The Legend of Futian
2103 The Four Families
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2103 The Four Families

Old Ma looked at Muyun Long and said, “You’re throwing out my guests in my house. Isn’t that inappropriate?”

Muyun Long darted Old Ma a disdainful look and said, “Old Ma, I’m already saving your face by not doing it myself. This man attacked my son in the relic of the ancestors of Four Corner Village. How audacious. That’s why the Muyun family decides to banish him and his friends on behalf of Four Corner Village.”

“If that’s the case, please do me a favor and banish the people standing behind you, too. They wanted to attack my son in the relic of the ancestors of Four Corner Village. How audacious. I’m sure the Muyun family is impartial and fair-minded. Why don’t you banish them as well and come to talk to me about how your son tried to keep my son from gaining his awakening?” Blind Tie, who was sitting in silence before, suddenly chimed in at this moment.

Needless to say, he was referring to the three cultivators from the Nanhai family.

Nanhai Qing shot Blind Tie a glance. Of course, he had heard about Blind Tie and how he stirred up a storm in the Outer Realms back in the days. Even so, how dare he expel members of the Nanhai family? Blind Tie was indeed hubristic as usual. He didn’t know to restrain himself even after he lost his sight.

Muyun Long remained calm and looked at Blind Tie. He said, “It was merely a joke between two teenage boys, not a real fight. Why did you take it to heart? On the other hand, this outsider undeniably assaulted my son today. This is unforgivable. Old Ma, if you insist on defending your guest and keeping him here, don’t blame me for starting a fight.”

While speaking, Muyun Long released wisps of energy from his body to show off his formidable power. It turned out that Muyun Long was also an extraordinary cultivator and had ventured into the world in his younger days. He then returned to the village to hide from his enemies and promised the master that he wouldn’t go out again. After that, he lived in the village, and his son, Muyun Lan, later left the village and killed his old enemies for him.

Muyun Long had been outside and was well aware of the excitement and adventures out there. Needless to say, he wasn’t content with staying in the village. For years, he had been focusing on raising and training Muyun Shu, his youngest son. In the meantime, he was quite ambitious and allied within the village.

Now that Four Corner Village had transformed, he sensed that the opportunity he was waiting for was finally here.

He knew that Four Corner Village was a famed place of miracles in the Shangqing Domain, and he believed that the master was wrong about keeping villagers from leaving this small piece of land. He was not the only villager who was unwilling to be trapped in Four Corner Village. Many people were “imprisoned” here and wasted their potential. It was quite a shame.

If people of Four Corner Village could go out into the world, they would surely become an influential force like the Upper Third Heaven of the Shangqing Domain. At that time, they would dominate the world and revive the Four Corner Divine Nation their ancestors established. No one would feel oppressed or disgruntled anymore.

“You think you can represent Four Corner Village?” Ye Futian raised his head and shot Muyun Long a look. Like father, like son. No wonder Muyun Shu was such a haughty and insolent boy. He obviously learned it from his father. Muyun Shu’s attempt to attack Tie Tou was “a joke between two teenage boys.” Now Muyun Long wanted to expel Ye Futian from the village. How was that reasonable?

Certainly, it was apparent that Muyun Long had no intention to argue with reason in the first place. He was here to pick a fight.

However, outsiders were not allowed to fight inside the village.

Ye Futian and the others would be put on Muyun Long’s chopping block.

“As one of the inheritors of the seven Divine Techniques, the Muyun family is naturally qualified. You can ask around if you don’t believe me,” Muyun Long boasted loudly. Plenty of people had gathered outside of the yard during their argument.

“That’s right. The Muyun family is a pillar of the village and has been taking charge of day-to-day affairs. Muyun Long is one of the principals. Of course, he can represent Four Corner Village,” an old man echoed.

The old man was right. Despite its small population, Four Corner Village had many daily matters that needed to be taken care of. The master only focused on teaching students and didn’t concern himself with other things in the village. Although the villagers respected the master the most, the four families were in charge of managing Four Corner Village daily.

Other than the Muyun family, the Shi family, and the Gu family, the Tie family used to be one of the four. After Blind Tie returned to the village without his sight, the Tie family had been on the wane, and the Fang family took its spot.

Although the Fang family didn’t inherit any Divine Technique, they had raised several powerful cultivators in each generation and built a greater reputation in the village. Some youngsters of the Fang family were also cultivating in the Outer Realms and were alleged to be rather famous.

“Even though Muyun Long is one of the principals, there are other people who have the same level of authority. He is not the sole decision-maker in Four Corner Village,” Old Ma narrowed his eyes and said.

“Old Ma, I initially wanted to save your face. Who would have thought that you have no idea how to behave sensibly? Then I have no choice but to ask others to join me,” Muyun Long said coldly. “Folks, you all heard me. Come in now.”

