The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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While everyone was drinking to their hearts’ content at the banquet, Overlord Duan Tianxiong said to Old Ma, “I have a suggestion. How about we build a teleportation grand matrix between Four Corner City and Giant Gods City?”

It meant that people living in the two cities could teleport through the teleportation grand matrix rather than traveling all the war across the continent.

“Since Four Corner Village has joined the rest of the world, you certainly need to establish contact with the Upper Nine Heavens. It would cost everyone tremendous effort and time if they had to travel across the continent each time. However, with a teleportation grand matrix, the villagers could get to Giant Gods City right away or use it as a transfer station if they wish to visit other places in the Upper Nine Heavens,” said Duan Tianxiong.

Giant Gods City was located in the Middle Third Heavens of the Upper Nine Heavens, an integral part of the Nine Heavens Continents. Meanwhile, the Four Corner Continent was in a remote area that was far away from everywhere else. Although master cultivators like Old Ma had no problem traveling across the continent, it was rather time-consuming for other people.

Old Ma pondered for a while. It was a nice proposal that would benefit Four Corner Village a great deal. Duan Tianxiong obviously wanted to establish a friendship with Four Corner Village. However, courtesy demanded reciprocity. Four Corner Village had to pay Giant Gods City in some way if they wished to gain from Duan Tianxiong’s work.

“Old Ma, I think it’s feasible,” said Fang Gai.

Old Ma also nodded and said, “In that case, we will have to trouble Brother Duan.”

Old Ma felt comfortable with addressing Duan Tianxiong less formally now.

“It’s not a big deal. I will personally order people to build the teleportation grand matrix. In the future, if Futian or anyone else in the village wants to cultivate in the Upper Nine Heavens, they can come to Giant Gods City and spend some time in my palace. We will have more chances to hang out together and exchange ideas,” Duan Tianxiong said with a smile.

As the saying went: “Out of blows, friendship grows.” Duan Tianxiong had started to appreciate Ye Futian for the talents he displayed during the fight. He had also grown to respect the magical Four Corner Village. Since he decided not to hanker after the Divine Techniques anymore, it would hurt him to become friends with Ye Futian and Four Corner Village.

“Alright,” Old Ma nodded and said, “The cultivators of the ancient royal family of Duan can also come to visit our village through the teleportation grand matrix.”

Duan Tianxiong cracked a smile and glanced at Old Ma, who apparently knew to reciprocate the gesture. He nodded and said, “We thank you for your hospitality in advance. Our youngsters have long been yearning for a visit to the village. I will surely send them here to feel the magic of Four Corner Village personally.”

“That way, I will be able to come to invite Brother Ye to join me if there is anything exciting happening in the Upper Nine Heavens,” Duan Qiong chimed in with a broad grin on his face.

“I’m new to the Shangqing Domain. Brother Duan, I indeed have to trouble you to take me along if anything is exciting,” Ye Futian nodded and replied. He didn’t turn down Duan Qiong’s kind offer. There were many cultivation opportunities in the Divine Prefecture. He couldn’t stay in the village and cultivate in seclusion forever. Sooner or later, he had to go out and see the world.

Duan Qiong had more access to information here. Ye Futian would join him gladly if he found some cultivation opportunities.

Now that the ancient royal family of Duan had taken the initiative to befriend Four Corner Village, Ye Futian certainly wouldn’t reject them. It was always better to have more friends, even if they had ulterior motives behind their kindness. At this stage of the game, no one would spend time on people from whom they couldn’t benefit. Ye Futian was well aware that he could never have genuine friendship here as he had experienced in the Lower Worlds.

He couldn’t find more real friends like Yu Sheng, Wucheng, or his senior brother.

Ye Futian and the others bid their goodbyes and left after the banquet.

After they were gone, countless people fervently discussed what happened here in Giant Gods City. The ancient royal family of Duan captured people from Four Corner Village and interrogated them about the Divine Techniques. Four Corner Village sent envoys to negotiate, while Ye Futian disguised as an Alchemy Grandmaster to approach the prince and princess. He took them as hostages and rose to fame by successfully forcing his way into the palace. The two sides somehow established a friendship after the fight and enjoyed a grand banquet in the palace. The dramatic turns of events almost seemed surreal.

People heard that even Duan Qiong, the extraordinary Crown Prince of the ancient royal family of Duan, admitted his inferiority to Ye Futian with regret. The remarkable cultivator from Four Corner Village was allegedly more talented than anyone in the ancient royal family of Duan.

Later, a piece of news came from the palace. The Overlord had ordered people to build a teleportation grand matrix to connect Giant Gods City and Four Corner City. The announcement astonished everyone again. Nevertheless, the teleportation grand matrix was beneficial to cultivators in the Giant Gods Continent as well. They would be able to visit Four Corner City through the matrix.

In addition, Ye Futian’s reputation grew far and wide, beyond the Giant Gods Continent.

Nevertheless, none of these was Ye Futian’s concern for now.

Ye Futian and the others returned to Four Corner Village. Everyone was exhilarated to see Old Ma and Ye Futian came back with Fang Huan and Fang Gai.

A person sprinted over from afar and stopped in front of everyone. It was Fang Cun.

