The Legend of Futian
2081 Intercep
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2081 Intercep

The Tianchi Continent was very prosperous. It was similar to the Penglai Continent, possessing many ninth-tier Renhuangs. It was considered the main continent in the surrounding region.

These past few days, the Tianchi Continent seemed exceptionally lively. Many people on the continent suspected that Great Yan Ancient Royal Family would pass by here on their way to the wedding in the Donghua Heavens. For most people, they had never seen the cultivators from these giant level forces of the legend before. Moreover, the lineup for the wedding procession this time would certainly be very powerful. Many people were waiting in anticipation.

If the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family passed through the Tianchi Continent, they would pass through Crimson City in the center. Hence, countless cultivators rushed over to Crimson City, intending to catch a glimpse of the cultivators from the giant level force.

Of course, many people had no interest in joining in the fun. Some scoffed at the idea.

However, many top forces in Crimson City were standing ready, preparing to show themselves when the other party passed through the city. If they had the chance to come in contact with such powers, it would definitely be beneficial for them.

On this day, on the outskirts of the Tianchi Continent, the cries of dragons suddenly could be heard. This caused countless people to tremble. They frantically looked up far into the distance. Purple, golden divine light shot across the sky. Powerful, gigantic divine dragons streamed across the sky. At the very front were nine dragons, all of them upper-level Demon Emperors. They were pulling a luxurious chariot. On the divine dragons stood cultivators, all of them Renhuangs. They were adorned in dragon armor and appeared extremely majestic. They gave off a solemn vibe.

There were similarly dragons to the left, right as well as behind the chariot. The lineup was terrifying. They roared as they passed by in the sky above. Everywhere they went, the cries of dragons filled the skies, seemingly reminding the people below that they were passing by.

Many demonic beasts down below bowed down. The cultivators were also trembling in awe. Many of them even wanted to bow their heads. They had never seen such a terrifying procession. An upper-level Renhuang was a top cultivator in the eyes of these ordinary folk.

However, right now, in the heavens above, nine Purple Gold Dragons were pulling a chariot across the sky. The procession of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family sped across high in the sky. In an instant, they had vanished far off into the distance, disappearing from view. They were extremely fast. Yet, the awe-inspiring scene remained in the minds of the crowd for a very long time.

This majestic scene was especially unforgettable for the young cultivators.

So this was a superpower.

A mere wedding procession was already so terrifying.

The Great Yan Ancient Royal Family had arrived in the Tianchi Continent.

After some time, the people of Crimson City, far off in the distance, eventually received this news. Some people sent word of this to Crimson City. After that, the news spread rapidly, sweeping across the city. In the central district, many people were standing ready. In a tavern, many people were looking in the direction Great Yan Ancient Royal Family was approaching from. They were busy discussing this.

These people were the top forces and families of Crimson City. They were already waiting here, prepared to welcome the arrival of the cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. They were truly sincere.

It was not just one force. Other top forces were also waiting in different locations far away, hoping that they would encounter Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. Even if they could not, showing their faces was enough.

Everyone here was waiting quietly. Not long after, brilliant divine light shot over from the sky in the distance. The cries of dragons could faintly be heard. Everyone knew that the cultivators of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family had arrived.

However, they should still be some distance away. From the dragon cries, they were headed in this direction towards the central district of Crimson City.

As expected, after some time, they saw nine dragons pulling a chariot. The scene was majestic.

The nine divine dragons were tens of thousands of feet long and were terrifying, blocking out part of the sky. Many of them had not seen such an astonishing scene before. Only the giant level forces could control powerful dragons to draw their chariots. If the dragons changed form, they were also top Demon Emperors. No matter where they were, they would be top cultivators.

“The members of Jiang clan of Crimson City welcome the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family into Crimson City,” a voice called out energetically. The nine divine dragons let out low roars. Their huge eyes glanced ahead as they released great pressure. Even the members of the top forces felt this absolute pressure. This wedding procession could sweep away many of the top forces here.

The Demon Emperor in the middle was a ninth-tier existence.

Aside from that, an overbearing elder, who stood before the dragon, was similarly a ninth-tier Renhuang. The members of Crimson City speculated that among this procession, there might be more than three ninth-tier existences. To them, this was a power which they could not stand against.

