The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2129 Solution

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Old Ma and the others had no choice but to go back to the village and wait. At the same time, they gathered several key members to discuss what to do next.

Soon, everyone in Four Corner Village learned of the news, and many from the village gathered outside Old Ma’s courtyard, waiting for any emerging news about Fang Gai.

Although the village people occasionally had some altercations with one another, the village was generally harmonious. Fang Gai was well-liked by everyone, so people in the village were worried when they learned what might have happened to him.

The villagers had often heard that most people who had gone out of the village never made it back due to having met unfortunate ends at the hands of those on the outside. Blind Tie himself, too, only came back after having lost his sight. People in the village had their own thoughts about these incidents, but because the village was isolated from the world outside, these thoughts were largely suppressed.

But now that the village was part of the outside world, something like this seemed to have ignited the resentment that had been in their hearts.

Were these people on the outside wolves? Treating people in this village as prey?

Just as the village began to integrate itself into the world, and everyone finally able to cultivate, someone dared to do this to Elder Fang Gai.

“Old Ma, we have to get Fang Gai back,” some of the elders said.

“Uncle Ma, how is Uncle Fang now? Do you have any news?”

“We better take the initiative to attack.”

The voices outside came, one after another, all of them tinged with grievances. Old Ma was discussing these matters with Blind Tie, Shi Kui, and the others in the courtyard. There was no news yet, and they had no idea as to Fang Gai’s current situation.

As time passed, the courtyard seemed extremely oppressive. At this moment, the treasure that was placed on the stone table suddenly lit up, rays of light were released from it. They flowed to the area above Old Ma’s head and formed a light screen.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Old Ma. After Old Ma had received the news, he looked at the crowd and said coldly, “Indeed, it was a major force in Shangqing Domain—the ancient royal family of Duan—that was holding Fang Huan. They thought Fang Gai would bring Fang Cun, exchanging Fang Huan’s life with the divine technique. But Fang Gai went by himself, and now he has fallen in their hands as well.”

Bam! Blind Tie slapped his hand down on the stone table, and the table immediately shattered. Veins were popping out on his muscular body, and he appeared extremely angry. He thought of the time in the past when he was blinded by someone who claimed to be a brother. Because of his personal experience, he had always loathed those from the outside. This was why he didn’t particularly have a good impression of Ye Futian in the beginning.

Now, people were plotting against Fang Gai, still trying to take away the divine techniques of Four Corner Village. These forces had really regarded Four Corner Village as their prey. All of them were watching, and everyone wanted a piece of them.

“Uncle Fang has also cultivated the divine technique of Miniature World. If he hands it over, the Duan family should release them. Now the news had come back, and it’s impossible for them to think that we won’t avenge this transgression.” Although Ye Futian was also very angry, he tried to restrain himself.

He had seen many similar instances like this along the way of cultivation. Although Four Corner Village had shown great strength in cultivation, it was a new force, after all; its foundation was not as deep as it needed to be. Those forces were not in fear of them, and all of them wished to take a bite out of Four Corner Village.

Especially in today’s Shangqing Domain, there were already several divine techniques that have been leaked to the outside. For example, the Nanhai family took away the Muyun family, and the Palace of the Illusory God took the Eye of Reincarnation by force. Therefore, the other principalities had similar ideas, which caused today’s situation.

The ancient royal family of Duan was an extremely ancient royal family with a long history. It was said to have been descendants of a god with a rich background, belonging to the Middle Third Heaven of the Upper Nine Heavens.

Old Ma appeared in deep thoughts before he said, “Fang Gai was right to obtain the communication treasures before he left; at least it will give the other party something to be concerned with; otherwise, it would have been more dangerous. Since we have received the news of his whereabouts, his life should not be in immediate danger. However, if we were to count the Divine Hammer of the Protector, there are already three divine techniques that have been leaked outside. If we allow one more divine technique to the outside, would Four Corner Village still be Four Corner Village? Based on what I know about Fang Gai, he probably won’t hand it over.”

As he was speaking, he stood up and said, “Let’s take a trip to the Duan family.”

They didn’t seem to have any other choices. The other had taken their people, so they would have to make a personal visit.

The ancient royal family of Duan dominated and ruled the Giant Gods Continent with throngs of cultivators. Stepping onto their territory was definitely not a good idea.

The overlord of the ancient royal family of Duan possessed incredible cultivation and was one of the strongest people in the Shangqing Domain. He was not someone that Old Ma could deal with.

The teacher couldn’t leave Four Corner Village. If they go, they may not be able to complete their mission.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Ye Futian said, suddenly, and everyone turned their attentions to him. Ye Futian thought for a few moments, then raised his head and said to Old Ma, “Uncle Ma, are you sure you can get them back from the grasps of the Duan family?”