Ling, Tie Tou, and other kids followed Fang Cun behind. A lot of villagers were also coming, including several elders.

“Grandpa!” Fang Cun shouted at Fang Gai. However, he was tongue-tied when he looked at Fang Huan.

Fang Cun was only a young child when Fang Huan left the village. Now, he was a 15-year-old teenager.

It was fair to say that Fang Huan wasn’t a responsible parent. Fang Cun hadn’t met his father for many years and didn’t have many memories about him either. Even so, he always remembered that his father left the village and put him into his grandpa’s care after his mother’s cultivation accident.

Therefore, Fang Cun still had strong feelings for Fang Huan even though they hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Fang Cun.” Fang Huan stepped forward with a smile. He gently rubbed Fang Cun’s head and said, “You have grown up!”

Fang Cun looked up at his father and said quietly, “Dad.”

“Yes.” A big grin spread across Fang Huan’s face. He struggled in the outside world for many years and lived through all kinds of experiences. But there was no place like home.

All the villagers present smiled with gratification and muttered, “It’s good you’re back. As long as you’re back…”

“Old Ma, good job!” an old man expressed his approval.

“It had nothing to do with me.” Old Ma laughed, “Futian brought them back. I probably wouldn’t be able to save them if not for him.”

Many people were puzzled. Blind Tie asked, “What happened?”

After Old Ma briefly recounted the story, the villagers started to see Ye Futian in a new light. They held him in even higher regard and finally accepted him as one of them.

Before this incident, although Ye Futian had done many things for the villagers and became one of the seven elders, he was always an outsider rather than a native born and raised in the village. Inevitably, people were more or less on their guard around him.

However, Ye Futian single-handedly barged into the palace of the ancient royal family and saved Fang Huan and Fang Gai when they fell into dire straits. Even Shi Kui and Gu Huai couldn’t help but treat Ye Futian with more respect now.

“Thank you, master,” Fang Cun bowed to Ye Futian and spoke loudly. The young people in the village had accepted and approved Ye Futian a long time ago. After all, they were more trusting and open and were willing to get close to anyone who treated them well. Ye Futian was the person who helped Little Ling and Duo Yu find their destinies.

Fang Cun and Tie Tou also received significant help from him. Of course, Fang Cun would worship Ye Futian even more after he saved his father.

“You don’t need to be so courteous to me.” Ye Futian flicked Fang Cun’s forehead. Fang Cun looked up and flashed a silly grin. He didn’t seem as mischievous as usual.

“Fang Huan spent so many years outside and finally came back. We must have a grand celebration. Should we prepare a banquet?” an old man suggested.

“Good idea. We should celebrate the bright future of the village.” Everyone was on board. The warm welcome also brought a smile to Fang Huan’s face.

“Home sweet home,” Fang Gai said to Fang Huan in a low voice. He wondered if Fang Huan was still the same person after spending such a long time in the Outer Realms. He heard several years ago that Fang Huan had gained considerable fame in the Outer Realms. He could only wish that his son didn’t turn into another Muyun Lan.

Fang Gai still felt a strong sense of belonging to the village.

“Yes,” Fang Huan nodded and answered. Indeed, he was moved by the warmth and love of the villagers.

He raised his head to check out the village and felt like he was in a dream. Everything seemed to be different now.

“All the Divine Techniques have come out. It would help if you talked to Futian more. Maybe you can have a chance to gain another awakening and cultivate the Miniature World,” Fang Gai said.

“Sure. I will cultivate in seclusion for a while in the village,” Fang Huan nodded and replied. He was currently a seventh-order Renhuang. If he could breakthrough into the eighth order, no one except for the master cultivators would be able to defeat him.

It was a particularly joyful day in Four Corner Village.

Fang Huan cultivated in the village and spent a lot of time with Ye Futian in the following days. He soon attained the Miniature World and became even stronger. On the other hand, Ye Futian also cultivated studiously while coaching the youngsters at the same time.

During this time, powerful cultivators from the ancient royal family of Duan in the Giant Gods Continent worked alongside matrix sorcerers to build a teleportation grand matrix in Four Corner City.

The news created a huge buzz. The direct transportation between Giant Gods City and Four Corner City indicated that Four Corner Village and the ancient royal family of Duan had established a friendly alliance. It was more than a mutual acknowledgment between two top forces.

Other top forces probably wouldn’t make a prey of Four Corner Village after learned about this.

Year 10061 in the Divine Prefecture Calendar. A large group of people with majestic bearing arrived at Four Corner City through the teleportation grand matrix and headed straight to Four Corner Mountain. Their arrival set tongues wagging in the city. Many people already figured out that they were cultivators from the ancient royal family of Duan.

Rumor had it that Crown Prince Duan Qiong was here.

Before long, Ye Futian, who was cultivating in the village, received the news as well. The ancient royal family of Duan came to visit Four Corner Village. Led by Crown Prince Duan Qiong, they specifically asked to meet with Ye Futian.

Soon after he got the news, Ye Futian saw several people walking over to him from afar. They spoke simultaneously, “Brother Ye.”

Sitting under the ancient tree, Ye Futian recognized that they were Duan Qiong, Duan Yi, and Duan Shang.
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    《The Legend of Futian》