The Legend of Futian
2111 Return to the Village
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2111 Return to the Village

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Outside of Four Corner Village, a group of cultivators descended. This group had frightening auras. The leader was dressed in a long robe and bore an air of authority.

This group of people was the members of the Nanhai family. The cultivator in the lead was Nanhai Wuji. He was the top giant figure in the Shangqing Domain and the Chief Elder of the Nanhai family. His ability was monstrous. This time, he had personally led his people here. It was apparent how much importance they placed on the changes of Four Corner Village this time around.

The Nanhai family was more deeply connected to Four Corner Village than most forces of the Shangqing Domain. Hence, they placed the greatest importance on the village. The Proud Son of Heaven, Muyun Lan, was a son-in-law of the Nanhai family.

Muyun Lan naturally had come along. He stood beside Nanhai Wuji. He wore a long, golden robe and was very elegant, giving off an otherworldly vibe. A frighteningly sharp aura emanated from his gaze.

After many years, this was the first time Muyun Lan had returned. The rule in Four Corner Village was that those who left could not return to the village unless they had special circumstances. Muyun Lan had long been unsatisfied with this rule. For many years, he had wanted to return for a visit, as well as lead the members of Four Corner Village out to truly face the outside world. However, he couldn’t change the village.

Now, an opportunity had arisen. Four Corner Village finally decided to interact with the outside world.

“Lan, let’s head in,” said Nanhai Wuji beside him. Muyun Lan nodded his head. The group of people then walked towards the Glimmer of Sky.

Now, the rules of Four Corner Village had changed. Before this, Four Corner Village was an illusory world. Now, it was a physical space. Other people could truly sense where Four Corner Village was located. Hence, the Glimmer of Sky could no longer prevent cultivators from entering.

After their group headed in, more cultivators descended. They were cultivators from other top forces. After receiving news of this place, they rushed over to Four Corner Village. They were arriving one after another.

In Four Corner Village, when the members of the Nanhai family entered, Muyun Lan took a few steps forward. A familiar sensation swept over him. He looked at the independent space with skies filled with multicolored lights. Four Corner Village was still the same. However, things had also changed. The multicolored lights merged with the relic and enveloped the space, transforming it into a true land of miracles.

In the village, someone nearby turned around and looked in the direction of their group. The person’s heart trembled slightly. However, someone spotted Muyun Lan, and their heart quavered. The person pointed at him and said in a trembling voice, “You are… the young master of the Muyun family.”

Muyun Lan glanced at the other party and then nodded his head slightly. He then walked towards the village.

People from the village kept gathering around to see the commotion. They were busily discussing as they cried out, “Muyun Lan is back!”

In the distance, the people who were busy cultivating and seeking fateful encounters looked over in their direction. Muyun Lan had returned?

They turned around and looked over in their direction. They saw the cultivators of the Nanhai family, as well as Muyun Lan.

The figures of Muyun Long and the rest of the Muyun family dashed over very quickly. A short while later, the group came face-to-face with Muyun Long and the others. Muyun Long smiled happily and said, “You have returned.”

“Father,” Muyun Lan said as he bowed slightly.

“Elder brother,” called out Muyun Shu. He sounded familiar yet somewhat distant.

“Little Shu,” replied Muyun Lan as he walked up to Muyun Shu with a smile. He hugged Muyun Shu’s shoulder and said with a smile, “I never imagined that Little Shu has grown so big.”

“Muyun Lan has returned…”

“Are those the members of the Nanhai family around him?” Far away, countless gazes were looking in their direction. Endless whispering could be heard.

Even the cultivators from the outside world were extremely concerned. Muyun Lan had returned. It appeared that Four Corner Village was about to turn lively.

“Elder Brother, someone bullied me,” said Muyun Shu to Muyun Lan. It seemed that he had become emboldened.

He had heard that his elder brother had become well-known outside and was a prominent figure with extremely high cultivation.

“Who bullied you?” Muyun Lan asked.

“Blind Tie and Ye Futian,” Muyun Shu said as he turned and looked into the distance. Underneath a tree stood Blind Tie and Ye Futian. There were many youths around the two of them.

Blind Tie stood there, not moving an inch. Ye Futian glanced over in their direction. Coincidentally, Muyun Lan was also looking over at him. They locked gazes with each other.

When Ye Futian saw Muyun Lan’s gaze, he could faintly sense that Muyun Lan was also an extremely sharp figure. He would most likely be hard to deal with.

Ye Futian had heard from Old Ma that Muyun Lan was already famous in the outside world. He was now cultivating with the Nanhai family and had married the princess of the Nanhai family.

Muyun Lan swept a glance at Ye Futian and then shifted his gaze away and said, “Give me a moment.”

As he said this, he stepped forward and walked towards a place. Not long after, he reached the outside of the private school. Muyun Lan bowed slightly and said, “Student Muyun Lan has come to greet Master.”

Back in the day, Muyun Lan had also been taught by Master. It was not just him. Anyone who could cultivate in the village was one of the Master’s students.

This was the bond between student and teacher. Regardless of what position Muyun Lan held now, he needed to understand the etiquette and would come to greet Master.

“After venturing to the outside world, you are no longer my student. There is no need for ceremony,” said Master. His voice was extremely calm. He had established a rule that the villagers should not simply leave Four Corner Village, and those who left should not return. At the same time, as long as the person left, their relationship as teacher and student would end there. Hence, Master said that Muyun Lan was no longer his student.

“Back then, I received Master’s guidance in my cultivation and have benefited greatly from it. Although I have left the village for many years, I am still Master’s student,” said Muyun Lan.

“How thoughtful of you,” replied Master.

Muyun Lan continued, “Master, I heard that Four Corner Village has changed and will interact with the outside world. In your opinion, what will the village be like in the future?”

“Before you came, I have already said that the matters of Four Corner Village will be determined by the will of the village. After the inheritors of the Seven Major Divine Techniques appear, they will decide the future of the village together. I will neither take part nor intervene,” replied Master.

Muyun Lan did not say anymore. He bowed towards the private school and said, “I understand.”

As he said this, he turned and walked away, leaving the place.

Muyun Lan walked towards the ancient tree. Most of the people in the village were there.

Muyun Shu and the others followed behind him, heading over there. Muyun Shu had a cold and indifferent expression. He had a brazened murderous aura as he stared at Ye Futian and Blind Tie. He was also looking at the cultivating youths. He couldn’t stand looking at them. They were all lackeys of Ye Futian now. They were pathetic ants that hopped on the bandwagon. Even if they could cultivate, what use would that be?

Muyun Lan stopped in his tracks as he looked towards Blind Tie and Ye Futian. Blind Tie took a few steps forward. Although he could not see, he was facing Muyun Lan. A formless aura was surging from him, causing this space to feel somewhat suppressive.

“An outsider?” said Muyun Lan as he looked past Blind Tie at Ye Futian. For those from Four Corner Village, Ye Futian was also an outsider!
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    《The Legend of Futian》