The Legend of Futian
2131 Grandmaster of Mystery
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2131 Grandmaster of Mystery

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After Ye Futian settled down in the Ninth Inn, he went out to gather some more information. He was a little relieved after hearing the news that came out from the ancient royal family of Duan. As he expected, the ancient royal family of Duan wouldn’t risk doing anything to Fang Gai for the time being.

Thus, he could proceed with his own plan at ease without feeling rushed.

At this time inside the Ninth Inn, Ye Futian stood by the edge of the courtyard, gazing at the scenery on the Ninth Street. Indeed, it was the most happening place in Giant Gods City, with multitudes of cultivators coming and going. At a glance, many extraordinary figures could be perceived, and Renhuang were seen everywhere.

It was said that this was the place with the most traffic of cultivators inside Giant Gods City, not including the ancient royal family of Duan.

Ye Futian had no plan to approach anyone on his own initiative. He turned around and sat down in the courtyard. With a wave of his palm, an alchemy cauldron suddenly floated in the air. Ye Futian sat cross-legged in front of it then closed his eyes. Rays of flames spread out from his body, and instantly the alchemy cauldron was enveloped by the flames of the Great Path.

He began conducting alchemical activities right there inside the Ninth Inn.

Alchemy Masters were an incredibly rare breed in the cultivating world. Only a select few of those who could be considered masters in alchemy could also be considered powerful Alchemy Grandmasters. Therefore, each powerful Alchemy Grandmaster was inordinately valuable to those who cultivate, especially those who were having difficulties breaking through their realms and sought a little extra help from external forces. However, no matter which realm of cultivation, the price of that precious panacea may not be something that they could afford.

Take the cultivators of Upper Renhuang Realm, for example; the panacea they needed had to be the best, which was costly. Never mind whether such an item could be found in the first place. Even if a suitable one was found, whether or not the seeker had the ability to ingest it was an entirely different matter.

In the world of cultivation, top-level Alchemy Grandmasters enjoyed highly-respected positions, and some would be recruited by major principalities as guests in their households, with a superior status.

Ye Futian knew very well the appeal of a powerful Alchemy Grandmaster, so he started to refine the panacea directly in the courtyard.

The flame of the Great Path was vigorous in the alchemy cauldron as the elixir continued to pour into it. Gradually, a fragrant scent began to emerge. As it spread towards the surrounding areas, an unusual change of the aura in the surrounding heaven and earth occurred, forming a terrible vortex in the sky, urging the power between heaven and earth to poured continuously into the cauldron.

The Ninth Inn was the most prestigious inn on Ninth Street, and only Renhuang may enter. Inside the inn, there were throngs of cultivators.

At this time, in a courtyard of the inn, an old man seemed to have smelled something. His nose twitched as he was cultivating, but he expanded his divine consciousness outward. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked up.

“Interesting. There is an alchemy grandmaster here,” the old man murmured.

Not only him, but others gradually walked out of the other courtyards as well. They all looked towards a place in the middle of the Ninth Inn, apparently sensing the presence of an alchemy grandmaster there.

Ye Futian deliberately slowed down the speed he was conducting the alchemical process, which attracted even more people. There was now a glow of the Great Path that appeared in the void, which made many exclaim in amazement. It seemed that whatever he was making would be of an extremely high level.

“What a strong aura of life,” someone said without even so much as a disguise in his voice. It was so that everyone inside the inn could hear it.

“Well, it is the life-elemental pill of the Great Path he’s making, which will stabilize the foundation of the Great Path. The power of life is the source of everything. This grandmaster is not a simple man. Do any of you know him?” someone asked, already exploring Ye Futian’s true identity.

“It’s not that simple. Even before the pill is made, a glow of the Great Path appeared; this has to be the pill of a perfect grade. As far as I know, there are only two or three alchemy grandmasters capable of this feat. It just so happens that there is one on Ninth Street, but they are not the same person, and that grandmaster was not staying at the inn,” someone said.

Many people had heard that there was a very well-known trading pavilion on Ninth Street. It was the largest trading place on Ninth Street with precious pills to be found. This trading pavilion was called Tianyi Pavilion, and it was a powerful force in and of itself. That grandmaster they were referring to was a guest at Tianyi Pavilion. He had high status and was well-respected. In the Giant Gods City, many people would ask him for a panacea.

