning Hua the finest genius in the Donghua Domain who was unrivaled and second only to the master cultivators? Who could prevail over him?

Nonetheless, they had no clue since even Ning Hua himself couldn’t figure it out.

On the other side, almost half of the palatial Domain Chief’s Manor was destructed and burned down.

The battle over there was finished already. Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi—the Palace Lord of the Lingxiao Palace—were both injured. Their distressed expression undercut their usual ethereal quality. Even the chief was a little disheveled. He descended from above with a displeased look. The energy around his body undulated slightly.

“Chief.” Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi also had a stern face. They already knew what happened—the Millet Emperor was still alive and got away.

“The divine stela truly is a divine item from the distant past and can borrow the authority of heaven. The Millet Emperor escaped, albeit being seriously injured. I have to trouble you two to spend some effort to track him down and capture him, to keep him from murdering innocent people,” said Ning Yuan. Emperor Yan and Ling Yunzi nodded.

“We will track his whereabouts once we get back.” Emperor Yan nodded in agreement. They needed to fetch their divine items to trace the Millet Emperor. Although the Millet Emperor was severely wounded, he could still pose a huge threat to them once he recovered. They had to exterminate him completely, just like how they handled the Supreme Deity Donglai.

Ning Yuan raised his head and saw that the people who chased after cultivators from Wangshen Watchtower were coming back.

“Chief.” The elder bowed and was about to report the news when Ning Yuan waved his hand and said, “I already knew. You did the right thing. Even though the Millet Emperor broke the rules, the disciples of Wangshen Watchtower are mostly innocent. As long as we capture Ye Futian, it’s alright to let other people go. I’m sure they will know how to behave in the future.”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded.

Ning Yuan gazed into the distance. Shortly after, he frowned and spoke to Ning Hua thousands of miles away, “Ning Hua, where are you?”

Ning Hua was still on his way back when he heard his father’s voice. He replied, “Someone intercepted me and took Ye Futian and Chen Yi.”

Ning Hua’s voice traveled through the void and echoed in the Domain Chief’s Manor. All the cultivators were stunned upon hearing him. Who could intercept Ning Hua?

“Who is it?” Ning Yuan asked.

“I don’t know. He deliberately concealed his face. Besides, he is an eighth-order Renhuang with a perfect Great Path. He can forge a divine wall that can screen off the void.” Ning Hua answered, “I couldn’t penetrate his defense.”

Everyone in the Domain Chief’s Manor was staggered. Who had such abilities?

Even Ning Hua couldn’t break his defense? Who could it be?

“They escaped!”

Ning Yuan’s expression grew grim. Ye Futian stole the treasure in the Demon God Temple in the secret zone and ran off?

How could they let him get away?

He looked around the room and scrutinized everyone present, then asked, “Does anyone know which force has such a person?”

They had never heard of this man before.

“I don’t know.” Everyone shook their heads. Both Ye Futian and the Millet Emperor escaped. It seemed like the Domain Chief’s Manor failed to achieve their goal this time. Even so, it was a pity that Zong Chan died.

Zong Chan was already a seventh-order Renhuang who would have had a boundless future. Yet he died in Ning Hua’s hands.

“Maybe he is from another domain?” someone suggested.

“Perhaps he was trying to mislead us by covering his face,” someone else said.

Ning Yuan’s face was steely. He looked into the distance and said to Ning Hua, “Come back first. We’ll talk about it later.”

Who was hindering them in secret?

Could it be someone sent by one of the master cultivators here in the Donghua Palace right now?

Besides them, who else could raise such a powerful cultivator?

Were they after the treasure of the Demon God Temple?

Regardless, Ning Yuan had to send someone to investigate since he couldn’t find out the truth by speculation alone.

“I have been a bad host for letting the Donghua Banquet turn into such a mess. I will invite you to gather again in the future if the chance arises,” said Ning Yuan. The crowd was silent. No one expected the Donghua Banquet to become a storm like this.

Furthermore, the storm was probably not over yet.

“I won’t keep you any longer. Please suit yourselves. However, I will send people to inquire into the matter. Please forgive me if the investigation affects you later,” said Ning Yuan. The crowd was surprised and confounded. Did Ning Yuan mean that he would investigate all the forces?

“The Lingxiao Palace will cooperate fully,” Ling Yunzi said.

“The Great Yan will cooperate with the chief as well,” said Emperor Yan. Nevertheless, other master cultivators didn’t express their attitudes right away. Proud and esteemed, they wouldn’t give their approval before knowing exactly how Ning Yuan wanted to conduct the investigation.

“I will bid you goodbye, Chief,” the Sword Goddess spoke and left. Other people also made their departure following her. The turmoil seemed to have come to an end for the time being!
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    《The Legend of Futian》