The Legend of Futian
2079 Divine Prefecture Calendar Year 10058
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2079 Divine Prefecture Calendar Year 10058

At Turtle Deity Island, in the Cultivation Court at the back of the mountain. A white-haired figure was sitting cross-legged; it was Ye Futian.

At this time, there was a breathtaking scene in Ye Futian’s life palace. In front of him, a divine heart floated in the air. Around the divine heart, a boundless and massive illusory figure appeared. It was the shadow of a Peacock Demon God.

Inside the world of the life palace, there was a strange vision of heaven and earth. The wings of the Peacock Demon God spread out, sheltering the boundless void, blocking out the sun. There were jewels bedecking its radiant divine wings, and like mirrors, they reflected the divine glory that would cover a boundless space. Every place illuminated by the divine light seemed to be the realm that belonged to the Peacock Demon God.

That divine heart madly gobbled up the power of the Great Path between heaven and earth, and the currents of the Great Path circulated to create this vision. Ye Futian had a feeling that the Peacock Demon God was supposed to have existed in this world. His power and the world of Ye Futian’s life palace were one and the same.

This also reminded Ye Futian of when he experienced his own Becoming; he was destined to have the perfect Great Path.

Inside this extremely splendid realm of the gods, Ye Futian could feel an ancient aura which he perceived vaguely. In this realm of the gods, any areas illuminated by the gems on the wings of the Peacock Demon God would be shattered and destroyed. Just as when they were in the secret zone, wherever the divine light reached, everything was destroyed, the Great Path collapsed, the secret zone pulverized, and Renhuang perished.

Ye Futian opened his eyes and stared at the crystal-like heart of the demon god. This thing was the heart of the demon god, a veritable divine item, which was now one with his own spiritual soul. What would happen if he were to refine it?

When his thought turned to this, countless branches and leaves danced on the ancient tree of the world as they swept toward the heart of the demon god, covering it. They then entangled and swallowed it within the ancient tree of the world, as the ancient branches and leaves absorbed its power, turning it into nourishment to incorporate it into the spiritual soul.

At this time, in the outside world, there were also infinite branches and leaves spreading out. Many ancient branches and leaves appeared upon Ye Futian, who was sitting there. There were roots underneath his feet, taking hold inside the earth. It was as if his entire person had turned into an ancient tree.

Gradually, Ye Futian fell into a fantastical realm. In that wondrous mood, he seemed to transform into a divine tree, with those ancient branches and leaves transformed as parts of his body, as his breath of life became extremely robust.

Boom, boom… The sound of heartbeats was loud. Ye Futian’s brows twitched. The power of the Peacock Demon God’s divine heart flowed to every part of his body, sinking into his blood. It seemed to have felt his heart and resonated with it, causing his heart to beat violently.

This feeling was kind of like the feeling he had when he was standing outside the Demon God Temple in the secret zone. However, once the spiritual soul swallowed the divine heart, this feeling subsided.

However, it appeared again at this time, and it became even more intense. His heart thumped violently, and the blood in his body tossed and roared frantically.


Ye Futian felt that a divine light had penetrated the divine heart and the fierceness of his own heart. It was as if he had been inexplicably summoned. The two established a certain connection so that even being shrouded by the ancient tree of the world in his spiritual soul, and there was still a steady stream of divine brilliance flowing towards Ye Futian’s heart.

This made Ye Futian’s entire body extremely tense. This was the Demon God’s divine heart, which had formed an inexplicable connection with his own heart. His heart would burst if he were not careful.

His heartbeat became frighteningly rapid. He could even hear the violent sounds of his heart beating. The life force inside of him exploded, and the currents of the ancient tree of the world went toward the heart. He tried to protect it, but the divine heart had started building a bridge with his own heart.

Boom, boom…

At this moment, Ye Futian, who was wrapped up in the branches and leaves of the divine tree, burst out miles of brilliance as his heart beat wildly. There was a sacred brilliance blooming; it was the imperial glory surrounding his body. Ye Futian’s breath of life, at this moment, was so strong that the ancient tree of life couldn’t stop the divine light from being released as the light pierced into the high heavens.


Suddenly two men appeared on the opposite peak. It was Emperor Xi and Thunder Punishing Skylord. They saw the terrifying vision on Ye Futian and were slightly disturbed. However, they knew that Ye Futian harbored a great secret. This genius talent who came from the Original Realm, in their view, was no less talented than Ning Hua.

Emperor Xi raised his hand and waved, and immediately this space was sealed to prevent the divine light from spreading outward. When Thunder Punishing Skylord saw Ye Futian’s distorted face, he asked, “Master, should you intervene?”

Emperor Xi shook his head and said, “This is his opportunity of the Great Path. He had to rely on himself. Let it be.”