Upon hearing his words, several people walked into the yard one after another. Old Ma quickly recognized the familiar faces.

The heads of the Shi family, the Gu family, and the Fang family were all here. Shi Kui of the Shi family was a burly man with intimidating muscles. He looked as if he had infinite strength.

Gu Huai of the Gu family was tall and slender. He was dressed in black and had a gloomy and sinister look which gave off a danger.

Fang Gai of the Fang family was a man wearing extravagant clothes. Ye Futian had already met him when his grandson Fang Cun had a short encounter with Little Ling when Ye Futian arrived at the village.

“Everyone seems to be in a leisurely mood. The village just experienced dramatic change, yet somehow you all have time to visit my humble home,” Old Ma said slowly.

“Since the two worlds have merged and stabilized, everyone in the village will be able to have a chance to cultivate in the future. We don’t have to rush into action now. I came over to have a look when I heard about the dispute here,” Fang Gai said with a smile.

“If that’s the case, what do you think of Muyun Long’s decision?” Blind Tie asked in a cold tone.

The crowd watched them in silence. Fang Gai cracked a smile and said, “Of course… It’s not right.”

Stunned, many people stared at Fang Gai in confusion. Even Muyun Long turned around slowly and focused his gaze on Fang Gai. He narrowed his eyes slightly with displeasure.

Fang Gai was never at odds with Muyun Long in the past. He had always been a yes-man, and his son was cultivating outside of the village.

However, he opposed Muyun Long in public.

What did he mean?

“Fang Gai, what’s not right?” Muyun Long questioned him in a forceful voice.

“Old Ma and Blind Tie have explained it clearly. Muyun Shu was the one who tried to pick a fight with Tie Tou. Muyun Shu has always been a bully. We all live in the same village, and it’s not a big deal to exercise some forbearance on usual occasions. But he is not a child anymore. Doesn’t he understand that he shouldn’t interrupt his peer during the awakening? On top of that, you use it as an excuse to expel other people’s guests. That’s out of line.”

Fang Gai replied with a smile. The tension in the yard was almost palpable.

Fang Gai’s answer might be a little too frank and straightforward.

He clearly targetted Muyun Shu and reprimanded him harshly.

The villagers all felt quite strange. How was this the same Fang Gai who was always easygoing and smiley?

Why did he change all of a sudden? Moreover, he was firing at the Muyun family, which was even more unexpected.

Nonetheless, he was telling the truth. Everyone who had studied in the private school knew that Muyun Shu was a bully who enjoyed pushing around other people. He certainly had the ability to do so as well. His parents turned a blind eye to his insolent behaviors because of his exceptional talents.

“Fang Cun, look how righteous your grandpa is,” Muyun Shu said to Fang Cun, his eyes gleaming with threatening menace.

“My grandpa is not wrong. You are at fault here. Why did you come to cause trouble for Little Ling’s family?” Fang Cun retorted in an irritated tone. The teenage boys quarreled just like the elders did.

“Very well.” Muyun Long spat out two words and didn’t continue to argue. Then, he looked at Shi Kui and Gu Huai and asked, “What do you two think?”

Muyun Long felt very assured since the Muyun family was the strongest and the most influential one among the four.

Much to his surprise, Fang Gai challenged his decision right away.

“Outsiders attacking villagers is unforgivable. I agree to expel them from the village,” Gu Huai of the Gu family said in a low voice.

The Muyun family and the Gu family both agreed to expel Ye Futian, while Fang Gai opposed.

Right now, the Shi family was the only one left.

Shi Kui could decide if Ye Futian could stay in the village.

Ye Futian had been sitting in silence without moving. These people didn’t know what the transformation meant for Four Corner Village. Otherwise, they wouldn’t waste time squabbling here.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” said Shi Kui, “If we were to banish him, we should kick out the people who tried to attack Tie Tou as well. Then, we can discuss what happened between Muyun Shu and Tie Tou.”

Shi Kui believed that the conflict between Tie Tou and Muyun Shu was an internal affair. They should treat everyone equally if they decided to banish the outsiders for starting a fight.

Therefore, two principals said yes, while two said no.

Muyun Long’s face grew grim. He didn’t expect Shi Kui and Fang Gai to oppose him.

“Should we ask the master?” a villager in the crowd asked quietly. They usually sought advice from the master when they couldn’t make a decision. Everyone in the village trusted the master’s judgment.

However, Muyun Long had a different idea in mind. He always thought that the villagers relied on the master too much, and it was time for a change.

“Our ancestors manifested themselves, and the village just went through an extreme transformation. There will be more and more cultivators in Four Corner Village, and things will become even trickier. Master, shouldn’t we change our approach accordingly?” Muyun Long didn’t ask the master about Ye Futian or the incident between Tie Tou and Muyun Shu. Instead, he wanted to negotiate about the future of Four Corner Village!
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    《The Legend of Futian》