Moreover, aside from ninth-tier existences, they also had many eighth-tier upper-level Renhuangs. Among the nine leading divine dragons, one was a ninth-tier Demon Emperor, three were eighth-tier, and five were seventh-tier. They were absolutely menacing.

There were also many upper-level Renhuangs at the back. This lineup could take over a continent.

The leading elder swept a glance at the other party. He nodded his head slightly and said, “No need to stand on ceremony. We are merely passing through. Please go about your own business.”

Although they slowed down slightly, they still kept moving forward without stopping.

At the same time, a few of the leaders of the top forces of the Tianchi Continent came over and saluted with their fists. Then, one of them asked, “Would all of you like to take a break in Crimson City before continuing on your journey?”

“There is no need,” the elder replied. The other party did not say anymore. They frantically made way for the wedding procession, standing on both sides as they sent the procession off.

At that moment, the elder frowned slightly. He sensed someone’s will sweeping over their procession. It swept over everyone here without any subtlety. It was extremely presumptuous behavior.

“Who is it?” the elder cried out as he glanced down below. He had a cold and indifferent look in his eyes. He spotted a tavern as he followed the direction of the will. There was a group sitting there, drinking quietly.

Just as he shouted this, the group of people lowered their wine cups and looked up at them. At that moment, the elder felt that something was off. There were actually a few ninth-tier Renhuangs among the group.

Why had so many ninth-tier Renhuangs gathered in the Tianchi Continent?

One of the members of the group took off his straw hat, revealing a head of silver hair. He had a handsome appearance and was a charming lad. He also appeared somewhat enchanting. People could tell at a glance that this person was extraordinary.

“Ye Liunian!” The elder cried out as his expression changed. Back during the Donghua Banquet, the elder was not present; however, that did not prevent him from recognizing Ye Futian. The core figures of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family had all seen Ye Futian’s portrait.

Rather, the elder should not be calling him “Ye Liunian.” Instead, he was Ye Futian—the cultivator from the Original Realm.

“Be careful,” the elder immediately warned. “Everyone, be on your guard.”

Since Ye Futian dared to appear here, he had clearly come prepared. Many years had passed. They nearly forgot about this person and were no longer searching for his whereabouts. They never imagined that just as they were about to forget about him completely, Ye Futian appeared.

“Who is Ye Liunian?” asked many people around the area. They had never heard of him. After all, they were not cultivators from the major continents.

“Seven years ago, Ye Liunian was an incredible figure during the Donghua Banquet. He is wanted by the Domain Chief’s Manor. After disappearing for seven years, I never imagined that he would appear here today,” said many people who had heard of him. Their hearts were stirred. Ye Futian, who had disappeared for seven years, had appeared here. This meant that his group had been monitoring the movements of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family.

Why had they come here this time?

Buzz. Silhouettes dashed into the sky. In an instant, Ye Futian’s group shot up into the sky and appeared high above the clouds. They immediately blocked off the other party’s path. Their figures spread out. Ye Futian’s group also consisted of very powerful figures.

They were Goddess Donglai, Alchemy Emperor, and the head of the Leng Family—Sky Sword Leng Kuangsheng. A few cultivators had followed Goddess Donglai from Eastern Deity Island and had once followed Supreme Deity Donglai. Ye Futian, Chen Yi, as well as a number of the cultivators of Wangshen Watchtower, were also among their group. Aside from Ye Futian, Chen Yi, and Zi Feng, they were all upper-level Renhuangs. Such a lineup was very formidable.

The cultivators from the top forces of Crimson City were astonished. They were struggling internally. Ye Futian actually appeared here and was prepared to intercept the wedding procession of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family. Should they aid the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family?

This was a rare opportunity that was hard to come by. However, if they took part, they would be killed if they were even the slightest bit careless.

Millet Emperor and Li Changsheng were also still out there.

“Kill them,” Ye Futian said. As he said this, the various cultivators charged forwards. The aura of the leading elder of the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family filled the sky. A pure-blooded dragon protected his body. The divine dragon beneath him let out a loud roar and immediately charged towards Ye Futian as it prepared to subdue Ye Futian first.

If they could bring back Ye Futian, it would also be considered a great contribution.

Goddess Donglai and Alchemy Emperor appeared in front of Ye Futian. They immediately charged towards their opponent and the dragon.
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    《The Legend of Futian》