Old Ma shook his head. In reality, he had no idea on what level was his combat power. But, the strength of Duan Tianxiong of the royal family of Duan must be at the top level. He was not sure if he could overcome the man.

Furthermore, the risk would be elevated if they were to go onto the territory of the other.

“What are your thoughts?” Old Ma asked Ye Futian.

“The ancient royal family of Duan wants the divine technique and blackmailed us using our own people. If so, why not use their own device against them?” Ye Futian responded. “As long as we can take an important member of the Duan family, we can ask them for an exchange.”

Old Ma looked at Ye Futian, and everyone listened carefully as well. Ye Futian had been around for many years and had more experience than they did. Perhaps he could think of some alternatives.

“How do we get close to the powerful figures inside the Duan family?” Old Ma asked.

“I’ll go,” Ye Futian said.

“No way,” Old Ma flatly refused that suggestion.

“I haven’t finished yet. Uncle Ma, you can disguise your aura and stay hidden. If anything happens, the most we would need to do is to make the exchange with divine technique; this is what they wanted. The Duan family has not feuded with Four Corner Village, so they will exercise some restraints on their part. As long as they can get the divine technique, they will try to avoid creating a blood vendetta.” Ye Futian said slowly, “Now, if we can’t rescue Uncle Fang, we will need to make the exchange, so why not give it a try?”

While everyone was still hesitating, Ye Futian stretched out his hand as a mask appeared in his palm. As soon as he put it on, the aura on his body undergone some slight changes, and it was a little different from before. At this moment, Ye Futian was like a celestial being, surrounded by celestial light with a bit of celestial aura, full of life’s essence.

“Like this, even if someone from the Duan family had seen me before in Four Corner Village, they might not be able to recognize me. If I can’t get close to the core figures of the Duan family, I won’t take any action. With Uncle Ma close by as my backup, we ought to give it a try,” Ye Futian continued.

“In addition, we work both angles simultaneously. Leak the news from Four Corner Village that we are sending an envoy to the Duan family to negotiate the release of the hostages so that they dare not act rashly. At the same time, it would serve as a distraction,” Ye Futian continued. As long as the Duan family was fully aware that they had already received the information, they would have some concerns restricting their actions.

“This incident was caused by Zhang Ye. Although he was an unwilling participant in the matter, he mishandled the whole thing. So, let him atone himself as the envoy,” said Ye Futian. Even if there was to be war between the two sides, generally, the messenger was exempt, so he would not be in much danger.

Everyone contemplated on Ye Futian’s words. After a few moments of silence, Old Ma nodded and said, “Okay, Shi Kui, you are going to leak the information and order Zhang Ye to go and demand their release while I leave in secret with Futian. The others in the village will refrain from leaving during this time and must keep this information to ourselves.”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

Shi Kui turned to head out of Four Corner Village. Everyone looked at Ye Futian with a solemn expression and said, “Be careful.”

Blind Tie sat there quietly. He had wanted to attack them directly, but Ye Futian’s suggestion was indeed the better choice.

As for Ye Futian, whether it was Blind Tie or anyone else in the village, they had a better understanding of the kind of person he was. This man had proven that he was loyal and worthy. It seemed that Ye Futian truly regarded himself as a member of the village.

At this moment, in everyone’s hearts, they had recognized Ye Futian, the former “outsider,” as one of their own.

“Old Ma, let’s be on our way,” Ye Futian said with a smile.

“Mmm.” Old Ma nodded.

The two talked as they walked out.

“Master,” a voice said. Ye Futian turned his head and saw Fang Cun’s eyes were full of tears. He knelt and bowed to Ye Futian.

“Get up!” Ye Futian chided. Fang Cun raised his head to look at Ye Futian and got up as commanded.

“There are no tears in the cultivating world, only strength. As the village elder and your teacher, this is something I should do. No need to kneel.” Ye Futian said to Fang Cun, “No matter where you are in your cultivation in the future, just remember to be worthy of your true self.”

“Yes, Master,” Fang Cun replied as he stood there. At this moment, he seemed to have really grown up.

“I am going to help bring your grandpa and father back,” Ye Futian said with a smile. He then stepped forward. After a few moments, he and Old Ma disappeared as they turned into a light of space, without anyone being the wiser.

At the same time, Shi Kui went to the City Lord’s Office and ordered Zhang Ye to go to the Giant Gods Continent to negotiate. For a while, the news sent shockwaves throughout Four Corner City. No one expected that the ancient royal family of Duan had not given up and continued to covet the divine techniques that belonged to Four Corner Village. In their desperation, they had even taken Fang Gai—the elder of Four Corner Village—and his son as hostages.

This time, how would Four Corner Village handle it? Would Four Corner Village, now that it had joined the world, go to the Giant Gods Continent to fight the Duan family?
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    《The Legend of Futian》