Obviously, that grandmaster would not appear here, and Tianyi Pavilion and the Ninth Inn were two different principalities. Furthermore, that grandmaster would not be wearing a mask, and the pills he made were not the life-elemental kind.

Just as they were chattering amongst themselves, they saw a glow from the attic, and everyone saw a radiant pill of the great path had been made. It was suspended in the air and released a strong fragrance. Many looked intoxicated; the pill itself must be a great tonic.

Even an old man of the Upper Renhuang Realm felt a strong attraction and said, “This medicine is beneficial for people who are cultivating in the Upper Renhuang Realm. This grandmaster’s alchemy seems to be not any lesser than that of Grandmaster Tianbao.”

“Is it really that powerful?” someone asked.

“Even if it is not as good, it will not be too far beneath it, at most the difference of two levels,” said that Upper Renhuang cultivator. The two levels were referred to the difference in the grade of the pill.

Obviously, Ye Futian heard the sound of these chattering. He stretched out his hand, and suddenly, the panacea fell into his palm. He immediately put it away and extinguished the flame in the alchemy cauldron. At this time, someone asked, “Dare we ask how to address the grandmaster?”

Ye Futian ignored the question, and the inn fell silent for a moment.

Many marveled secretly that this grandmaster was truly arrogant to blatantly ignored the question. However, these powerful alchemy grandmasters were said to have their sights higher than their heads, such as that Grandmaster Tianbao. They may be extremely pompous, but they could afford to be.

Therefore, the Renghuang who had asked the question didn’t seem to mind.

“Never heard of the name of the master before, so master must have come from afar. May I ask the master what important matter do you have with Ninth Street? Perhaps we can be of assistance,” another man said. Ninth Street was the largest trading market in Giant Gods City, and almost everyone who was here came for trading. If they could know the purpose of this alchemy grandmaster, perhaps they would be able to forge a relationship with him.

“You can’t help me,” Ye Futian said unemotionally. His voice was a bit hoarse with a sense of vicissitude. It was befitting of the impression he gave out as a middle-aged man.

“If the master will not tell us, how will we know?” someone said lightly.

“I came to Ninth Street just to try my luck; this place may not have what I was looking for.” Ye Futian’s tone of voice was indifferent. He appeared profoundly inscrutable, which made many in the inn hold him in an even loftier position. His arrogant tone told them that what he was looking for must be something extraordinary. There were those from the Upper Renhuang Realm, and Ye Futian rejected them with just a few words. What he was looking for must be something extremely precious.

“Your words are too preposterous. There are no treasures that can’t be found on Ninth street. Although your alchemy ability is outstanding, you are a little too conceited.” The man who spoke was sitting in the yard of the inn, sipping tea. This man had a high level of cultivation and might be a powerful figure in the Eighth Realm.

“Is that so?” Ye Futian spoke with a still hoarse voice. “I’m looking for Phoenix’s Marrow, 10,000 years old. Please help me find it.”

The person’s hand froze in mid-air as he was holding the teacup. He hesitated for a moment before he drank the tea, but his expression became a little more serious. He said, “Although the cultivation of your realm is extraordinary, and you have superb alchemy skills, you must know the kind of treasure that is the Phoenix’s Marrow of 10,000 years. What do you have the use for it?”

“It doesn’t matter. Like I said, I came to Ninth Street to try my luck,” Ye Futian replied lightly, then opened the door to walk into the room. He ignored everyone inside the Ninth Inn, leaving all the powerful cultivators behind.

However, the more he acted like this, the more mysterious of an impression he gave. Especially his request for the Phoenix’s Marrow, which was a divine item. It was a rare treasure even outside the realm of apothecary. If he were to make it into panacea, what level would the medicine be?

Because of Ye Futian’s mysteriousness, his one endeavor in alchemy caused a sensation that spread from the Ninth Inn and onto Ninth Street. Soon, many people got wind of an alchemy grandmaster that had arrived at the Ninth Inn. He could produce the pill of the great path required by cultivators of Upper Renhuang Realm, and it caused quite a tumult.

Many cultivators of the Renhuang Realm came to the Ninth Inn for an audience with Ye Futian, but all were refused by him, without exception.

In addition, he had produced a second panacea, which was of a higher order. When the pill of the great path was finished, the glow from it envelopedNinth Street and was seen by everyone on the street. However, this mysterious master with the mask had not achieved fame until he attracted Tianyi Pavilion’s attention!
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    《The Legend of Futian》