Thunder Punishing Skylord nodded. He had no idea what Ye Futian was going through at the moment. Still, seeing the terrifying light of the Peacock Demon God pervading his body, it might be related to the secrets inside the secret zone at the Domain Chief’s Manor.

Ye Futian seemed to be refining that power.

Ye Futian lasted in this state for a long time in the same dreamy state for 14 days. He encountered danger several times, but Emperor Xi and Thunder Punishing Skylord sat there and watched without interfering. Nor did they allow others to disturb the place, merely allowing Ye Futian the space to cultivate by himself.

14 days later, an unparalleled glow exploded from Ye Futian. His entire person had undergone quite a change. His chiseled, handsome face seemed even more attractive, with a subtle hint of sharpness.

“He succeeded.” There was a smile in the eyes of Emperor Xi and Thunder Punishing Skylord. They knew that some changes had taken place in Ye Futian, but exactly what, they were not sure. It seemed that he had integrated with some powerful force.

“Let’s go.” Both of them were people at the top and had no desire to fathom anything, nor did they have any designs on divine items. If they were that sort of people, they would have no reason to help Ye Futian. They could take those secrets from him.

Before these two men, Ye Futian had no ability to fight back. This was also why Ye Futian could cultivate here at ease. Emperor Xi and Thunder Punishing Skylord were both extraordinary and powerful figures with unusual mindsets. If they had coveted his treasures, they need not pretend with him. They could take them away from him.

After the two left, Ye Futian still sat there as a powerful vision appeared. In a boundless world, the Peacock Demon God stood between heaven and earth. Its divine wings spread out, emitting brilliant divine light. Now that he had merged with the divine heart, he could better comprehend this sensation.

Above his body, an even more majestic vitality emerged, immensely exuberant.

The heart that beat inside his body was so radiant, like a crystal. The divine heart of the Peacock Demon God had been integrated into his own so that his heart was now a divine heart full of vitality. Every time it beat, it contained a majestic breath of life and power that filled him with infinite strength.

After the integration, Ye Futian did not stop but continued to cultivate in retreat. Studying ways to familiarize himself with the power to refine it and elevate toward a higher realm.

This time, he wouldn’t leave unless he obtained the breakthrough.

When Ye Futian was in retreat, the Domain Chief’s Manor had issued an order to arrest him, the Millet Emperor, and the others. There were even cultivators from the Domain Chief’s Manor that came to the Divine Ocean Continent. However, they were repelled by the Thunder Punishing Skylord as they attempted to enter Turtle Deity Island. With these two great figures guarding Turtle Deity Island, no one dared to make a move. Especially when Emperor Xi himself was someone who had experienced the divine tribulation. Even those close to the Chief had to observe the protocol, so naturally, no one dared suggest searching the island.

The Millet Emperor and Li Changsheng both disappeared as if they had vanished into thin air. Some said they had escaped to other regions. At the same time, some even claimed that they had gone to Divine Prefecture and picked up Ye Futian to leave together, waiting to return another day when they had achieved higher cultivation.

But this was anyone’s guess. No one really knew where Millet Emperor and Ye Futian were.

With the passage of time, this turmoil continued to fade until the world forgot it.

Donghua Domain was too vast. There were many disturbances daily in the cultivation world, and with other major events happening, no one would stay in the past forever.

Time flew by fast, and the world was changing infinitely.

Time was fleeting. In a blink of an eye, many years passed.

This year, shocking news spread across all continents in the Donghua Domain. Ning Hua—the first genius talent in Donghua Domain—broke through the realm at Donghua Academy and entered the Eighth Realm of Renhuang. This news reverberated throughout the entire Donghua Domain.

Ning Hua’s breakthrough meant that he was now invincible except for the figureheads in Donghua Domain; he had truly arrived at the peak. Some even said that Ning Hua was capable of fighting with some masters. Many were actually looking forward to such battles. But everyone also knew that a battle of this magnitude was rare and could only occur by chance.

From this point on, Ning Hua was closer to the peak than ever, as there was only one realm left before he became a Renhuang of the Ninth Realm. Countless people were looking forward to witnessing Ning Hua’s victory when he broke through the Ninth Realm.

As for names such as Ye Futian, Chen Yi, and Li Changsheng, they were gradually forgotten, and not many mentioned them again. After all, a long time had passed since then.

The year 10058 of the Divine Prefecture calendar was an extraordinary one for Donghua Domain. In addition to Ning Hua’s breakthrough, the ancient royal family of Yan made an official alliance with Lingxiao Palace in marriage. Their alliance formed a new great superpower which put a lot of pressure on the other powerful principalities in the Donghua Domain.

Aside from all that, it was rumored that Ning Hua might become path companions with Goddess Taihua of Taihua Mountain. If this were the case, Domain Chief’s Manor’s status in Donghua Domain would rise to a new high and become an existence on the level of an overlord!
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    《The Legend of Futian》